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Angel had various relationships over the years. A recurring joke is that Angel seemed to have a preference for small, blonde women, as the majority of his love interests were blondes with the exceptions of Cordelia who had blonde highlights at one point and Rebecca Lowell. Angel's love life had never been very active, originally because he held a reluctance to get close to someone and possibly lose his soul. However, he eventually realized he could have "positive sex" through his relationship with Nina Ash. The vampire who turned Liam, Angelus and Darla were lovers for over a century, Darla even leaving the Master to live with her "dear boy". As Angelus, he was fond of Darla's ruthlessness and uembracingmothers.comedictability, causing destruction and countless death in their wake.

Catching them by surprise, Angel would suddenly set both of them on fire with a lit cigarette and gasoline, nearly succeeding in killing them both. The Transuding Furies were the three powerful beings who cast the anti-demon-violence spell on Lorne's bar, Caritas. When Angel needed the spell removed to fight Gunn's rogue former gang, the Furies tell Cordelia that they would require "payment" for such an act, and only Angel was "equipped" to repay the debt whenever he was mentioned, all three of them say, "Mmm The general tone seemed to imply a past sexual relationship between the Furies and Angel.

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A thief with command over electricity, Angel shared a kiss with Gwen Raiden after she gave him an electro-shock that temporarily reawakens his dead heart. He subsequently flirts with her to make Cordelia jealous while they are trying to protect the Ra-Tet from The Beastbut later seems to develop a slight affection for her; he almost appears jealous when she asks for Gunn's help over his.

At the event, he had told Angel and Eve to "get a room," saying that "you could cut the sexual tension with a knife". When Angel thought they should talk about it, Eve remarked: "It's not as if this is the first time I've had sex under mystical influence.

I went to UC Santa Cruz. Doyle was Angel's first "contact" with The Powers That Be, and also the first real friend Angel had made for several decades The Scooby Gang was generally Buffy's friends rather than Angel's, even before he lost his soul. Although Doyle kept most of his past secret, he and Angel did form a close, if awkward, bond over time, with Angel attempting to help deal with financial difficulties while Doyle encouraged Angel to re-connect with people.

After Doyle sacrificed himself in recognition of heroism that Angel had inspired in him, [25] Angel and Cordelia mourned his loss together. Angel would attempt to bring back Doyle through The Oraclesonly to have the request turned down under the grounds of it taking away Doyle's noble redemption as well as being a "self-serving" matter.

Forced to open up by Cordelia, Angel admitted to her that he missed Doyle and believed it should've been him that saved him and died in his place. Initially merely Buffy's second WatrAngel and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce became closer when Wesley relocated to Los Angeles when he was fired from the Watrs CouncilAngel offering Wesley a job when he had trouble working as a 'rogue demon hunter' in recognition of his superior research skills compared to those possessed by him and Cordelia.

Over time, Wesley grew from his initially bookish self into a more confident and combatant leader, even taking over the agency for a time after Angel fired the others and remained in charge after his return.

Their friendship worsened when Angel had fired him from Angel Investigations along with Cordelia and Gunn so they wouldn't be in the way of his obsession in finding Darla and Drusilla.

Hesitantly, Wesley had agreed but still did not entirely trust or forgive him. He would also have some of his confidence restored when Wesley told him he could overcome his demon side in Pylea. However, their relationship later soured after Wesley stole Angel's son Connor due to a faked prophecy, with Angel being openly resentful and grief-stricken, attempting to even murder Wesley for his actions. They then had a tenuous relationship since, but came to reconcile little by little as Wesley pulled him from the bottom of the ocean and Angel later came to more or less fully forgive him, acknowledging that Wesley was the one that always had to make the hard decisions, though their relationship was never the same as it once was.

For some time during the period Los Angeles was sent to Hell, Wesley was Angel's only regular contact - albeit serving as the Liason to the Senior Partners - finally sacrificing his existence to restore Angel and Los Angeles to Earth. In memory of Wesley, Angel had a wing of a library dedicated to Wesley and Fred, sometimes reflecting that he hoped that Wesley and Fred had somehow managed to find each other again after their deaths.

When Faith Lehane crossed the line by killing a man, Angel was the first person to try and rehabilitate her but he was interrupted when Wesley tried to hand her over to the Watrs Council.

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At this point, Faith harbored a sexual interest in Angel, though this is most likely out of jealousy towards Buffy. In order to gain inside information from the inside about the Mayor's plans, Giles had a dark shaman fake the removal of Angel's soul, and he pretended to become involved with Faith. After awakening from her coma and fleeing Sunnydale, Faith arrived in Los Angeles.

After she tortured Wesley, Angel confronted Faith, and during the fight he realized what Faith really wanted; she wanted Angel to kill her.

Still holding back, Faith had a breakdown and begged him desperately to kill her. Angel took pity on her and comforted her instead. He felt sympathy for her due to his shared desire to atone. Angel knew Faith could be saved and did his utmost to protect her when she was at her most vulnerable. Despite his love for Buffy, he had sided with Faith and refused to have Buffy wreck vengeance since it would only make things worse.

Angel had prepared to turn himself in for illegally harboring a wanted criminal, only for Faith to make a confession and willingly chose to go to prison for punishment. Angel and Faith often talked about redemption, and if they'd ever accomplish what they wanted, bonding quickly over their shared desire to atone.

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Despite the difficulties involved with such a task, Faith made sure he was brought in so he can be re-ensouled by Willoweven defeating Connor to prevent him from staking his father. Faith also stated Angel is the only one that never gave up on her, a factor that doubtless plays an important role to fight so hard to save him, to the point where Faith takes it upon herself to care for Angel when he is reduced in a catatonic state after his period under Twilight's control despite the fact he killed Giles.

When Faith admitted to him she didn't think it would work, Angel understood her concerns and entrusted her to be the one to stop him if he went too far trying to set things right. She accepted the responsibility and decided to help him despite her initial doubts Angel could pull it off.

When Pat Lehane paid an unexpected visit, he encouraged her to reconnect with him. She'd be able to deal it this time and that by removing her guilt, it made her less than what she was. Eventually, she regained her senses and helped him against Drusilla. Moved by his belief in her and how he again proved himself to be the only person who did not give up on her, Faith reiterated her desire to help him bring Giles back.

The two however briefly argued over Connor, and how Faith was being the cautious one and advising him to not get Connor killed bringing Giles back. Angel denied her assumption, and mentioned her near-killing of her father in retaliation.

When Angel was briefly trapped in his own body when Giles' soul fully manifested within him- leaving him with Angel, Angelus and Giles inside him- Faith immediately rejected the possibility of simply staking Angel to stop Angelus getting out in favor of the riskier maneuver of confronting the soul-eating Enders to recover the Essuary as a means of extracting Giles' soul, also defending him against Nadira and other Slayers by stating that Angel wasn't Twilight or Angelus, but the man who saved others.

After Whistler was defeated, although Faith decided to move on after so many things that she had built for herself were destroyed during her time working with Angel, Angel assured her that he understood her reasons, expressing confidence that she would be fine in whatever path she chose and that he would be available if she decided to come back.

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When she eventually returned to London as part of her new job with Zane Pharmaceuticalsthe two exchanged an awkward but warm hug when they were reunited. A former street-fighter, Angel came across Charles Gunn during a case, expressed a desire to want him to work for him. Gunn though, initially refused, as he held a black-and-white outlook on the supernatural, immediately having a distrust of him, being a vampire.

After being forced to kill his sister, Gunn's open antagonism towards Angel died down. However, he still refused to work for him and did not trust him.

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At the time Gunn and Angel weren't very close, as Gunn had stated that if Angel lost his soul or became evil again, he wouldn't hesitate to kill him. Angel wanted him away, but Gunn stayed anyway to help. In an effort to protect him, he had pund Gunn in a failed attempt to get him away. Gunn had pund him back, angrily ordering him not to do it again. As the affects of the shroud began to effect them, Gunn was furious with him for feeding off Kate Lockley, but trusted him enough to destroy the shroud.

After firing him from Angel Investigations, Gunn, Wesley, and Cordelia were alienated from Angel. Some months later, he was regretful for his treatment of them and wanted their forgiveness. Gunn was still angry towards Angel, but gave him a chance to prove himself like the others.

Angel appeared to respect his feelings, stating to Gunn, "You'll prove that I can trust you when the day comes that you have to kill me And you do. However, around the fall of Los AngelesGunn became a vampire and had immediately put the blame on Angel, believing that he could have saved him from this fate. Angel was initially unaware of this, believing him to be dead but eventually came across Gunn, horrified by his now vampire status.

He felt guilt and grief over Gunn's fate but knew he had no choice but to fight him. Gunn, however gained the upper hand, driving a sword into his now human body. When realizing that Angel was now human, he was shocked but then stripped Angel of all his vampire -, and left him to die. However though, after Gunn had killed Connor, Angel was wild with grief and vengeance, violently beating up Gunn and almost killing him. Because of this, when Los Angeles was sent back to the way it was and Connor had returned, Angel was still understandingly bitter towards him, but still had told him that it wasn't him who had did all those terrible things and that he understands what he's going through, expressing a desire to help him since he himself wants atonement.

Later, after the members of Angel Investigations went their separate ways, Gunn and Angel reunite as old friends in London and he embarks on the journey to Quor'toth with him.

Lorne was originally someone Angel contacted for information on particular cases he did, given how Lorne owned a morally ambiguous demon bar named Caritas. He was always reluctant to help, as he wanted to remain neutral in the demon world. Despite that, he helped Angel out on numerous occasions, developing respect and camaraderie towards him. Angel's bond with Lorne was more noticeable during their journey in Pylea where he had encouraged him to make some form of peace with his family, only for the attempt to backfire horribly.

He was a useful and valuable member, even caring for Connor when Angel was away on cases.

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Lorne and Angel developed a close, brotherly bond Lorne once describing Angel as "the undead brother he never had. When Angel saved Fred from Pylea, he "vamped out", but rather than his face changing like usual, the demon inside of him comes out completely. After killing two guards, it tries to kill Gunn and Wesley - until Fred, her right hand soaked with blood, lured the demon back to her cave. Fred cared for Angel as he recovered, and remained the only person who wasn't scared of him after learning about his vampire nature.

Fred developed a strong crush on Angel, but he showed no acknowledgement of her feelings, treating her simply as a good friend. After seeing a movie with her, Angel swiftly denied it being a date and didn't share Cordelia's concerns that he had to talk to her about it. Eventually being convinced, he expressed to Fred that though he cared for her, he did not return her feelings. She quickly interrupted him by saying she already knew he did not like her like that, and accepted his wish to be just friends.

Their moment, however, was interrupted when Angel was told of Buffy's resurrection. He immediately left without a word to meet her, unintentionally causing Fred to feel uncomfortable and disappointed. Fred however, eventually moved on to Gunn instead after learning about Angel's curse, although she and Angel remained good friends, Fred being the only other person present at the birth of Angel's son Connor.

Though their relationship was largely platonic and not romantic, Fred did kiss him once to fool passers-by- into thinking they were just a random couple when they were on the run from Jasmine's followers. When she asked if they bought it, Angel replied "I did.

Like the rest of his team, Angel was deeply affected by Fred's death, to the point where he briefly considered an attempt to save her that would have killed thousands of others in the process, but eventually decided against it in the end. When Fred was resurrected after the restoration of magic, although shocked to see her again, Angel was clearly grateful to have an old friend back as he set out to determine the reason for her rebirth. Angel's relationship with his son Connor has most often been a rocky one.

When Darla was pregnant with him, Connor's soul imbued her with motherly emotions, forcing Angel to realize that the thing she carried possessed a soul. He remained very protective of Darla and his unborn child, and cared for him very lovingly with the help of Angel Investigations after Darla's death.

Soon after his birth Connor was kidnapped and brought to Quor'toth where he was raised to despise his father. Upon his return as an adolescent, he immediately attempted to kill Angel, much to Angel's distress and confusion. Connor's short-lived relationship with Cordelia Chase further separated them.

After the spell was broken, Connor, having been granted emotional stability by his surrogate parents, rejoined his father in the fight against evil. Angel's father had low expectations of his drunkard, whoring son when both were alive.

Liam felt somewhat guilty for his behavior, but remained reluctant to change; after he was sired by Darla, he rose as Angelus and murdered his family, including his father. Upon the restoration of his soul, Angel would later admit to Buffy that he still wondered if his father became so antagonistic as a result of his own failure as a son. Kathy was Angel's younger sister of Liam and the only member of his immediate family that the young man seemed to be particularly close to.

The day Liam left his family's house, Kathy cried, prompting her brother to console her even during his argument with their father, informing her "No tears; we'll meet again". It was the last moment she saw him alive, as that very night Liam met the vampire Darla, and was subsequently sired. Kathy was present at her brother's funeral, crying and hugging their mother while their father stared at the grave, unaware of the fate Liam had suffered.

After rising from the grave, Liam returned to his house. Kathy believed that her brother had returned in the form of an angel and invited him to enter. Afterward, Liam killed her. Kathy's belief that her brother was an angel inspired his infamous nom de guerre "Angelus", later shortened to simply "Angel", a name that stuck with Liam even two centuries later.

After William was turned by Drusilla and became Spike, Angelus was initially fond of him and they bonded over their shared love of death and having another male in the Whirlwind. Spike even appeared to idolize him and looked up to him, at least part of his savagery and violence taught to him by Angelus. Spike saw it as being nothing for the rush, blindly jumping into any public brawl to have fun. Angelus was evil for the sake of evil and saw it as being an act of "art". Spike's continual public exposure caused The Whirlwind to go into hiding many times to be safe, much to Angelus's disgust.

Though allies on the side of good once ensouled, vampires Angel and Spike have always had a tense, unfriendly relationship. Angel reflected that much of their hostility originates from the fact that Spike, at least in part, wanted to be Angel, noting that every action Spike took was something Angel had done before him: Drusilla turned Spike as a substitute for what she couldn't have with Angelus, Spike attempted to take Angelus's reputation after he was ensouled, later became the second known vampire to repossess his soul, and perhaps most obvious, Spike fell in love with Buffy following Angel's long-lived relationship with her.

The most direct cause of their conflict seems to stem from their competition in the area of love; their attentions are very often focused on the same woman, Drusilla or Buffy though in the case of Drusilla, Angel's interest was very much based on his soulless desire to hurt Spike, whom he knew had become pitifully attad to her.

Angel and Spike's relationship worsened when they realized they both loved Slayer Buffy Summers. Angel, while never verbally admitting to it, felt jealous of Spike's relationship with Buffy; the same can be said of Spike in regards to Angel's romance with her. They often have heated, verbal and sometimes violent disputes over Buffy.

Many characters have pointed out similarities between them; they are both ensouled vampires with intense love for the same woman, but both vehemently deny it, stating that they are nothing alike.

Though both eventually fight on the side of good, their personalities tend to clash. Spike takes their mission far less seriously, although the two make an effective team against such foes as - embracingmothers.coms of the Deeper Well and their ensuing fight against Illyria. And despite their constant antagonism, there does seem to exist some affection between them, as Spike appeared genuinely happy to see Angel and even hugged him upon their reunion in Sunnydale, [9] and Angelus greeted Spike with a kiss on the forehead upon losing his soul, a degrading, symbolic gesture than a friendly one.

Though he tried to bury it, much of Angel's hatred of Spike also stems from guilt: he turned Drusilla, and was at least in part responsible for the chaos Spike reigned without a soul. Following Spike's sacrifice at the Sunnydale HellmouthAngel felt that because the Senior Partners had presented him with the Amulet, they had intended he give up his life instead.

On the deepest level, Spike exists as a relic of Angel's most deplorable sins; Angel never foresaw a person with so much involvement in his past as Angelus becoming so profoundly involved in his future as a hero.

Spike verbally accused Angel of being a coward on numerous occasions. Angel at least began to accept Spike's presence in his group, though he remained reluctant to acknowledge Spike as a Champion or possible subject of the Shanshu Prophecy.

When they traveled to Rome to get Buffy away from The Immortal, they drank together, seemed to have equal concern for Buffy's well-being and shared rather comical jealousy and outrage towards The Immortal when told Buffy was dating him. Still, they seem to have developed underlying respect towards each other. Angel and Spike also appear to have a sexual history, which has been implied many times [64] but neither of them seem willing to discuss it. Spike later left Los Angeles and Angel behind, as he recognized Angel had been accurate when he accused Spike of wanted to be him, acknowledging that his interest in the Shanshu Prophesy was based around his rivalry with Angel rather than a desire to be human himself.

Since Spike would not be able to be possessed by Eyghon, Angel would contact him from London for assistance. He still clearly viewed Spike as an annoying nuisance, but was able to work together much easier than before with only general bickering. However, Angel and Spike did erupt into a harsh argument over Buffy and their strained relationships with her, much to Faith's irritation. Spike ranted to him, revealing his jealousy and insecurities over Buffy as well Angel.

When Spike concluded that Angel had moved on from her by finding a purpose and seeing other women, he coherently corrected this assumption and told him he wasn't over her either. Able to relate to his troubles, Angel took pity on him and gave him Harmony's number as a 'thank you'. Despite this small act of kindness towards each other, Angel and Spike quickly returned to their quarreling relationship.

When he had decided to return to San Francisco to help DawnAngel argued against it.

However, his reasons for this was because of his fight with Pearl and Nash combined with his preference for Spike to not be near Buffy to impress her. The Immortal was an arch-nemesis of both Angel and Spike for many reasons. During their soulless periods, The Immortal had captured and knocked out both Angelus and Spike, while at the same time "concurrently violating" both Darla and Drusilla at the same time something neither of them had ever let them do and consequently wounding their pride and dignity.

A series of unfortunate events had happened before and after this, causing Angelus to have intense hatred towards the Immortal. A century later, Angel, then an ensouled vampire, also hated the Immortal, especially when told by Andrew that Buffy was dating him; [2] this was a practical joke on his part, as it was a Buffy decoy. Back to the time when Angel was still Angelus, he had cruelly murdered Daniel Holtz 's entire family, and only Holtz survived. He had since been consumed with vengeance and grief, spending his entire life tracking down Angelus and Darla, and they were often on the run from him, although the two turned down various opportunities to kill him as they considered him a form of family.

Eventually reduced to a hermit after relentless years of chasing them and failing, Holtz made a deal with the demon Sahjahn to be left in 'stasis' until the time came when he could take his revenge.

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Centuries later, Holtz was reawakened and again preceded to resume his hunt, only to find Angelus now Angel, a souled vampire. Nevertheless, he continued his quest for revenge, seeing Angel's soul as simply another means of tormenting his enemy, regardless of the fact that Angel's ally Wesley tried to convince him that Angel was not responsible for Angelus's crimes.

Angel felt guilt over his actions to Holtz, but had many clashes with him and Holtz never wavered. He eventually, upon the discovery of Angel having a son, he- thanks to Wesley's unintended help- took Connor as an adopted son and raised him in a hell dimension of Quor'toth, taking Connor away from Angel. Although Angel tried to apologize to the elderly Holtz when Holtz returned to this dimension, Holtz merely pretended to forgive Angel, subsequently arranging for his own murder in a manner that would frame Angel for the crime.

Xander had a natural dislike of him, partly because of Xander's large amount of jealousy over Angel and Buffy's relationship as he had a crush on Buffy at the time and also because of his view of vampires being evil. He often showed open hostility towards Angel, constantly showing great disapproval of Buffy loving a vampire and had a great lack of trust in him. Angel also held similar feelings toward Xander, viewing him as a great annoyance and was often frustrated with Xander's difficulty.

Angel had also admitted that, while at first denying it, eventually admitted that he did indeed feel jealous of Xander, especially after seeing Buffy seductively dance with Xander at one time. Angel then continued to dislike Xander, even punching him in the face hard once when under the ruse of being Angelus, something he had been wanting to do for a long time.

Buffy, as far as we know, is a virgin at that point in Season 2, and quite likely, while Liam and Angelus had had sex with literally countless women over the span of a couple of centuries, Angel had never actually had anything but carnal desire for any of them Buffy and Spike seemingly have anal sex in the balcony of a nightclub only several feet from her friends. The very act of this is shameful to Buffy, and writer Steven S. DeKnight's script describes Buffy and Angel sex theme from season 2 episode: InnocenceI uploaded the full version of this song as a video response!

When Xander had shown outrage and anger at Angel for feeding off Buffy, he said nothing against the criticism, too guilty to try. However, Angel was shown to be extremely annoyed when Xander was happy to order him around and was forced to work closely with him against the Mayor.

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This slightly annoyed Buffy, comparing them to bickering old ladies. A, their rivalry is largely forgotten. They ran into each other briefly when Angel was deterimined to protect Buffy because of Doyle's vision.

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He was shown to be annoyed and offended when Xander had assumed right away he was evil. When Twilight's influence was released completely by the end of magicAngel and Xander quickly came to blows.

Having accidentally killed Giles in his possession, he was furious and full of resentment. Despite Angel's weak attempts at an explanation, he did not actively defend himself as Xander overpowered him, fully prepared to stake him with the slayer scythe. Thankfully, he had halted despite his strong grudge and hatred for Angel, only because a grief-racked Buffy had somehow managed to step in between them.

While not officially introduced, Angel had first seen Riley during his self-appointed mission to preserve Buffy's safety against Shumash Indians through Doyle's vision. He had questioned Willow over who he was after seeing him actively talk with Buffy, showing suspicion and slight jealousy at his overly friendly behavior towards her.

Angel would finally come face-to-face with Riley when he was attacked by some Initiative soldiers in an alleyway. Riley had assumed he was soulless again by sleeping with Buffy during her brief L.

Angel didn't correct this nor try to resolve the situation in a civil manner, challenging him and showing blatant contempt of Riley when he tried to stop him from seeing Buffy. The two broke out into a fight with each other.

Angelus terrorizes Willow and the Gang at school, emotionally tormenting Buffy. Later, as they discuss Angel's transformation in the library, Buffy realises that having sex with Angel is what caused him to turn evil. Buffy has a dream in which Angel indicates that Jenny knows more than she is letting on Buffy and Spike violent fight turns into sex Darla stopped resisting and the two proceeded to have rough sex in his room. Angel would soon feel immense pain in his st afterwards, echoing that of losing his soul the first time with Buffy. Darla realized he had not become Angelus after some hesitation and was infuriated

Eventually pushed into true anger, Angel didn't hold back and easily dispatd of him. Successfully reaching Buffy's dorm, Riley recovered and followed him. When Riley was still hostile, Angel lost any shred of already low patience he had, proceeding to taunt and threaten him into another fight.

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Riley and Angel traded blows again, only for Buffy to roughly separate them. Buffy decided to talk to Angel and hear him out privately.

Angel had dismissively looked over Riley one last time, taunting him with a superior smirk when Buffy wasn't looking.

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After making amends with her, Angel would then tell Buffy he didn't like him at all. Angel also treated Lindsey antagonistically, to point where he chopped off his hand.

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Lindsey's assumption of the name "Doyle" earned him Angel and Cordelia's renewed anger at his abuse of their old friend's name, with Angel neatly defeating Lindsey's attempt to activate a failsafe that the Partners had created to kill Angel if he proved to be uncontrollable.

Although Angel later requested Lindsey's aid in the planned last stand against the Circle of the Black Thornonce Lindsey had dealt with his targets he was shot by Lorne on Angel's orders, Angel reasoning that Lindsey would never be "part of the solution", this last act angering Lindsey with the realization that Angel didn't consider Lindsey important enough to kill him himself.

Angel did initially try to help Lindsey find redemption, but eventually gave up on him. Following her death, while talking to the Conduit of the Senior Partners, Angel noted that he had liked Lilah as an adversary as he always knew what to expect from her. While Angel has never truly hated Harmony Kendall, he viewed her as an annoyance and a nuisance. He gave Harmony a brief chance of working for them because of Cordelia, but ended up distrusting her given her lack of soul and believed she couldn't work for them.

He spent much of his time bossing her around and was rarely ever nice to her. When Harmony betrayed him in the end, he showed no surprise as he had already known she would, promptly causing her to flee. Angel does appear to have had some degree of appreciation for Harmony, as he left her a letter of recommendation.

Reuniting with Harmony, Angel showed annoyance and disdain at her unplanned visit, taking care to remind her of her betrayal and her fleeing during an apocalypse, but nonetheless agreed to help her with someone blackmailing her. Under the guise of villain Twilight, Angel had recognized Pearl and Nash's eager involvement in "evolution" and united him in his group supposedly meant to kill Buffy.

However, he had manipulated the siblings, his real goal all along had been to focus the two of them with Buffy's other enemies in order to keep her alive and focused against the rising threats.

Angel had fought the two of them [4] and it was revealed the two of them had sided with Whistler to get their revenge on Angel and fulfill their part in evolution. Whistler had took Angel off the streets during his twenty-year ensouled depression, setting him on his path for redemption.

Angel was initially reluctant, but after seeing the newly called Slayer Buffy Summers, he agreed in his desire to help her. When he came to him with word of the Twilight Prophecy, Angel agreed when told of the consequences of the world going to Hell [4] and Buffy along with himself dying in the process.

Nonetheless, he expressed his frustration to Whistler over fighting against Buffy and manipulating her masked as "Twilight". However, Whistler was undeterred by Angel's complaints, insisting it was the only way to save the world. After Angel rejected the his destiny partly because of Buffy, their relationship became strained and antagonistic.

Whistler was angry with his decision and believed it had been necessary for the world even if cost many lives. Angel was in turn angered with his team-up with Pearl and Nash and denied his belief that the Twilight universe would help when it cost so much.

He remarked Whistler had never told him the full details and had been manipulating him and Buffy from the beginning. After telling him his origins and asking if he would help him with bringing magic back even though it would cost millions of livesAngel rejected it.

He admitted he would always be grateful towards Whistler for giving him a purpose and letting him meet Buffy which was why he wanted to help him, believing he had gone crazy because of the loss of magic.

This scene is from angel 1x8: I will remember you Buffy and Angel have a twisted, tortured, star-crossed romance that suffers in the sex department. However, because they can't physically have sex, the sexual tension between the two in Buffy 's Buffy the Vampire Slayer || Surprise - Season 2 Episode 1 2x1 || Buffy and Angel Bangel sex scene HDI don't own anything

Whistler was furious and stabbed him in the st, nearly killing him. When he finally unleashed his plague across London, Angel made many attempts to reason with him, but Whistler remained stubborn.

Losing patience, he challenged him and gave up reasoning any further.

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When Whistler sacrificed himself to save the world and thanked him for 'saving him', Angel was genuinely sad at his demise and took a brief moment to grief for him. At first, Rupert Giles regarded Angel with an even temper even commenting that his relationship with Buffy was "rather poetic in a maudlin sort of way"regarding Angel almost as a peer, sharing books and prophecies with him.

But when Angel lost his soul and murdered Jennifer Calendar]], the Watr, devastated to the point of irrationality, set fire to the vampire's warehouse lair and attacked him with a flaming baseball bat, severely beating him before being disarmed by Angelus and rescued by Buffy.

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When he later needed information, Angelus kidnapped and tortured Giles for hours. After Angel returned from Hell, Giles was upset and wary. He kept a loaded crossbow in hand when talking to Angel, [19] yet he also attempted to help Angel with his hallucinations. Giles and Angel come together again when Angel returned to protect Buffy. Giles seemed to had lost some of his anger toward him and had discussed the Chumash Indian spirits and how they would stop him. Nevertheless, the two argued over Buffy and Angel's fixated focus in protecting her.

Giles had criticized him for hiding his presence from her, believing it to be less cruel if he allowed Buffy to see him.

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Giles had also taken care to remind him that Buffy was not helpless and did not need his "protection". Angel angrily retorted that both of them knew that, but they would still always try to keep her safe anyway. Giles silently acknowledged this, knowing that Angel's natural protectiveness and concern over Buffy was something they could both be able to relate over. The first time, when the unstable Slayer Dana was on the loose, Giles sent Andrew Wells. Both times there were indications that Giles, like the other Scoobies, no longer trusted Angel because of Angel's association with the evil law firm.

After Angel killed Giles while possessed by Twilight, he expressed a desperate desire to bring Giles back to life. Though usage of Mohra demon blood became out of the question, it was later revealed that Angel was using a Tooth of Ammuk to absorb fragments of Giles' soul into his body from various locations that were meaningful to the Watr during his life, in an effort to restore him. As a result, Angel began taking on characteristics and mannerisms of Giles, whose soul increasingly cohabited with Angel's, to the point where Angel was briefly driven insane by Giles's soul inside him and their shared memories of his murder of Jenny in particular.

When Giles was brought back trapped in the body of his pre-teen self, Angel was nonetheless elated and satisfied that he had managed to resurrect him, treating the "minor glits" quite lightly in comparison to the rest. The two had a brief clash when Giles was angry with Angel for bringing back due his stress at being trapped in the wrong body, but his anger towards him eventually dissipated.

Later, Giles expressed his gratitude that Angel had freed him from torment under Eyghon and told him that if he ended up dying again in this battle, he would be able to accept the outcome peacefully.

Angel acknowledged this, as he was willing to do the same. Angel would also ask Giles if he'll tell him when, if ever, there was a right time for him to see Buffy again, something he agreed to do.

Angel shared deep affection and mutual confidence with Willow Rosenbergand not just because she restored his soul twice. In several occasions he asked for her help, looking at her as a reliable ally and friend. During his initial time in Sunnydale, after Buffy, Willow was probably Angel's closest friend in the Scooby Gang and most friendly towards him, although, as with all the team, his relationship with her was somewhat strained after he came back from Hell following his time as Angelus.

After restoring Angel's soul for the second time, they hugged as old friends. After he killed Giles, Faith stated that the entire Scooby Gang, aside from Buffy, wanted Angel dead. Eventually, however, Willow seems to move past a little of her anger towards Angel, as after openly criticizing his desire to resurrect Giles, she reluctantly agreed to help, as she needed Angel's help to bring magic back into the world.

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Willow, however, slapped him when he criticized her desire to involve Connor, angrily blaming him for everything that had gone wrong, but when she burst into tears out of emotion, Angel tried to comfort out of care and concern for her, agreeing to let Conner chose. Angel seemed to genuinely show a great deal of care for her, as he has tried to comfort a distraught Willow about absorbing too much dark magic, telling her urgently that he had to trust her.

She admitted that she did trust him despite his past actions as Twilight but she just didn't trust herself. Willow unfortunately briefly got taken over by the dark magic, only for Angel to bite her to revert her back to normal. Willow returned the favor, stopping Faith from killing him and telling Angel that he could fight his dark side. When he regained control, the two had suddenly hugged each other in gratitude. Afterwards, Angel and Willow come to a resolution.

She told him she understood that he was sorry, that he had believed he was doing the right thing and that it was necessary, but firmly reminded him that it didn't change the fact that what he did was wrong. Willow seriously said to him that she didn't think she could ever really forgive him for what he did, but at the same time, she couldn't find it in her to hate him. Angel was satisfied with this, just glad that she didn't hate him anymore.

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Keeping her part of the deal, she left the a piece of Giles's soul from the scythe in his hands, before departing to continue her solo quest.

Angel and Oz rarely interacted during their brief time in the Scooby Gang, but seemed to get along well enough when seen together, most likely because they shared similar experiences, being a vampire and werewolf, respectively. Oz had agreed to give Angel the Gem of Amara that enabled him to walk in the sunlight under Buffy's request, travelling to L. A as he had a gig there. He had helped him against the threat of Spike and returned back to Sunnydale.

They seemed to have a slight bond of camaraderie, as both speak in brief sentences and are, in some ways, similar, each tormented by their fear of what their supernatural side was capable of if deprived of the control their human side provides. They had humorously engaged in a very abreviated, pleasant conversation upon reuniting in L. Angel and the Groosalugg have a complex relationship. Initially, Angel was jealous of Groo's relationship with Cordelia upon realizing he did have romantic feelings for her.

However, unlike how he treated other romantic rivals ex. Riley, Spikehe was never openly hostile towards him and treated him with a sense of fairness, although not exactly friends. Groosalugg treated him with great respect and friendliness, being a fellow champion and viewing him as noble.

When Groo realized Cordelia loved Angel and not him, he showed no bitterness towards Angel, deciding to be in a sad acceptance. Years later, he assisted him with the fall of Los Angeles, and Angel gladly accepted his help, viewing him as a useful ally. Although his relationship with Illyria was initially adversarial, with her even killing Angel during time slips and then nearly again during the fall of Los Angeles before being stopped by Spike, [65] Illyria has gone on to develop considerable respect for Angel, agreeing to follow his orders and plans in combat, and later requesting for him to act as her moral guide as she attempts to become a hero her way.

Games Movies TV Video Wikis. As an adult, I can admit that many of these scenes were not always sex positive or healthy, but they are still hot. So, take a trip with me back in time, to the days before Game of Throneswhen young women having sex - and enjoying it - was groundbreaking for network television.

Let's explore the five hottest sex scenes from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - but first! WARNING: Some of the videos are marked "sensitive" by YouTube so be mindful of your surroundings! A classic episode, "Band Candy" chronicles what happens when the adults in Sunnydale all turn back into teenagers. And teenage Giles Anthony Head is a badass known as "Ripper. Later in the season in "Earshot," we find out that Ripper and Joyce had sex on top of a police car.

It is one of the hottest sex scenes never to actually be shown on television, and well deserving of the fifth spot on the list. First, I need to confess that "Amends" is my favorite episode of Buffy, one of my favorite episodes of television ever, and I remain a Bangel shipper. That's out of the way, so lets move on.

Buffy and Angel have a twisted, tortured, star-crossed romance that suffers in the sex department. However, because they can't physically have sex, the sexual tension between the two in Buffy 's third season is sizzling. In "Amends" that tension manifests as shared dream sex between the lovers. Rather than taking away from the sex scene, interspersed images of the sleeping Buffy and Angel somehow made it better.

Yes, Riley Marc Blucas is the most annoying of Buffy's boyfriends - but the man loved to watch Buffy fight. In "The 'I' In Team," the couple fight side-by-side for the first time. By interspersing scenes of the pair fighting demons with scenes of them undressing each other and having sex, the viewer experiences the same rush the two characters are feeling. My love for this scene probably says more about me than the show itself, but I don't care. It's hot, and makes having to put up with the Riley character worth it.

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