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Does a girl's bottom get more spectacularly bootylicious than Alison Miller's? Those hours in the gym and dancing have paid off with a target ready for spanking. John Friday has the enviable job of applying his hand to this Diva Model's rear. She's driven away all her agents, but he'll get her back in line. Slow-motion spanking replays are eye-popping with those rippling creamy buns!

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arts The story behind the world's most famous photograph ated 2nd December Written by Jake Wallis Simons, CNN. Three decades ago, Steve McCurry took arguably the most iconic picture of all time. Yet even after all this time, the pre-eminent photographer brims with enthusiasm when he talks about "Afghan Girl. I showed it to the editor of the National Geographic, and he leaped to his feet and shouted, 'that's our next cover'. Not only did "Afghan Girl" become the magazine's next cover, but the most successful in its distinguished history.

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