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Albania is a beautiful country in the Balkan Peninsula. Do you know that Mother Teresa, though born in the then-ottoman Empire, was an Albanian? Nod and smile also have a different meaning here. If people shake their head it means yes, and if they nod that means no. The oldest lake in Europe is located in this country. However, Albania is not known for these facts alone, but their women also help make this country all the more popular. Albanian women are extremely beautiful and confident as well as gorgeous.

In addition, she has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Antoinette Kalaj is an Albanian model and actress who appeared in the popular Riddick Consort and Pirates of the Caribbean. She started modeling ever since she was a teenager and before that she started studying law and medicine in college. Owing to the great offers and her love for acting Kalaj soon gave up on studies and started her journey as an actress. Her good looks and talent have always earned her praises and loads of attention.

When she entered, she was just 15 years.

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In addition, she was one of two girls from Albania who went to the final of the second edition of Next Top Model. And, Cindy won the contest. Born on October 19,to an orthodox Albanian family in Tirana, Ruensa Haxhiaj began posting covers on YouTube of artists like Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and so on.

She began using Keek, a social media platform for video statuses, and this helped her earn a great fan base. She began singing small parts of songs, posted her daily life videos, and so on. Though her debut did not work much in her favor, she kept on working on her solo career and became a part of songs of many artists, particularly rappers.

This beauty with talent has indeed worked hard to be where she is today.

Albanien teens pics

Another from the most beautiful Albanian women - Dajana Kllogjri started modeling just at the age of She is one of the most talented girl with the angelic face.

Kllogjri is not only gorgeously looking but also very smart. Agnesa is one of the most beautiful women of Albania, and she is a model, fashion designer, television host, producer, and an actress. She represented Albania in the Miss World pageant in and Miss Universe in and has gained popularity since. She has modeled in New York, Europe, and Dubai, and everywhere has managed to gain praises and love.

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Inshe starred in Stairs, an Albanian movie that got screened at the Tiara International Film Festival and even won the best film title. Agnesa also has made guest appearances in many television shows and is immensely popular. Aferdita is that mystery woman who you must have seen getting cozy in a balcony with a shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio in This Kosovan beauty queen looked gorgeous then and looks stunning even today.

She also was one of the finalists of the Miss Universe Kosovo beauty pageant. Together with being a model and a beauty queen, Aferdita also says that she is a singer. Not only is she beautiful, she is 6 feet tall which only makes her look all the more perfect. She is yet another Albanian model and was born to Albanian parents in America. As she spent some of her childhood in Montenegro she learned a few languages in those years and now can speak in Albanian, Montenegrin, and English.

When she was 17 she moved to the United States to become a model, and her decision was perfect, as she one of the most popular faces today. This year-old actress and model is stunningly beautiful and also is a professional dancer who is popular for her great dance moves. Though she is Albanian by origin, she presently resides in the United States.

Since she was 7 she has been receiving training in dance and right from that very young age she started competing in various dance styles including hip hop, contemporary, ballet, modern, lyrical, and so on.

The best thing about her is that she never lets her beauty and success get to her head and is extremely kind and helping. If you ever get to visit Albania you will see that not only these women, other women of the country are equally attractive, hard-working, kind-hearted, and helpful, and this certainly does help make Albania an even more beautiful country.

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In addition, she was one of two girls from Albania who went to the final of the second edition of Next Top Model. And, Cindy won the contest. 6. Ruensa Haxhia. Born on October 19, , to an orthodox Albanian family in Tirana, Ruensa Haxhiaj began posting covers on YouTube of artists like Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and so on. She began using Keek, a social media platform for video Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Indeed, Albanian girls are very attractive, my favorite here is Elvana, but you forgot about one worldwide famous and very hot Albanian girl - Eliza Dushku ;) 4 | . 1 | 1. Is this still revelant? Triss +1 y. Hell yeah she's hot too. InTimoreDei +1 y. Didn't like any on his list. They all look so fake. But, Eliza Dushku I agree with. InTimoreDei +1 y. her list, oops * Show All Show Less Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Beautiful Albanian women are quite nice, though low, as well as men, but dressing and doing make up almost like an Italian - catchy and fashionable. In the megalopolises girls do not take on a headscarf or chador, all are dressed in European style. Talking about the modern world, you clearly notice that there is almost the same in all the countries of Muslim

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Password recovery. Recover your password. American girls are known to be the worst dressed simpletons. No thanks lol. Canadian girls too.

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Oo LMAO. But yea we're a hot race tbh?? But there are some fat pigs also like me and my best friends ??. Lol thanks I'm just photogenic that's all ???? But thank you for your kindness. I don't like the face of most of them, and without the face I don't care how good their body is. and yours is great too, so True but I forgot to put no makeup pics. Some of them not all look good even without makeup. Because if you look at them without make up you will freak out.

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Albanians are known for their ugliness. TheFlak8 sure. Thanks babe. I still haven't seen you by the way. Why don't you put a profile pic yours. Ok, so I have a pic up. Taken at school a couple weeks ago. I know I look horrible but I figured I may as well put one up.

Awwww my pretty girl. thanks : means a lot. I never really thought of myself as pretty. So what about you? You should put one up! Yea I changed it for a quote but I got back my pic lol Maybe I'm gonna put the quote again.

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I put her only bcs she's a Victorias Secrets model and she is the most famous Albanian female. Not that I find her hot tbh.

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Triss Xper 7. Hey there! It's Triss again and today I'm gonna present 5 beauties who rock in my country. Dhurata Dora singer Birth : Nurnberg Age: 2 Genre : Pop, Reggae 4.

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Elvana Gjata singer Born : AlbaniaTirana Age : 29 Genre : Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Dance music P. Wonderful voice.

Xhensila Myrtezaj singer Born : AlbaniaTirana Age : 2 Genre : Pop 2. Enca Haxhia singer Born : Albania, Tirana Age : 20 Genre : Pop P. Admirin' her boobs This is her first song when she was only Angela Martini model Born : ShkoderAlbania yay we used to live in the same apartment Age : 0 Thanks guys and girls for reading this!

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Indeed, Albanian girls are very attractive, my favorite here is Elvana, but you forgot about one worldwide famous and very hot Albanian girl - Eliza Dushku. Show All Show Less.

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InTimoreDei Indeed, Eliza is one of the best. jimyee Albanians are white Europeans too. loveslongnails Indeed, neither would I. Beautiful women ?? To add, I find Miss Albania Zhaneta Byberi very elegant and beautiful as well.

May I know why do you ask?

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LittleSally 5. The first two are bombshells! Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Body hair has no gender! Couples Need to Reward Each Other for GOOD BEHAVIOR Rather than Punish for Bad Behavior. Sort Girls First Guys First.

i like the curly blonde's singing and dance moves. Femdomina Guru. Greetings from Montenegro to our neighbours Albanians, I think Dhurata Dora, Elvana Gjata and Enca Haxhia are the hottest here. I would also add Gerta Heta and Doruntina Qamili.

ElissaDido Editor. Mediterranean girls are all just so gorgeous :. Azgeda Yoda. I spent the last 10 minutes trying to pronounce their names. Angela MARTINI! I can pronounce one of them!

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Apart from them being hot, what do they even offer? I don't appreciate people simply for them looking good. wankiam 1. all you have listed there is 5 women trying hard to conform to a fake instagram image of what they see as beauty. it just isn't.

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this is a beautiful albanian woman. Wow Albania sure have beautiful women and you have the singers with Kosovan Albanian heritage as wellRita Ora and Dua lipa who are very pretty. They are pretty and talented.

It's great that apart from looks, they have great talent too. mooky06 2. Naww so purrrtayyyy! DublinRollerGirl Explorer.

Beachin' and nightlife in #Dhermi , Albania! - Travel Video Guide

How about some American girls? InTimoreDei And guys love every bit of it too. Number 2 is hot. Aside from that, the rest is hot but, the Albanian girls I know are hotter than them.

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Oo you know any albanian girl? Lmao loads. kelvinmed Xper 7. They all have very nice facial features and bodies. Indeed we Albanians are hot chicks??. That's something good be proud of.

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takumii Guru. So is there an option for visa on arrival or I have to break international laws? Yumix 1. I likethe other ones are should have put yourself on the list ;P. LMAO they're way hotter than me ??. Lol thanks my pure innocence ??. jman Guru. Dhurata Dora eyes.

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