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Rachel Ray Made Me Cry

Hello all! I know that I’m late this week, truthfully I had no idea that it was Wednesday yesterday until I got a notification about today being Thursday. Clearly my brain hasn’t quite caught up from my crazy week last week- I attended a wedding in North Carolina over memorial day weekend, came back to a hot mess at my day job, and then proceeded to sleep for two days before returning to work.

Anywho’s my topic this week is about the daytime TV show Rachel Ray and how she made me cry. Today’s show (Thursday June 8, 2017) was deemed the ‘on the house’ show. Her first guests were a couple that went from having zero children to Four in less than 24 hours! Below is their story taken from the Rachel Ray Show page where you can also watch the video:

High school sweethearts Kaley and Jeremy Carling of Farmington, Utah were devastated to learn they wouldn’t be able to have biological children, and things didn’t get any easier when they suffered through two failed adoptions.

“It was heartbreaking,” Jeremy said of the failed adoptions.

But that all changed one fateful day in August of 2015, when they learned of two foster sisters who needed a home. That same day, a pregnant mom contacted them, wanting them to adopt her twin daughters.

All four girls became permanent members of their family, and their adoptions were all finalized within 24 hours last October.

Like many parents, they faced the financial realities that come with children, but times four and all at once! The couple, who went down to one income after welcoming their four beautiful girls, ended accruing $20,000 in debt and started a GoFundMe account to help bridge the gap. They’re also going through a gallon of milk and 25 diapers each day, so the expenses are still coming in.

Rach had a major announcement for them, though: US Bank generously contributed a check for $15,000 to help them hit their GoFundMe goal! Watch to see their emotional reactions, and to see their toddlers exploring Rach’s soundstage — it’s seriously adorable.

The kindness of others never ceases to amaze me or bring happy tears to my eyes.

That’s all I have for today, in the future I’d like to tackle adoption and the foster care system but just don’t have it in me right now 🙂

Have a fabulous day everyone!


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