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GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Agatha will have a team of Ghost and Poison Type Pokemon - most of which will focus on affecting status effects on your Pokemon. Arm yourself with a powerful Psychic Pokemon to take them down. Agatha will boast of a new Alola Marowak in her party.

It seems that the developers of Pokemon Stadium felt that Agatha received a raw deal as well because they decided to give her an additional team member for the "Gym Leader Castle" sub-section of the game.

The mainstays are present and you can expect to fight against an angry Arbok and a grinning Gengar, with Haunter, Golbat, and Muk filling in three other positions.

The strange addition comes in the form of Venusaur, which gives Agatha a bigger punch than most veteran trainers were expecting. In the Pokemon Adventures manga, there is one particular arc where Agatha goes from "slightly creepy elder" to "full-on criminal" when she first meets Blue or Gary, to some.

After discovering that Blue is Oak's grandson, Agatha goes into a fit of rage and decides to enact revenge on her former colleague for abandoning her. The way she "takes things out" on Blue is extreme. She has her Gengar use Hypnosis on him and then proceeds to steal his life force with a Dream Eater attack. The manga-version of Agatha is a much more imposing and unhinged person.

One look at Agatha and it's easy to understand why she might randomly pop up in someone's nightmares. She doesn't exactly look like the friendliest person around and she has an imposing glare that seemingly shadows a lot of pent-up anger.

She's the type of elderly person that could keep an entire classroom of kids silent with a single demanding gaze. In fact, in Ash's nightmare, that's exactly what she did.

In the " I Choose You! This one is kind of a gimme considering Gengar appears twice in Agatha's lineup although one could argue that this is due to the lack of Ghost Pokemon in the earliest generations.

In the anime, Agatha seems to have the strongest bond with her Gengar and is capable of using them in a variety of creative and interesting ways to gain the upper hand in battle.

ck out our New Channel! Every story has a beginning. Leave a LIKE if you enjoy! Download this game! Agatha is an old woman, who has short yellow hair. She wears a white apron and is supported by a brown cane. Agatha wears a long violet sleeveless dress and black shoes. She also wears a white shirt Agatha is the reinstated rd Elite Four member of the KanJoh League. She is the Ghost/Poison type Member, and supercedes many of the current Elite Four in ability and variety. According to her, she'd rather be the Multityper, due to her ability to lead around Pokemon of any type from a global distance, and because Blue/Gary Oak was able to do that himself in a Gym. She's not to be messed with

Perhaps the biggest sign of her affection for this particular Pokemon is the fact that she keeps its Pokeball mounted on the end of her walking stick in some of the media variations. In Generation I and Generation III, Agatha can be seen carrying 5 Pokemon.

Her lineup usually consists of two Gengar, an Arbok, a Haunter, and a Golbat. The variation changes slightly between games and sometimes she can be seen with a Muk or a Wheezing. The Pokemon: Let's Go! set of Generation VII offered the biggest change for the Elite Four Ghost Master.

Agatha ? Kikuko: Agatha's model: No. 9 English voice actor Dorothy Fahn: Japanese voice actor Unknown Description A strong-willed veteran with a penchant for battling, this member of the Elite Four tries to wear opponents down. She seems to have some history with Professor Oak Agatha is an old woman, who has short yellow hair. She wears a white apron and is supported by a brown cane. Red, Green and Blue Agatha wears a long violet sleeveless dress and black shoes Agatha definitely got the short end of the stick when it came to team development. The developers definitely created a cool character that offered up a challenge (she was part of the Elite Four after all) but the lack of Ghost Pokemon in Generation I definitely put a damper on Agatha's potential power embracingmothers.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

In both the Eevee and Pikachu variant, she's given access to an Arbok, Golbat, Wheezing, Alolan Marowak, and two Gengars with different move sets. All of her Pokemon are at least level Agatha was always an openly competitive person that enjoyed battling and was good enough to make it to the final two of Pokemon Championships, where she would face her friend and rival, Professor Oak, for the crown.

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The professor would manage to beat her, prompting Agatha to enter "good sport mode" and offer congratulations. Unfortunately, Oak would respond by showcasing his plans to build the Pokedex and quit the training team that he and Agatha were part of.

This would definitely cause a "snap" in her, causing her to essentially disown Oak as a friend. To her, the Pokedex is a frivolous tool as Pokemon were meant for battle and battle only. NEXT: Pokemon: 25 Things About The Elite Four That Show They Make No Sense. By Russ Boswell Published Jun 26, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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Oak agreed, explaining to Agatha that it would be a job then for his descendants to complete. As Oak left her presence, Agatha called out to him.

Later, Agatha won the right to fight against Oak in the Pokemon Championship, and after an 8-hour long battle, Professor Oak was declared the victor. Later, Agatha appeared before a young Lorelei at the base of an industrial factory.


She used her Gastly to heal Lorelei's sick Seeland comments upon the depravity of humankind. Seeing that Lorelei also hated humans because of that, Agatha proposed the two could like to become partners. Agatha was at the power plant for a mission of hers.

When Evan accidentally told Blue was Oak's grandson, she attempted to take revenge for the events at the Indigo League by targeting his grandson.

She had her Gengar use Hypnosis on Blue, then his life force away with Dream Eater. Blue had Evan distract Agatha, who sent Arbok and Golbat to attack. Evan managed to take his Haunter back and attack Agatha's Gengar with it.

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However, Blue broke free and had his Scyther slash Agatha's Gengar and Gastly. Agatha commended Blue's abilities, proclaiming that he truly was Professor Oak's grandson. Blue wanted to know what grudge Agatha had against his grandfather, but Agatha disappeared. Professor Oakwho defeated Green in his battle against her at the Indigo Plateaurecalled his previous battle, in which he defeated Agatha and won the Champion title.

Agatha and the rest of the Kanto Elite Four watd the final battle between Red and Blue at the Indigo Plateau. Agatha was searching among the ruins of Silph Co. There, she found the amplification device Team Rocket used, and smiled for that discovery. When Bruno revealed to Red the importance of Pokemon and human connection, Agatha and Lorelei intervened. Agatha doubted Bruno's words, who was under their control, as Agatha proclaimed humans and Pokemon should not co-exist with each other.

Agatha showed the amplification device, while Lorelei asked Red where Giovanni was, who held the final badge needed to activate the device. However, he was grappled down and he was injured, along with his SaurAero and Pika by Agatha's Gastly, Bruno's Hitmonlee and Lorelei's Jynx.

Agatha had her Gastly create a mist to make herself and Lorelei disappear, leaving Bruno to finish Red off. Agatha was watching as Lorelei tried to crush Yellow and Bill with her favorite attack, involving Cloyster and Dewgong.

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Still, she warned Agatha that Yellow had a special ability that allowed him to read Pokemon's thoughts. Since Yellow could sense Pika's thoughts about Red's battle with Bruno, Lorelei proclaimed their target from then on was Yellow, too. However, her Gastly was defeated by Blue, and she retreated. MoonLance demanded him to come to Cerise Island.

As Blue and Koga wandered into the caves, Koga's Golbat used Supersonic to trace their enemy. Koga noticed a figure and threw his shuriken, but the figure moved away and sent Arbok. Blue noted their enemy was Agatha. Agatha's Arbok leered them, so Koga's Golbat used Haze to nullify the effects. Agatha taunted them that they were too young to stop her, as her Arbok used Rock Slidemaking stalactites fall down.

Blue rescued Koga's Golbat but dropped some medicine. In addition, he got paralyzed by Agatha's Gengar's Lick.

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While Blue was facing Agatha's Golbat, Koga battled against Agatha, who claimed a Gym Leader was no match for a member of the Elite Four. Agatha had her Arbok change the pattern on its body, which increased its speed. With a snap of the finger, Agatha had Arbok wrap Koga and change its patten, dealing even more damage to him and his Arbok.

Still, Koga had an idea how to defeat Agatha's Arbok.

Koga had his Arbok use Glarebut Agatha's Arbok resisted the effects, then used Body Slam to inflict damage to Koga and Arbok. Agatha had her Arbok bite off Koga's Arbok's tail away. Koga sent Muk to use Poison Gas and Weezing to emit Smog.

However, Arbok changed its pattern, resisting the attacks, then defeated Muk and Weezing. Since Blue was still paralyzed, Koga threw a multitude of Shuriken Poke Balls randomly.

Agatha's Pokemon will gain an additional 10 levels from the last time you battle her. Make sure you face her with Pokemon at par with her level to avoid being overpowered! Recommended Pokemon vs. Agatha Begin With Psychic Pokemon. Agatha's Ghost and Poison Type Pokemon are weak against Psychic Type move sets. Having a couple of Psychic Pokemon For the variant appearing in the games, see Agatha. Agatha is a character appearing in Pokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Kanto region. 1 Biography Pokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire 2 Pokemon On hand See also 4 References Agatha served as a temporary Gym Leader of Viridian City. She was delivering groceries when she fell on her Agatha appeared in The Sme Team. Ash met her while traveling through Viridian City during his journey home to Pallet Town. Scott formally introduced her to Ash, and Agatha explained that she was acting as the temporary Gym Leader for the Viridian Gym, until the true new Gym Leader would uses Ghost Pokemon for the Gym. Ash then challenged Agatha to a Gym battle, hoping to

Agatha mocked Koga's predicament, believing that he was out of ideas. Blue returned with Koga's Golbat, as one of the Poke Balls, in which Koga's Ekans was in, contained Parlyz Heal to cure Blue. Her Arbok's crest pattern was subsequently obscured by Koga's Golbat, whom he told to drink his blood using Leech Life.

Unable to see her Arbok's pattern, Agatha had Arbok bind Koga.

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