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Lynching is an extrajudicial killing by a group. It is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob in order to punish an alleged transgressor, punish a convicted transgressor, or intimidate. It can also be an extreme form of informal group social control, and it is often conducted with the display of a public spectacle often in the form of hanging for maximum intimidation. In the United States , lynchings of African Americans became frequent in the South during the period after the Reconstruction era , especially during the nadir of American race relations. The origins of the word lynch are obscure, but it likely originated during the American Revolution. The verb comes from the phrase Lynch Law , a term for a punishment without trial.

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Lynchings took place in the United States both before and after the American Civil Warmost commonly in Southern states and Western frontier settlements and most frequently in the late 19th century. They were often performed without due process of law by self-appointed commissions, mobsor vigilantes as a form of punishment for presumed criminal offences.

Louis ina black man named McIntosh who killed a deputy sheriff while being taken to jail was captured, chained to a tree, and burned to death on a corner lot downtown in front of a crowd of over 1, people. In the South in the antebellum eramembers of the abolitionist movement or other people who opposed slavery were sometimes victims of mob violence. The largest lynching during the war and perhaps the largest lynching in all of U. history, was the lynching of 41 men in the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas in October Most of the victims were hanged after an extrajudicial "trial" but at least fourteen of them did not receive that formality.

Five more men were hanged in Decatur, Texas as part of the same sweep. After the war, southern whites struggled to maintain their social dominance. Secret vigilante and insurgent groups such as the Ku Klux Klan KKK instigated extrajudicial assaults and killings in order to keep whites in power and discourage freedmen from voting, working and getting educated. They also sometimes attacked Northerners, tears, and agents of the Freedmen's Bureau. A study of the period from to estimates that the KKK was involved in more than lynchings.

The aftermath of the war was a period of upheaval and social turmoil, in which most white men had been war veterans. Mobs usually alleged crimes for which they lynd Black people. In the late 19th century, however, journalist Ida B. Wells showed that many presumed crimes were either exaggerated or had not even occurred.

From the s onwards, the majority of those lynd were Black, [25] including at least women. Mob violence arose as a means of enforcing white supremacy and it frequently verged on systematic political terrorism. The magnitude of the extralegal violence which occurred during election campaigns read epidemic proportions, leading the historian William Gillette to label it guerrilla warfare. During Reconstructionthe Ku Klux Klan and others used lynching as a means to control Black people, forcing them to work for planters and preventing them from exercising their right to vote.

By the end of Reconstruction inwith fraud, intimidation and violence at the polls, white Democrats regained nearly total control of the state legislatures across the South. They passed laws to make voter registration more complicated, reducing Black voters on the rolls.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from toten of eleven Southern legislatures ratified new constitutions and amendments to effectively disenfranchise most African American people and many poor whites through devices such as poll taxesproperty and residency requirements, and literacy tests.

Although required of all voters, some provisions were selectively applied against African Americans. In addition, many states passed grandfather clauses to exempt white illiterates from literacy tests for a limited period. The result was that black voters were stripped from registration rolls and without political recourse. Since they could not vote, they could not serve on juries. They were without official political voice.

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The ideology behind lynching, directly connected with the denial of political and social equality, was stated forthrightly in by United States Senator Benjamin Tillmanwho was previously governor of South Carolina :. We of the South have never recognized the right of the negro to govern white men, and we never will.

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We have never believed him to be the equal of the white man, and we will not submit to his gratifying his lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him. Lynchings declined briefly after the takeover [ clarification needed ] in the s.

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By the end of the 19th century, with struggles over labor and disenfranchisement, and continuing agricultural depression, lynchings rose again. The number of lynchings peaked at the end of the 19th century, but these kinds of murders continued into the 20th century. Tuskegee Institute records of lynchings between the years and showAfrican-American victims, as well as 1, white victims. Lynchings were concentrated in the Cotton Belt MississippiGeorgiaAlabamaTexas and Louisiana.

Due to the high rate of lynching, racism, and lack of political and economic opportunities in the South, many black southerners fled the South to escape these conditions. From to1. The rapid influx of southern black people into the North changed the ethnic composition of the population in Northern cities, exacerbating hostility between both black and white Northerners.

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Many whites defended their space with violence, intimidation, or legal tactics toward blacks, while many other whites migrated to more racially homogeneous regions, a process known as white flight. African Americans resisted through protests, mars, lobbying Congress, writing of articles, rebuttals of so-called justifications of lynching, organizing women's groups against lynching, and getting integrated groups against lynching.

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African-American playwrights produced 14 anti-lynching plays between an ten of them by women. After the release of the movie The Birth of a Nationwhich glorified lynching and the Reconstruction-era Klan, the Klan re-formed. Unlike its earlier form, it was heavily represented among urban populations, especially in the Midwest. In response to a large number of mainly Catholic and Jewish immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europethe Klan espoused an anti-immigrantanti-Catholic and anti-Jewish stance, in addition to exercising the oppression of black people.

Members of mobs that participated in lynchings often took photographs of what they had done to their victims in order to spread awareness and fear of their power. Souvenir taking, such as pieces of rope, clothing, brans and sometimes body parts was not uncommon.

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Some of those photographs were published and sold as postcards. InJames Allen published a collection of lynching photos in book form as well as online, [42] with written words and video to accompany the images.

The Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill was first introduced to the United States Congress in by Republican Congressman Leonidas C. Dyer of St. Louis, Missouri. The bill was passed by the United States House of Representatives inand in the same year it was given a favorable report by the United States Senate Committee.

Its passage was blocked by white Democratic senators from the Solid Souththe only representatives elected since the southern states had disenfranchised African Americans around the start of the 20th century. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the phrase 'mob or riotous assemblage,' when used in this act, shall mean an assemblage composed of three or more persons acting in concert for the purpose of depriving any person of his life without authority of law as a punishment for or to prevent the commission of some actual or supposed public offense.

While the frequency of lynching dropped in the s, there was a spike in during the Great Depression. For example, in North Texas and southern Oklahoma alone, four people were lynd in separate incidents in less than a month.

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In his book Russia Today: What Can We Learn from It? Whites tried to re-impose white supremacy over returning black veterans. The last documented mass lynching occurred in Walton County, Georgia, inwhen two war veterans and their wives were killed by local white landowners. By the s, the Civil rights movement was gaining new momentum. It was spurred by the lynching of Emmett Tilla year-old youth from Chicago who was killed while visiting an uncle in Mississippi.

His mother insisted on having an open-casket funeral so that people could see how badly her son had been beaten. The black community throughout the U.

became mobilized. Newkirk wrote "the trial of his killers became a pageant illuminating the tyranny of white supremacy ". Dudziak wrote that Soviet Communist criticism of racial discrimination and violence in the United States influenced the federal government to support civil rights legislation. Most, but not all, lynchings ceased by the s. Title 18, U. The term "felony lynching" was formerly used in California law to describe the act of taking someone out of the custody of a police officer by "means of riot".

The California law did not specify that the person taken out of custody would be murdered, and in some cases this statute was used to charge individuals who tried to free a person from police custody.

There have been several notable cases in the twenty-first century, some controversial, when a black person has attempted to free another black person from police custody.

Mitll stated, "It's been said that strong words should be reserved for strong concepts, and 'lynching' has such a painful history for African Americans that the law should only use it for what it is - murder by mob.

A study found that exposure to lynchings in the post-Reconstruction South "reduced local black voter turnout by roughly 2.

Most significantly for voting, from tosouthern states passed new constitutions and laws that disenfranchised most blacks due to barriers to voter registration. These actions had major effects, soon reducing black voter turnout in most of the South to insignificant amounts. Another study found supportive evidence of Stewart Tolnay and E. Beck's claim that lynchings were "due to economic competition between African American and white cotton workers".

After the lynching of Leo Frankaround half of Georgia'sJews left the state.

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It drove them into a state of denial about their Judaism. They became even more assimilated, anti-Israel, Episcopalian. The Temple did away with chupahs at weddings - anything that would draw attention. InThe National Memorial for Peace and Justice was opened in Montgomery, Alabama, a memorial that commemorates the victims of lynchings in the United States. In Liverpoola series of race riots broke out in after the end of the First World War between white and Black sailors, many of whom were demobilized.

After a Black sailor had been stabbed by two white sailors in a pub for refusing to give them a cigarette, his friends attacked them the next day in revenge, wounding a policeman in the process. The police responded by launching raids on lodging houses in primarily Black neighborhoods, with casualties on both sides. A white lynch mob gathered outside the houses during the raids and chased a Black sailor, Charles Wootton into the Mersey River where he drowned.

InWolfgang Rosterg, a German prisoner of war known to be unsympathetic to the Nazi regimewas lynd by other German prisoners of war in Cultybraggan Campa prisoner-of-war camp in ComrieScotland.

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At the end of the Second World Warfive of the perpetrators were hanged at Pentonville Prison - the largest multiple execution in 20th-century Britain.

The situation is less clear with regards to reported "lynchings" in Germany. Nazi propaganda sometimes tried to depict state-sponsored violence as spontaneous lynchings. The most notorious instance of this was " Kristallnacht ", which the government portrayed as the result of "popular wrath" against Jews, but it was carried out in an organised and planned manner, mainly by SS men.

Similarly, the approximately confirmed murders of surviving crew members of crashed Allied aircraft in revenge for what Nazi propaganda called "Anglo-American bombing terror" were chiefly conducted by German officials and members of the police or the Gestapoalthough civilians sometimes took part in them.

The execution of enemy aircrew without trial in some cases had been ordered by Hitler personally in May Publicly it was announced that enemy pilots would no longer be protected from "public wrath". There were secret orders issued that prohibited policemen and soldiers from interfering in favor of the enemy in conflicts between civilians and Allied forces, or prosecuting civilians who engaged in such acts.

Lynching of members of the Turkish Armed Forces occurred in the aftermath of the Turkish coup d'etat attempt. Lynchings are a persistent form of extralegal violence in post-Revolutionary Mexico.

On September 14,five employees from the Autonomous University of Puebla were lynd in the village of San Miguel Canoa, in the state of Pueblaafter Enrique Meza Perez, the local priest, incited the villagers to murder the employees, who he believed were communists.

The five victims intended to enjoy their holiday climbing La Malina nearby mountain, but they had to stay in the village due to adverse weather conditions. Two of the employees, and the owner of the house where they were staying for the night, were killed; the three survivors sustained serious injuries, including finger amputations.

The few arrested were released after no evidence was found against them. On November 2,in the Tlahuac lynching, [72] three Mexican undercover federal agents investigating a narcotics-related crime were lynd in the town of San Juan Ixtayopan Mexico City by an angry crowd who saw them taking photographs and suspected that they were trying to abduct children from a primary school.

The agents immediately identified themselves but they were held and beaten for several hours before two of them were killed and set on fire. The incident was covered by the media almost from the beginning, including their pleas for help and their murder.

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By the time police rescue units arrived, two of the agents were reduced to charred corpses and the third was seriously injured. Authorities suspect that the lynching was provoked by the persons who were being investigated. Both local and federal authorities had abandoned the agents, saying that the town was too far away for them to try to intervene. Some officials said they would provoke a massacre if the authorities tried to rescue the men from the mob.

According to The Wall Street Journal"Over the past 60 years, as many as 1.

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On July 21,a rioting mob of striking students, tears, and miners in the Bolivian capital of La Paz lynd various government officials including President Gualberto Villarroel himself. After storming the government palacemembers of the mob shot the president and threw his body out of a window. In the Plaza Murillo outside the government palace, Villarroel's body was lynd, his clothes torn, and his almost naked corpse hung on a lamp post.

Other victims of the lynching included Director General of Transit Max Toledo, Captain Waldo Ballivian, Luis Uria de la Oliva, the president's secretary, and the journalist Roberto Hinojosa. In Maya sixteen-year-old girl was lynd in Rio Bravo by a vigilante mob after being accused of involvement in the killing of a taxi driver earlier in the month. Extrajudicial punishmentincluding lynching, of alleged criminals who committed various crimes, ranging from theft to murderhas some endorsement in Dominican society.

According to a Latinobarometro survey, the Dominican Republic had the highest rate of acceptance in Latin America of such unlawful measures. After the earthquake the slow distribution of relief supplies and the large number of affected people created concerns about civil unrestmarked by looting and mob justice against suspected looters.

The practice of whipping and necklacing offenders and political opponents evolved in the s during the apartheid era in South Africa. Residents of black townships formed "people's courts" and used whip lashings and deaths by necklacing in order to terrorize fellow blacks who were seen as collaborators with the government.

Necklacing is the torture and execution of a victim by igniting a kerosene-filled rubber tire that has been forced around the victim's st and arms. Necklacing was used to punish victims who were alleged to be traitors to the black liberation movement along with their relatives and associates.

Sometimes the "people's courts" made mistakes, or they used the system to punish those whom the anti-Apartheid movement's leaders opposed. More recently, drug dealers and other gang members have been lynd by People Against Gangsterism and Drugsa vigilante organization.

The practice of extrajudicial punishments, including lynching, is referred to as ' jungle justice ' in Nigeria. The absence of a functioning judicial system and law enforcement, coupled with corruption are blamed for the continuing existence of the practice. Palestinian lynch mobs have murdered Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel.

During the First Intifadabefore the PA was established, hundreds of alleged collaborators were lynd, tortured or killed, at times with the implied support of the PLO. Street killings of alleged collaborators continue into the current intifada but at much fewer numbers. On October 12,the Ramallah lynching took place. This happened at the el-Bireh police station, where a Palestinian crowd killed and mutilated the bodies of two Israel Defense Forces reservistsVadim Norzhich Nurzhitz and Yosef "Yossi" Avrahami, [a] who had accidentally [95] entered the Palestinian Authority -controlled city of Ramallah in the West Bank and were taken into custody by Palestinian Authority policemen.

The Israeli reservists were beaten and stabbed. At this point, a Palestinian later identified as Aziz Salhaappeared at the window, displaying his blood-soaked hands to the crowd, which erupted into ers. The crowd clapped and ered as one of the soldier's bodies was then thrown out the window and stamped and beaten by the frenzied crowd. One of the two was shot, set on fire, and his head beaten to a pulp. In Julythree Israeli men kidnapped Mohammed Abu Khdeira year-old Palestinian, while he was waiting for dawn Ramadan prayers outside of his house in Eastern Jerusalem.

They forced him into their car and beat him while driving to the deserted forest area near Jerusalem, then poured gasoline on him and set him on fire after he was tortured and beaten many times. On May, Ben David was sentenced to life in prison and an additional 20 years. On October 18,an Eritrean asylum seeker, Haftom Zarhum, was lynd by a mob of vengeful Israeli soldiers in Be'er Sheva 's central bus station. Israeli security forces misidentified Haftom as the person who shot Israeli police bus and shot him.

Moments after, other security forces joined shooting Haftom when he was bleeding helplessly on the ground. Then, a soldier hit him with a bench nearby when two other soldiers approad the victim then forcefully kicked his head and upper body.

Another soldier threw a bench over him to prevent his movement.

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At that moment a bystander pushed the bench away but the security forces put back the chair and kicked the victim again and pushed the stopper away. Israeli medical forces did not evacuate the victim until eighteen minutes after the first shooting although the victim received 8 shots.

In Augustseven Israeli youths were arrested in Jerusalem for what several witnesses described as an attempted lynching of several Palestinian teenagers. The Palestinians received medical treatment and judicial support from Israeli facilities. On March 19, in KabulAfghanistan a large crowd beat a young woman, Farkhunda, after she was accused by a local mullah of burning a copy of the QuranIslam 's holy book.

Shortly afterwards, a crowd attacked her and beat her to death. They set the young woman's body on fire on the shore of the Kabul River. Although it was unclear whether the woman had burned the Quran, police officials and the clerics in the city defended the lynching, saying that the crowd had a right to defend their faith at all costs. They warned the government against taking action against those who had participated in the lynching.

A group of Afghan women carried her coffin, chanted slogans and demanded justice. In Indialynchings may reflect internal tensions between ethnic communities. Communities sometimes lynch individuals who are accused or suspected of committing crimes. An example is the Kherlanji massacrewhere four members of a Dalit family were slaughtered by Kunbi caste members in Khairlanji, a village in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra.

Though this incident was reported as an example of "upper" caste violence against members of a "lower" caste, it was found to be an example of communal violence. It was retaliation against a family who had opposed the Eminent Domain seizure of its fields so a road could be built that would have benefitted the group who murdered them.

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