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A Friend for Peter Part 1 by Lady Maire. A Friend for Peter Part 2 by Lady Maire. A Friend for Peter Part by Lady Maire. A Friend for Peter Part 4 by Lady Maire. A Little Brandy by aP Scout. The Accident by Max.

BrainChild by PixChick.

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Camp Blue Lake by Tazz. Careful Who You Trust by Louder. Carlos's Escape by Libra. The Carnival by Louder. The Chain Of Life by Jennifer Loraine. The Chains That Bind by Jennifer Loraine. The mistry Experiment by Merlin.

Choose-A-Dad by AP Scout. Christie by Merlin. Christmas at the Smith's A 'Louder' Christmas tale. Christmas Cookies by LJM. Chocolate by PixChick. Clockwork's Candy By Libra. Clockwork's Emporium: The Assistant By Libra. Clockwork: The Lost Coins by Libra. The Conscience Of The King by Jennifer Loraine. Control Yourself! by Ungulate. The Curse of Retrogression by Grennd. A knight is dispatd to rescue the woman he lusts for, but is cursed to regress to a child.

Daddy Youngest by Pixchick. Danger Penny Robinson, Danger!! By Max. The Dark Road Home by Lady Maire. Dating Ethnics by Max. The Day's of his Lives by Jennifer Loraine. Deception by Mistress Janice. The Device by Louder.

Dirty Harry Takes a Bath by Jennifer Loraine. Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite by Libra. Doubting Thomas by Jennifer Loraine. The Dream Team by Max. The Drunk by Jennifer Loraine. The Enchanted Sorceress by Captain Ash. She is the empress of the Orc-Hordes that tyrannize the bordering kingdoms. In order to stop her, a bunch of heroes tries to sneak through the empress territory to defeat her.

These fellows are: the mage Mandrik, the knight Asgor and the elf Ronor. So they are forced to team up with the dark sorceress Azura, who can feel the dark aura of the empress with the power of her magical necklace.

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Unfortunately, the Mistress of Darkness is aware of their plan and tries to steal the necklace so the fellowship cannot find her secret castle, and she can increase her power. The evil sorceress knew that her stupid Orc-hordes would not find them, once they were in her territory and must get the necklace herself, before they can enter their quest. But in order to not get noticed by Azura and to hide her aura, she transforms herself into a 9-year old girl.

The Experiment by Louder. Evening Prayers by Jennifer Loraine. The Evil Dr. Meinclare Part 1 by Louder. Meinclare Part 2 by Louder. Meinclare Part by Louder. Meinclare Part 4 by Louder. The Ex-women by Arther. Exchange Ring by Libra. F Fervent Wish by Piper.

by Author. Forest by Ojor Zul. Francine by bobby. Generations by AP Scout. Generations: Island Adventure Part 1 by the AP Scout.

Generations: Island Adventure Part 2 by the AP Scout. The Gift Part 1 - Part 2 By Innerchild. The Gift by Louder. Halloween Cookies by Merlin. Halloween Short by DanC.

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Halloween Story by Lisa. Halloween Teen by Louder.

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Held Back by Tazz. The High School by StarImage. Home again by Ouroboros. Hope Through the Ages By the AP Scout. The House of Ages By Tazz. The House That Dreaded Sweets by Omnibus.

How to Create a Little Sister in Five Easy Steps by ARthur. Hourglass by Libra. Hypnosis by Max. I I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream by Merlin. I Wish part by Louder. part 6 by Louder. Ideal Vacation by Max. Incident At The Mall by Mistress Janice. It's All in Your Mind by Tabula Rasa. It Pays to Advertise! by ARthur. Juliana By Arthur. Just Like Old Times By Lit-L-One. Kathryn's Gift By Stevenb. Keiko by bobby. Keisha by bobby. Kerry's Revenge by Tazz. Lamp Of Love by Jennifer Loraine.

Life's Little Instruction Booklet by Tabula Rasa. The Little Chill Part by Omnibus. Little Visitor by Ouroboros. Lucy's Revenge by Andrew B.

Madame Zelda: Life is a Beach Part 1 by Louder. Madame Zelda: Life is a Beach Part 2 by Louder. Madame Zelda: Life is a Beach Part by Louder. Madame Zelda: Trading Up Trading Down Part by Louder.

Magic Milk by bobby. The Magic of Christmas by animebear. Mambo and Child by Jennifer Loraine. Maria by bobby. Martin and Mary by Louder. A Means to an End by AP Scout. The Merlin Effect by Lady Maire. Merlin's Ring; A second chance by Libra. After an old girlfriend comes back a very special ring gets used more than normally.

Mar 06,   I am looking for good age regression stories, preferably non sexual, non magical,and not SF. Daring Diane wrote some good ones on her old blog,but she now seems to Jan 28, - Explore Scottybenge's board "Age regression" on Pinterest. See more ideas about age regression, diaper boy, diaper girl pins Royal Takeover - Cover (Maternal Giantess Version) CassaFemArts 9 0 Royal Takeover - Cover (AR Version Comic) CassaFemArts 15 the boys mess with the flow of time honeyfather 47 4 Azula Regressed tugscarebear 14 Strangers to Sisters+ MentalCrash 20 Page 04 siritusval 6 1 Page 0 siritusval 8 0 Palutena's Snack Surprise Page 4 (Art

The Message Board by Louder. Morning Glory by Sgt. My Perfect Girl by Max. by Jennifer Loraine. New Outlook Inc. New Toy by Max. Night of strange green light by Hi-Standard. No More Greed by Louder. No Worries by Meltman. Not Exactly by Louder.

The Nursing Home by Merlin. Oh To Be Young Again by Louder. Of Profit and Deceit by Louder.

Of Tomb and Cradle Part 1 by Lady Maire. Of Tomb and Cradle Part 2 by Lady Maire. Of Tomb and Cradle Part by Lady Maire. One Crazy Summer By: Jeff Sevem - Jesevem yahoo. Onward Christain Soldiers by Jennifer Loraine. The Other Side Inc. by Sgt. Out of this Bottle by Louder. Out of Body Experience by Morpheus. Outpatient part 1 part 2 by Ouroboros.

Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter I. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter II. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter III. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter IV. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter V. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter VI. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Chapter VII. Past Reflections of Future Visions - Le Denouement.

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Co-authored by Ferver and Jennifer Loriane. Perfect Plan by Libra Revised by Piper. Two women come up with perfect plan to get rich and get into more then they bargin for. Phade To Dark by Maire Flynn. The Phoenix Hotel by Libra. Play The Cards by Sgt.

Poolside 1 by Louder. Poolside 2 by Louder. Poolside by Louder. Poolside 4 by Louder. Poolside 5 by Louder. Prodigal Son by Jennifer Loraine. Project by Max. Promises by AP Scout. Puzzle Box Genie and the Magic Pendent by Libra.

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Quiana: A Personal Memoir Part 1 by ARthur. Randolph's Foolish Affair by Flash.

The Reckoning by Maire Flynn. Regresscent by Lit-L-One. Resolving the Effect by Lady Maire.

Revenge by Max. Ridgerunner's Requital by Jennifer Loraine. Rini's Change of Fortune by AP Scout. Rita's Department Store Adventure Part one By Alec Leamus. The Rock From The Stars Part 1 by Max. Secretagentmittens 48 Recent Deviations Featured: CSMN: Careful what you wish for!

Rami 0 Recent Deviations Featured: Marinette's Regression 1. SsongjArt 17 Recent Deviations Featured: Request: Life Orb Age Regression. mporci 14 Recent Deviations Featured: Serina Leaf AR. AlyssaSundale 10 Recent Deviations Featured: Ino's new jutsu. Dracoknight 10 Recent Deviations Featured: Art Trade- A Darling Swap. GabrielNesyl 9 Recent Deviations Featured: Oreimo AR Cafe.

Female Age Regression. Someone in your life wishing things were like when she was little? Fam sequence 2 gigabowsercq 54 Fam Sequence Regression gigabowsercq 5 6 Lizzie finds the Fountain of Youth part 1 EduartBoudewijn 62 0 Lizzie finds the Fountain of Youth part 2 EduartBoudewijn 55 5 Lizzie finds the Fountain of Youth part Aug 1,   Age regression as a positive non-sexual coping strategy for alleviating stress, anxiety, daily pressures, and sometimes just for fun. What takes you back to simpler times? This is a place for people who find comfort in regressing to a younger age to express themselves in whatever way they like, and the caregivers who care for them in their Welcome to the 2BYA-Visible Time AR/AP story page, founded by JeffR in We currently have over age regression & progression story chapters in many genres, written and collected over the past 18 years. It is the second largest AR/AP story collection on the web, with stories that can not be found anywhere else. There are many genres

Female Age Regression Someone in your life wishing things were like when she was little? Regress her back to a little girl.

She'll look so cute in her little sundress with hair ribbons and pig tails.

Just remember to have some padding heavy if she reverts to a cute baby. Ricot AR That-Guy-Marc 78 8 Annakatan Commission - New Little Frannie Lance-the-young 76 4 Doodles - Gogo AR ExitCalimari 68 1 Smash Tournament- Joker vs Wii Fit vs Bayonetta Lance-the-young 25 0 guraAAAAAAAA PyuniBunni 7 Mature content.

sh Submit a Deviation Sta. sh DeviantArt muro Submit.

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