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Most people are shocked when they learn that the youngest female in recorded history to give birth was only five years old. They are sometimes even more shocked to learn that the youngest grandmother was only Here are seven cases-all of them verified by medical science-of females who gave birth between ages five and eight. When the parents of a Peruvian girl named Lina Medina brought their five-year-old girl to the hospital in March after she complained of severe abdominal pain, it was originally assumed that she had a tumor. After careful examination, however, it was revealed that she was seven months pregnant. Physicians concluded that she had her first period at a mind-boggling eight months of age. She finally gave birth to a son in May of

She finally gave birth to a son in May of The boy grew up healthy and was told that Lina was his sister rather than his mother, but he finally learned he was her son when he was ten years old.

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Gerardo lived to be forty years old. Upon reaching adulthood, Lina worked as a secretary in Lima, Peru.

She married a man named Raul Jurado and once again gave birth in She was still living in a poor section of Lima as ofthe last time she was known to be alive. In the early s, what is now recognized as the sovereign nation of Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

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In a tragedy known as the Holodomor, an estimated million Ukrainians would starve to death based on the deliberate policies of Soviet communist leader Joseph Stalin. In in this terror-ravaged country, a five-year-old girl named Yelizaveta Pantueva was raped and impregnated by her year-old maternal grandfather.

Little Liza gave birth mere days after her sixth birthday. It is thought that if the child had been born naturally, she would have survived.

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After the failed birth, the entire family emigrated from Kharkov to Vladivostok-including the rapist grandfather. She gave birth to a female child who weighed just over four pounds. Her age as given by the father was 7 years.

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Height: ft. The milk teeth were still present, except the first molars and the lower right incisor; the left lower incisor was just erupting in front of the milk tooth.

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The patient had never menstruated. On examination the tumour proved to be the uterus, six and a half months pregnant.

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Labour started on June 7th. The pelvic measurements were: interspinous, barely 7 ins; intercristal, barley 8 ins.

A trial of labour was given, but as the head would not engage Casearean section was performed, and a living female child weighing 4 lb. was delivered. Beyond suffering from fright for the first three days the mother made a perfect recovery, was able to nurse her baby, and continued to do so for nine months.

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The weight of the child at the end of this time was 11 lb. The latter stated that he had had a song two years before the girl was born, and as this entry was verified by the health officer too there seems no doubt that the age given by the father was correct.

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The entry showed that the girl-mother was born on October 11, This case is especially tragic because both the mother and her child died in the course of giving birth. According to a report from the British Medical Journal :.

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The result was not so fortunate, for both she and her baby died. On questioning the mother she said she was very poor, and left a widow with a number of children, and could not help it as she had an offer of marriage for her.

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