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In addition to the subject of child prostitution, some eyebrows were raised because of scenes involving a year-old Brooke Shields appearing nude. Because of this, the minute film was edited down to minutes in some releases. The unedited version of the film is now available on DVD. It is the actresses choice whether they want to appear nude on film or not. While a majority of the winners have appeared nude on film, many of their winning performances are ones that they didn't appear nude in.

Via aceshowbiz. Gardens of the Night is a drama film featuring Ryan Simpkins in one of her earliest roles. The film tells a difficult story of a young girl that was kidnapped at the age of eight years old and forced into prostitution. There are some tremendously acted scenes in there where she and another victim a young boy use their imaginations as a way to escape their horrible reality.

Via Pinterest. The version of Lolita starred a year-old Dominque Swain and Jeremy Irons in an adaptation of the controversial novel of the same name. It was a controversial film about a middle-aged professor falling in love with his own step daughter.

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However, it is that very obvious age gap between the actors that can make the film very uncomfortable viewing indeed. The Los Angeles based Thirteen is one of the most controversial dramas ever made.

The film starred year-old actresses Evan Ral Wood and Nikki Reed. The film tells a deeply terrifying coming of age story, which is made more so because it was Nikki Reed herself that co-wrote the semi-autobiographical script for the movie. Evan Ral Wood is one of the leading stars of the television series Westworld and Nikki Reed was one of the leads in the Twilight Saga. Via Galleryhip. The Exorcist is still considered to be one of the most effective horror films of all time.

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However, the reason the film holds the test of time is because of the superb performances in the film. There were acting greats on the screen like Max Von Sydow, Jason Miller, and Ellen Burstyn, and they were all excellent, but it was a year-old Linda Blair that managed to terrify audiences for generations to come. The Exorcist was and still is considered to be very controversial, not just because of the horror content but because of the scenes featured.

Katya Berger was a young actress born in London, to parents that were already heavily involved in the entertainment industry. The story of the film centered on a war veteran who rediscovers a reason to live again by falling in love with a year-old girl.

Katya went on to do more films with similarly explicit scenes, before leaving her acting career for good at the age of Via Moviescreen. Eva Ionesco is a French actress and the daughter of a famous Romanian-French photographer Irina Ionesco.

Unfortunately, despite continuing onto a career as a successful actress and director she was clearly traumatized by the suggestive nude images her own mother took, going os far as to sue her in court. Her father was the American football player Walt Barnes and her mother was a German actress called Britta Wendel.

At the ages of 12, Lara starred alongside Eva in a disturbingly exploitative film called Maladolscenza. The film featured both actresses in explicit scenes that would eventually land the film in court where it was rightly banned in most countries and its DVD production phased out.

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In the film Pretty Babyshe plays a year-old prostitute and appears nude several times throughout the course of the film. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, her role caused a considerable amount of controversy at the time of its release but still went over very well with several critics. She got her first major role at the age of 14 in Conan the Destroyer with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the Conan film, she did wear some outfits that could be considered a bit too revealing for such a young girl but it was her role in Bolero with Bo Derek that raised more than a few eyebrows.

Via Sandrew Metronome. The original version of Let the Right One In is a Swedish vampire horror film that tells the story of a growing relationship between a year-old boy called Oskar - a victim of bullying - and a vampire girl played by Lina Leanderson.

Via veeHD. Blame It On Rio was in many ways a retelling of the Lolita story already mentioned on this list, but in modern day with Michael Caine in the leading role as the middle-aged adult male that becomes obsessed with a much younger girl.

The film is a lot more comedic than its source material but still manages to push the boundaries by having a year-old Jennifer Lyons in her debut perform in a lot of nude scenes throughout the movie. The film also starred a young Demi Moore, who had just turned 18 herself, and who was asked to perform some provocative topless scenes at the beach.

She was the youngest model ever to appear in a Playboy pictorial at the age of 11 and later appeared in an issue of Penthouse magazine too as a result of her mother's photographs. Unfortunately, despite continuing onto a career as a successful actress and director she was clearly traumatized by the suggestive nude images her own mother took Date Mother Age of mother Father Country Description June 7, H. 6 years, 7 months Unknown British India (now India): The 6-year-old known only as "H." gave birth by cesarean section to a girl weighing lb ( kg) at Victoria Zanana Hospital in Delhi, was initially admitted for what was thought to be an abdominal tumor, as she complained of localized pain in her lower abdomen 20 wild and wonderful bits of folk art to see at Safety Harbor's Whimzeyland home. This $5 million Merritt Island home is a mishmosh of French Quarter architecture and Florida opulence. UCF Football Coach Gus Malzahn buys $ million Orlando-area home. This lakefront home in Mount Dora comes with a full-blown BMX course in the backyard

Griseldina Acuna of San Zenon, Magdalena Departmentgave birth to a boy weighing 5 lb 2. She was reported to have begun menstruating at age. Hilda Trujillo. Hilda Trujillo gave birth to a girl named Maria del Rosario, who was over 6 lb 2. He was later arrested. Zulma Guadalupe Morales. Zulma Guadalupe Morales, age 8. Her uncle raped her. Anya read puberty at 7. A year-old neighbor raped her. She gave birth in Rostov-on-Don to a girl.

An unidentified girl's pregnancy was revealed by a policeman who became suspicious in early September when he noticed the girl's swollen abdomen and thought she was being exploited by drug smugglers. After the girl had X-rays done, the officer told her mother that the girl was pregnant; the hospital confirmed she was at her 2nd week of pregnancy.

The girl revealed that when she had gone to a pharmacy in Ciudad Bolivarto fetch her sick mother's medicine, an employee there raped her. She gave birth at the Meissen Hospital. A young man of the neighborhood who fled to America to escape arrest [22].

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United Kingdom. Henry Dodd of Rillington, Yorkshirereportedly delivered a baby weighing 7 lb. The baby was stated to have only three toes on its left foot and to have died of convulsions some time after birth. The girl reportedly began menstruating at twelve months old.

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Estelle P. United States. Pittman of Cadaretta, Mississippi reported to have delivered a boy weighing 7 lb.

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A girl gave birth to a premature boy weighing 2. South Africa now South Africa. A nine-year-old from Brakpan, South Africa gave birth by cesarean section to a baby at a hospital 0 miles 48 km east of Johannesburg. Maria Eulalia Allende. Maria Eulalia Allende, from a village in northern Cordoba Provincegave birth to a boy weighing 7 lb. A girl from Cachari gave birth to a baby weighing 5 lb 2.

According to press reports, the young father offered to marry the girl, but her parents refused to give their consent.

A 9-year-old girl from the El Porvenir neighborhood of Lima gave birth to a boy weighing 7 lb. Venesia Xoagus. South West Africa now Namibia.

Venesia Xoagus, a Damara girl, gave birth by cesarean section to a healthy kg 6. Maria Eliane Jesus Mascarenhas. Maria Eliane Jesus Mascarenhas, an orphaned girl adopted by rural farm workers after her mother died in childbirth, gave birth by cesarean section to a 7 lb. An unidentified girl delivered a daughter at Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi. A 9-year-old girl gave birth by cesarean section to a boy at a clinic in Afyonkarahisar. Mehmet Telek, the mother is officially 9 years old "but, in our opinion, in fact she is a few years older than that.

Leyla Mafi. According to information gathered by Amnesty International Leyla Mafi, from Arak, Iranhad been prostituted by her mother starting from the age of 8. Leyla M. had a developmental delay at the age of 19 she was assessed to have a mental age of 8 years old. She had three children, the first at the age of 9 and then twins at age Lawyer Shadi Sadr intervened on her behalf, and her sentence was reduced to public beating and imprisonment.

AfterMs. M was sent to a rehabilitation center and eventually came to reside in an apartment with a caretaker. Wanwisa Janmuk ??????.

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence one of the many targeted One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (?ľa?? in Japanese), literally means 'woman of the sea' and is recorded as early as in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man' women specialised in freediving some 0 feet down into cold water wearing nothing more than a loincloth Nude Boat Ride Goodfellas Family. Goodfellas. Follow. 5 years ago | K views. Nude Boat Ride Goodfellas Family. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. Sojky v hlave Part . Mov Fun. THE NUDE IN THE 0'S THE CHOICE LIVE GOODFELLAS NAPOLI. Goodfellas. Goodfellas Bail Bonds forget about it free ride home free

Her year-old husband [note 2]. Wanwisa Janmuk, married at 8, gave birth to a girl when she was 9 at a hospital in Phetchabun. El Salvador. Maria, from Candelaria de la Fronteragave birth by cesarean section to a boy she named Jose Manuel. Maria stated that her stepfather repeatedly raped her, and that he had impregnated her. A Singaporean girl gave birth to a boy after a fellow student at her school impregnated her. Her mother initially thought she had a urinary tract infectionbut upon taking her to the doctor, learned she was already six months pregnant.

The baby was placed up for adoption. A girl from Medellin, Antioquiaborn in early Januarygave birth to a premature baby by cesarean section on Christmas Dayat 9 years and 11 months. She left school after only three years, much to the dismay of her year-old mother.

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The girl became pregnant by a neighborhood teen whose identity she swore to protect. On February 10,she gave birth to her second child at the age of 11 years and 1 month. Social services and her mother considered it preferable to place her in a home for teen mothers, where she would be supervised and monitored until age An unidentified girl became pregnant after her parents' houseboy raped her.

She gave birth to a boy by cesarean section at a hospital in Butare, Rwanda. The girl underwent breast development at age six and menar at age eight.

A girl of the Apurinaan indigenous people from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, gave birth to a girl weighing nearly 2. Nuvia V. Avilio Arostica Berrospi, her year-old cousin [5]. A girl from Huanuco, Peru gave birth to a 2. One rapist was 17 years old and the other was 28; Avilio, 28, was identified as the father using DNA testing. The local media reported that a 9-year-old gave birth in Barangay Turo, Bocauejust one week before an year-old gave birth in the same district.

In La Esperanzathe daughter of Andres Gabriel Gabriel and Maria Valentina Lorenzo became pregnant at age 9. Her father began sexually abusing her when she was 6.

The young girl gave birth to a daughter by cesarean section in Tegucigalpa. In San Pedro Sula a year-old man repeatedly raped his stepdaughter, starting when she was 8 years old. She became pregnant in Decembershortly after her ninth birthday. In early June, the girl was hospitalized for nausea and vomiting, and doctors were surprised to find she was 6 months pregnant. She gave birth to a son in late July The girl was placed in care [ clarification needed ] with her baby. A girl from the countryside surrounding Bucaramanga, Colombiagave birth to a boy in mid-November via cesarean section at age 9.

A doctor from the Child Welfare' Health Department had discovered in mid-August that she was 5 months pregnant.

The girl implicated her year-old neighbor, who regularly accompanied her via deserted trails to her rural school where she was in 5th grade. She stated that, in mid-March, he had thrown her to the ground in the forest and raped her. A girl from Songyuan, China gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 6 lb 2. Circumstances surrounding the girl's pregnancy are not clearly known, and her parents sought legal help once it was discovered.

A 9-year-old Chinese girl from Penang, Malaysia gave birth to a healthy boy. No police report was made by the parents, who knew that the father was their year-old neighbor whom their daughter loved. An orphan girl "Zeina" was from a neighborhood in Dakar, Senegaland brought up by her grandmother.

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The grandmother had a tenant. The tenant's uncle, nearly 60 years old, raped the orphan girl. Noting the absence of her menstruations and her weight gain, her grandmother and her aunt became aware of her pregnancy in June, when she was 5 months pregnant. Zeina gave birth by cesarean section at the Grand Yoff Hospital, [65] to a daughter she rejected. Enrique Rabago, director of the Zoquipan Hospital, reported the girl and baby daughter were healthy and had returned home after receiving a Caesarean section.

Dafne is one of 11 children and lives in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos.

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The year-old father and Dafne were dating. A search for the baby's year-old father, who may be criminally charged for having a sexual relationship with the young girl, was underway. The father may have been Dafne's year-old step-father [69]. Sally Deweese. Sally Deweese of Butler County, Kentuckywas reported by Dr. Rowlett to have delivered a girl weighing 7. Deweese allegedly developed breasts within weeks of birth and began menstruating at 12 months.

Elizabeth Drayton. Elizabeth Drayton of Taunton, Massachusetts was reported to have given birth naturally to a boy weighing 8 lb.

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In an account published inC. MacNamara described having been called in early spring to examine a baby boy in Calcuttawho had reportedly been born to a year-old girl.

Annie H. As the girl had undeveloped breasts and could not produce milk, her mother, who had given birth to a child herself a few months prior, nursed the girl's baby for the week she lived.

was stated to have started menstruating regularly at age five.

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Sallie Ellison. Sallie Ellison gave birth to a baby weighing 8 lb. Annie Epps. Annie Epps of Chicago gave birth to a girl weighing 6 lb 2.

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Elizabeth Irwin. Irwin, her stepfather, charged with contributing to her delinquency [77]. Elizabeth Irwin of Hardin County, Ohio gave birth to a boy weighing 7 lb. Mary Cavender. Mary Cavender of Hidalgo County, Texasgave birth to a boy weighing 4.

Evilan Johnson. Evilan Johnson gave birth to a baby weighing 8 lb. Maria Justina Lez. Maria Justina Lez of Villa Mercedes, San LuisArgentina gave birth to a girl at San Roque Hospital in The child's father reportedly petitioned for the right to marry the mother, as marriage was forbidden to girls under 1 years of age. A girl gave birth naturally to a daughter weighing 8. A girl gave birth to a daughter weighing 7. A girl gave birth to a boy weighing 7.

Sarah Moore. Sarah Moore gave birth prematurely to a girl in Charleston, Mississippiin A girl gave birth to a baby boy weighing 6. A girl gave birth to a daughter weighing 5. Felicia Delgado Gomez. Costa Rica.

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Felicia Delgado Gomez gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 5. A girl from Spartanburg County, South Carolinagave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 6 lb 2. Her older sister's husband, age 28, was charged [98].

A girl gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 7 lb. Maria Sanz Gonzalez. Maria Sanz Gonzalez of Colonia MorelosMexico City gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 5. A year-old gave birth by cesarean section to a daughter weighing 5. Hortensia Gomez Juan.

Hortensia Gomez Juan gave birth to a boy weighing 4. Ina year-old gave birth by cesarean section in Antwerp, Belgium.

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A girl gave birth naturally to a boy weighing 5. Mirta Fontora. Mirta Fontora, a girl from Pilar PartidoArgentina, gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 6. A girl age 10 gave birth six weeks premature to twin girls, both weighing. She is thought to have been the youngest mother of twins in U. history at the time. A girl age 10 from a rural town in eastern Texas gave birth to a premature baby girl, weighing 4.

All other details were withheld by request. A year-old gave birth naturally to a 6. Anthony Hospital on April 4 seeking treatment for abdominal pain, and was transferred to the high-risk maternity unit at Cook County Hospital the next day.

Ina year-old gave birth by cesarean section in Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso. She exposed him and gave birth in San Mateo County, California. Narvios was revealed to be the child's father via DNA evidence. Argentina originally from Bolivia.

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A girl from Bolivia gave birth to a daughter weighing 2. Buenos Aires. Saint Lucia. A year-old gave birth to a boy weighing 4 lb 1. A girl from Monzon DistrictPeru gave birth by cesarean section to a baby weighing over kg 6.

A year-old gave birth to a baby weighing. Chile originally from Bolivia. A Bolivian girl living in Calama, Chilegave birth to a boy by cesarean section at a hospital in Antofagasta.

The child became pregnant after her stepfather raped her at age 9. Her mother and step-father, who both came from Colchaca village in Potosi, Boliviawere jailed. Gladys lagat. Gladys lagat from Kericho, Rift Valley Province gave birth to a boy weighing 6. Switzerland originally from Cameroon. A young girl gave birth to a daughter at a hospital in Sion, Switzerland. She had immigrated from Cameroon to Martignythen SierreSwitzerland, with her siblings after her mother married a Swiss citizen.

A year-old man who was in a relationship with the mother admitted to having molested the girl but a DNA test found that he was not the father of the girl's child. Monserrat Alvarado Gomez. Monserrat Alvarado Gomez of Jaral del Progreso, Guanajuatoborn on September 16,gave birth naturally to a girl weighing 2. A young girl in Abbeville, South Carolinagave birth by cesarean section.

Her year-old stepfather, William Edward Ronca, raped her. His earliest possible release date is April 19, Spain originally from Colombia. A Colombian girl gave birth to a daughter in Ourense, Spain. While the mother was away, the girl's babysitter had her boyfriend over the house, and the boyfriend raped the girl. Ina year-old gave birth by cesarean section to a baby in Marechal Deodoro, Brazil.

A girl from Montigny-le-Tilleul gave birth in to a child fathered by her boyfriend and schoolmate. After she had begun gaining weight, her mother put her on a diet, but when the girl visited a doctor, it was discovered that she was nine months pregnant.

News of the birth did not become publicly known until A young girl, born on March 5,began menstruating at age 8. One day in Novembershe was sick, and stayed at home with her father. On that day, he raped her. She gave birth to her daughter by cesarean section on August 14,and the father was sent to prison. Francisco das Chagas de Lima, her boyfriend, was also her year-old sister's ex-boyfriend.

Inyear-old Lucila of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oaxaca gave birth to a boy. Originally from the rural island region of El Tortuguero, the poorest part of Nicaragua, year-old "Evita" gave birth by cesarean section in Managua after spending two months in Bluefields. Four months earlier, her mother had summoned a campaign doctor to their farm to examine her daughter's inflated abdomen; the doctor found that she was 5 months pregnant. A few weeks later, her mother revealed to the press that Evita's year-old cousin Alejandro raped Evita.

Sexually assaulted since age 8 by her stepfather Carmen, she never experienced menstruation, as she became pregnant at her first ovulation.

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Her stepfather would beat and whip her to subdue her. Isabel Chasearez's year-old daughter, from St. Anthony, Idahogave birth by cesarean section to a girl weighing approximately 6 lb 2. United States originally from Haiti. A year-old Haitian girl of Lantana, Floridabecame pregnant after a year-old man raped her when she was 9. Her father learned of her pregnancy only when he took her to the clinic when she suffered labor contractions on March 18, The same day, she gave birth naturally to a full-term boy.

Reluctantly, she exposed Datilus to investigators who interviewed her through a Haitian Creole interpreter she spoke only little English, having arrived illegally in the U. only 0 months before. She confided that she had been afraid that she and her father would be deported to Haiti - a threat the rapist had used against her.

Datilus was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a minor under 12 years, to which 5 years for impregnating her was added. A year-old girl from Lagoa Grande, Minas Gerais gave birth to a boy by cesarean section in late April The director of her school learned of the girl's pregnancy on March 20 after hearing about it in playground discussions among children.

The director alerted the judicial and medical-social authorities, and immediately took her to the clinic, where her condition was confirmed: the girl was almost 8 months pregnant, though it was not visible on her. That evening, she exposed her stepfather, who was arrested as he tried to escape to Gurupi in Tocantinsmiles km to the north, and jailed. In Marchhe began raping her. He impregnated her in late July South Africa.

A girl from Mitll's Plain township, southeast of Cape Town became pregnant after her year-old uncle raped her. She became convinced that she was in love with him and that he was the father of her child. The girl gave birth to a daughter on June 8, A girl from Mountainside, Jamaica gave birth to a baby girl who died three weeks later. They were 15, 17, and The youngest one was her child's biological father. The father of a year-old girl's first baby was not originally known, but when the same girl from Cabezas came back to Percy Boland Hospital, in Santa Cruz de la Sierraat age 12 to give birth again, authorities succeeded to get her to talk.

They apprehended a year-old mason, confirmed father of the second baby and suspected of the first. He was sentenced for rape and impregnation of a minor. It is suspected that the girl's family had allowed men to rape her in exchange for money.

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The year-old, initials M. The girl, from a village near Kazan, Russiamenstruated early and became pregnant shortly before she was 10, gave birth one month prematurely to a girl in Kazan. A year-old girl, known in the media as "Camille", gave birth to a boy in Cotabato City. Her father, who was unemployed and often drunk, began raping her when she was 8.

Elena Chiritescu. Spain originally from Romania. Chiritescu, a Romanian Gypsy girl, gave birth to a 6. Mecic remained in Romania. A girl of the Wiwa people gave birth by cesarean section at San Rafael Hospital in San Juan del Cesar. In late January, the girl's mother, Sebastiana Maria Nieves, was absent for ten days at her sick mother's bedside.

During this time, when her mother was away, a year-old distant cousin raped the girl.

A girl gave birth to a boy weighing 2. Paulina A. Although her personal documentation gave her age as 10, it was suspected that she was older. A year-old girl from the community of San Francisco Totimehuacan gave birth by cesarean section to a premature boy weighing. Laura Marina Villanueva [ failed verification ]. Laura Marina Villanueva, from Santa Marta, Peru. Her older sister's year-old companion, a former soldier and her neighbor, raped the girl three times, just before her birthday on June Her pregnancy was discovered in late September, at 19 weeks, by chance after she was admitted for a snake bite.

The father, Gaudencio Castaneda Pulido, has been on the run when the discovery was reported in the media and continued threatening to kill the girl and her mother, Nidia Villanueva Tolentino.

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On January 24,she delivered a 2. Castaneda Pulido, who had previously impregnated the girl's thenyear-old sister, was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

A girl of the Wayuu people gave birth to a 2. In late DecemberAntonio Lisboa Filho, age 28, discovered that his ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter, whom he had been raping regularly since she was eight, was 4 months pregnant.

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