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O n the last day of her life, Audrie Pott walked through a crucible of teenage torment. In the week since school had started, girls had been giving her looks, and guys had congregated around phones, smirking. An adult monitor handed her a dress-code violation - her skirt was too short - even though all the girls in her class dressed that way and monitors rarely objected. She cut what classes she could, blowing off mistry for two days in a row, hoping to avoid confrontations with disapproving girlfriends. Then Kathy Atabakhsh, one of her best friends, tore into her on the school quad, accusing her of drinking, of forgetting who she was, of becoming a different person. It was hard for her to hear that from a close friend.

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Prosecutors all over the nation are facing the same social and legal quandary: How do you protect young women from not just sexual assault but the magnification of those assaults via the Internet?

How much punishment can they mete out to boys, who in many cases are only a year or two removed from childhood, who seem to think they are committing pranks with phones and passed-out girls, and for whom the ultimate charge - rape - means the end of their lives before they start?

Finally, how do you instill in impulse-driven teens of both sexes the knowledge that whatever they record on their phones and send can reach the entire world and stay public forever? A udrie Pott was born on May 27th, She began missing school so much that she flunked a class.

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On top of that, for the past few years, Audrie had a particularly tortured relationship with her body. Though this won her attention from boys, it also made her morbidly self-conscious.

During freshman year, she became obsessed with the shape of her stomach and liked to wear too-small clothes to be more like her friends. Her friends knew Audrie had body-image issues. She refused to eat in public.

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If she felt hungry, when no one was looking she would eat. Or I would make her eat. Looking back on it, her friends think that these problems developed in middle school, during several years of sexually tinged bullying.

Amanda Elkanick Survivor Services & Training Director. PLEASE NOTE: A person intentionally discloses naked pictures of the victim without the victim's consent, the victim reasonably expected the pictures would remain Adds sexting to the list of offenses (ex: running away and truancy) that a juvenile can be detained for (but only for Sabrina and I parted ways November 28, As you can see the timestamp on these pics, they're dated for the day before on the 27th! I have more explicit pictures and videos of her, so like I said, if you think you're the only guy that's ever receive them, or will ever receive them. Not true!! Sexting Constitutes Child Pornography. When nude pictures or partially nude pictures involve minors, many states consider this child pornography. Although state laws vary, in some states exchanging nude photos of minors also is considered a felony-even when the photos were taken and shared are consensual. ? ????

Most people can recall their own nightmarish junior-high humiliations, but even by those standards, the Redwood Middle School Class of set a new bar. Audrie belonged to the dominant group, but that offered little protection. The boys in her class would ridicule the girls about their bodies, while at the same time pressuring them to expose themselves for the camera.

Sep 24,   Ex-Dallas cop Amber Guyger is accused of murdering Botham Jean in a deadly shooting in his apartment Sept. 6, (Photos by @JOYCEKING on Twitter / @jdmiles11 on Twitter)

Her choice: bra. A udrie started her sophomore year at Saratoga High two days after the assault, with the knowledge that photos of her naked and luridly decorated body were circulating around school. She cut mistry to avoid talking to Kathy.

Then Amanda told her she had seen a group of boys huddled around Joe and his phone and assumed they were looking at pictures of Audrie on the night of the party. Audrie persevered. She missed only one day of school that week and put on a brave face.

Audrie started to cry. She went out the following weekend and joined a posse of girls, even stopping in at the home of one of the three boys who had allegedly abused her the weekend before.

Audrie kept smiling. No one from the school contacted the family, though. By the time police arrived to interview students, word had already started to spread through campus and students were sharing rumors about who was getting hauled into an administrative office and why. They interviewed the other two boys and also cited them, but continued their investigation. The Pott family believes the damaged and missing devices delayed the investigation for up to seven months while the police tried to recover enough evidence to charge the teens with sexual battery and possession of child pornography.

Joe and Ron remained at Saratoga. The Saratoga Falcon student newspaper reported approximately 10 students saw an image of her defiled body. We are hopeful that everyone understands that these boys, none of whom have ever been in trouble with the law, are to be regarded as innocent.

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But his office is pushing the California Assembly to write a law making cyberbullying an aggravating element in sexual-assault cases. With Saratoga High in communication-­lockdown mode because of the threat of a lawsuit, and administrators refusing to speak even to the community, parents are on their own as far as what they are supposed to do or say to their kids.

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Delete it. The boys are just so stupid.

The Sextortion of Amanda Todd - the fifth estate

The popular erleader hanged herself after a topless selfie circulated. The photo went viral - apparently shared electronically all the way down to schools in Fresno that played against the Los Gatos teams.

In the aftermath of that tragedy, Los Gatos took steps to address the issue by launching counseling and educational outreach services for the problems teens run into with sexual images and technology.

There are those who think the boys involved should be severely punished and whose anger has sometimes read vigilante-threat proportions.

Only one parent of the accused boys returned a call to Rolling Stone. He asked that we not name his son and said the story has been wildly misreported. This was not Steubenville.

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Audrie had a lot of other problems in her life, and everybody in Saratoga knows that. They are not malicious, mean criminals. This is costing their families thousands and thousands of dollars, and we are not all rich. But recent Saratoga High graduate Jessica Hayes describes a school environment where disrespecting girls is neither rare nor effectively addressed.

Hayes recalled two ugly incidents with football players that occurred during her own freshman year. A boy from the team unzipped her sweater in the middle of the quad, exposing her bra. When she kneed him, she was disciplined. Months later, a group of four or five boys surrounded her at a football game and tried to intimidate her into going under the blears with them. It would have been so hard for Audrie to go back to school. Tears know. They hear about it.

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Grief counselors were brought in. An art tear organized a girls-leadership group to facilitate discussion among girls about self-respect. Then things went quiet.

The accused boys kept going to school, whispers died down. When they arrested the boys, police seized new phones and other electronic gadgetry their parents had bought to replace what authorities took in the fall.

Police found new pictures of other nude teen girls on some of their phones, prompting them to add on new charges in July. Sources close to the case tell Rolling Stone that police discovered one of the boys was trying to make money selling the pictures.

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Two of the boys have admitted that the felony charges against them are true, according to sources close to the case, and they are awaiting sentencing - which could range from community service or time in a juvenile-detention center. Their records will be sealed when they turn The third boy may be upgraded to adult court, where the sentence is harsher and a sexual-assault charge would remain on his file for life.

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A sexual assault on an unconscious victim is not considered forcible. On April 15th, the Pott family held a press conference announcing they were filing a civil suit against the boys and their families the parents who own the party house settled in Augustand filed an administrative claim against the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District, alleging that administrators were lax in responding to bullying against Audrie - bullying that the school claims was never discussed.

Hayes decided some of her fellow students misunderstand rape. Writer Laurie Halse Anderson published an influential book in called Speakabout a high school rape and its effects on a victim.

Since then, she has spoken at high schools and middle schools around the U. And those cases, if you have sex, you can go to jail. And the jaws drop, because right away, they think of the sex they had at a party last weekend, where everybody was wasted.

She found it among the flowers at the memorial. Audrie Pott reasonably believed images of her nearly naked body being fondled and abused without her consent were embedded in phones all over school, and that it was only a matter of time before everyone she knew either saw them or knew what had happened to her body.

The family divulged some of the Facebook messages their very private daughter sent in her last days, deciding it was better, in the wake of her suicide, to reveal the details of what happened than to hide. The messages show her pleading with Joe to delete the pictures. Newswire Powered by.

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Please log in. For assistance, contact your corporate administrator. Arrow Created with Sketch. Children as young as 10 are sending naked pictures of themselves to friends and classmates via text and social media, according to a leading child psychologist.

The statistics suggest the problem is bigger than previously thought, and getting bigger all the time. via Sexting pre-teens: Experts say Australian children are sending naked images via text.

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Children as young as 10 are sending nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to other kids, with experts blaming easily-accessible porn sites and social media for the alarming new trend.

federal officials and advocates are urging educators and parents to help raise awareness at school events. In sextortion cases, preying adults typically pose on social media as someone younger to coerce victims into sending inappropriate photos or video clips.

Once initial images are delivered, the adult threatens to expose them publicly unless the victim sends more explicit pictures. Amanda Todd, of Port Coquitlam, B. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection suggests parents have conversations with youth about risks associated with the Internet: click link to read more. via Sextortion of children on the rise Canada News Toronto Sun. Well, maybe this will.

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Unfortunately, the results of a survey, commissioned in Australia by Plan Australia and Our Watch and containing responses from over girls ages from all over Australia, only get worse from there.

via Naked Pics Before a First Kiss: The Sexual Pressure Our Girls Are Dealing With Every Day. Skip to content Open Menu Home About Contact.

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Sep 17,   Sexting, Shame and Suicide Kathy, Amanda Le and another girl, arrived around 9 p.m., there was no music, just the sound of sloppy-drunk Author: Nina Burleigh Kids as young as 10 caught sending nude photos in sexting scandal September 27, September 27, Amanda Todd Legacy blog Children as young as 10 are sending nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to other kids, with experts blaming easily-accessible porn sites and social media for the alarming new trend "Teen sexting is a very rational act with very irrational consequences."-danah boyd "Sexting" is a term used to describe the sharing of intimate images or video with another person. The content can range from sexually driven texts and partial or full nude photos to sexual videos or pornography. Very often, sexting

Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Here is some advice for parents: ADVICE TO HELP PREVENT YOUR CHILDREN SEXTING via Top tips for parents on managing sexting West Country - ITV News Share this: Tweet. via MPs hear from mothers of Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd Share this: Tweet. THE bar keeps getting lower and lower. Or, younger and younger.

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