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Genre : Pop, Reggae. Thanks guys and girls for reading this! Hope you liked it and I am looking forward to posting a list of hot males in my country so stay tuned. xoxo :. Didn't like any on his list. They all look so fake.

Not all natural boobs are saggy. Not all older women have saggy boobs.

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Boobs are just boobs," she said. Home vron Right Beauty vron Right This Woman Is Posting Photos of Her Saggy Boobs to Inspire Other Women to Embrace Theirs. This Woman Is Posting Photos of Her Saggy Boobs to Inspire Other Women to Embrace Theirs.

Albanian teen boobs

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Albanian Student Shows Her Breasts, Lands News Anchor Role

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You should put one up! Yea I changed it for a quote but I got back my pic lol Maybe I'm gonna put the quote again. I put her only bcs she's a Victorias Secrets model and she is the most famous Albanian female. Not that I find her hot tbh. Triss Xper 7. Hey there! It's Triss again and today I'm gonna present 5 beauties who rock in my country.

Dhurata Dora singer Birth : Nurnberg Age: 2 Genre : Pop, Reggae 4. Elvana Gjata singer Born : AlbaniaTirana Age : 29 Genre : Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Dance music P. Wonderful voice.

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Xhensila Myrtezaj singer Born : AlbaniaTirana Age : 2 Genre : Pop 2. Enca Haxhia singer Born : Albania, Tirana Age : 20 Genre : Pop P. Admirin' her boobs This is her first song when she was only Angela Martini model Born : ShkoderAlbania yay we used to live in the same apartment Age : 0 Thanks guys and girls for reading this! Share Facebook. Add Opinion.

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Indeed, Albanian girls are very attractive, my favorite here is Elvana, but you forgot about one worldwide famous and very hot Albanian girl - Eliza Dushku. Show All Show Less.

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InTimoreDei Indeed, Eliza is one of the best. jimyee Albanians are white Europeans too. loveslongnails Indeed, neither would I. Beautiful women ?? To add, I find Miss Albania Zhaneta Byberi very elegant and beautiful as well.

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May I know why do you ask? LittleSally 5. The first two are bombshells! Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

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The steamy video comes just weeks after Albanian newsreader Greta Hoxha, 24, delivered the headlines wearing an open jacket - with nothing underneath. Busty weather girl left red-faced after Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Albanian women are extremely beautiful and confident as well as gorgeous. Here are Top 15 of the most beautiful Albanian women. Misse Beqiri. Misse Beqiri, a beautiful supermodel started attracting great attention ever since she joined the new series of The Real Housewives of shire. She is the gorgeous wife of Anders Lindegaard, the A bold woman managed to pull off one of the most risque photobombs of all time during a reporter's live shot - and he had no idea

i like the curly blonde's singing and dance moves. Femdomina Guru.

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Greetings from Montenegro to our neighbours Albanians, I think Dhurata Dora, Elvana Gjata and Enca Haxhia are the hottest here. I would also add Gerta Heta and Doruntina Qamili.

ElissaDido Editor. Mediterranean girls are all just so gorgeous :. Azgeda Yoda.

I spent the last 10 minutes trying to pronounce their names. Angela MARTINI! I can pronounce one of them! Apart from them being hot, what do they even offer?

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I don't appreciate people simply for them looking good. wankiam 1. all you have listed there is 5 women trying hard to conform to a fake instagram image of what they see as beauty.

it just isn't. this is a beautiful albanian woman. Wow Albania sure have beautiful women and you have the singers with Kosovan Albanian heritage as wellRita Ora and Dua lipa who are very pretty.

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They are pretty and talented. It's great that apart from looks, they have great talent too. mooky06 2.

Naww so purrrtayyyy! DublinRollerGirl Explorer. How about some American girls? InTimoreDei And guys love every bit of it too. Number 2 is hot.

Aside from that, the rest is hot but, the Albanian girls I know are hotter than them. Oo you know any albanian girl?

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Lmao loads. kelvinmed Xper 7. They all have very nice facial features and bodies. Indeed we Albanians are hot chicks??. That's something good be proud of.

Thanks for Watching Please Don't forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe. #HotBustyGirls #BustyGirls The London-based blogger regularly shares photos of herself with empowering captions like "how to style saggy boobs: a tutorial step 1 - wear the damn outfit. step 2 - remember not to care." TIRANA, Albania - Faced with tough competition to win over audiences, an Albanian TV channel is taking a literal approach towards giving viewers the "naked" truth - by employing almost-topless Estimated Reading Time: mins

takumii Guru. So is there an option for visa on arrival or I have to break international laws? Yumix 1. I likethe other ones are should have put yourself on the list ;P. LMAO they're way hotter than me ??. Lol thanks my pure innocence ??.

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jman Guru. Dhurata Dora eyes. I could get lost in those for days.

Oh and Enca, with her lovely looking rack and very nice legs. I deem them both super hot.

1. Angela Martini (model) Born: Shkoder, Albania (yay we used to live in the same apartment) Age: Thanks guys and girls for reading this! Hope you liked it and I am looking forward to posting a list of hot males in my country so stay tuned. xoxo:)Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

SirRexington 1. None were really "that" attractive.

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That Martini woman has the face of a man She looks way too masculine. very gorgeous women! againevery man's perfect 10 dream girl. SkipStop Guru. I go to AcidCow dot com to ck out the hottest girls in the world.

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Watch emmanuel's daughter - teen girl scene - Short H Film on Dailymotion year-old student and aspiring news presenter Enki Bracaj landed a job on Albanian TV's Zjarr channel after wearing an open top that exposed parts of her b Careers in television are hard to come by. That's why it's so surprising that the year-old in the video above is out there reading the news on major Albanian embracingmothers.comted Reading Time: 1 min

Not trying to imply that all Albanian girls are unattractive, but these appear to be basic hos. They ARE basic thots. Not appear to be. clampfan 1.

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Cask2 Xper 6. So much better than the obese puke fatties the media keeps on telling the guys in American we should like. Spermdumster Xper 6.

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feel free to show us. and i'll believe you. Muhammad Guru.

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