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Angel had various relationships over the years. A recurring joke is that Angel seemed to have a preference for small, blonde women, as the majority of his love interests were blondes with the exceptions of Cordelia who had blonde highlights at one point and Rebecca Lowell. Angel's love life had never been very active, originally because he held a reluctance to get close to someone and possibly lose his soul. However, he eventually realized he could have "positive sex" through his relationship with Nina Ash. The vampire who turned Liam, Angelus and Darla were lovers for over a century, Darla even leaving the Master to live with her "dear boy". As Angelus, he was fond of Darla's ruthlessness and uembracingmothers.comedictability, causing destruction and countless death in their wake.

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One position you have to try in this instance is the Eiffel tower sex position. With a name like this, your mind is probably all over the place. What does it really look like, though? Essentially what this position does is make all three people look like an Eiffel tower from afar. There are two guys and one woman involved.

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