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Agent Grace Abigail Mills , better known as Abbie , was a main character and a FBI Agent in the small modern-day town of Sleepy Hollow. At a very young age she had a series of mysterious encounters with demons that upended her life and left her estranged from her family. Upon meeting Ichabod Crane , she learned she is one of Two Witnesses foretold in the book of Revelation to fight against the coming apocalypse. Abbie and Ichabod, the show's two main protagonists and biblically ordained Witnesses, must team up in order to fight the seven tribulations. Abbie Mills had a troubled childhood, which included brief run-ins with the law. Both Abbie and her sister, Jenny Mills , dealt with instability at home as children.

She also displayed a rare moment of swordsmanship, after wielding a sword and flawlessly beheading a doppelganger of Ichabod while trapped in Purgatory.

Abbie also has some supernatural powers. She has had prophetic dreams, assisted in casting spells, been visited by spirits only she can see, and had detailed visions of the past.

However, it is currently unclear if these experiences are due to her status as a witness or a benefit of her bloodline.

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A possible drawback to these powers is that after surviving, then leaving, the Catacombs, Abbie began hallucinating a specific symbol she associates with a supernatural being that saved her life in the Catacombs.

She paints the symbol on her shed wall-a V, a diamond, and a V shaped with a single line-and pledges fealty to the being it represents. Ichabod Crane is Abbie's fellow witness, partner, and very close friend.

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She met him when he awoke in modern day Sleepy Hollow. Initially, she was inclined to believe he was crazy but when he started to relay accurate details of the Headless Horseman who killed her mentor, Sheriff August Corbinshe slowly began to believe his tale.

They began to work together to solve the murders of Corbin and Reverend Knapp and eventually learned that they are the beginning of a plan orstrated by an ancient demon named Moloch to bring about the End of Days.

They also learn that she and Crane are the Witnesses spoken of in the Bible and decide to take on the task of preventing the Apocalypse. Abbie is Crane's sole guide to the 21st century and patiently helps him get acclimated to living in the modern world.

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She frequently teas him about new technologies, advances in language, and the new social norms that have arisen in the years since he died. Knowing what a big adjustment it is for him, Abbie does her best to reassure Ichabod that he has home with her in the modern age and though it takes a while Ichabod eventually decides to settle in calling Abbie his greatest boon.

They have grown to understand each other intimately and have developed a strong and affectionate friendship. As Witnesses, however, their relationship is a bit more contentious, with Abbie and Ichabod almost constantly butting heads. Initially, it is Abbie's resistance to believing in her being a Witness that is source of a tension, but morphs into Ichabod having very different ideas as to how to approach the conflict surrounding his family.

Later, this comes full circle in Abbie assuming that her role as a Witness is over and trying to move on with her life while Ichabod steadfastly believes their mission is still relevant. Despite this, when they are on the same page, they work very well together. Ichabod always inspires faith and trust in Abbie, even when he doesn't always earn it and Abbie in turn, is always there to remind him he is human and that it is okay to make mistakes.

Abbie is fiercely loyal to Ichabod, it can be argued that he is the single most important person in her life besides Jenny. She's said that her faith in Ichabod is her greatest weakness.

Abbie confides in him and is able to sense when something is bothering him. She'll often do small gestures of kindness for him whenever he's feeling down or they've been through a particularly rough time and always tries to get him to see the positives in a situation.

She worries over him whenever he decides to take on a task alone and has saved his life more than once.

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Even when their friendship is tested, Abbie and Ichabod have shown that they are willing to be honest with each other and work through any disagreements or hurt feelings, coming out stronger for it in the end. As children the sisters were very close. Sadly, they were both subjected to traumatic childhoods that included a string of foster homes and an encounter with a demon in the woods.

Jenny was sent to a mental institution after she insisted on telling the truth about what she saw that day. Jenny, fearing she would actually go through with the threats, would often purposefully get arrested in order to keep herself as far away from Abbie as possible.

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It is later revealed that she was marked that day in the woods, and Moloch had planned to use her to kill Abbie and hasten the coming of the apocalypse.

Jenny was reluctant to forgive her sister even after Abbie apologized, but they do manage a strained working relationship early on. Abbie's lost father.

He somehow knew that Abbie was indeed one of the Witnesses, yet he failed to save her troubled mom, Lori, as he left her to suffer from spiritual torture. For years, he's left the Mills girls to fend for themselves, until he returned to Sleepy Hollow during the latter half of Season.

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As an FBI Agent, Abbie was desperate to track him down, until her disappearance. Jenny and Joe were able to find him and use his lighter for the ritual that would help Ichabod use his astral form to locate her.

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When she returned from the Catacombs, Abbie met with him. She was never in the mood for forgiveness, and she found out that he left as Lori was suffering from hallucinations. It was also Abbie's predicament as well, as he said they were living in two separate realities.

Abigail Mills: Birthdate: estimated between and Death: Immediate Family: Daughter of Jeremiah Mills, Jr. and Abagail Mills Wife of John? Driver Sister of Dayton Mills; Elizabeth Mills; Jeremiah Mills; Julia Ann Mills and Sarah Mills. Managed by: View the profiles of people named Abigail Mills. Join Facebook to connect with Abigail Mills and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to See what Abigail Mills (abigailmills26) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas

At the time of Ragnarok, he stood by his daughters'' side as he provided Jenny with weapons, witnessed the death of Joe, and warned Ichabod that Abbie's eternal soul lives on in someone from Washington, someone who was close to her bloodline.

When Ichabod was escorted, he was never seen after that. Abbie and Jenny's deceased mom, as well as a former Witness, had been suffering from spiritual torture since before Ezra, her ex-husband, left. Growing up, her condition got worse and her family grew paranoid and defenseless until she was forcefully taken to Tarrytown by Reyes, while her daughters went into a series of foster homes.

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Several years later, during Season 2, Abbie, Jenny, and Hawley eventually found evidence at the psych ward that Lori wasn't responsible for all the suicides. In fact, she, too, killed herself after she was being persuaded by the spirit of a former nurse named Gina Lambert.

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She was only there as an unsuccessful warning to the patients; however, thanks to her journal and an incantation Jenny used, she was able to save Abbie from meeting a similar fate. She was also able to get the once-distressed Frank out of the asylum.

On the next day, she was summoned by a ritual as the sisters were saying goodbye to her. She said that she's proud of them, she knew that Abbie was the next Witness, and they must find a sacred weapon located in her journal passed down by Grace Dixon.

She knows that the fate of the world has been carried onto her daughters' hands before she rests in peace. Frank Irving is Abbie's former captain and friend. He, Abbie and Ichabod worked together, trying to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious happenings in Sleepy Hollow.

Initially, Frank didn't believe Abbie. He clung to his skepticism and logic, but after seeing the Headless Horseman first hand Frank begins to trust Abbie. They seem to strike up a kind of camaraderie in that the are both cops fighting the apocalypse.

Abbie is especially protective of his daughter and Frank is grateful for all that she did for his family. Upon his return from the grave, Abbie is suspicious of him, fearing that he's still under Jeremy's control and is eventually proven correct.

However, she is relieved and embraces him once it is revealed that he has been freed. He was once a respectable detective working in the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff Department, and Abbie used to work alongside him. They also went to the same college together. At some point in his early life, he willingly sold his soul to Moloch, making him as one of his henchmen.

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Like Abbie, he didn't really care about Ichabod very much at first, and he constantly labeled him as a suspect for the death of the late sheriff, August Corbin. However, as time went on, she became more in tune with him, though Andy stayed true to the Demon's duties, even after his so-called death.

He was resurrected and given another chance. Abbie eventually gotten wiser of Andy's true intentions as Moloch's messenger, even though there were times when he claimed that he's the only one who could protect her.

He once served as a translator for the Horseman of Death, then as the complete opposite as someone who breaks the law rather than someone who upholds them. As he became a full-fledged member of Moloch's army, he was shot by Abbie and wound up in Purgatory.

He later saw her before Season 1 came to a close as a sort of guide during her imprisonment. Though if Moloch would catch him, he'd be "torn to pieces. She's known as Abbie's distant ancestor, particularly her great-great aunt, and also a former Witness.

Aside from Abbie's late mom and her sister, she's the only other family member who's aware of the supernatural occurrences in Sleepy Hollow and the world over. She has helped her family a lot via the journal she passed on for generations. Grace was burned alive after Henry, Ichabod's son, cried out at Frederick's Manor. She actually saw her descendant after Abbie saw her spirit at the haunted place while pursuing the tree monster.

She, too, helped her, Ichabod, and Lena Gilbert to escape. Then Abbie actually met her after she was accidentally transported to through the Grand Grimoire during the Season 2 finale.

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She was able to create a time reversal spell, the Abiero Spell, to help Abbie return to her own time without changing the course of history, even though, the energy surrounding the mansion would be weakened upon Death's and Katrina's arrival. Before Abbie returned to the present, she said that a crucial part in the war was about to start. And it was thanks to her journal and her experiences that helped Team Witness get to where they are now.

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August Corbin was the former sheriff of Sleepy Hollow and Abbie's mentor and father figure. He caught Abbie shoplifting from a store and gave her the choice of going to jail or straightening out her life. That meeting changed Abbie's life and inspired her to go into police work. He trained her and she quickly rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant. The two are implied to have been work partners on many cases and he gave her advice and encouragement whenever she needed it.

He also took Abbie's sister Jenny under his wing though he kept that knowledge from Abbie. Jenny, Abbie, and Corbin's son Joe have come together in a kind of de facto family to carry on his legacy. August was murdered by the Headless Horseman as the first casualty of the war against humanity.

His death affects Abbie greatly and forces her to confront her past and the supernatural history of her town. He appears to her in a vision to give her one last piece of advice and he's often referenced by Abbie in the course of working cases since he invesitgated many of the otherworldly happenings in the town and logged them in his files. Formerly known as Abbie's superior officer and past lover, as well as the replacement for the deceased head of the FBI, Granger.

They actually met and were in deep competition while they were in training as FBI agents. By the time they were relocated from Quantico to Winster County, their relationship started to get very complicated. While Pandora was making her move on Sleepy Hollow, he always questions her motives, even her sister, as well as Jenny's boyfriend, Joe. It eventually came to a point where she quits her job and gives up her badge.

before she disappeared into the Catacombs. Upon her return after a couple months have passed, he still holds some feelings to her and re-instated her as an Agent, alongside with Sophie's supervision. He finally understood the mysterious activity as the Hidden One was preparing for Ragnarok. But minutes later, he never saw Abbie again. Hawley was involved in a love triangle between Abbie and Jenny during all of Season 2.

The canny supernatural relic hunter is very cocky and headstrong, especially with his relationships. Unfortunately, for him, his charm never seemed to work on Abbie, though. He did once save Abbie after she drowned in the library by the Weeping Lady, and he does have some promising moments on assisting the Witness: from keeping an eye on the Headless Horseman during Moloch's regime, to trapping the Tyrian Shekel before Jenny was able to kill Reyes, to helping her investigate the mysterious suicides at Tarrytown Psych, along with revealing her and Jenny's fate of their late mom.

He did turn traitor as he was serving his former caretaker, Carmilla Pines, instead of saving Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod from trouble at Henry Knox's past home. Since then, he wants to redeem himself if he should ever find her as the Vetala. Like Abbie Mills, she's also an FBI agent working with Daniel.

They first met as she found out that she was working for Nevins. Much like Abbie's sister, she's known as a fine artifact hunter. She eventually showed her true colors as she held him captive while she, Joe, and Ichabod were chasing the Beserkers. After Abbie disappeared, she was her temporary replacement as a member of Team Witness, and her position as an agent.

She also managed to have half of the marking of the Emblem of Thura on her arm and when she combined hers with Ichabod's to vanquish the demon, it became whole at the Catacombs. By the time, Abbe returned, Sophie still remained useful and dedicated to her cause. She also teamed up with her on a field mission with Daniel before they were ambushed by the Verslinder.

Sophie was one of the most productive members until after Ragnarok ended.

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Season One. Season Two. Season Three. Season Four. The obvious path was for me to follow a creative career and I discovered textiles at art school as a means of incorporating texture and my big passion, colour. My style is very distinctive and I use a self developed technique of layering up sheer backgrounds and hand dyed printed cottons, combined with free motion machine embroidery to create landscapes and other imagery.

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I leave the fabric edges raw and frayed and more recently have been interested in creating three dimensional forms. The overall effect looks ethereal and my medium is sometimes confused with watercolour, when viewed from a distance.

Abbie Mills is a lieutenant with the Westster County Police Department in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. She is poised to leave the town in a week for the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, but with the slaying of her mentor and partner, by a headless horseman, her plans are derailed About Abigail I'm a Norfolk based textile artist inspired by my native coastlines and countryside. I trained in embroidery at Cumbria College of Art & Design in , following a passion for art throughout my childhood. I'd made things from an early age and been nic-named 'fiddle -fingers' as I was always creatin Norfolk textile artist/ Abigail Mill/ Embroidery/ Art /Prints / Mugs / Placemats/coasters/Sewing Kits/ Southwold/ Wells/ Seals/ Aldeburgh/ Suffolk/ beach huts/ textile tutor/ Textile Speaker

I initially set up my business with a grant from the Princes Trust and started selling my work through exhibitions and trade shows. Over the years the business grew and I moved to London and exhibited at trade shows there and with the Crafts Council in New York and San Francisco. I had sales agents working on the road for me and the cards were distributed worldwide.

By I realised that my creativity was being drained and I took a break to concentrate on designing new embroidered artwork and to write a book on my work. With the resurgence of crafting and a wealth of talented ladies tucked away across the country, I started running my own Creative Machine Embroidery courses.

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