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Amy Kroker nee Wong , Ph. born December , is the wife of Kif Kroker. She was later able to lose all the weight and is currently able to control herself as an adult. However, she can lose control very easily such as in "The Prisoner of Benda" where. Philip J. Fry awakens in the 1st century after a cryogenics mishap and goes to work for Planet Express, making intergalactic deliveries with cycloptic captain Leela and robot buddy Bender.

Professor rates Amy:D Amy Kroker (nee Wong), Ph.D. (born December , ) is the wife of Kif Kroker. 1 Appetite 2 Career Family 4 Wardrobe 5 Dating 6 Languages 7 Personality 8 Other Information 9 Quotes 10 Trivia 11 Appearances 12 Gallery 1 Footnotes Amy used to be rather overweight as a child because she had an insatiable appetite. She was later able to lose all the weight and is currently able to control Sexy Amy Wong. By MissFuturama Watch. Favourites. 8 Comments. 5K Views. 10/10/ ate OMFG Recently, I happened to see this old pic of mine and was struck by how ugly it was O_o Proportions were horrible as never. I have changed proportions, redone coloring and changed a bit of clothes. Now I can look at her without having my eyes

The internet is my vacation from daily life, so I reblog the things I like or things I think are cool. Mostly professional wrestling, sometimes of the slashy variety.

One of the hottest minitoons ever right up to 55sec - when it is completely ruined by gross stomach bulge and SICKENING cumflation. I have given NSTAT toons the highest ratings possible in the past, but this new obsession with CF completely ruins it It features Amy Wong's talking butt tattoos scene from the episode "Three Hundred Big Boys" the look on Amy's face tells me "I don't remember getting those!" Antonissen Sep 29, Thanks! The truth of how I got started on Futurama. Reply. MasterghostUnlimited Sep 28, Very hot can cool. Reply. Antonissen Sep 28, Thank you Join us for an open house this Sunday to see Amy Wong's bedroom installation at Projects, curated by Suzanne Carte. Projects is an exhibition site, project space, and residency based on exchange, productivity, testing assumptions, building community, and allowing for moments of discovery in a high-rise apartment building in Toronto

So be prepared for lots of physically fit, half-naked people on your dash. Savior "wrestling" Long term intern Amy Wong. Futurama Licensing The above image is published here under the following terms: LicenseFair Use - this image is copyrighted, but used here under Wikipedia's fair use guidelines. Amy Wong and the head of Stephen Hawking Futurama 6.

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We sifted through and found the absolute sexiest and weirdest. It's NSFW!

Seriously, you have to make a major effort to avoid Futurama porn - go to Google image search and, if you have "safe search" turned off, most of the hits for Futurama will be R-rated or X-rated. The hard part is finding the good stuff.

Most Futurama porn revolves around Leela and Amy, with Fry in the mix sometimes. But there's a surprisingly large amount of Bender porn (including having sex with the Professor (!?) and even Dr

We sorted through thousands of naked Leela pictures, and perverted Bender pics, to find the absolute greatest. Why does Futurama inspire so much lust?

Amy wong sexy scene

But it's also a genuinely fun show with sexy characters. There are few characters, human or robot, as perverted and grungy as Bender.

Stay safe everyone and take care of each other.

The 'lecture' aims to be conversational and collaborative and we'll be making our own BIPOC 'mother reader' out of it! At the Gardiner Museum, Toronto ON Here are the mock ups for the print, to wrap over the Obsession exhibition catalogue.

Amy Wong gets Milked by a Buggalo. Newgrounds. You challenged yourself to try and bring a 2-D show D and make it sexy and it really shows you are passionate about this I can't wait to see more work from you. Cut Scene from the Natural Hookup Movie 21, Views (Adults Only) Natural Hookup Amy's Problem Feb , - Explore Aubrey Villalobos's board "Amy Wong", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about futurama, amy, cartoon pins The Futurama characters Amy and Leela are just too cute

July th, This year we formed the AAFG Council the aunties who organise: Annie Wong, Emmie Tsumura, Marilyn Fernandes, Pamila Matharu, Shellie Zhang, Su-Ying Lee alongside a growing online community. We are honoured to be a part of the Creative Time Summit. Our session is called AAFG BRING SOUP LOVE.

This is made possible with support from Whippersnapper Peers Projects, Creative Time and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Obviously I repped SCARBS!!! My people :D All participants artwork will be displayed as 'THE BFF GALAXY PROJECT' on the rd floor of the library.

Futurama ITA - Bender e Amy si mettono insieme!

This exhibition will be on view until January. Please join us: This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding. We hope for this event to be a rounded out convo over a traditional panel. Hosting this will be Nasrin Himada as facilitator, Pamila Matharu, Serena Lee, Henry Heng Lu, and myself. Please join us for the director's talk at pm, and screening at 7pm.

Think, amy wong sexy scene all

Click Here for the trailer Here is the FB invite for the event An understated winner of the Silver Lion from the Venice Biennale, Factory Complex by Seoul-based artist and director Heung-Soon IM gives voice to the endured oppressions faced by female factory workers in South Korea during the s.

When the workers organized, they faced brutal state-sanctioned retaliation. Subtly invoking socio-economic issues such as expectations within a predominantly hierarchical and patriarchal society, this unconventional documentary leads us through the workers' degradation and persistence with measured poise.

As South Korea's economic development continues to surge on the international stage, the labour conditions faced by the country's marginalized female workers over the course of the last four decades is contemplated through IM's exquisite eye and unfailing compositions.

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