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he widely held assumption that the brains of flight attendants are chock full of juicy stories from their adventures in the sky is decidedly not without merit. So instead, I asked each woman who emailed me to share her most jaw-dropping tale, and boy oh boy did they deliver. Read their answers below and meet me in the comments with your mouth agape, I can assure to DISCUSS. As told by Mary, a year-old flight attendant from Florida. It all started as a normal day in the life of a flight attendant based in Miami. It was a hot summer day, high humidity with salty air blowing in the degree heat. My pantyhose felt like they were melting into my skin.

I politely declined given the contents of my suitcase, but we exchanged numbers in my mind, solely out of politeness. A car? We shrugged it off. An hour later we were in a black town car. I was wearing the leggings, hoodies and sneakers with a bit of effort put into my hair and makeup, but not much.

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It was not an apartment at all. We saw a few people walking in, all of them dressed to the nines. The party lasted all night.

I had the best time with the passenger who invited us. It was very romantic. We even snuck out onto the roof for some time alone.

The party was totally dreamy, in the most beautiful space and full of so many well-dressed, beautiful people, it actually felt like a sequence out of a movie.

This romantic evening with the handsome billionaire was one of many glamorous dates I had during my year tenure as a Virgin Airlines flight attendant. Life was a blur of moneyed suitors and

My friend and I had to stop drinking at 4 a. Suddenly we realized it was almost 7 a.

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The party was still going, but we had to be back in Newark by noon, so we jumped in a cab. As we walked back into our hotel, we ran into our captain coming down for breakfast. We had to lie and say we were out for a smoke neither of us smokes! After breakfast, we showered and got ready for another day of flying.

1. "The first and only time I hooked up with a pilot was on an overnight flight to Las Vegas. He knocked on my hotel door about 0 minutes after I got to my room and asked me to have a drink "It was November in , somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I was on an overnight flight from NYC to London. My then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I snuck into the handicapped bathroom, since it had The Nearly-Missed Connection. As told by Hannah, a year-old flight attendant from Georgia. I left my house at a.m. I arrived at the airport at a.m. It was an early morning, and I was running late. I rode up the escalator to the main part of the airport where the ticket counter was

As our passengers boarded, I hid in the galley to drink all the coffee and avoid dealing with oversized baggage. Once everyone was seated, I went into the aisle to help close the overhead bins.

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When I was halfway through the cabin, I heard my name. I turned around and saw the passenger! I felt a little sheepish as I had left the party without telling him.

I was shocked to see him on the return flight. I tried to keep our interaction brief and professional, lest any of my other co-workers overhear.

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When I got back to the galley, I sent him a quick text explaining why I acted so aloof. After the flight, we continued texting. Collages by Emily Zirimis; Photos via Getty Images. By Beth Sacca. By Nili Blanck.

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Close Menu Search Clear Search Shop Our Picks. twitter instagram facebook pinterest. Search Clear Search. T he widely held assumption that the brains of flight attendants are chock full of juicy stories from their adventures in the sky is decidedly not without merit.

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The Passenger Who Got Stuck in a Toilet As told by Mary, a year-old flight attendant from Florida. As told by Erin, a year-old flight attendant from Toronto.

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Harling Ross Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller. Glenn was a former professional rubgy player, and as he chatted me up that night, we realized we had loads of friends in common.

For our first date, he took me to a local pub - no yachts or limos. And I knew right away that he was the one. We were engaged after just 18 months of dating. Now that I had found my Prince Charming I knew that I needed to say goodbye to my old, high-flying life.

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Six years ago, I took a buyout from Virgin. Today, Glenn and I live in West Sussex with our 4-year-old daughter.

I write full time and work for Glenn as his personal assistant. Read Next. Skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their yo This story has been shared 96, times.

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On a a.m. flight from a mining town, most of the passengers were male miners, except for two female passengers, who seemed to be strippers. "By 4 [a.m.] they were hammered and were making a game You've probably heard of the Mile High Club, the mythical, exclusive organization made up of people who have sex on airplanes. Hell, maybe you're even a member Flight Attendants Reveal Their Craziest Passenger Stories Lauren Cahn ated: Jan. 06, Crazy stories go hand in hand with a career in aviation-and none are more shocking than these about

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Listen Now. Now On Now on Page Six. When he was asleep, we got his jacket out and we unpicked the seams at the end of his jacket on his sleeves. We mashed up some crab and prawns and then put them in the sleeves of the jacket. We knew he was going to Barbados, so it was going to be hot and would stink.

travel stories This airline lets you have sex on the plane NO need for a trip to the bathroom for a sex romp on these flights. With this airline, you're encouraged to join the mile-high club Here, The Sun has rounded up some of the most jaw-dropping crew tales that have emerged from the cabin. At the end of last year, a British Airways cabin crew member revealed she was selling sex between flights and offering passengers the chance to join the exclusive mile high club by hooking up with them in mid-air WOMAN SLAMS AMERICAN AIRLINES, CLAIMS STAFFERS HUMILIATING HER OVER BREAST MILK Now, 15 years later, she claims she's seen and heard it all - and revealed that two girls last year were making money

The flight attendant revealed she had also gotten even with a rude passenger by sewing mashed prawns into the sleeves of his jacket.

In another instance, she got back at a group of rowdy Italians who were making pervy comments about her.

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Seeing him in the baggage hold with one shoe was brilliant. Sometimes the crew would joke among themselves too, with pilots being tasked to get certain words or phrases into their announcements over the PA system. After over 10 years on the job, she said, she is more than capable of dealing with all types of customers and is able to keep her cool when famous passengers come on board.

People - if they are really famous - they like you to be really normal or they freeze up.

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