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Joan Garcia became pregnant at 14 and gave birth at She and her child travel by raft between the two shacks where they live in Navotas fish port on Manila Bay. Hannah Reyes Morales for hide caption. Editor's note: Hannah Reyes Morales has been photographing teen moms since Aurora Almendral began reporting this story in October

DenDen poses with other winners in the competition. Congratulations, DenDen, on a job well done! POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world.

Not what you want when you are a teenager, but when you are in your third decade of life, you will relish the young look. And perky breasts will not rest on your torso, causing perspiration and rashes under your breasts. Small breasts allow you to more comfortably sleep on your stomach

They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Malinois called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people over the years along with one goat and a carabao. Or goats. Or carabaos.

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Skip to content. Teen-Age Filipina Beauties By The Kano Sep 5, More Pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party.

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By The Kano POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO. error: Content is protected!! Yes, they really looked like this. No, those are not natural they did not use implants in those days, other than stuffing glass wool inside the breast, but the bras forced the breasts into those pointed shapes. Her dimensions? Sound familiar?

Do we do things like that today? In more thanwomen did more than wear a funny bra. Just to get larger breasts. Breast Augmentation is the number one choice of elective, cosmetic plastic surgery today.

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Nearly as many went through the same pain and expense to make their breasts smaller. So, fifty years from today, what will people be saying about us today?

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They paid money and endured pain and suffering just to make their breasts a different size than they were to start with. I think maybe that may be planned by the fashion industry, what do you think? Maybe that Poodle skirt and those pink pedal pushers my wife has will be popular again?! I'm talking about breasts.

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But, there are all different sizes of breasts out there, and your breasts are two of them. No two breasts are the same, including the two you have, so since everyone is different, what is wrong with being proud of the ones that you have? Below, you will find seventy women pictured, and they have breasts, and I bet you cannot find any two of them that are identical, or even the same size. We love Jerry Seinfeld, but would we want everyone to be Jerry?

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I do know this though every one of the breasts that are illustrated are absolutely beautiful. You don't mean EXACTLY like you, because no one is exactly the same. What you mean is no one else is as SMALL as you are. Or as LARGE as you. Your breasts are smaller than the average size breast 6 C-cup this year in the USthat is true, and you fear that you are alone.

That is the reason there are images of a bunch of beautiful ladies in this article, and they all have breasts that are less than a C. They are like you. You have just not had the opportunity to see very many of them like this. Any that look like you, at least. You are used to seeing larger breasts in movies and magazines.

That is because the producers and editors think that is what "sells" the movie or the magazine. But what they do not know is that many, many people actually prefer smaller breasts. The average person may look at the girl on the beach with DD's, but that does not mean they want to marry her. They are just curious. Sort of like looking at a car wreck, right?

Well, maybe not, but it is more out of curiosity than anything.

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These images were taken right off the internet. So, you can just imagine how many women are just like these and they are unknown.


But many people actually prefer small breasts over large breasts. Well, may I introduce you to the silent majority. You should not feel cursed because your breasts are smaller than the average. There are really good reasons for you to be thankful for your smaller breasts. Here are a few of those reasons:.

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Smaller breasts are not in the way when you want to do anything, like run, or jump, or play tennis, or dance. Balance is wrong, and they are literally in the way. Aurora Almendral began reporting this story in October At 12 years old, Joan Garcia liked leaping into the sea and racing the boys to the nearest pylon. She liked playing tag. When she started having sex at 1, she thought it was just another game.

Joan was skipping across the pavement, playing a game with friends, when an older neighbor noticed her rounding belly. Her daughter, Angela, is now a year old. Joan croud on the floor, folding up her lanky teenage limbs and fed Angela fingers-full of steamed rice, crimped strands of instant noodles and fermented anchovies from the family's small communal bowl.

Sisters Joan center and Jossa Garcia leftboth teen mothers, hang out in a boat with their children and their younger sister.

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Each year, 1. Joan, now 16 years old, said that since she became a mother, she's embarrassed to play kids' games, then paused for a moment. Over a year period, 1. That's a rate of 24 babies per hour.

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And the rate of teenage pregnancy is rising. According to the most recent data, collected every 10 years, in6. Last August, the Philippines' economic development agency declared the number of teenage pregnancies a "national social emergency. Joan Garcia right and her baby take a boat ride home. Garcia says she's embarrassed to play kids' games now that she's a mother - but admits "sometimes I still play tag in the water with my brothers.

The pandemic has made the situation worse. With Manila under a strict lockdown - including limited access to medical facilities, no public transportation and harshly enforced rules on not going out - access to birth control has been severely curtailed, particularly for teenagers, said Hope Basiao-Abella, adolescent reproductive health project coordinator for Likhaan, a nongovernmental organization that works on women's health and access to contraception.

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The University of the Philippines Population Institute is predicting a baby boom in - an estimate additional unplanned pregnancies because of the conditions created by the pandemic.

The main reasons for the high rate of teenage pregnancies are inadequate sex education some girls do not know that having sex can result in pregnancy or fully consider the responsibility of having children and a lack of access to birth control. Contraceptive access has long been a complicated, divisive issue in the Philippines.

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Despite a constitutional separation of church and state, Catholic morals dominate Philippine law. For more than a decade, reproductive health activists and legislators fought a bitter battle with the Catholic Church and conservative politicians to pass a law that would allow the government to distribute contraceptives to those who could not afford them and require comprehensive sex education in public schools.

Outside the Quiapo Church in Manila, some vendors sell herbs, roots and bottled pills used to induce abortion - which is illegal in all circumstances in the majority-Catholic country. In the past, the Catholic Bishops Council of the Philippines pread - in public statements, on the pulpit and through allied lawmakers - against a bill to widen access to birth control on moral grounds, calling it "anti-life" and "a major attack on authentic human values and on Filipino cultural values.

The Philippines passed a reproductive health bill into law in But years of Supreme Court challenges and delays in implementation continue to this day. Among the concessions to conservatives was a provision requiring parental consent for minors to buy contraceptives or receive them for free.

The Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital serves low-income communities in Manila, where the rates of teen pregnancy are high. Locals call it the "baby factory" a?? and the maternity ward is typically very busy.

Juan Perez IIIexecutive director for the Philippine Commission on Population and Development. The law improved access to birth control for women, but it became harder for teenagers to get birth control.

To address the resulting uptick in adolescent pregnancies, lawmakers have introduced bills improving access to contraception, supporting sex education and making it illegal to expel girls from school should they become pregnant.

None have become law so far. Perez said a teenage pregnancy has a significant impact on perpetuating poverty. That was the finding of a study by the United Nations Population Fund.

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By age 20, a teenage girl in the Philippines who gets pregnant and drops out of school earns 87 percent of the average year-old woman's pay.

Perez said the lower income continues further into adulthood. Joan lives with 16 relatives on a small raft of bamboo poles and scavenged wood, tied to a broken cement pylon, bobbing behind a row of steel shipping vessels docked in Manila's fish port - a patchwork of spaces no larger than two king-size mattresses.

Two of her sisters' babies and a kitten nap on a pile of rumpled sheets against a particle board barrier to keep them from falling into the murky, gray water. Sisters Joan left and Jossa Garcia rightboth teen mothers, are seen in their home in the Navotas fish port with their children, Angela and JM, respectively.

Like Joan, her older sisters had babies when they were young and left school before they graduated.

©Pinay Scandal - Free XNXXCOM Sexvideos and XXX | XNXXCOM. close The ten teen-age Filipina beauties would also share the stage with a group of six young men. Well, at least I did see six guys at the beginning of the competition but once the interview portion of the contest started, I only spied four young Filipinos on the stage Philippines , Tribal Girl, Mindanao, Davao, We all went up the mountain and found a beauty up there! But also gorgeous landscapes what a place and th

No woman close to her has ever had a good job. Her mother occasionally finds a day of work cleaning mussels on the concrete floor of the fish port. Her father brings in some money doing odd jobs at the port. The family is often hungry and thirsty, and survives by begging sailors for food and water.

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Yet the current government wants to see changes. The government now believes that the country's birthrate of 2. So after decades of policies that limited access to contraception informed by a Catholic ethos to procreate, government agencies are now acting with a new urgency to bring the birthrate down.

If households have fewer children, Perez said, it will improve the family members' chances of getting out of the mire of poverty. Yet the reproductive health laws in the Philippines - aimed at stemming population growth - are yet to have that impact. And the people who suffer are the urban poor.

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Risa Hontiveros knows the limits of the laws, the complexity of the issue and the danger of losing hope. The work of improving access to birth control, Hontiveros said, "were passed on to us by those who came before us, they struggled, and they fought.

They won some, and they lost probably more, but they passed on to us better situations that they started out with. Joy Villanueva dropped out of high school when she got pregnant at 14, in seventh grade. Her boyfriend, four years older, wooed her with afternoons out, buying her fried quail eggs on a stick and paying for rounds on the karaoke machine at a local hangout. Joy Villanueva, 15, holds her baby.

The slums where her family lived had burned down; they hope to build a new shack to replace the home they lost. He was tall and handsome, and she liked that he did chores around the house and washed the dishes for his mother. Soon she was living with him.

For her boyfriend, getting Joy pregnant was a mark of ownership. Joy resisted, but he persuaded her to have sex. By the time she gave birth, he was in jail for theft, and she was raising the baby with help from his mother. The day we met, the three of them were living together in a makeshift home of little more than a tarp supported by planks of wood - they had set it up after their slum had burned down a week before.

At 15, Joy dreamed of finishing high school, going to college and becoming a police officer.

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That was what her late father wanted for her when she was a little girl. She said that any day now, she'll move in with her mother, who will take care of the baby while she goes to class.

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