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The winter of was a hard one for the settlers. Many people died and many babies were born. Captain John Smith was responsible for all this. One of the causes of the Revolutionary Wars was the English put tacks in their tea. Also, the colonists would send their pacels through the post with- out stamps. During the War, Red Coats and Paul Revere was throwing balls over stone walls. The dogs were barking and the peacocks crowing.

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Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India - Heavily made-up, shimmering with fake diamonds and a sequinned body-hugging dress to match, Disco Laxmi is a sensation when she descends on the stage before a rapt audience - mostly men. Some clap, some whistle. For many it is their closest brush with - Amid flashing stage lights and garish props, the performance kicks off just after dark. Laxmi is enthralling the crowds with a non-stop medley of popular dance numbers. The year-old is soon joined by a sprightly bunch of fellow dancing girls. Like Laxmi, they too have taken stage names ranging from those of real film actresses to exotic fruits and celestial nymphs notorious for the art of seduction.

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