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One position you have to try in this instance is the Eiffel tower sex position. With a name like this, your mind is probably all over the place. What does it really look like, though? Essentially what this position does is make all three people look like an Eiffel tower from afar. There are two guys and one woman involved.

and one sticks it in behind.

Me and them eifel towered last night bro! by crazybeans November 11, Mar 27 trending 1.

eifel tower A sex act in which two guys are giving it to a girl, one from behind and one in the mouth and they exchange a high-five over her, so it looks like the eifel tower. Dude, she's a total whore, she's been Eifel Towered by Binford August 1,

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Brings Us The Sex Position Most Likely To Send You To The Hospital Or Your Grave Because Of Shame. BREAKING: The 'Eiffel Tower 69' Is The Hot New Sex Position | YourTango toggle navigationEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins Eiffel Tower An act involving three people, two of whom should be male, or at least with attachments thereof, and the middle person of which the gender is irrelevant. One person is engaging in anal sex with the middle person, while another person is in front of the middle person being fellated The Eiffel Tower sex position involves three or more people who position themselves into a formation that resembles the architectural structure of the Eiffel Tower. How Does it Work? By definition

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sputnik guvy knockin' nuke the fridge obnoxion Eee-o eleven edward 40 hands heels up columbus ain't got UrbDic yak shaving Rush B Cyka Blyat If they have a penis, it is erect and ready to thrust into an orifice. The other two participants must arrange their bodies on the raised platform in a variation of the 69 position.

The person on the bottom is performing cunnilingus or fellatio on the person on top, and the person on top is returning the favor. The 69ers are also being penetrated by the two people standing up and high-fiving each other, either anally or vaginally, depending on gender and preference.

For variety, the 69ers may pause their tongue-based ministrations on each other and fellate the real or artificial cocks of the standing people.

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Salad-tossing is also permitted but may be impractical, depending on neck flexibility. So, to recap: The standing people are fucking the 69ing people while the 69ing people The standing people are giving each other a reassuring high-five. The 69ing people are very busy being both penetrated and orally pleasured, but they can also high-five if they want.

If they have extremely long torsos and good balance, they can attempt to kiss each other. Chumbawumba is an acceptable but inferior alternative. Everyone is encouraged to try each position in the Eiffel Unlike in the case of the Human Centipede, there is no one position that is objectively better.

Do I consider myself the Thomas Edison of sex positions? The telephone is like missionary-important, but played out.

To make it more like the Eiffel tower sex position, have the girl face a wall so you can both put your hands up against it. You can also switch out the guy in front for another girl and it would still maintain the same shape. Or you could take it easy and tip the entire group over so There is a cure for the sexual doldrums, and it is called "Eiffel " The Eiffel 69 is a combination of the classic "69" arrangement and the newer but no less essential "Eiffel Tower" spit-roast Two partners perform oral sex on one another simultaneously, with one lying on their back while the other lies on top; each of them facing the others genitals, forming a shape not dissimilar to a

I have created something unnecessary, juvenile, and distinctly not user-friendly-yet it holds an undeniable power. We went to the Moon.

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Why do we shy away from climbing towards the outer reas of sexual possibility? I could think bigger.

Imagine adding a fifth and six person to the mix, suspending in sex swings. Maybe even a seventh or eight. Limbs caressing and holes filled in a dense tangle, a Rat King for sex humans.

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Potentially, with some sort of custom-built support structure, this position could accommodate even more people-up to, I dare say, This is a world we could live in. Why fuck in an objectively logistically challenging and unattempted lust quadrangle, you ask?

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