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Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr ru. Home Forums General ESO Discussion. Dev Tracker Categories Recent Unanswered Sign In Register. The hardest end-game content for me in ESO is making a beautiful pretty simple Altmer girl. They all look like crazy angry lemurs with huge eyes and lips and any sliders, presets, examples or sites with that that one could look at or even copy and change to it's taste further? : my message on 2-nd page contains the reason and examples of why my chars looked even worse and frustrated me even more - those were coz of FPS tweaks in UserSettings file - just watch an example in that message.

I'm planting trees with my site. This Altmer name generator will give you 10 names that fit the Altmer race of the Elder Scrolls games. Altmer are high elves, so these names could fit other high elves in other games and stories as well. All these names are generated with rules similar to how the names in the Elder Scroll games seem to be created, so most of the generator names will fit, some might even be the same as in-game names.

Both the male and female names share the same last names. Unlike some of the other Elder Scroll races, the Altmer names don't have a particular meaning, a title or other recognizable part of a name. Note that, especially in newer Elder Scrolls games, Altmer usually don't use surnames, but I included surnames based on the older games for those who wish to use one anyway, perhaps for a special, noble character.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names?

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Simply click again to get 10 new random names. The background image above is part of the Elder Scroll copyright and belongs to its rightful owners. His shape has been taken over by Boethiahwhich resulted in a number of Aldmer listening to the Daedra. Trinimac vanished after this, and was replaced by Malacathwhich the Altmer portray as the dangers of the influence of the Dunmer.

Y'ffre is revered as the spirit of "the now. Y'ffre became the first of the Earth Bones, and established the laws of nature, which provided the mortals with safety. The god of ancestry and secret knowledge. Originally he served as a scribe to Auri-El, keeping track of every Aldmeri accomplishment, regardless of their size, since the beginning of time.

He is said to have created his wife, Oghmafrom his favorite moments.

Mara is one of the deities worshipped across almost all Tamriel. The goddess found her origins during the Mythic times as a goddess of fertility.

The Altmer consider her the wife of Auri-El. Stendarr is the god of compassion and righteous rule. Early Altmeri legends depict Stendarr as the apologist of Men. Syrabane is considered an Aldmeri god-ancestor of magic.

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He aided Bendu Olo during the fall of the Sload. Through using his magical ring, Syrabane was able to save many from the Thrassian Plague. He was also known as the Apprentices' God, when the Mages Guild still existed, as he was a favorite for its younger members. Phynaster is a hero-god of the Summerset Isles, and taught the Altmer how to live another hundred years.

Also known as the Doom Drum, he convinced the Original Spirits to create the mortal plane. After the world was created, Lorkhan was separated from his divine center.

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His place in the creation of the world has a variety of interpretations, but the Altmer believe he is the most unholy of the gods, as he broke their connection to the spirit plane. He is almost always considered an enemy of the Aldmer, and a hero of early Mankind. A Battlereeve of Dusk commanding Altmeri forces. Altmeri weapons and armor strive for simple elegance, with flowing lines reflecting forms from the natural world, such as patterns in the shapes of abstract birds, flowers, and seashells.

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Armor often being embossed in order to represent scales or feather, with even cuirasses and helmets being stylized with wings or beaks.

The Altmer of every social class has an open disdain for the usage of iron, steel, and any other material commonly used by the races of the mainland of Tamriel.

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The armor and weapons of the Altmer have a sturdy elegance. Fanciful materials are common on Summerset, glass is considered the most impressive when used for swords or axes. Items crafted with glass are surprisingly robust, and always alluring. The weapons are light, and milky green in color, though the blades require constant and careful sharpening.

Due to the bounty of rare and primarily crystalline minerals on Summerset, a variety of the crafted arms of the Altmer are enchanted, such as weaponry being embedded in glass details, with golden pommels, and with eagle wings and heads. The Altmer also use winged bows, though the Altmer do not use the leather of wild animals, instead preferring to use the most pliable leather from specifically bred guar.

The hardest end-game content for me in ESO is making a beautiful pretty simple Altmer girl. They all look like crazy angry lemurs with huge eyes and lips and any sliders, presets, examples (or sites with that) that one could look at or even copy and change to it's taste further? : my message on 2-nd page contains the reason and examples of why my chars looked even worse and frustrated me Altmer are high elves, so these names could fit other (high) elves in other games and stories as well. All these names are generated with rules similar to how the names in the Elder Scroll games seem to be created, so most of the generator names will fit, some might even be the same as in-game names There is a lot of magic in the Elder Scroll 5 game. Some spells are offensive, others are defensive, some can spawn in new friends and others still bring old

Altmer favor weapons which match themselves, elongated, barbed, and coated in gold. The Altmer are famous for their prowess at sea. The Altmer are known to excel at their skill at naval warfare. Despite this long history of naval prowess, during the War of the Isle Altmeri naval prowess had decreased, which forced them to call upon the aid of the Psijic Order and the Empire in order to prevent the Maormer from taking over.

The Altmer believe their history starts after Nirn was created.

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They believe that the Ehlnofey, who landed on Nirn, were the ancestors of the Elven people. These Ehlnofey were divided in two kinds, the Old Ehlnofey and the Wandering Ehlnofey, and would engage in war with one another, a war that reshaped Nirn.

When the war had concluded, the continents of Tamriel were formed, and the Ehlnofey turned into the elven races. Altmer society in its beginning was centered around agriculture and was politically egalitarian. Their religious beliefs had remained the same as they had been in Aldmeris, as they continued to worship their ancestors. The elves would eventually form up and create the Crystal Tower as a monument to the spirits, both living and dead, of all elven peoples.

The tower housed a number of graves of the original elven settlers. As exploration of mainland Tamriel advanced, many Aldmer would leave Summerset. Especially those among the worker class sought to settle the rest of the continent, believing they could live as kings instead of their low classes on Summerset itself.

Saint Veloth was one of these migrants. During the Alliance War of the Second Era, the First Aldmeri Dominion was founded. During this time, many an Altmer felt like the Dominion did not stand for the ideals of the Altmer, and as such, opposed it.

The Altmer would later form the Second Aldmeri Dominion around the time of Tiber Septim. The Thalmor had aided Bosmer factions in uniting Summerset and Valenwood in one union to oppose the rise of the Third Empire. After being conquered by, and assimilated into the Empire, the Altmer would survive and continue to live in horror for over years after Septim's passing.

Their pride had been heavily damaged as a result of his conquest. During the War of the Isle in Ethe Maormer attempted to conquer Summerset, and came close to achieving victory.

The Altmer had to resort to asking the Empire and the Psijics for aid in order to defeat their enemy. During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Altmer invaded Valenwood in what is known as the War of the Blue Divide.

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The Altmer were only successful in conquering a small part of the coastline of Valenwood. This reduced strength in Altmer society had caused many Altmer, the young in particular, to rethink what it means to be a High Elf. As of Ethe Altmer had been at peace with the other peoples of Tamriel for a few years.

Their society was strongly divided, and this division finds its origins in the Tiber Warswhen Tiber Septim conquered the province, which shook Altmer society. For eras, the Altmer believed in Altmer supremacy over the other races, and cultures, of Tamriel.

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While for a long time this thinking was justified, after the province was conquered by the Third Empire, Altmer began to doubt this belief system. Especially among the young Altmer took a critical view of the ancient hierarchy of Altmer society, while also being critical of the strong xenophonia present among the Altmer.

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While dissidents had always existed, they were always exiled in the past. This time, however, a significant portion of the Altmer had become dissidents, and desired social change.

The result of this new thinking was taken into some use in Summerset. New cultures and races were accepted into Summerset, and these peoples were also permitted to take positions which had been forbidden for them a century prior, such as the positions of Queens and Kings. An extremist movement would also take form, however. Known as the Beautiful, they originated with the idea that Summerset had to let go of the past in order to advance as a society.

This group would eventually turn radical, and became dedicated to destroying the monuments of the Altmer, such as the Crystal Tower. Victoryguard 17 Oct, pm. From sheer lack of technical details I will try the prank in Diplomatic Immunity but, if possible with the NPC in question I as the prankster will cease the prank to follow through honestly. If the Thalmor don't see advantage gained in the process then the Feudalism of Skyrim is broken Yes, it's that absurd You could almost feel sorry for the staff.

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Cool, I'll barhop. Altbert [author] 15 Jul, am. You can find them custom Altmer in various inns throughout Skyrim, when not travelling between cities. net for their locations. Sorry, I have made no list. Thank you. Ghostwolf 16 Feb, pm. where can tanuvial be found? Bossk Kale 6 Jan, pm.

ah thank you :. Altbert [author] 6 Jan, am. Terror-Toxic: find Khajiit and Argonians in my other marriage mods. Bossk Kale 6 Jan, am. why humans why khajits have no one to marry or argonia only one if you are a male!!

Altbert [author] 5 Jan, pm. Reldith is married, but that's no problem! Hroki is in one of my other mods: she's a Nord!!!

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Altmer are the light-skinned and tall Elves of the Summerset Isles. In the Empire, the name "High Elves" is given to the Altmer, with the word "High" being used to describe the Altmer as tall, proud, and culturally snobbish.1 The Altmer consider themselves the perfect race.2 1 By game 2 Culture Necromancy and the undead Architecture and language Society Religion Creation Sulhelka - CP 1k+ Altmer Magicka Sorcerer (Ebonheart Pact) Sylundine - CP 1k+ Breton Magicka Warden (Ebonheart Pact) # December Quote. Bam_Bam Lets just get rid of elves full stop. Utterly pointless, pathetic and unwanted. Joined January PC EU - PvE & BGs & PvP (Vivec) Grand Master Crafter #DiscordHypeSquad Stream Lims Kragm'a Bam Bam Bara # December

Gillespie [29th ID] 20 Nov, pm. Reldith is married.

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itzadunndeal 25 Oct, am. The NPCs in this mod only require Skyrim. esm and do not require any of the DLCs, not even the ate. esm but you probably have this one automatically. itzadunndeal 24 Oct, am. Are the marriageable's behind the dawnstar marriageable npc do they recquire a dlc like dawnstar to use if it does then which one. Altbert [author] 15 Oct, pm. Then, ck the beds in your home and maybe find these all "owned"!

No one cared if two girls or two boys married, so. I am not sure why you said you cannot marry a Redguard if you're playing a female. Altbert [author] Mar 15, @ am Can't another mod be interfering? I haven't made any changes to quests, just made the NPCs marriable by putting them in the potential marriage faction and changed their relationship rank towards the player. With "all the Tfw when your dad raped and tortured an innocent 10 year old nord girl. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the TrueSTL community. k. Posted by 6 days ago. Don't hate the sub, hate the game. k Grandma Rose want me to go to my cousin's art show. But I have a heada. byOrf / Matt

Even the children's beds!! If that's the case your spouse, whoever she is, and your possible children won't move to your HF home. Statman 15 Oct, pm. has anyone noticed you can't move atleast nenya to hearthfire home.

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Altbert [author] 6 Oct, pm. All single females are potentially marriageable, but this doesn't say they will marry you! Jane Doe 5 Oct, am. How do you marry Elenwen. Pread 0 Sep, am.

MGdragon1 26 Sep, am. alright, thank you for the clarification!

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