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Just last year, OnePoll and Pure Romance surveyed 2, Americans and found that people think about sex the act eight times a day, while managing to drop it into conversation at least five times a day. By the numbers, the presence of sex in advertising has two legs to stand on. However, as female pleasure - or anything outside of cis male pleasure - has barely been accepted as non-taboo take the vibrator company Dame Products suing New York's MTA for refusal to run their ads while erectile dysfunction company Hims plastered images of little cacti throughout the subways, for example , the concept of "sex sells" has a history wrought with sexism. Though memorable examples from Herbal Essences, Calvin Klein portraying a year-old Brooke Shields very sexily or Wonderbra's "Hello Boys" ads featuring Eva Herzigova in their push-up bra may point to the s and s as extremely sexist times in advertising, it's believed that the first appearance of "sex sells" was in 's ad for Pearl Tobacco. Yes, a genderless product was the first to introduce sexism into hawking goods.

Yes, a genderless product was the first to introduce sexism into hawking goods.

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Surely, with these examples being 0 to 40 years in the past, one would think there's been some change, and they'd be right. There has been some change.

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While we've progressed from the outright inferiority of women - like Drummond's Sweaters' ads that claim "men are better than women! Inburger chain Carl's Jr. put together a second television spot featuring hotel heiress, reality TV pioneer, pop singer-turned-DJ, and turn-of-the-century "bad girl" Paris Hilton provocatively washing a Bentley. The ad received a good amount of criticism for exposing young people to sexuality and less feedback about misogyny but ultimately continued to run.

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Carl's Jr. even made a site specifically to view the ad at SpicyParis. comwhich drove significant traffic. First, this ad was effectively selling sex and money and what might read as power rather than burgers, but as Hilton bounced back from a sex tape scandal, it could be argued that while men want her, women want to be her or have her lifestyle.

The earliest known use of sex in advertising dates back to , when Pearl Tobacco featured a naked maiden on the package cover. In fact, the first brands to enter this trend were: saloons, tonics, and tobacco. In W. Duke & Sons inserted sexually provocative trading cards of actresses in their packages of Duke's Cigarettes Much of the time, that answer will involve selling some good or service. In other words, sex is used as a form of advertising to try and sell things. "If you enjoyed that picture of a woman wearing "Sex Sells" is an established counterpart to the advertising industry, which must mean something valuable behind the one-step formula. The leverage of sensitive material is Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

However, portraying her under the guise of "women want to be her" is sexist in itself, because it indicates that women also want to cater directly to the male gaze via wet bodies, cars, and juicy burgers.

This was considered so successful that Carl's Jr. doubled down and offered a rebooted version of the commercia l nine years later inwith Hilton alongside swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson.

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As recently asGap - the all-American brand that probably wouldn't fall into the category of using sex to sell clothes - received criticisms about a Gap Kids ad. campaign, the U. Although it's sending a sexist message to children that boys are smart and girls are, well, social, Gap Kids wasn't even close to the worst case of misogyny we've recently seen.

Three years prior, Belvedere experienced backlash from an ad depicting a woman that appears to be desperately trying to escape a man that read, "Goes down smoothly every time.

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Finally, after 20 years of building a brand on toxic masculinity-centered stereotypes, Unilever's Axe flipped from body spray so good it inspires beautiful women to give men wearing it a blowjob to empowering men to "find their magic" - or be true to themselves regardless of where their masculinity falls on the spectrum.

To answer these questions, we will need to first look into the evolution of sex in advertising. Also Read: How to market and sell condoms or anything taboo.

Interestingly, sex has been selling since as long as the late s.

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Let me take you on a trip down memory lane to back in Most of you would have never heard of Pearl Tobacco. Frankly, neither did I before doing the research for writing this article.

However, what I learned was that this is a major brand which changed the face of advertising, by developing a poster that portrayed a woman in the nude. And sure enough, although the nude woman has nothing to do with the product Pearl Tobacco was selling, the poster garnered widespread attention, especially since nothing of the same has been witnessed before.

This trend was quickly followed in the tobacco industry.

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The challenge for brands, therefore, became figuring out the most sexually appealing women and plastering them on cigarette packages. It became a tool for competitive advantage and as expected, sales soared.

A place that consciously promotes sexist and misogynistic advertisements should not be the same place where you can pursue " the American Dream." However, there are advertising agencies and fashion brands and big-names in the industry who are striving to create meaningful advertisements and change, in the U.S. and embracingmothers.comted Reading Time: 8 mins Sexism Sells: An Evolution of Selling Sex In Advertising Just last year, OnePoll and Pure Romance surveyed 2, Americans and found that people think about sex Author: Rae Witte The idea of using sex in advertising is a very smart way that advertisers use to gain attention of consumers, but it has it's negative effects like depicting women as sex objects, forcing sexual innuendos on children, causing body dissatisfaction among youths even adults and it also attracts negative backlash on the companies that use it

Sex in advertising had, hence, taken birth. Now ask yourself this question, does sex in advertising really help to sell your product?

And if you really want to understand what does sex really do in advertising then here it is. In terms of the definition, the Vampire Effect can be defined as the decrease in brand recall for an advertising stimulus that features a celebrity endorser versus the same stimulus with an unknown but equally attractive endorser. This also translates to our discussion of sex in advertising as titillating content and the sexual stimuli that it develops tends to interfere with the message of the advertisementhence, doing no good to the brand recall.

Sex in advertising fails to consider the importance placed on reputation, trust, and relationships with customers. For instance, attitudes towards explicit and generous use of sex in advertising vary between men and women. Accordingly, women will Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Thus, it is rare for advertising to use sex as an appeal for women. Unlike men (who must enjoy sex to achieve orgasm and thus impregnate the woman), women are often less interested in the sex act itself for its own sake. They are interested in sex for what it can mean in the future Advertisers use sexual imagery to attract sales of products as diverse as perfume and eseburgers. While using sexy ads might seem like a risky choice, studies show that it works. Sex Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Think of ad campaign that is laced with sexually provocative imagery or nudity. Here, your target market may remember the sexual content or nudity, and forget about your brand.

It is on this premise that the vampire effect is based - that sex will sell itself, not your brand.

In essence, this means that sex will suck all of the attention of your brand which negates the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Also Read: Use Psychographic Segmentation to make someone fall in love with you. The answer that I suggest to you is - TrustRelationships and Reputation.

Advertising and sex

Sex in advertising fails to consider the importance placed on reputation, trust, and relationships with customers. For instance, attitudes towards explicit and generous use of sex in advertising vary between men and women.

Accordingly, women will generally have negative reactions to such content. In fact, it has become increasingly controversial today to adopt sex in advertising. You may have probably noticed that there is an increasing debate on the efficacy of using explicit content in advertising, especially considering the cultural beliefs, norms, customers and religious beliefs of any given society.

The Axe Deodorant advertisements that objectify women and the debate around it are evergreen examples of how such are not always well received.

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In fact, it puts the brand in a certain light. In such ads, the advertisers try to sell products and services by using not just the sexual innuendos but by making women mere objects of lust. The very fact that most Indian B-school students will remember these Axe deodorant ads as examples of advertisements that objectify women is telling of the fact that the brand has formed the wrong association in the minds of the people.

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These ads may therefore inadvertently alienate or dissuade large customer segments or groups who will find them offensive, unnecessary or generally have negative reactions to them. Here I will quote another international example.

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Let me take you back in time toto a brand called Nice Day! In the ad, Ellen Adarna posed provocatively in a bid to promote the brand. The advertisement was however banned due to its provocative nature, which raises questions on the effectiveness of sexual appeal in advertising.

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Guess how would this much of negative publicity around the brand have affected the consumer segments who see coffee drinking as a pure, enlightening and enriching experience?

There are key cts that you as a marketer should consider if you are thinking of adopting sexual ads.

Go on and read about a casual test that was conducted using Usabilla on the ads of two competing brands in the US: Illy and Lavazza. While the Lavazza add was laced with sexuality and provocation of a air hostess wiping the spilled coffee froma gentleman's pants, the Illy ad was more about the coffee.

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In fact, there is research going as far back as the s that shows that while nudity and sex appeal may have a positive effect on attracting men, it does not attract women, usually. Take a second to consider your own reactions to explicit content in advertising.

Funny Ameriquest Commercials - Don't Judge Too Quickly! #2

This would effectively mean that there could be a possibility that your usage of sex in advertising would alienate a certain section of the audience and most likely it could a gender-based alienation. For example, what does sex appeal have to do with coffee, or selling tires?

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