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Look how she clins to her blazer. It's as if she'd been violated 10 seconds prior. But there is no overbearing journalist around. Nobody is assaulting her, not even with questions:. Looks like a big game trying to look like a "girl in need of protection from the bad wolves" to me. But how she moved and her facial expression in that video tells me she can play the game. Amanda Knox is a master game player.

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Judge Mili found Guede guilty and sentenced him to thirty years later reduced to sixteen in prison. He then announced that he found sufficient evidence of guilt for Amanda and Raffaele to be tried for murder. The murder trial was combined with a civil trial slander brought against Amanda by Patrick Lumumba.

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The two defendants, sitting with their respective lawyers, appeared a study in contrasts. Raffaele looked anxious and constantly gnawed his fingernails. Amanda, for the most part, seemed her breezy self, dressed in T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, and smiling at almost everyone in the courtroom. With court sessions held only once or twice a week, the prosecution case alone lasted from January until June. Chief Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini called twenty witnesses to testify as to events on or around the night of November 1, An elderly woman testified that she heard a scream about pm and then heard people running from the house.

A homeless person claimed he saw Amanda and Raffaele near his bench on Piazza Grimana, which overlooks the villa, about pm on the murder night.

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The owner of a grocery store testified she saw Amanda buying cleaning products, presumably used to clean the murder scene, on the morning of November 2. Amanda Knox during her trial.

Knox spent two years in an Italian prison and was ultimately convicted in of murder and sexual violence, alongside Sollecito. While Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years, Knox actually received one year longer than her then-boyfriend. Both had adamantly professed their innocence and were acquitted on appeal in

Not all the witnesses testified there was significant tension between the two roommates. Filomena told the court that Amanda and Meredith got along just fine. The results of the DNA analysis seemed far from reliable, with contamination an equally likely explanation for the presence of DNA from Amanda or Raffaele.

On June 12 and 1, the defense opened its case with its star witness: Amanda Knox herself. Raffaele Sollecito did not testimony, with his lawyers concluding it was in his best interests to keep most of the focus on Knox. Testimony from defendants, however, is often taken with a grain of salt-especially Italy, where they are not sworn in and generally are believed to be lying. Amanda seemed assured on the stand and avoided falling into traps set by prosecutors.

She did her best to explain her seemingly odd behavior of showering in a blood-spattered bathroom and how she came to make her accusation against Patrick Lumumba. She testified that she was slapped twice during her lengthy interrogation, demonstrating the force of the blow by dropping her head down and opening her mouth wide in surprise. After a two-month summer break, the trial resumed with a parade of battling forensic experts.

The judge denied the motion. In December, Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini gave the first closing argument. Now you have no choice but to have sex! Rudy was to the left. Raffaele brought himself around behind her and tried to tear off her infamous bra clasp. When the show was over, co-prosecutor Manuela Comodi asked the jurors to give Amanda and Raffaele life imprisonment. She reacts differently. She has a naive perspective of life, or did when the events occurred.

Amanda was allowed to make a final plea. Amanda Knox awaiting verdict in her trial for murder. The verdict was ready to be delivered; it was time to go the court for a final time.

At four minutes after midnight, a court bell rang and the judges and jurors filed in. Minutes later, Judge Massei announced the verdict.

Both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty. Knox was sentenced to twenty-six years in prison.

Amanda knox sex act

Prison affords an inmate lots of time to read, and Amanda read a lot. Unlike in the United States justice system, judges and juries decide appeals and can base their decisions not just on legal errors in the court below, but also on new evidence and additional testimony.

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Raffaele is innocent. We did not kill Meredith. I beg you to truly consider that an enormous mistake has been made with regard to us. The first decision for the court was whether to accept review at all. For once, Amanda received a favorable decision. Prosecution witnesses, in the appeal, came under new and heavier criticism and faced a more skeptical judge and jury.


Independent experts offered their conclusions regarding the DNA evidence, and they concluded that contamination explained away most of what the prosecution saw as incriminating test results. Alessi said Guede told his friend committed the actual murder, using a pocket knife with an ivory-colored handle.

(AP) In her steamy new memoir, Amanda Knox details her sex life and drug use while living in Italy. She writes she was "proud" of her first one-night stand and that smoking pot was "as common as Amanda Marie Knox (born July 9, ) is an American woman who spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her conviction for the murder of Meredith Kerr, a fellow exchange student who shared her apartment. In , Knox was definitively acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation. Knox, aged 20 at the time of the murder, had called the police after returning to her AMANDA Knox has revealed in a new documentary how she is still constantly confronted by the headlines that the Meredith Kerr murder case generated. Knox -

The second murderer story is plausible; investigators found unidentified DNA at the crime scene. Revelations in the appeal process turned American public opinion strongly in favor of Amanda's acquittal. Donald Trump even weighed in on her behalf, urging that Americans boycott Italy if Knox was not freed. Five hundred journalists from around the world were on hand for the announcement of the verdict on appeal on October The slander sentence carried a prison term less than what Amanda had already served.

She could go home.

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Amanda, immediately after learning she would be freed. The following day, Amanda flew home to Seattle with her family. Amanda was safe in Seattle, but legal battles continued in Italy for another four years.

InItaly's highest court, the Supreme Court of Cassation, set aside the acquittals on appeal and ordered a new trial. Knox was represented, but remained in the United States. Knox and Sollecito were found guilty. A final appeal was heard by the Supreme Court of Cassation in This time the court definitively acquitted Amanda and Raffaele of the murder. In the years following her acquittal, Amanda married author Christopher Robinson. Amanda worked as a journalist, appeared at events sponsored by the Innocence Project, and dedicated herself to creating awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions.

Another girl, Deanna, was born a year later.

The family settled in a middle-class suburb in the south of Seattle, a city famous for its waterways, beautiful mountains and low crime rate. But, sadly, relations between Edda and Bill began to deteriorate. Byher husband had petitioned the Seattle courts for a permanent, legal split, though they remained on cordial terms for the sake of their daughters. While Edda worked in a local junior school, Bill was determined "his girls" should have the best possible start in life.

Both were sent to the elite Seattle Preparatory School where many of the city's most famous sons and daughters, including the current mayor, had gone.

As might be expected of a school where the fees were ?6, a year, teaching standards were high and pupils were given every opportunity to try music, sport and debating. With exemplary school reports, Amanda seemed to be destined for a glittering future.

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Discipline was, however, strict at this Jesuit institution. Pupils were taught to "work hard and pray hard", and strict codes of dress and behaviour were imposed. Not that this proved a problem for Amanda.

According to tears, she was a model pupil. Excelling at sports and English, she also joined the school choir, prayed every day and showed no hint of the rebellion and taste for the debaud side of life that would later so spectacularly prove her undoing soon after graduating in At the school ceremony, attended by both her parents, the students were told that they must "recognise that the choices and decisions you make have consequences and implications for yourselves and others".

After enrolling at the University of Washington, she developed what her friends describe as a "double life". She had been deeply unsettled by the fact that her mother, always so conservative and supportive, had struck up a relationship with a man young enough to be Amanda's brother.

To the shock of their neighbours, Edda at the age of 9 married year-old Christopher Mellas in Amanda was Some speculate that this is when the seeds of Amanda's self-destructive behaviour were sown, even though it was not until she had finally left home that she got the opportunity to break free and rebel - with disastrous consequences.

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Although achieving top grades at university, she had started smoking potent 'skunk' cannabis regularly and declared to friends that her favourite "poison" was vodka. She moved in circles more traditionally associated with male students, hanging out with the local football team, climbing surrounding mountains with men and competing aggressively with other women who strayed into her social circle. With such a lifestyle it was hardly surprising that she hated the strictures of dormitory living.

Inshe rented a house in Greek Row, an area traditionally home to football "jocks" and all-male fraternity houses, where she could also escape the alcohol rules of the university accommodation.

She started smoking pot in the mornings before class and then partying at night. Even by student standards, she was wilder than hell. Fed-up with American drinking laws that meant, even aged 20, she could not go to bars to meet men for another year, she was thrilled when she was selected as an Erasmus scholar to study in Italy.

Her last act in Seattle was to throw that summer party in Greek Row - and collect a criminal record for it. Within hours of arriving in Rome, she e-mailed a former Washington University student, writing excitedly of having sex with a stranger on a train.

Arriving in Perugia, she also liked what she saw, e-mailing another friend that the party scene was "great" and beginning a series of one-night stands with Italian men. She also reputedly boasted to one friend in Seattle that she "could have any man she wanted" - and set about proving it. According to friends of Meredith Kerr, the steady stream of men Amanda brought home caused tensions between the English girl and the American.

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Knox also cultivated cannabis plants around the apartment and would smoke her first joint before she got dressed in the morning. There were rumours that Meredith had accused Knox of taking money from a drawer. First, she posted a story on her MySpace page about how a young man drugs and rapes a young woman after remarking that "chicks just don't know what they want". More recently, she has written page after page of notes to police about the night Meredith died, saying she wasn't at home, that a black bar owner called Patrick did it and that her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito came into her house with blood on his hands.

Three suspects are in custody in connection with the murder: Knox, Sollecito, 2, and Rudy Hermann Guede, 20, who is awaiting extradition from Germany. He is an Ivory Coast citizen but was brought up in Italy.

Police believe Meredith died after being forced into a drug-fuelled sex game. Her throat had been cut three times and she had bled to death after being locked inside her own room. Could it all have been prevented if more notice had been taken of the warning signs about Knox's increasingly erratic behaviour in Seattle?

It seems unlikely. A spokesman for the university's police force last night insisted Knox had not been guilty of even a "single traffic violation" during her time there. Norm Arkins, head of public relations at the university, said: "I cannot tell you anything about Amanda.

The Trial of Amanda Knox : An Account. by Douglas O. Linder It was supposed to be a year of growth, learning and exploration. Amanda Knox hoped to experience the world beyond her middle-class West Seattle neighborhood and learn Italian. She also considered her prior sexual experience limited-four guys, all in committed relationships-and wanted to change that. For her year According to the prosecution, it was a "sex game gone wrong". According to the defence, it was a grievous miscarriage of justice. Amanda Knox was either a slut. Or innocent. But then even that was As the final act of this four-year saga came to a head, it was clear that Amanda Knox was no longer the trusting year-old hippie from Seattle, but instead, a year old prisoner

I will not discuss anything about this student or anything about her life. End of story. But, sadly, it is not the end of the story.

The student with whom the University of Seattle can find no fault is languishing in a cell in a women's prison awaiting trial.

And a British family is left to mourn the brutal death of their beautiful daughter, who, it seems, died for no other reason than that she had the terrible misfortune to find herself sharing an apartment with 'Foxy' Knoxy. No comments have so far been submitted.

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Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Argos AO. It's so difficult fighting a shitstorm of media craze as it happened to Julien Blanc in the dating advice industry. But then again, Knox does seem off, and you gotta wonder what really happened and whether she also used the media for personal gains.

Her statements contradict. There is a great deal of footage of her talking about the situation over many years. A great deal of footage. A great many interviews. A great deal of writing. All very public. Why return to Italy? Isn't it considered to be well known that criminals like to return to the scene of their crimes? She must know that would stir up media attention. And again all so very public. If she is innocent I can understand the urge to clear her name.

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She is intelligent so if also innocent surely she must know that to drop out of the limelight is more likely to achieve anonymity. Why not just let media attention stall? Surely that would achieve her aim to want to be anonymous as she claims.

So why, oh why, does she give all these interviews? Additionally regarding anonymity, why would she complain about not being able to wear a tee shirt with a skull and crossbones on it?

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She does not look like that is the kind of clothing she would or has ever wanted to wear. And again she is intelligent, she must know that kind of remark is at the very least in very bad taste given her circumstances. That really made me shudder and makes me think she is hiding her contempt for us all. Sobbing so loud security is called?

Well perhaps frustration at her inability to control one of her many interviews could be the cause of that kind of behaviour.

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Or since there is a theme of her wanting to be in the limelight, maybe she had not got enough exposure that particular day. There must be times when she has not achieved the result she wanted. Summary, I cannot know for sure what happened, but her constant popping up in interviews over a contracted length of time, certainly smacks of wanting to milk her notoriety.

It also has an horrific effect on the family of Meredith. Not only do they have a massive, gaping wound because of the terrible death of Meredith -that wound is kept open and raw with this woman's flirting with every type of media and public talks.

Is Amanda Knox All A Big Act? That's what makes Amanda Knox come across as shift and "off". She gives the vibe she's acting, all the times. We examined a few videos of her here. But pick any video of her, and it will look like a good -but not great- actress. And the difference between a great actress and a good one is that with the former you can't see the act. With the latter, you think Amanda Knox is best known for spending four years in an Italian prison for the murder of British student Meredith Kerr in Since her release she worked on getting her degree - and became a Amanda Knox - accused of killing Meredith Kerr - has been portrayed as a blameless girl led astray when she moved to Italy. But as this investigation reveals, she already had a dangerous

Every time she goes public she turns a knife in their wound again and again. She is not letting them or Meredith, gain any peace at all. This kind of behaviour is quite well known in many offenders. Her behaviour is odd but she could be innocent of the murder? Even if she did not commit the murder she is certainly commiting a lot of non-stop harm to a whole family.

She needs to be quiet if she truly wants to be anonymous. For sure I would not want her within a million miles of me or mine.

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