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Mishaps and difficulties happen in every workplace. You feel a cold coming on, so you take a bunch of meds to make it through a big day. A fumble in the breakroom creates an unseemly mess for someone else to clean up. Like any good worker pushing for the American Dream, you figure a work around or a way to make it through. We talked to several adult video actors and actresses, and asked them to share stories of their most memorable accidents on the job. I generally love cum, but for whatever reason I was cursed to get hit square in the eye with it every single time. Cum is acidic and tends to lead to several hours of redness generally.

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A cracking or popping sound, immediate loss of erection, swelling, bruising and deep pain are the most common symptoms of penile fracture. As embarrassing as it might be for some men, the solution is to rush to the ER, waiting can result on deep scarring that can alter the shape of the penis and is much harder to treat.

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There is only one thing that should ever be used as lubricant during sex - that is lubricant. Using other substances such as Vaseline, baby oil, cooking oil or tooth paste can result in serious rushes, genital infection for both partners and even poisoning. ck the labels of over-the-counter lubricant as you should also avoid ingredients such as parabens, petromicals, boric acid and methyl.

Far from being an urban myth, this is a highly common and equally embarrassing sex accident.

During sexual experimentation, people have inserted all sorts of objects, including zucchinis, candles, salami and even light bulbs in their rectum. Depending on the softness of the object, it might be possible for doctors to remove it without causing too much damage.

  When you have sex for a living, occasional there are accidents. Porn stars share some of their most harrowing stories about sexual adventures gone wrong   So when reports about someone accidentally climaxing during an abs workout or even while peeing start to surface-it can prompt some some major question marks. But accidental   The woman came to the doctors, thinking she was suffering from appendicitis, but upon further inspection the doctor discovered that the woman had actually inhaled a condom during oral sex Author: Will Grice

Too much booze leads to bad sex accidents. Comedy 'educational' guide to knowing your limits if you're intending to mix alcohol and sex.

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Prepare to be amazed.

It was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. I even got his jeans wet.

By Althea Manasan, National Post A U.K. man who was arrested for killing his girlfriend has

Something about rubbing legs together. Then it happened again while doing jumping jacks at a dance class and once it happened while dancing jive at a ballroom dance party!

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Long story short, halfway through any massage, I have an orgasm. I try to relax and think about something else, but once that feeling is coming over me it feels like there is no way to stop it.

The combination of the music and vibe and various substances in the air, combined with my dancing and swaying just suddenly did it for me.

It was surprising, amazing, and, most importantly, made me realize at a young age that orgasm could happen outside traditional sexual experiences. In anticipation of some possible sexy times, I began the process of achieving silky-smooth legs. I finish with the right, after some careful balancing and maneuvering, and begin to move on to the left. I shift around, testing different positions for best access.

The Most Bizarre Accidents Ever - Sex Sent Me To The ER

Finally, after a good two minutes of moving around, I find the prime stance. And it just so happened to be the stance where the water was being laund straight at my crotch.

  Visit my Patreon: embracingmothers.com it fresh and interesting in the bedroom is imperative for a healthy sex life. It is part of human   Accidental Rips and Tears Can Happen During Sex - Here's How to Deal Medically reviewed by Carolyn Kay, M.D. - Written by Sian Ferguson on June 26, Immediate reliefAuthor: Sian Ferguson 6 Porn Stars Talk about the Crazy Sex Accidents That Have

And so the battle began. Much to the amusement of my girlfriend, I lack willpower when it comes to the second.

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