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Any act of adding this villain to the Pure Evil category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban. Additional Notice : This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Alexia Ashford is the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Code Veronica and it's ated version, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.

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Alexia ashford nude

Play Sound. Prime universe Capcom's primary storyline. The following content only occurs in the Darkside Chronicles retelling of the story, "Game of Oblivion". Annoyed at Alfred's apparent lateness in awakening her, Alexia quickly kills him and childishly brushes aside her fratricide. In the original game, Alexia manages to effortlessly knock away Wesker twice, thus forcing him to flee from the room in awe of her power just as Chris emerges from hiding behind the stairs.

Alexia Ashford is the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Code Veronica and it's ated version, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. She is also the posthumous and de facto unseen overarching antagonist in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. She is a member of the Ashford family who was cloned alongside her brother, Alfred, using the DNA of the family's long dead matriarch, Veronica. After Alexia Ashford (????) is the main antagonist of the Dreamcast survival horror game "Resident Evil: Code Veronica", aka. "Biohazard: Code Veronica" (??? ?:????), as well as it's enhanced re-release "Resident Evil: Code Veronica X". She is also a secondary antagonist in the Wii on-rails shooter game, "Resident Evil Alexia Ashford Alexia Ashford. Edit. History Talk (0) Share. watch The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? Play Sound Biography; Development; Gameplay; Quotes; Appearances; Gallery; Further notes; Alexia's CODE:Veronica concept art (as Hilda). Alexia's Darkside Chronicles concept art. First transformation concept. Alexia's first form. Alexia's second form. Alexia's third form

In the remake Code Veronica XWesker, after being hit, manages to recover quickly, express confidence in capturing her, as well as managing to land a punch on her face, then notices Chris after dodging a flame blast, but then gets his arm burned, having Chris take over in fighting her while he retreats. Executives Oswell E.

Spencer James Marcus Edward Ashford Joel Allman " Umbrella executive " Sergei Vladimir Akitaka Igarashi Henning P. Alexander Ashford James Marcus Alfred Ashford Brandon Bailey William Birkin Christine Henry Tommy Nielsen Vincent Goldman Morpheus D.

Edward Ashford James Marcus Alexander Ashford Alexia Ashford Elias William Birkin Annette Birkin Carter Frost Steve John Toleman John Clemens Unnamed Umbrella Researr Linda Baldwin Monica Greg Mueller Albert Wesker Alex Wesker Henry Sarton Keith Arving E. Smith S. Ross Frederic Downing Yoko Suzuki Dirk Miller Ryan Howard Wayne Li Byron Cartwright Rick Mendoza Jane Doyle Matt Gorkis Nathaniel Bard Logan Carlisle Cornell Garner. Scott Rodrigo Juan Raval Jon Toleman David Eric Martin Kluckhohn Robert Angelica Margaret Don Weller Charles Coleman Don Sewer Manager Thomas Dennis Paul Steiner Carl Grisham Robert Dawson Burnside Schizophrenic Anatomist Andy Holland Daniel Fabron Lucy Yen.

Alexia Ashford - Alexander Ashford - Steve Burnside - Javier Hidalgo - Manuela Hidalgo. Nosferatu - Ant - Alexia-Pod Tentacles - Alexia's baby - Jabberwock S - Veronica Plant - V-Complex.

Claire Redfield Steve Burnside Chris Redfield. Alexia Ashford Alfred Ashford Albert Wesker. Rodrigo Juan Raval Burnside Alexander Ashford D. Veronica Ashford Stanley Ashford Thomas Ashford Arthur Ashford Edward Ashford. Unnamed Umbrella Researr Robert Dawson Scott Harman HUNK Oswell E.

Spencer Carl Grisham Carl Redhill Paul Steiner Schizophrenic Anatomist. Robert Raval Maria Raval. Leon Scott Kennedy. Claire Redfield Steve Burnside.

Alexia Ashford Coloring Nude version BeatrizFlandes 41 28 Alexia Ashford Coloring BeatrizFlandes 4 Mature content. Tentacle attack BeatrizFlandes 81 Mature content. Censored BeatrizFlandes 25 19 Fluttershy unfinished BeatrizFlandes 4 22 OC: Coral (FOR A VILLAIN CONTEST ENTRY) BeatrizFlandes 29 4. Mature content. OC: Coral (FOR A VILLAIN CONTEST ENTRY) NUDE Freshly awakened (and nude), Alexia Ashford spends Alfred's last few minutes alive with him in Resident Evil: CODE Veronica X. Prior to Alexia's "big reveal" (har-har), her twin brother Alfred acts as the game's antagonist Alexia Ashford(????,Arekushia Ashufodo?) was a member of British nobility, coming from the Ashford family. The adopted daughter of Dr. Alexander Ashford, 6th Earl Ashford, her real parentage was the result of a cloning experiment referred to as Project CODE: Veronica, and was biologically the daughter of Veronica Ashford, 1st Countess Ashford. Through her

Golden Sheep Scarlet Eve. Chris Redfield Rodrigo Juan Raval. Leon Scott Kennedy Claire Redfield Chris Redfield Steve Burnside Jack Krauser. Sherry Birkin Annette Birkin Ada Wong HUNK Marvin Branagh Ben Bertolucci Robert Kendo Katherine Warren Manuela Hidalgo Hilda Hidalgo Hannah Guide Burnside.

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William Birkin Brian Irons Alfred Ashford Alexander Ashford Alexia Ashford Albert Wesker Javier Hidalgo. John Clemens Veronica Ashford Stanley Ashford Thomas Ashford Arthur Ashford Edward Ashford Scott Harman Delsey Sergio.

Tyrant T Nosferatu Gulp Worm Albinoid Adult Giant Black Widow Baby Spider Steve Burnside Alexia Ashford Alexia's baby. Zombie Zombie Dog Hunter II Licker Bandersnatch Black Widow Drain Deimos Sweeper. Giant Black Widow Neticia Giant Sweeper Nosferatu Nemesis-T Type Alexia Ashford Tyrant T Bat Cockroach Chameleon Licker Gulp Worm Moth Seeker lasers.

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Alexia modified clone. Alfred modified clone.

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Umbrella affiliates. Rockfort Island inhabitants. Go back to: Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica navigation Character navigation. Alexia Ashford. Dungeon Mode.

Go back to: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles navigation Character navigation. Despite her extreme detest towards her family, Alexia truly hold no ill will towards her brother Alfred whom he act as her only source of comfort and might have hinted that she had a incestuous relationship with him.

Alexia Ashford/Alfred Ashford (7) Chris Redfield/Albert Wesker (4) Leon S. Kennedy/Ada Wong (4) Annette Birkin/William Birkin (4) Leon S. Kennedy/Chris Redfield () Albert Wesker/Alex Wesker () Alexia Ashford/Albert Wesker () William Birkin/Albert Wesker (2) Leon S. Kennedy/Claire Redfield (2) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (6) Sex (6) Twincest (5) Hurt/Comfort (4) Body Horror (4) Alternate A tribute to Alexia Ashford from Resident Evil Code: Veronica (with a tiny bit of Darkside Chronicles Alexia at the beginning) and a homage to the mindblowin Commissioned sketch of Alexia Ashford from Resident Evil - Code: Veronica I had a lot of fun with this, especially the colors and texture's of Alexia's transformed self! #resident evil #code veronica #alexia ashford #video games #video game fan art #commission #fan art #cicisartandstuff. notes. its-consistently-inconsistent. Follow. #resident evil code veronica #resident evil #alexia

Even so, it's implied that she is actually caring about Alfred for real. She also mournfully cradles and sings a lullaby to Alfred's corpse after her awakening, and in revenge for her brother's death, she captures both Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, and injected her virus onto the latter. In her human form Alexia is a young beautiful woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

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She wears a violet purple dress with bracelets and a necklace and walks barefoot. The reason why is unknown.

In her first transformation she still maintains a human appearance, with quite a revealing transformation. At this point, Alexia's clothes are burnt off, making her mostly nude. Her hair now covers over her right eye.

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Her skin is now pale grey and she still walks barefoot. Her right arm, pelvis, and left leg is covered with dark roots while also leaving her cleavage, midriff, right leg, and left arm exposed.

In her second form, Alexia fuses with the Veronica tentacles, sacrificing mobility for size. A large pod with flaps of material resembling flower petals, the left side of her face takes on a more flayed look, one eye a pure white.

Her upper torso becomes hard and reflective like a insects shell, with her arms and hands replaced by doll jointed stingers tipped with blade, one on the right and two on the left. In her third form, Alexia's blade arms become four insectile wings, her hair like a blooming flower, shaped to look like a crown.

Both legs are replaced with a stinger from which she can fire projectiles. Umbrella Corporation Leadership Oswell E. Spencer James Marcus Albert Wesker Researrs William Birkin Morpheus D. Duvall Alexander Ashford Monica Stevens Agents HUNK Brian Irons Nemesis Nicholai Ginovaef Vincent Goldman Undertaker Units UT Commander Alexia Ashford TDC incarnation Alfred Ashford Rodrigo Juan Raval Tommy Nielsen Jack Krauser Unnamed Umbrella Executive USS Delta Team LUPO VECTOR Alex Wesker.

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Others Baker Family : Eveline Jack Baker Lucas Baker Marguerite Baker Molded. Albert Lester Javier Hidalgo Svetlana Belikova Neil Fisher Alcina Dimitrescu. Movie-exclusive Red Queen Spence Parks Dr. Sam Isaacs Alexander Slater Timothy Cain Axeman Bennett Sinclair Bad Rain Dr. Alexander Isaacs.

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