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Penis size is something that a lot of guys feel insecure about, thanks to the unrealistic depictions of bodies in porn, and a widespread social reluctance towards talking about sex. A thread on has been asking the question: "Men or women that have had sex with a man with an abnormally large or abnormally small penis, what was the experience like? We were young, and didn't really know what else to do outside of just basic sex. Nowadays I would ask for more attention because regardless of size, you can still have good times if there's other foreplay and fulfillment involved. And I would assume most men go crazy at the thought of a woman giving them more info about what they want so the good times can roll for both parties I don't regret it and I'd never make fun of a guy for the size of their schlong. It's not the dick that makes the man, it's the willingness to be an open and loving partner.

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The Annual Zulu Reed Dance has been held successfully with over 45, Zulu maidens going through virginity testing in their districts in attendance. The rite started at the Enyokeni palace of King Goodwill Zwelithini on Friday, September 8, aimed at ensuring that the virgins remained pure and safe from unwanted pregnancies or STDs. Virginity testing ukuhlolwa kwezintombi , an ancient Zulu tradition was largely neglected by previous Zulu kings until it was revived by King Zwelithini in The event is a platform for the king to advise the virgins about how to behave properly in order to avoid sexual activities before they are ready to do so. Skillfullulu : That kinda dance to witness, nobody ugly. Jetting off to South Africa. FTC for the first time.

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