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Compared to Europe, there are few nude beas in North America. Our nude beas and public lands sometimes face pressure from government officials and developers who would rather designate such lands for development or non-nude use. AANR's government affairs team helps lobby against such changes. Against this backdrop, it's no wonder that nudists treasure their nude beas. Though no beach is ever completely safe from non-nudist interests, five shorelines have longstanding nudist use, attracting many thousands of annual visitors.

Gunnison Beach also offers great discounts for our active military members, frequent beach goers, and senior citizens.

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The hours of collection are between 7 a. The beach draws more than 5, visitors on summer weekend days!

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Gunnison has attracted nude bathers for years, even before it became a clothing-optional beach. It officially opened as a nude beach not long after it was decommissioned as a military base in When it was a military base, the all-male soldiers would skinny-dip.

Gateway National Recreation Area is a six-mile peninsula known for its beas, fishing, and historic sites, though the 2-mile nude beach stretch at Gunnison is the most popular attraction.

Though Gunnison Beach is the official designation of the nude beach, nudists often refer to it as Sandy Hook. Many improvements have been made to the beach in recent years, including the addition of a paved mini-plaza at the entrance, a snack bar, and expanded bathrooms.

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Because of the park entry fee, being located all the way in the back, and half-mile walk from the plaza to the beach, Gunnison deters gawkers. Many nudists make a visit to the beach part of a Jersey Shore vacation, driving through such scenic towns as Rumson and Red Bank or eventually making their way into New York City.

Nestled between the high-traffic Collins Avenue and the Atlantic Ocean on an undeveloped stretch of beach between high-end hotels and condominiums, Haulover attracts thousands of nudists on warm afternoons. They enjoy a white-sand beach, crystal-clear waters, and full beach amenities - all just a short drive to anywhere in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to the yeoman efforts of South Florida Free Beas over nearly two decades and the economic impact of Haulover, the nudist designation seems as secure as a nude beach can be.

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That begs the question of why such nude beach models could not be followed elsewhere in North America. Back then, gang members conducted drug transactions.

The north parking lot that now generates millions in parking revenue for Dade County was a dirt lot used for industrial storage. SFFB members cleaned up and policed the area. The group won a legal battle in after five nude sunbathers were arrested. Over the years, the group lobbied for the construction of the north parking lot and for lifeguards and has worked tirelessly to educate local officials, especially newly-elected ones.

The county posted permanent signs informing visitors of the nude sunbathing designation.

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Though development has encroad upon Haulover, with many of the kitschy beach hotels to the north torn down in recent years to make way for high-rise condominiums, the real estate crash has kept developers from wanting to extend their reach further south. No one can deny the economic impact of Haulover.

From toparking revenue increased a whopping percent, due primarily to the nude stretch. One survey showed that 50 percent of Haulover visitors are tourists, many from Europe.

Nude Beach in Australia!!

The water at Little Beach is crystal clear and those with goggles and snorkels will notice tropical fish swimming alongside. Nudists vacationing in Maui should consider accommodations in Wailea or Makena. The beach has its origins inwhen hippies began showing up on Maui and creating settlements with colorful names such as Banana Patch, Soul Acres, and Trouble Gulch.

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The journey over to Little Beach requires just a modest climb. With many of the nudist swimming holes along the famous Road to Hana inaccessible or difficult to reach, Little Beach is the best nudist attraction on Maui, if not all of Hawaii. Although the beach area is only about feet long, the small size is a small price to pay for the convenience of an urban location.

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It's even close to several bus lines in the eastern part of the city. Blaine is not only an unusual location in being a public park, it has even been called the "father of the Seattle Park System.

If you think it still counts as nude if you have coats of hair gel and heavy gold chains, you may want to ck out the disputed best nude beach in the Northeast, right on the Jersey Shore.

Not every U.S. state can claim a nude beach, but then again, you may not even need to leave your time zone to swim in the buff. So hop in the car now - you're pretty much already packed and ready for this style of beach day. Land of the free? Home of the brave? ck and ck One of the most popular nude beas in North America is Haulover Beach in Miami. This beach is actually one of the only government-run nude beas in the country. Typical to Miami beas, nudists here can enjoy the crystal-clear, blue water and soft sand

And the top fictional citizen would say, "Bada bing! Heading back to the Northwest, we come to our first inland beach, which is on the Columbia River. Not too far from Portland, you can still get that weird, funky vibe among the clientele. But access to such an experience can be a little rocky, as the last quarter-mile drive is down a gravel road. But we still think it's worth it, especially with a cooler, packed full of some of the area's micro brews, and perhaps some Voodoo Doughnuts.

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Staying with the inland theme, nude sunbathing is even possible in the desert southwest. Although numerous signs officially prohibit it as the many springs around the village of Jemez Springs are in the Santa Fe National Forest, many visitors have been know to bare it all.

This is one spot on the list where we guarantee shrinkage will not be an issue! Best of all, you are still within a reasonable driving distance of having a dressy dinner in Santa Fe that very evening. Rounding out the non-traditional beach entries, the most historic place in America to swim in the buff is at these spring-bed pools, which are part of the exclusive Homestead Resort.

But they carry a separate fee and you are not required to take a pricey overnight stay.

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The pools are in fact named after Thomas Jefferson, an early bather, and you can even see the chair used to lower Robert E. Lee's wife into the waters. It is not a great location for gawking or bringing the kids though, as the facility has separate men's and women's pools and do not allow anyone under age 18 during normal hours. No list of nude beas would be complete without some California girls! Surrounded by sheer cliff walls, it has the seclusion of Kehena, but comes with some unique California tous like more fit bodies than the typical nude beach and surfers.

Not sure if it includes a place for a good fish taco. Honorable mention : While we only did one beach per state, we would be remiss not to mention San Francisco's Baker Beach. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge may even eclipse the view of your fellow beach goers. No question that America's nudist capital of Florida would take the top spot on the list. The main advantages of Haulover Beach are year-round pleasant air and water temperatures. The water is frigid.

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Address: Pershing Dr, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA This is beach mecca for nudists. Officially it is not clothing optional, but if you take a quick look around, you will see many either topless or completely nude.

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The locals call it the UFO Beach after an evacuation vehicle that drifted ashore in after a storm. Strangely, it looks like a flying saucer. The beach turns really wild during the spring with the college kids partying.

Address: Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX Also Read: Texas Top 20 Attractions. This is another inland beach, on the Columbia River. Collins is popular with the locals, but nudists have a field day here too.

There are a few bearded hipsters with their funky and weird ways on the sand as Collins Beach is so close to Portland.

Access is a bit rocky. You will have to drive the last half mile on a gravel road.

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Carry a cooler, some drinks, cream and towels. Address: NW Reeder Rd, Portland, OR San Gregorio is a very small town in the San Mateo County.

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South of San Franciscothis is home to just residents. But what makes it stands out is the stunning Pacific coast here. The beach itself is two miles long.

There are separate areas for gay and straight naturalists. The sunsets are lovely.

When the PGA Tour stopped at the Torrey Pines golf course for the U.S. Open in , it was impossible to miss Black's Beach, perhaps the most famous stretch of nude beach coastline in North America. That's because Torrey Pines is located about a hundred yards above the two-mile stretch of nude beach in La Jolla, California South Beach, Virginia Beach, South Padre Island, and Malibu may be great places for many, but they don't offer what you need - nude sunbathing and/or swimming. Besides, who wants to deal with the insane crowds and traffic. You not only seek to "get away from it all," you want to "take it all off." Florida has some of the best beas in the country, including nude and clothing-optional beas. However, the Haulover Beach tops the list of best nudist beas in America. There are changing rooms, concessions, showers, barbeque grills, and public restrooms on this clothing-optional beach. You will find many luxury shops nearby

Address: Highway Highway 1 intersection, San Gregorio, CA Also Read: Best Things To Do in California. Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania.

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