Breastfeeding: Part Two

Hello Everyone! If you didn't read part one click here! Popular Opinions “Despite its established benefits, breastfeeding is no longer a norm in many communities. The main reason is because a breastfeeding mother needs support measures at many levels, from legal and policy directives to social attitudes and values, women's work and employment conditions, and... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding: Part One

Hey Everyone! For my last essay to receive my postpartum doula certificate I decided to write about breastfeeding. Everything from an introduction in the biology, to global trends, scientific findings, and popular opinions. Now I'm going to share it with you! The reason why it's going to be in two parts is because this paper is seven... Continue Reading →


One of the assignments that we had to complete for our postpartum doula certificate was about the differences between a singleton and multiples pregnancy. I found the information super interesting and would like to share it with you all. Enjoy! You’re Having Multiples! Congratulations on your multiples pregnancy! I know this may not be what... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Books!

I have read so many books in preparation for doula life and I plan on reading many more. The required reading for becoming a birth doula are as follows: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer Pushed by Jennifer Block Pregnancy, Childbirth... Continue Reading →

The Job of a Birth Doula

What is a birth doula? Well if you've read my Doula? pages then you should know in general what the job of a birth doula, in general what they do, and why you should have one, so I won't reiterate it here. What I plan on talking about here is what we have learned to become great... Continue Reading →

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