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I just read your story it's really good I loved it. Is there any chance you might write some stories about other slave girls from Star Wars? Nicely done you are really good at writing stories like this I hope there will be more. Thank you! Probably not gonna write stories about other star wars girls. Could you please tell me what your favorite parts of the Ahsoka slave stories are and why you love those stories? Your feedback will really help me with my future works.

Like all Jedi, Ahsoka deeply respected Yoda and would usually go to him for guidance when Anakin and Obi-Wan weren't around.

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Yoda chose Ahsoka as Anakin's Padawan, hoping she would get Anakin to learn the lesson of letting go so he could let go of his past and fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One. But that plan backfired when Ahsoka was framed for treason and the Jedi Council expelled her from the Jedi Order, showing her that they would rather do what the Republic said than follow their traditional ways.

After finding out Ahsoka was innocent, the Council personally invited her to rejoin the Order. They even offered to promote her to the rank of Jedi Knight, as they considered Ahsoka's ordeal to be her "great trial", making her a stronger and better person and a true Jedi. Feeling betrayed because the Council never believed in her and unimpressed by their opinion of her traumatic ordeal, Ahsoka refused reinstatement and walked away from the Jedi Order, a decision that surprised all members of the Order, including Yoda.

Ahsoka's departure haunted Yoda for some time afterward; he felt extremely guilty and remorseful, partly for refusing to stand by her and partly for placing her on the path that led to her departure from the Jedi Order.

In fact, his guilt was so great that the Dark Side attempted to use it against him, but failed. Ahsoka and Yoda would see each other again years later in the Lothal Jedi Templewhere they shared a mutual smile and moment before Ahsoka had to flee.

Nov 0,   Why Ahsoka Tano's appearance was changed in The Mandalorian. Star Wars concept designer explains why the look of the animated version of Ahsoka Tano was altered for Rosario Dawson's more realistic While Grogu is sleeping, Ahsoka Tano seizes the moment to get to know the Mandalorian who risked it all for the Child. (Set during Season 2, Episode 5 - The Jedi) Language Ahsoka Tano gets messed up a lot in the clone wars series we actually counted just how many times and we're really worried about the potential health haza

Ahsoka Tano was the padawan of Obi-wan's former padawan, Anakin Skywalker who later became Darth Vader. They had a healthy relationship, trusting each other and having each other's backs.

Mar 11,   Former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, a beautiful Togruta girl who has a attitude problem. Even though she was enslaved her will wasn't broken yet and that is exactly how I wanted her to be. I wanted to tame her myself and snuff out that fire I see in her eyes. Before I began her training I gave two shots, one that would keep her eternally youthful May 16,   Fearless, strong-willed, disciplined, and at the same time engagingly friendly, Ahsoka Tano has legions of admirers because of her personality, fighting skills, and last but not least - her unique looks. Featuring the biological traits of her Torguta species, Anakin's apprentice wears a modest outfit. It simultaneously allows Snips' beauty to stand out and gives her the necessary flexibility Sex Stories; Forum; Pornstars; Games; GOLD; Top; A - Z? This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. You can click these links to clear your history or disable it. More (full list) Ahsoka Tano gets fucked sound 22sec - p - , Ahsoka Tano gets fucked 18 Tags: ahsoka star wars

Obi-Wan became something of a second mentor for Ahsoka. Obi-Wan thought Ahsoka had the right to know about Anakin's past and told her even though Anakin wanted it kept secret from the young Togruta.

The relationships of Ahsoka Tano. 1 Allies Yoda Obi-Wan Kenobi Captain Rex R2-D2 Hondo Ohnaka Kaeden Larte Hera Syndulla Sabine Wren Ezra Bridger Kanan Jarrus 2 Enemies Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker Wilhuff Tarkin The Inquisitors Maul Barriss Offee Like all Jedi, Ahsoka deeply respected Yoda and would usually go to him for guidance After driving off the Inquisitors, Ahsoka, ashoka hotel room price met Maul before, asks him why he was on embracingmothers.com Tano was added to the Star Wars Transformers line of toys in ; it was a remold of the toy first used for Saesee Tiin. She becomes a Delta-7B Aethersprite starfighter with Astromech droid R7-A7 Ahsoka Tano had just turned 16, and was enjoying her exciting life as a Padawan Learner of the Jedi Order. She loved her Master, Anakin Skywalker, and all of her friends at the Temple. One friend in particular, was a fellow Padawan named Pax Chizzik, a handsome human boy who was a few years older than her. They had found themselves spending a lot of time alone together lately, causing some

When Ahsoka was framed for murder, Obi-Wan was one of the extreme few that were doubtful of her guilt; he was the only member of the Jedi Council that was against the decision to strip her of her status as a Jedi so she could be turned over to a military court for her so-called treason.

Despite this, however, unlike Anakin, he did nothing to help her clear her name and didn't apologize when it was discovered she was innocent. He was surprised and saddened that she chose to leave the Jedi Order, which was her only home and felt guilty afterward. It is currently unknown if Ahsoka and Obi-Wan met after Order 66, but Ahsoka became Darth Vader's main target for finding him. After the Battle of Yavin, there's no reason she wouldn't have spoken with Obi-Wan's Force ghost.

Ahsoka and Rex met around the same time as she met Anakin, and she at first tried to pull rank on him during the Battle of Christophsis. He quickly put the fourteen-year-old in her place, and she soon developed respect for him, as the captain became somewhat of another mentor to Ahsoka, particularly in warfare.

The two often saved each other's lives during the Clone Wars and shared a friendly bond similar to the bond Ahsoka shared with Anakin, but not as close. When meeting the Ghost crew, Rex told them that any friend of Ahsoka's was a friend of his, showing that they still had a close friendship sixteen years after her departure from the Jedi Order and renouncing her command position in the Grand Army. Rex was deeply saddened when he learned of Ahsoka's apparent death on Malachor; it is unknown if he ever learned of her survival.

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Ahsoka and R2-D2 met when Ahsoka was assigned to Anakin Skywalker as his Padawan Learner, on the planet Christophsis. Next to Anakin, Ahsoka seemed to be the closest organic friend Artoo had.

Ahsoka and Hondo had a mutual understanding during the Clone Wars. Hondo captured Ahsoka during a raid to steal Kyber Crystals from five younglings.

But after General Grievous attacked Hondo's base, they had to put their differences behind them to escape him. Hera was the only member of the Ghost Crew who communicated with Ahsoka, known to the Twi'lek as "Fulcrum" until the events following Fire Across the Galaxy. Hera is respectful of Ahsoka, and trusts her completely and respected the necessity of Ahsoka keeping her identity secret, that Hera wouldn't allow Sabine to know more, partly to protect the Rebel Network, and Hera albeit reluctantly heeded Ahsoka's warning of giving up on Kanan and going into hiding at least at first.

Even after finally seeing her trusted informant's face and role, Hera continues to hold Ahsoka in great esteem. After Ahsoka found out Vader is her former master and fainted, Hera was shown that she was concerned for her safety while still trying to pilot the Ghost.

Sabine didn't know much about Ahsoka since the latter girl went by her codename "Fulcrum. However, Sabine grew to respect the former Jedi's wisdom, and Ahsoka tasked her with much handy work, such as re-activating a Tactical Droid 's head to help Ezra, Kanan and Zeb find an old friend of Ahsoka's who can supply the rebel fleet with a list of useful bases. Before Ahsoka and Ezra met, Ezra only knew Ahsoka by the name "Fulcrum.

Ahsoka later saved Ezra and the rest of the Ghost Crew from the Empire on Mustafar. After fleeing the battle, Ezra finally met Ahsoka on board the Ghostwhere she tells Ezra that his message has given hope to people in need and that one chapter in his journey has closed.

After receiving a message from Maketh Tua that she needed help, Ahsoka was seen smiling at Ezra when he stepped upped and said they need to help Tua, and Ahsoka agreed with Ezra.

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Ezra seems to have great faith and confidence in Ahsoka, readily trusting Rex on her behalf and correctly believing she could take care of herself when she fought two Inquisitors at once. When Ahsoka sacrificed herself to give Ezra and Kanan more time to escape from Darth Vader, Ezra was devastated and mourned her loss for a long time afterward.

It is later revealed that he in fact blames himself for her apparent death. However, it would later turn out that Ahsoka did not die, because Ezra, utilizing the World Between Worldssaved her from being killed by Vader. They disvussed this strange phenomena of the Force, which caused Ezra to believe he could save Kanan who had died as he had saved Ahsoka. Disturbed by Ezra's idea, especially after her reunion with her former master, Ahsoka convinced Ezra to let Kanan go, that he could not save Kanan just as she could not have saved her own master.

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After being threatened by Darth Sidiousthe two escaped the World Between Worlds, with Ahsoka promising to find Ezra. Indeed, years later, she would return to Lothal where she, along with Sabine, would begin a journey to find Ezra and bring him home. Ahsoka met Kanan when she rescued the Ghost Crew from the Empire on Mustafar. It is currently unknown if Ahsoka and Kanan knew each other during the Clone Wars.

During Vader's raid on the Rebel fleet, Ahsoka asked Kanan too help her find out who was in the TIE Fighter, where Kanan asked how he could help, which Ahsoka responded with "Just remember your training. In Future of the Force, Kanan asked about Ahsoka when she was fighting the Inquisitors, expressing his worry for the latter, and was the first one to suggest that they couldn't leave her.

Kanan was saddened when Ahsoka sacrificed herself to give him and Ezra more time to escape from Darth Vader. Yoda chose Ahsoka to be Anakin's padawan so he learns the necessity of letting go so he can let go of his past but when Ahsoka and Anakin first met, their relationship was rocky, due to Ahsoka's "snippy" attitude and Anakin having not wanted a Padawan, to begin with.

They eventually developed a close bond with each other, similar to a child and parent or even a big brother and little sister. After Anakin was severely injured during a mission to save Aayla SecuraAhsoka was deeply concerned for her master, not wanting to leave his side until he was better.

When Ahsoka chose to leave the Jedi Order, Anakin was very conflicted, heartbroken and felt personally responsible. A post shared by Mena Massoud menamassoud.

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The quote is originally from Rebels and is uttered by Ezra Bridger. Much of the speculation was rooted in the fact that both Rey and Ezra had a similar character arc - both were orphan street urchins who join the rebellion and go on to learn the way of the Force.

However, it remained just what it was - a theory. Similarly, the iZombie actor, Rahul Kohli, brushed aside the rumours that he was the choice to play the character. In the light of previous disappointments with speculations, it may seem that the recent one would also give way to newer speculation; however, it must be taken into account that Mena Massoud has come the closest to actualizing the speculations around Ezra.

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Ashoka Tano was a recurring character in Rebels. When at the end of the final season, Ezra disappears into hyperspace along with the evil Admiral Thrawn, Ashoka and Sabine Wren another Rebels character who may appear in the spin-off vow to find Ezra.

It is possible that the spin-off may have Ashoka Tano and Sabine Wren team up to continue their search for Ezra. This possibility is further supported by the mention of Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian season 2. A Marketing and Advertising graduate, she's keenly interested in writing and other storytelling formats. She nerds out about photo research and is interested in art direction, video production and superheroes. Awkwardly she also follows Arts and Movies and has extensively covered Fashion and Lifestyle beat.

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