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So last year I was at my friend's house with 5 of my other friends. We were having a sleepover. We were just partiyin in up. Suddenlly a friend of mines pulled my trousers down, and the worst past is, I wasnt wearing an underwear. I was actually really embarassed. He wasnt in his underwear either.

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But I like to get to know you first. I don't even want to receive dick and ass pics. Maybe I'm just a prude.

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Joined: Sep 8, Messages: Daps Received: Gender: Male Location: VA Orientation: Gay Dating: In a Relationship. I prefer not to see my friends naked and vice versa. Though I have seen friends naked, even straight friends before. The times it did happen they were really drunk and it was never a sexual thing. ControlledXaos dapped this. Again, context. But I'm not gonna be saying "Aye! Can you send me that photo you sent to muscleVerse on jackd? OckyDub dapped this. Nigerian Prince.

Age: 1 Joined: Aug 21, Messages: 1, Daps Received:Gender: Male Location: Atlanta, Georgia Orientation: Homosexual Dating: Single.

Lmao, this reminded me of that one episode in Friends when Chandler saw Ral naked by accident so she gets him back but it turns out to be Joey, so he tries to get her back but by accident gets I have seen plenty of my friends naked. Again, it's no big deal to me either. When I was a freshman in college, my residence hall/dorm had open showers so it was nothing to walk into the shower and see naked dudes. If anything, it taught us to be comfortable with our bodies or to be comfortable with not having friends due to the stench of body odor all because you didn't want to shower around other What's it like to see your buddy naked for the first time after knowing him for years? Buzzfeed tackled this question over the weekend in one of their latest videos, aptly titled "Guy Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time." In the clip, which you can view above, men in a variety of close relationships strip down and bare it all for one another. The brilliant (and fun) breaking down

Nick Delmacy Da Architect. Joined: Jun 28, Messages:Daps Received: 12, Gender: Male Location: Atlanta Orientation: Gay Dating: Not looking.

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Those locker room showers and shenanigans allow for it. I remember those the open nudity back in the locker rooms at gym class in high school. I can't imagine that it would change much for adult athletes who happen to also be friends.

Nigerian Prince and ControlledXaos dapped this. Age: 40 Joined: Sep 18, Messages: Daps Received: 1, Gender: Male Location: Baltimore, MD Orientation: Homosexual Dating: Single. Only my females friends. But I am always horny and feel strange being naked with any man platonically.

KritiKal Analysis and ControlledXaos dapped this. Age: 8 Joined: Aug 1, Messages:Daps Received: 8, Gender: Male Location: BK, NY. Ive never seen any of my friends nude. Even w the recent SB Brooklyn shenanigans that SB had nothing to do with, I didn't actually see anything other than the 'guest', lol. I just can't say the same for any of my actual friends. Dante and alton dapped this. BlackguyExecutive Je suis diplomate. Age: 5 Joined: Aug 21, Messages: 1, Daps Received: 2, Gender: Male Location: World Traveller Orientation: Gay Dating: Married.

Hmmm, I think for purposes of this exercise I will use the friend loosely. I have seen a decent amount of friends. naked both straight and gay, all in non-sexual contexts.

I attended naked yoga with some friends a couple times my military days there was a surprising amount of nudity. My college mates were always naked in a straight bro kind of way. I went to a bathhouse once and saw some dudes from my friend group get naked but none of those situations were sexual from my perspective.

I don't understand our complex with nudity in America, shit a dick is a dick. I have seen a fair amount of my "Girlfriends" naked. They all seem to think it's appropriate to get naked in front of me because I don't happen to want to have sex with their lady parts Dante and ControlledXaos dapped this. SB dapped this. TreDaDon and ControlledXaos dapped this. Omega Level DRACARYS. Age: 4 Joined: Sep 9, Messages: Daps Received: 1, Gender: Male Location: New York Dating: Single.

I never have but wouldn't care if I did. I would even be the dude that say, "look at you bro, great ass" or "nice dick" and laugh. Once your my friend and in the friend zone, you can seriously be fine as Fvck, and I would NEVER look at you in a sexual way. Therefore, if I saw you nude, its nothing to me.

As far as the nude thing in general, I respect others if their uncomfortable with it. My personal take is Im very European when it comes to nudity. Dont see the big deal at all. Its a human body. Its always funny to me when America or Americans portray it self as such a free, liberal, country but in so many cases we can have the biggest hangups, are so conservative and downright prudes.

TreDaDonDante and ControlledXaos dapped this. Actually, I just remembered that one of my str8 friends from college shot a poorly lit amateur porn video.

It was just a camcorder sitting at a distance while he had sex with some random girl, changed the angles occasionally she knew about it though. He proudly showed it to me and our other roommate. Although I thought he was attractive, it was my homeboy so I never really thought of him sexually.

The iPhone app that lets you see your friends naked - The iPhone app that lets you see your friends naked Nude It, approved by Apple Tuesday, is an augmented reality app that uses scanning A nude from Sarah*. A nude from Emily. A nude from Bethani. A total of seven nudes from a variety of my very dear friends who wanted to wish me good luck on tour. A nude from Emily. A nude from Girls are you comfortable with your guy friends naked around you? my question is about my guy friend i have. we've known each other for like 10 years and know each other really well and are really comfortable together. like a couple months ago he came over to my house. my parents have a hot tub outside and we go in it sometimes. one time he said he didn't have a swimsuit and asked if he could

Besides, he was a pussy hound. I knew he had a decent body, but it was only after seeing that video that I realized just how "blessed" he was in that other area for a short guy he's 5'6". Juan-CarlosTreDaDonDante and 1 other person dapped this.

Joined: Sep 7, Messages: Daps Received: 2, Gender: Male Location: BK Orientation: SGL Dating: Single. I have seen almost all of my high school friends naked because i went to boarding school and we had this huge open showering area it didnt start being weird seeing another dude naked until i moved to the U.

I certainly would be nervous to accidentally see a dick of someone I am attracted to, but I've conditioned to think "geesh it's just a dick and balls, every man has them". TreDaDonKritiKal Analysis and ControlledXaos dapped this. It's a small sample but I find it interesting that the poll is pretty balanced.

TreDaDon dapped this. KritiKal Analysis "Be the Standard, Not the Substitute Age: 42 Joined: Aug 21, Messages: Daps Received: Gender: Male Location: Triad Area, North Carolina Dating: Single. I have seen plenty of my friends naked.

What was awkward was changing in a big tent after a race with one of my best friends and seeing another dude literally stalling around so he could see what I looked like when my towel dropped. TreDaDon King To Be. Joined: Jun 15, Messages: 47 Daps Received: 46 Gender: Male Location: Ridgeland Orientation: SGL Dating: In a Relationship.

I felt a little odd. I felt like I was gonna have scarlet fever, diphtheria or some other nasty shit once I left that place. Nastiest place in the world! FREEDOM TRAIN Squad Member. Age: 51 Joined: Feb 27, Messages: 42 Daps Received: 21 Gender: Male Location: united states Orientation: Bisexual Dating: Single.


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Joined: Aug 12, Messages: 6, Daps Received: 14, Gender: Male Location: The planet of Memory Corpses Orientation: Homosexual Dating: Married. I think my logic would force me to make it a non-issue but here is a thought What about co-workers? Meaning men in the military or athletes high school to professional.

thanks for explanation

I've never heard of an issue with them. I think as far as pro sports players and military goes, you just have to deal with it. A pro sports player has been seen naked around others dudes for his whole life.

People in the world military may be different but then in both cases, a rookie and a new recruit don't know any of those guys personally until I get few weeks in as they get to know people. I'm guessing people in the military who may not have had those experiences and get broken down in a way just have to deal with it until it becomes the norm for them I'm guessing.

Winston Smith.

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Joined: May 6, Messages: 1, Daps Received: 5, Gender: Male Location: Nowhere in Particular Orientation: Gay Dating: Not looking. Age: 26 Joined: Sep 10, Messages: Daps Received: Gender: Male Location: Chicago,Illinois Dating: Single. I've only seen two guys naked and that was back in high school when i was on the volleyball team my freshmen year but other than that i haven't seen my male friends nude, though i do picture what some of them look like without clothes Certainly that holiday with friends in Ireland when Jaqui was 8 was pivotal in changing her attitude towards nudity.

It was mortifying but I learnt a lot from that. We've been on many holidays - and in and out each other's bedrooms or in pool changing rooms in a state of undress. Being exposed to their imperfections has made me much more accepting of my own. Recent research sees just 20 per cent of British women happy with their figures.

A survey by Dove in revealed that more than half of us are so out of touch with what we look like nude, that we wouldn't recognise our own bodies in a naked line-up stock image. Jaqui's renaissance is something to celebrate in an age when the most recent research sees just 20 per cent of British women happy with their figures.

A survey by Dove in revealed that more than half of us are so out of touch with what we look like nude, that we wouldn't recognise our own bodies in a naked line-up.

Re-think and Re-wind your thinking, these are your friends not your lovers, sex partners or sexual interests. If this happens communications has never hurt to be honest to explore why? Sometimes when I am at home I like to walk around my home naked and if one of my friends comes by, they are not intimidated, because they know me; we are "REAL FRIENDS"; we have communicated and shared How do I get my best friend naked? Rick Orlando has good ideas. Propose him/her a game of strip poker, strip darts, strip pool, strip tennis or another strip game and make sure that you win (or play until everybody is naked). Announce him/her that you have decided that your meetings should be clothing optional and wait for his/her reactions Their ten-year friendship literally stripped bare. In posing for these photographs, the four friends break what many middle-aged women consider taboo: revealing their naked form in front of each

Friends for more than a decade, having met through a combination of work and living locally, the four women pictured on this page have grown comfortable with seeing each other naked. And while this happened largely through circumstance rather than design, the result has been insightful for them all and has strengthened their relationship. Pat doesn't like the scarring on one leg from varicose vein surgery. For Pat, too, this refreshing openness has given her a reassuring perspective.

Until this year, I hadn't worn dresses for almost 0 years because I did everything I could to hide my legs. Nor had I worn a bikini because I didn't like the way my stomach has got rounder with age. It was hard at first, but I have now discovered a new care-free attitude to my body. Interestingly, experts say part of the problem we Brits have with nudity in front of other women is the lack of opportunity we get to study our fellow females' forms stock image.

Sharon is determined to cast off any body insecurities for the sake of her two daughters, 26 and It feels so liberating. If we aren't hiding our bodies then we are criticising them.

What woman hasn't passed the self-deprecating baton around with friends over a bottle of wine when the subject crops up? stock image. Judith, meanwhile, credits a stint working as a nurse for giving her a respect for the sheer mechanical brilliance of the human body. Interestingly, experts say part of the problem we Brits have with nudity in front of other women is the lack of opportunity we get to study our fellow females' forms.

Our inclement weather means we have to cover up more than our Mediterranean counterparts. That lack of exposure appears to be damaging us at a neurological level.

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Dr Lynda Boothroyd, a senior psychology lecturer at Durham University, has researd how brains decide what a body should look like and how that impacts on our sense of self-worth. But considering the average weight of a British woman is 11st, a body size you are unlikely to see in a magazine, that internal prototype soon becomes skewed.

We don't let our fellow women see our puckered and saggy tummies after we've had our children, or how our breast tissue changes as we age. Meanwhile, our ever-expanding waistlines don't help, says Dr Holmes. And if we aren't hiding our bodies then we are criticising them. Confidence coach Jo Painter says women need to change the conversations they have with each other about their bodies.

A good place to start with feeling better about your own body, suggests Jo, is to spend more time without any clothes on. You'll automatically catch glimpses of your body and realise you look OK. It might be a cliche, but the more accepting you are of yourself the less afraid of rejection you become.

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Jaqui admits that she will never feel entirely at ease with revealing her body to others. But her relationship with it now is the best it has ever been. But to my surprise taking part was so liberating.

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show ad. Would you let your friends see you naked? It's an idea that would horrify most of us. But it could be the key to loving your body Recent research sees 20 per cent of British women happy with their bodies Jude, 49, Jacqui, 48, Sharon, 55, and Pat, 60 have stripped down for a photoshoot - in all their naked glory The friends break the taboo: revealing their naked form to each other By Sadie Nicholas for the Daily Mail Published: GMT, 12 October ated: GMT, 1 October e-mail 2k shares.

RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next. Share this article Share. I'd always cover up, even in scorching weather and I was particularly self conscious about my boobs, or lack of them.

But being positive about my body, flaws and all, has made such a difference and it has helped ensure my daughter also has a healthy image of herself. TRICKS TO HELP YOU LOOK GOOD NAKED.

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