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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Life has been good since I married my husband. Presently, we occupy one side of a duplex on the Air Force base. The couple living next door are our very best friends.

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Julie was an air force wife. Although she was 5 years' old, she was still a stunner. She had a lovely face with rosy eks, lush lips and wavy blonde long hair. Her shapely figure with narrow waist, shapely full thighs and magnificent big breasts made her an extremely beautiful woman, looking like a sexy young woman in her early 20's. She was just a little more plumb than when she married at the age of 18, but a SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE MODERN AIR FORCE WIFE. Read More. BASE gUIDES. See All in Operational Base Guides | See All in Training Base Guides. Wives of the Air Force. May 25, Robins AFB Survival Guide. May 25, May 25, Mar 15, Eglin + Hurlburt AFB Survival Guide. Mar 15, Mar 15, Jan 1, Travis AFB Survival Guide. Jan 1, Jan 1, Air force wife nude - Nude photos. GO. Login SignUp

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Evidently, that was too much for him as he started shooting cum in my mouth and throat. As long as he was going to cum, I wanted to make it good for him. I then vigorously moved up and down on his cock. He was shuddering and moaning as I held his cock to keep it in my mouth. I continued to keep his cock in my mouth until it became rather small. He apologized for cumming so quick.

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He said I was the sexiest girl he had ever been with. After he told me that, I decided the quickest way to get his cock hard again was to take it in my mouth.

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While he was still lying on his back, I took his cock in my mouth again. I was in a position for him to watch me suck it. I licked around his balls, up the bottom of his cock and then tried to swallow his cock. I felt it grow very hard in my mouth.

I assume he would like another blow job, but I decided I wanted his cock in me. I moved up on him and slowly sat on his cock as it stretd my pussy. I was now in control. I slowly started fucking him so I could build up to an orgasm. He was humping up to meet my movements. I wanted to feel his cock in me for a long time and was in no big rush to finish.

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I told him to slow down and let me do most of the movements. I continued to slowly ride him for awhile to enjoy the mutual feeling.

He started moaning and pushing up to me.

I could feel I was approaching an orgasm. I was now riding his cock faster until I had a fantastic orgasm as he was shooting cum in me at the same time.

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I fell forward on his st as I came down from my orgasm and just laid still as I could hardly move. Our breathing finally became normal again as we relaxed. His cock was getting small. I could hardly feel it as it was swimming in my cum filled pussy.

I knew if I got up, his cum would soil the sheets where he had to sleep tonight. We discussed what to do. He took off the pillow slip for me to catch the cum as I raised up. Fast thinking on his part. Janet was already occupying the one and only bathroom. I asked if I could come in to join her. As we both were cleaning up, she said her date was a real stud who had the stamina to fuck all night if we had time to stay.

We decided we had to go. We went back to our bedrooms to dress.

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We told the guys we enjoyed the evening, but we were leaving. They wanted us to stay for another drink and more sex. They pleaded with us to stay. I wanted to stay, but it was late and we had to get up early. The guys kissed us good night, then we left. While driving home, we agreed the evening had been a success. Maybe we can have a repeat performance with another flight crew stopping at our base overnight sometime in the future.

He stopped by my desk to say hello. He said he would make a point to land here again when he could. Maybe he could fake an engine malfunction sometime when flying near here so he could land for the night.

I blushed a little and hoped the other office personnel would not notice. As he went out the door, he turned and blew a kiss to me. I smiled back at him. I thought, it would be nice to see him again. But, there are other transient air crews stopping here often. A week had gone by since Janet and I had gone out with the two guys. In the meantime, we had received letters from our husbands.

They had been in and out of Germany flying to other areas. Oh well, let them have a good time with one night stands, we can do the same here. Pilots continuously kept coming to operations to file flight plans. I knew many of them since they were assigned to this base. Often, I saw transient pilots come through my office. Some would not appeal to me, others looked nice. Some said hello to me, others just took care of business and left. I kept looking for wedding rings because Janet and I decided married men would be less likely to have a disease.

One day I saw a black pilot about my age walk by. He was handsome and I did notice a wedding ring. I wondered what it would be like. I noticed he was taking care of business at the operations counter. Then he walked by my desk. He introduced himself as John. He needed help locating a friend on the base. After making a couple phone calls, I found out his friend was not assigned to this base anymore. We talked a little about the base and town. He told me he had just flown an F in and was staying overnight.

When he said that, I knew he did not have a copilot or navigator for Janet.

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Now that his friend was no longer assigned to this base, he commented it would be nice if he could have dinner with someone. He looked rather surprised but pleased. After he left, I quickly called Janet to tell her. She was disappointed to know he did not have a friend for her, but would like to meet him before the evening was over. We discussed what we should do. We decided she could have dinner with us.

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Then during dinner when I became more acquainted with the pilot, I would decide if I was or was not interested in sex with him. If the answer in my mind was yes, then I could drop Janet at the house and take the pilot back to his quarters. If the answer was no, we would drop him off at his place and we would drive on home together. That evening at home I showered.

Again, I sprayed cologne on the appropriate places. I put on a dress that accentuated by body. I avoided the bra.

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When I looked in the mirror, I could see my nipples pushing against the thin dress material. I wondered if that would turn him on. As long as I planned to seduce him, no need to wear panties.

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When Janet came over to my house, she looked pretty and sexy. He was standing outside waiting because there were several apartments in the building and we would not know where to find him.

I drove to the restaurant where we went last week. The same waitress welcomed us and gave us a nice table. I was wondering what she thought. We all had wedding rings and this guy was different than the two guys she saw us with last week. Maybe next time we should find a different restaurant. She licked and sucked, now bobbing her head up and down as her husband's boss' cock slipped inwards and outwards in her warm wet sucking mouth.

Ohhh yesss oh Julie you are wonderful yes, suck me some more Suck harder, dear Suddenly he groaned and shot a few globs of sperm into the back of her mouth. She swallowed his sperm but also knew that he didn't shoot all his cum. He was holding back his ejaculation as he withdrew his swollen hard cock out of her mouth.

He stood up and stood naked, his erect cock swaying gently. As Julie got up he pushed her dress down to the floor. Both stepped out of their dresses and got rid of their shoes as well. Julie was naked except for the tiny moist thong. He stood between her thighs which he opened out with hands. Jack bent her legs at the knees.

Then, wrapping his hands around her shapely thighs lowered his mouth to her thong. He saw the narrow juice soaked thong, outlining her cunt lips. Jack licked along the juice soaked thong, his tongue pressing against her cunt lips which quivered with delight. Her thighs shook and her muscles quivered. This was so nice! After a while, Jack untied the thong and removed it. Julies hot wet cunt was totally exposed to her husband's boss.

His fingers gently opened out the cunt lips and he admired the wet pink inside. Without further ado, Jack lowered his head and his tongue started to lick along the inside of her cunt.

Julie shivered and her hips quivered. Then Jack slipped his tongue inside her warm wet cunt, as deep as he could. Julie's hips rose up to welcome the thrill.

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The tongue started to move rapidly in and outwards in her boiling cunt. Her hips rose up again and again, in rhythm with the tongue thrusts. The pleasure was intense and wonderful. Julie didn't want it to end. Inwardly she thanked her husband for this pleasurable opportunity with his boss.

Her hands caressed the back of his head and she moaned endlessly with delight. ahhhh goooood Jack neared her and adjusted his cock to insert it into her aroused pussy. Jack held her by the waist and inserted the tip of his bulbous cockhead inside the entrance of her juice soaked opening and pressed forward. As his mighty cockhead slipped inside, Julie lifted her hip to welcome the cock. Julie shook her head vigorously and said, "Oh NO!

You are the first man other than my husband. I don't think he means that. He just wants me to be nice to you because you are his boss. By now jack was fucking her with some vigour and Julie was responding by thrusting up her hips for deeper thrusts. Her moans delighted Jack. She was definitely enjoying being fucked. Julie found the fucking pleasurable.

Jack's cock was long and thick and he moved in exciting plunges that drove her to unimaginable heights of pleasure. Julie's body shook and shuddered as they fucked more and more rapidly.

Her big boobs bounced and rolled in rhythm with their wild fucking. She didn't want this wonderful thrill to end but After several minutes their sexual stimulation became uncontrollable. They hit their climaxes together.

Julie screamed like a wild cat, pouring out her juices in profusion as she felt her husband's boss shoot streams of hot lava into her wild convulsing cunt.

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It took them some time to calm down from their climaxes. Jack leaned over Julie's body and kissed her wetly and moaning into her mouth, "Fan tastic fu ck, Julie. nk you so much. Julie just kissed back with passion to say that she too enjoyed the fuck. They hugged, caressed and kissed for a while before separating and lying ob their backs, mildly panting.

She couldn't let her husband down, especially after his encouragement for her to have this fun. So she said smiling, "Both of you good. Yes, she wanted to fuck some more, but she decided not to, not immediately anyway. She must keep Jack interested in her to want her again next time. She must also get him to help her husband's promotion first. They started to dress up. Jack said, "Julie, you should never ever wear a bra.

You have gorgeous breasts and should go braless always. They will admire you more and feel proud to have a mother who is sexy and voluptuous. But in the promotion committee there are two others. It will help if you can get them to be your friends also. Only then I can help your husband's promotion. Jack took her hands and as they descended the steps to go downstairs, Julie said softly, "Okay, sir. I'll take up your advice and get to know Brad and Chuck.

But not now or soon. I need you get to know you more for a few weeks. Do you think you can come here again on Saturday? She nodded and squeezed his hand. She would love another session of fun. But she couldn't say that, could she? When Julie and Jack read downstairs they saw her husband Jim in conversation with Brad and Chuck. They looked very friendly. When they saw Julie, Brad and Chuck looked admiringly at her partially exposed boobs and smiled at her.

She smiled back. Eventually the party ended. Jim and Julie left for home. On the way her husband asked, "Did you have a good time, dear?

That night Julie and her husband fucked, both satisfied that things were getting exciting. While they did so, her husband said, "You know, dear, you were a knockout tonight at the party.

Your boss had said that Brad and Chuck would have to give good reports about you before he could help you with promotions. Probably they are more interested in getting to know you than me.

Julie and her husband giggled and getting excited fucked more vigorously until they climaxed together. The next couple of days, Julie tried going braless in the house while the children were away at school. She felt nice to feel her boobs jiggle gently. The nipples rubbed against the blouse and hardened. She felt excited several times. When she told this to her husband he too encouraged her to go braless. What is important is that you spice up your life.

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The children will get used to it. They are grown up anyway. So, that evening Julie went braless when the children were at home. But surprisingly the children didn't notice very much except for an occasional glance at her st. That night, in the bedroom, her husband said, "It's no use going braless if you wear opaque blouses, dear. You should wear thin T-shirts or tops with wide openings. Tomorrow I'll come back from work early and take you shopping. We'll buy something sexy for you to wear.

So, the next day her husband and she went shopping. He had received advice from a friend at work that there was a shop named EROTIC DRESSES that sold cute attire. Julie was shocked by the variety of sexy attire sold there.

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Her husband bought many items, some so revealing and skimpy that she wondered whether she would ever wear them. That night itself, before dinner, her husband insisted that she put on the thin white T-shirt and mini skirt before dinner.

Without any bra, her big boobs were clearly outlined and the nipples semi-visible as they poked against the thin fabric.

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And the short skirt exposed her gorgeous smooth shapely thighs. When the children came down from their rooms for dinner, they did notice their mother's sexy attire. Their eyes roamed all over her fabulous figure, resting furtively on her superb thighs and boobs revealed by the thin fabric of her T-shirt.

Jim spoke to the children as they sat down at the dinning table.

Nude Softball. They put on a GREAT show of female pulchritude. by Boxlicker Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/20/ 88k. 6. 7. 7. Mactan. Why Americans love the Philippines. by bassbelly Interracial Love 02/11/ k. The Personal Assistant. An ex-Air Force officer falls under the spell of an older woman. by jimbo_22 BDSM 09/01/ k. 9. 9. Air Force sexy young army brat being naked and slutty. k 10min - p. Wife takes care of buddy. M 96 min - p. Wife fucks friend after losing bet. M min - p. Patriotic mother finally banged by army Son. k 98 6min - p. Undercoversluts. Wife Cuckolds Me with Her Ex BF Part 1. k 10min - p. Waiting for her stepbrothers military tour overseas to end. 1 I'm an Air Force Wife. Life has been good since I married my husband. Presently, we occupy one side of a duplex on the Air Force base. The couple living next door are our very best friends. I might add that our friendship became so close that we share sex with them. The only problem now is that our husbands recently went overseas leaving us by ourselves. Janet, my friend next door, and I

Throughout the meal Julie noticed that her son's eyes furtively kept staring at her boobs, much revealed by the thin T-shirt. Julie liked it because it showed that her son admired her lovely boobs. After dinner the whole family helped to wash up the dishes as usual.

And as usual Julie didn't put on her apron. This meant that some water had splashed on to her st, wetting her boobs and revealing more clearly her nipples. Julie noticed that her son kept staring furtively at her lovely boobs until he and his sister went up to their rooms. In the bedroom her husband suggested, "Julie, why don't you encourage Trisha also to go braless and wear thin blouses like you? And her breasts especially are as big as yours if not bigger.

So, she should look lovely with revealing blouses. She is beautiful and what father wouldn't like to see his beautiful daughter's assets?

Can't I have a little concession from you? Don't I deserve it? Julie thought over her husband's request. Well, he had really given her a lot of freedom with his boss, even allowing her to fuck with him. He had also agreed for her to have fun with Brad and Chuck. To read the complete story you need to be logged in: Log In or Register for a Free account Why register? Home Authors Dafafu An Air Force Wife.

Julie asked Jack, "May I speak to my husband in private? Of course. How can we now? You'll disappoint my boss. It's becoming too sexual! Is my boss hurting you? He's getting me sexually aroused! What if things go too far? But if you enjoy it, then go ahead. Please take care of her. Don't worry. What a husband, thought Julie.

You are a very lucky wife.

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Julie caressed the back of his head and moaned out her thrill.

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