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FROM inappropriate words hidden in the sky in The Lion King to suggestive language in Aladdin, a Disney insider has opened up about five hidden sexual messages. THE wonderful world of Disney has long been suspected of hiding subliminal sexual messages in its animated films. From inappropriate words hidden in the sky in The Lion King to suggestive language in Aladdin , the evidence against the Mouse seems to mount up fast or does it? Is there a hidden sexual message in Aladdin?

The lamp! He should have recognized at once that the troublesome so-called prince was but a lowly street rat. The same one he had tasked with retrieving the artifact.

Jasmine tries some magic to turn herself into a feline sex pet for Aladdin. But she did not take Mirage into account. Read this story Category: Cartoons Aladdin. N V Sx F B No Such Thing as a Free Wish. Author jjob Submitted August 11, ated July 29, Status Complete. Chapters: Size: 25k Words: 5, Comments: 0 Views: 2, Faves: 7 Rating: 0. Genie gets Oral sex, Pregnant, Titfuck, Fingering, Furry, X-Ray Mirage, Aladdin Select rating Give Mirage 1/5 Give Mirage 2/5 Give Mirage /5 Give Mirage 4/5 Give Mirage 5/5 For instance, an image of a purported sex scene in Toy Story went viral after the movie's release, but that just turned out to be a well-executed hoax. Is there a hidden sexual message in Aladdin?

Who would have expected some miserable gutter trash to take the guise of a prince? Jafar had seen only in the dark, covered in dirt and dungeon filth.

A far cry from the clean-cut princeling who now took up space in the palace.

In a way, this was most fortunate. He thought the Lamp lost when the cave collapsed, yet here it was in the palace itself. An infuriating obstacle, to be sure, but also a source of promise.

Aladdin sex stories

If he could but get his hands on it, these foul circumstances would be changed. The servant within would obey whoever held the Lamp, bound to the will of its master.

With it, he would finally achieve the power and recognition he so deserved. No longer would he, the most clever and learned of men, be forced to placate the whims of fools.

Top 10 Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies

But how? Guards had seard the room but found nothing. The bird too had been sent, but it proved incompetent as the rest.

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What now? There must be some way to claim that artifact. How shrill and unbecoming she could be. A sultry beauty like her ought be demure, seductive, a sensual delight for all to see. Or at least the eyes of her husband. He had been so close, before that street rat intervened. The sultan would have given her to him, and Jafar would have claimed two triumphs in one. Jafar was unsure which part he would savor most.

The enjoyment of her delightful body upon their marriage bed, or training that proud beauty into a proper wife. Both prospects filled him with equal joy. His staff clinked loudly against the marble floor as he cursed both headstrong princess and pretender prince, both obstacles to his ambition. The artifact had served him well before. So many at court were simple of mind and will. Almost too easy to grow in power and prestige.

Alas that the princess had proved so stubborn and headstrong.

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Unlike the pliable fool of a sultan, the princess would easily shake off any suggestions he delivered. Becoming, if anything, more stubbornly set than before. Fearing that she might grow suspicious, Jafar had been forced to halt such trials without a single attempt bearing fruit.

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In the end, his efforts had delivered naught but bitter frustration. He wondered, however what if she had another outlet for her fierce will? Some source to vent her ire upon? The street rat. Jafar had not yet attempted it.

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Yes, that filthy pretender of a street rat was helplessly smitten by the delightful princess. The foolish boy would be far more pliant to her will. What was it that the headstrong princess so despised?

Being controlled? No, more than that. Being manipulated. Yes, she had always thrown the most absurd tantrums at even the slightest hint of such, and what lovely deceptions that filthy street rat had played.

An Aladdin TG - Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Fa/Fa Hypnosis Mind Control Slavery BiSexual Heterosexual TransGender Fiction Fan Fiction High Fantasy Historical Genie MaleDom FemaleDom Harem Oral Sex Revenge Transformation 'aladdin' stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related Tags () aladdin Category. All Categories. Sort by: Newest. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time. All Time. The Princess and the Vizier Pt. In which the Vizier indulges his proclivities. by Easyname Mind Control 11/07/ k. 5. 0. 6. Agrabah. He made sure she never will never forget or doubt him again. by Results for: Aladdin sex , videos. Filter results ? Mode. Default. Default; Hits; Period. Ever. Ever; Year; Month; Length. All. All; 0 - 10 min; 10 - 20 min; 20 min + Video quality. All. All; P + Similar sears ariel sex the little mermaid sex disney sex cartoon jedi sex hindi full audio people hard fucking in a club vintage subtitles teen couples fucking avatar last air bender

How well, he wondered, would she respond to such betrayal? Jasmine swept through the palace, her heart carried by a cloud. Though days had passed, her romantic evening with Prince Ali hung fresh and warm over her memory. This was the man she would marry, and Father had finally agreed to allow it! The announcement would be soon, already arranged and sduled. She could not wait to find Ali and tell him the good news.

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It is only natural that those who care should be concerned that it is a proper match. Jasmine had been hoping to anger him, to see his twisted features grow upset.

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Perhaps he might even do something that could see him dismissed. If Jafar tried to stop the union, his favor would surely fall. Are you certain that he loves you back?

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How could he not after the romantic moments they had shared, the moonlit carpet ride? Not to mention their time together in the marketplace. It bothered her that he had lied about his station, but surely that was a good thing? Most princes would never stoop so low as to dress up like a commoner.

Ali was a just and humble prince, as fine a match as she could ever wish.

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Some instinct told Jasmine to turn away, only she no longer wanted to. The eyes were incredibly pretty, sparkling in the lamplight. Almost as if they had begun to glow themselves.

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The deep, rich color caught her eye, swirling and swirling down as it pulled her mind inward. Jafar enjoyed watching the lovely princess fall deeper under his power. Such a beautiful, nubile woman held captivated to his will stoked a tremendous lust within him. It was all Jafar could do not to tear off her clothes and take her where they stood.

He did not dare, not until she was fully his, but so long as he controlled himself that day was at hand. He would know, though it was rarely the heart Jafar had sought. Especially in his own tempestuous youth, when flattery, charm, and empty promises meant that his bed was rarely empty long. This princess would be his greatest challenge, but what a prize she made. Though it gratified him deeply to see her succumb to his power, these were the most careful moments. One wrong word might break the spell, driving her away before his plan was complete.

Though confusion and disorientation might ease her suspicions some, there was not telling when, or even if he might get another chance. Fortunately, the princess took to his words even better than expected. And people are just seeing what they want to see. Take off. An image of a naked woman appears in the background as Bianca and Bernard speed by, resulting in your mum never allowing you to watch the movie again.

The animater went on to explain that when there was a re-edition of the movie, a lot of the original executives who produced the videotape were gone.

Not knowing about the naked image, the new executives used the original negative from in the re-edition. This reportedly led to a major recall. I mean, the Playboy centrefold.

Everybody knows that. And it appears this is one of them as well. Or wait does it? That was kind of fast. Appearances can be deceiving, but reportedly not in this case. Includes: Mind Control, Bad End. Author dystopialegion Submitted January 9, ated January 17, Status Incomplete Chapters: Size: 47k Words: 9, Comments: 5 Views: 12, Faves: 70 Rating: 5. Not married and her father dead, Jasmine has no choice but to consede rulership to her cosion. The problem is he want's her as his slave.

No incest but as soon as he takes over more princess slaves arrive. Author jjob71 Submitted February 11, ated February 11, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 10k Words: 2, Comments: 1 Views: 1, Faves: 8 Rating: 4. Just a short PWP about how Rajah, Princess Jasmine's only friend, comes to terms with the Princess's love for a lowly street rat. Author pomyum Submitted January 26, ated January 26, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 25k Words: 4, Comments: 5 Views: 5, Faves: 94 Rating: Distraught at the news of Aladdin's death, Princess Jasmine finds comfort with her feline companion, Rajah.

Author Alf Submitted August 29, ated August 29, Status Complete Chapters: 4 Size: 5k Words: 7, Comments: 0 Views: 6, Faves: 27 Rating: 5.

Jasmine tries some magic to turn herself into a feline sex pet for Aladdin. But she did not take Mirage into account Author jjob71 Submitted August 11, ated July 29, Status Complete Chapters: Size: 25k Words: 5, Comments: 0 Views: 2, Faves: 7 Rating: 0.

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Genie gets pay back for Aladdin's free wish to escape the Cave of Wonders. Another re-post from my Y! Author dystopialegion Submitted March 26, ated March 26, Status Incomplete Chapters: 6 Size: 49k Words: 10, Comments: 1 Views: 18, Faves: 58 Rating: 8. Losely based on Akabur's Princess trainer with elemets from Slave maker on.

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With Jafar as aulta he needed someone outside to train the princess. Enter a young man sumoned to train her, but what will happen during her taining. Post-apocaliptic theory elemets.

Sex Stories; Forum; Pornstars; Games; GOLD; Top; A - Z? This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. You can click these links to clear your history or disable it. More (full list) Results for: aladdin xxx aladin 0, videos. Filter results ? Mode. Default. Default; Hits; Period. Ever. Ever; Year; Month Clarissa and the gang go to a game convention. Historian meets History. What a mess. Who's really to blame for it all? A bride with insomnia and nightmares gets her wish granted. The mistress becomes the sub, and more! and other exciting erotic stories at! Aladdin Porn - it's many sex comics famous Disney's toons. 22 + xxx comics about how Aladdin fucks Jasmine and other

First chapter is consept and ont the final one, idea's and surgesstions welcomed. Author Buzzbomber Submitted June 14, ated December 10, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 18k Words:Comments: 9 Views: 11, Faves: 75 Rating: Short bestiality piece involving Princess Jasmine, her pet tiger, and a horse. Princess Jasmine is eighteen years old in this story. Author dystopialegion Submitted April 2, ated April 2, Status Incomplete Chapters: Size: 18k Words:Comments: 6 Views: 2, Faves: 54 Rating: Based of ReMaker's pic Jasmine cumslut all creadit goes to him.

in an au world Jasmine has just become a slave to a mistress of a brothel. will she get out or surrender? other game, film and cartoon charcters will maybe, probabbly be added.

Author Hentairo Submitted January 22, ated January 22, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 8k Words: 1, Comments: 2 Views: 9, Faves: 16 Rating: 5. Altered by Mirage's curse and with no hope of a cure, Jasmine flees into the woods to deal with her grief.

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An 'expansion' of the climax of 'Eye of the Beholder. Author Robinebra Submitted September 12, ated September 1, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 16k Words:Comments: 0 Views: 4, Faves: 22 Rating:. Mirage, frustrated by her constant defeat at the hands of Aladdin and friends, devices a plan to extract revenge and have fun doing it.

Author KristinE Submitted July 11, ated March 2, Status Incomplete Chapters: 1 Size: k Words: 2, Comments: Views:Faves: Rating: An erotic, illustrated fan-story about what happens when Jasmine meets Pegasus.

Author Ouros Submitted April 17, ated February 1, Status Complete Chapters: 5 Size: 44k Words: 8, Comments: 50 Views: 60, Faves: Rating: Rajah takes responsibility for Jasmine and her neglected sexual needs, by force. But, who is pulling the strings?

Author Robinebra Submitted January 4, ated January 4, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 5k Words: 1, Comments: 2 Views: 5, Faves: 26 Rating: 7. Jasmine gets bored when Aladdin is away and fucks one of the palace servants to pass her time and sate her needs. Author luvrofcats Submitted August 12, ated August 12, Status Complete Chapters: 1 Size: 20k Words:Comments: 11 Views: 10, Faves: 70 Rating: Sorry I messed things up posting this the first time around and didn't bother to ck fixing that now.

Sex Stories; Forum; Pornstars; Games; GOLD; Top; A - Z? This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. You can click these links to clear your history or disable it. More (full list) Results for: aladdin videos. Filter results ? Mode. Default. Default; Hits; Period. Ever. Ever; Year; Month; Length. All

Anyway Rajah gives a lonley Jasmine some comfort. Author soulraider Submitted July 28, ated July 28, Status Incomplete Chapters: 1 Size: 4k Words: Comments: 6 Views: 9, Faves: Rating: 8.

I know it's short, and not the greatest but it's my first attempt at writing this kind of fic. That is to say pure smut and beastiality. So please be gentle, and leave constructive, but not cruel, critisism.

Author Konekomomoiro Submitted May 12, ated January 20, Status Incomplete Chapters: Size: 52k Words: 10, Comments: 19 Views: 2, Faves: 95 Rating: I ask, what would happen if Jafar were to have wished Jasmine to have a burning physical desire for him?

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