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This is a list of characters in the ITV science fiction television series Primeval , including supporting characters. The series originally features a cast of five main characters plus supporting cast who investigate time anomalies for the British government. The series 1 cast is made up of Douglas Henshall as Professor Nick Cutter , James Murray as Stephen Hart , Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple , Lucy Brown as Claudia Brown and Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitlan with Juliet Aubrey as Helen Cutter , Ben Miller as James Lester and Mark Wakeling as Captain Tom Ryan. In the final episode of Series 1, Captain Tom Ryan is killed off, and Claudia Brown disappears. The rest of the cast carries over into Series 2. Lucy Brown plays a new character, Jenny Lewis , a savvy PR person and a doppelganger of Claudia, but unlike her, she has no romantic attachment to Cutter and resents him referring to her as "Claudia".

Abby was late to an Anomaly incursion because she was with Jack. Later Jack was at Abby's flat looking for some shampoo wearing nothing but a towel when Connor arrived. He introduced himself before Abby scolded him for being so naked. She revealed that Jack was in fact her brother, much to Connor's relief.

As Jack went to the shower, Abby asked Connor to moved out so her brother had somewhere to say for a while. Connor was more than happy to oblige for Abby's sake. Jack bets Rex in Poker. Sometime later, Jack and Abby were kick boxing with each other the flat. Abby knocked Jack over, startling Rex causing him to fly away so Abby jokingly told Jack to be careful as the lizard was more valuable than he was.

After Abby left for work, Jack invited Tony and two other friends over to play poker. After playing a few rounds, Jack lost all of his money to Tony. In a desperate attempt to win, he told Tony how valuable Rex was and used him as a bet for the next round. Obviously Jack lost and Tony took Rex, but when Abby came home, Jack lied and said Rex was in his room.

Soon after, Abby was looking for Rex while Jack hid under his bed covers.

Abigail Sarah "Abby" Maitland is played by Hannah Spearritt. ITV's official site says that while Abby has arachnophobia she developed a love of reptiles when her parents took her on holiday to the Galapagos Islands as a child and has had a love affair with lizards ever since. Although she started university she later left after only one term when she became a zookeeper. Always fit and athletic First appearance: Episode Abby Maitland/Connor Temple Hilary James Becker/Connor Temple (67) Nick Cutter/Stephen Hart (65) Stephen Hart/Tom Ryan (55) Hilary James Becker/Jess Parker (8) Hilary James Becker/Abby Maitland (1) Claudia Brown/Nick Cutter (26) James Lester/Abby Maitland (25) Matt Anderson/Emily Merchant (24) Nick Cutter/Jenny Lewis (22) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (75) Humor (5) Abby was late to an Anomaly incursion because she was with Jack. Later Jack was at Abby's flat looking for some shampoo wearing nothing but a towel when Connor arrived. He introduced himself before Abby scolded him for being so naked. She revealed that Jack was in fact her brother, much to Connor's relief

When asked, he lied again, saying he had let Tony "borrow" Rex as he loves lizards. Abby was furious and threw a shoe at Jack before leaving. After Connor saw Rex for sale online, he called Jack and scolded him for gambling Rex when he had no right to.

He told Jack to get Rex back, however Jack apparently did nothing.

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Connor eventually got Rex back from Tony himself and returned him to Abby's flat but neither he or Jack told Abby. A Megopteran attacking Jack. Becoming frustrated with Abby's secrecy about her work, Jack stole a handheld Anomaly detector from Abby's bag.

He was playing Xbox when Abby left the flat and Rex "confronted" Jack about his crime but Jack shrugged it off. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Danny Quinn's been stranded in the ancient past for a long time, he doesn't remember the last time he even saw a woman naked let alone have decent sex.

Its a good job there's someone close to hand who can help him out. After their threesome with Becker, Danny wonders if Abby wants to take things up a notch in their relationship. Abby is in "relationships" with both Danny and Becker it's all working out perfectly until they find out about each other. Abby fought a worm with her kickboxing skills and turned on the heating.

She didn't care when Connor lost Caroline's her mobile number, but was disappointed when she shows up again at her flat looking for her mobile. The went out on a date, leaving Abby behind wondering about how she truly felt about Connor. Abby impatiently waited as Connor told Caroline he had to go to work, and watd Connor demonstrate his new Anomaly Detection Device, but a creature attack was soon reported. After examining the body of a dead paintballer found at the Blue Sky park Abby suspected the creature to be a giant cat.

Stephen found a set of tracks and Abby and Cutter went to meet up with him, but it appeared it had doubled back on them and they lost it.

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During the night Abby and Connor seard the nearby forest using infrared imagers, and Abby teased Connor about his mistake with a gun and nearly killing the park manager. He was soon attacked by the creature, a Smilodon, and Abby helped set a trap using an excavator to dig a hole, but she uncovered a body that had been mauled by the Smilodon.

It arrived and attacked Cutter, and Abby used the excavator to fight it. before Cutter lured it away, giving Abby the chance to shoot it, but she missed and it got away.

Cutter determined the body had been mauled by the cat several days earlier, and someone knew about the Smilodon and was hiding it. Jenny had gone to arrest a farmer who used to keep lions, and Stephen, Abby and Connor arrived in time to keep her from getting killed.

However the farmer had no idea what the sabre-tooth was and Cutter called the group when he learned that the park ranger Valerie Irwin had been hiding the Smilodon for years. They arrived too late to keep the Smilodon from killing her, and Abby gave the cat a tranquiliser for its transportation back to the ARC, but Leek claimed that it had died and accused Abby of overdosing it. She was practising her kickboxing when Caroline interrupted, and teas her about scissor-kicking the opponent in the throat to Abby's chargin.

A new anomaly is detected and at the canal she makes it clear she doesn't like Caroline showing up more and more at her flat and disbelieves the reason Caroline and Connor aren't close, making Connor angry.

Abby scanned the water and fought with Connor again. She later helps Cutter and Stephen examine a dead Future Sharkwhich was presumed to have killed a missing boy named Lucien but it was proved otherwise. Upon returning home she was horrified when she discovered Rex in the freezer and refused to believe Caroline that it was an accident and angrily told Connor to keep her away from Rex in the future.

The next day after Cutter recovered from an attack from the Cleaner, leading the group to suspect a conspiracy, she and Connor fought once again, at one point reffering to Caroline as 'Cruella de Ville'. While awaiting to see if they could lure the creature in to their boat, Abby saw something in the water but dismissed before she was kidnapped by a Mer Creature and dragged into the canal.

Abby was unconscious in the water for some time before awakening to find herself trapped in a water tank with the missing boy Lucien. Despite attempts to get free the Mer roared at them to stay silent. The water in the tank was rising and assured Lucien they weren't going to die because of the 'overgrown tadpole'. They heard someone breaking into the room but Abby was dragged beneath the surface again. She was taken to another part of the flooded warehouse and a Mer prepared to attack her before she used the scissor kick technique Caroline had taught her to knock it away.

Connor arrived and assured her she was now safe, only for a MerQueen to arrive and knock Connor into the water, leaving Abby worried he was dead before she was. dragged through the anomaly into the Future Beach. The MerQueen left her underneath a ledge, and was found by the still alive Connor who tried to pull her to safety.

As the MerQeen started coming back Abby implored Connor to let her go and save himself, but Connor wouldn't, saying he loved her. Fortunately Cutter and Stephen arrive and help them both up, before killing the MerQueen. Back on the other side of the anomaly Abby farewelled Lucien, telling him Connor wasn't her boyfriend despite what he thought, and asked Cutter if the future was how they were going to end up, and Cutter theorised they were human descendants, and Abby joked she hadn't liked Cutter's.

When she and Connor arrive back at the flat she asks him about what he'd said, thinking she may not have heard him right, but before Connor could say anything they were interrupted by Caroline. They left, leaving behind a disappointed Abby.

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When Connor decided he would like to give a relationship with Abby a try, he talked with Abby about the possibility of him breaking up with Caroline. Abby pretended it was a difficult subject and said he should do what's best for him, but warned him against dumping her by text, because she thought no one should deserve such a humiliation. While waiting for Cutter and Stephen to return from the Silurian with a girl that had wandered through, something with many legs slipped past her and Connor.

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They chased a Giant Millipede that wound up in a family restaurant, and Abby managed to catch it in a ball pit, but reprimanded Connor for his childish behavior. After tossing the large bug through the closing anomaly, she prevented Connor from going through to get Cutter and Stephen as the anomaly closed, leaving the pair trapped. They returned to the ARC to tell Lester, who decided to leave her and Connor in charge. While Connor was worried about taking charge of the operation alone, Abby reassured him he wouldn't have to.

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They were later called to another anomaly site, and were greatly relieved to find Cutter and Stephen back alive with the rescued girl. When they returned to the flat later, she was worried when the place was a mess and couldn't find Rex.

She was furious at Caroline for taking Rex, and at Connor for dumping her by text and decided that they would have to tell Cutter so he could help them get Rex back. Cutter called a secret meeting, including Abby, and the group were worried about the conspiracy involving the now dead Cleaner and decided they would have to find out who the traitor was, however the anomaly detector alarm went off.

A Columbian Mammoth had appeared on the M25and though she was prepared to try and tranquilise it, they needed more firepower, but had nothing they could use, so Abby took a sleek sports car to get to a nearby safari park so that she could get female elephant urine to get the mammoth's attention. However the anomaly closed and the mammoth was contained within a truck.

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When later looking after it. The Columbian Mammoth feeling Abby's hair.

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Episode 2. in the ARC, Abby warned Lester about the dangers of the mammoth and wasn't happy with his joke about selling its ivory tusks. Stephen tried to convince Abby that keeping the public in the dark about the anomalies was wrong, but Abby pointed out that if people knew prehistoric animals were in the present, how would they react when an animal is going extinct nearly ever day.

Cutter set up a trap and while waiting Abby told him about Caroline stealing Rex, before Jenny arrived and was forced to reveal the traitor was Leek. Connor was hacking into Leek's personal file, she was curious about how Connor knew so much he shouldn't about the others, and tricked him into admitting he'd been through her file too by asking him what her middle name was, and demanded he keep out of her file again.

While Lester and his men went after Leek, Connor realised he could find Caroline and Rex by tracing her mobile, so she went with him along with Cutter and Jenny, only to end up in Leek's cluts at his secret base as he unveiled his alliance with Helen and his captured creatures.

When held in a cell with Connor, Leek took Caroline in there and Abby immediately deduced she was his spy, though had to tell Connor since he couldn't figure out why she was there.

After demanding to know where Rex was, she and Caroline began fghting, and after accidentally hitting Connor he managed to stop the fight. Leek showed them his creatures once again, and Abby spotted Rex inside one of the cages, and though she tried to touch him she was unable to because of the laser bars.

They were locked up again with Jenny and Caroline, and was clearly sympathetic when she realised Caroline hadn't known what was going on. Afterwards they were placed in an arena and were faced with a Smilodon.

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Abby recognised it as the one that killed Valerie, and allowed herself to become distanced from the others so that it would try and attack her. As it leapt Abby moved out of the way, having tricked it into attacking exposed wires and caused it to run off. Leek's facility suddenly went offline, and while trying to find a way out, they found the escaped Rex to Abby's relief, and that he had also found a way to the surface. After Rex was shot as they were escaping, she thanked Caroline for bringing him out.

Later, at Stephen's funeral, she and Connor make their peace with Caroline, and prepares to reach for his hand but decided against it, before they headed off to another anomaly. Abby was woken by a call from Cutter stating that there was a new Anomaly in the British Museum so she woke Connor up by pouring Rex's food on him. After they arrived they were introduced to Captain Becker and began searching the museum and came across a dead woman and an Egyptologist named Sarah Page.


They found the anomaly and went after the Pristichampsus with Cutter. While searching she noted that they were not as good as the dead Stephen in animal tracking, and while too late to save a traffic warden she found a tooth and realised the creature was a crocodilian and would head to the river.

They spotted it when it left the river and they cornered it in a building. Abby tried to sedate it, but almost hit Cutter and while her and a cleaner crashed through the window the injured creature began heading back to the museum. When it returned to the museum and went through the anomaly she learnt of Sarah's joke of a curse on Connor and found it amusing, and told her not to tell him yet. After Cutter made a prediction with his new matrixshe, Connor and Jenny went to an abandoned house to see whether or not an Anomaly would open.

She pretended to be in trouble and when Connor came running she was flattered that he would risk his own life to help her. After being forced off the property by Danny QuinnJenny and Connor went to find out what happened to the house as Abby remained behind to keep an eye on things. After spotting something inside she was ambushed by a Camouflage Beast and fell down the stairs, knocking herself out.

When the others found her she couldn't remember what had happened. Jenny took Abby to get cked up and upon returning to the house Jenny left to get Connor out of jail. During their absence she noticed a little girl feeding the Camouflage Beast and realised that it is what killed the people fourteen years earlier and assured the girl it was no longer her responsibility to look after it. After telling the others of the creature, she went inside when someone went inside, and learnt he was the survivor of the three boys that had been in fourteen years ago.

Soon the anomaly opened as Cutter had predicted and Abby watd as Danny shot the creature back through. During the search of a hospital for a group of Diictodonts that had come through the Anomaly, she found one of the little creatures and attempted to capture it, but it escaped her and Cutter.

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entered they were all locked in the room by a journalist. When the woman went into labour, Cutter convinced her to use her skills from helping zoo animals give birth to help deliver the baby. Abby took the Diictodon Cutter had caught and showed it to Connor, who had caught on of his own, and they decided to keep them. Upon returning to the ARC they found it had been taken over by Helen and her Cleaner Clonesand she and Connor were left with Jenny, Sarah and Lester.

While Connor and Becker went to disable the clones and stop Helen, Abby attempted to fight one they were trapped with. As the ARC exploded, she evacuated with the others and watd as Cutter went back inside to find Helen.

Connor decided to go in himself after Abby asked him to be careful, and soon he came out with Cutter's dead body, having been shot by Helen. Connor held Abby in his arms as they both cried over Cutter's death in Connor's arms. Afterwards, Abby was worried that Connor was overworking himself in repairing the anomaly detector and building his Anomaly Locking Mechanism.

They headed off to another anomaly location, but the woman in charge of the building, Christine Johnsonrefused to let them enter. Later Abby was elsewhere as Connor answered her phone and thought that Jack might be Abby's boyfriend. While she arrived late at another anomaly site at an airport, she watd silently as Connor tested his Locking Mechanism and was reluctant to tell him where she'd been.

Abby drove her car over to where the Giganotosaur was attacking a crew, Jenny and Becker, and drove them back to the hanger, picking up Connor along the way, and watd as the anomaly was unlocked and Danny lead the dinosaur through. As they were packing up Connor asked if she had sorted everything out with Jack, and Abby, unaware of his suspicions, told him that they needed to talk.

At the flat she introduced Jack as her brother, but needed Connor to move out for a while, as Jack had no where else to go. Abby was testing plants inside the ARC, and wondered why Connor had his Diictodon pets Sid and Nancy there when he had told her they were at a friend of his. When pursuing the infected Sir Richard Bentley across London, they pursued him into the sewers and realised he had transformed into a Future Fungus creature.

When Danny arrived with flamethrowers, she was reluctant to use them in case Bentley was still alive, but he was captured and transported back to the ARC, where they were forced to kill him by leaving it in the cooled ARC control room in order to keep the fungus from spreading and infecting Jenny. Abby leaves Jack at her flat, unaware he was planning a game of poker with his friends.

When Christine Johnson took over the ARC to search for the Artefact, she, Connor, Danny and Sarah escaped to an abandoned safehouse. When they are attacked by Terror Birdsand Connor crashes the car, she is reluctant to leave him but lets Danny take care of him.

When the birds attacked the cabin, she was forced up onto the roof and nearly fell off before Danny managed to get them back through the anomaly. Upon returning to her flat, she accepts Jack's claim that Rex is sleeping on his bed.

However, when she learnt that Jack lent Rex to a friend though in reality he had gambled Rex away she was furious and demanded that he get Rex back by the time she got home. When the team found a Dracorex at a junkyard, she tried to help it before it was scared off by the knight William de Mornay.

She and Becker went after it, and after cornering it in a strawberry farm, they had a small argument over rescuing it and killing it, before the creature succumbed to its wounds. She and Becker transported it back to the junkyard and they and Connor helped it begin to recover. When de Monay arrived to slay the 'dragon' she stood in his way, prepared to sacrifice her own life for the dinosaur.

When Jack asked her what her anomaly detector was, she told him it was a sat-nav, and when she left he stole it because he was suspicious of what she was really doing.

After identifying a giant bug that had come through the latest anomaly as a type of ant that was not in the fossil record, the team realised it was from the future. When Connor called Becker's soldiers guarding the anomaly, he instead got Jack who had used her detector to get to the racetrack. When she heard him being attacked the team rushed to the track and found the anomaly open. Abby was quick to start heading through the anomaly to get her brother, and Connor, Danny and Becker followed.

After being attacked by Future Predators, the others thought they should go back and get extra help, but Abby was angry at them, especially Connor.

When they found Jack she was relieved, but when they were trapped in an old bus, she turned on Jack for his arrogance.

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After returning to the present she told Jack she couldn't tell him what was going on, and he told her about how he had gambled Rex away and Connor helping him. After asking Connor why he didn't use this against Jack, Connor tells her he didn't want to hurt her, the couple share a passionate kiss. When Abby brought Rex over to play with Sid and Nancy at Lester's apartment where Connor was staying, they talk about how they don't want any weird feelings between them, though Connor did act a bit weird.

At the anomaly site she and Sarah try to help a baby Embolotherium stuck in a tent. When she got inside however, she found a man in his underwear who was having his stag weekend.

Though when he asked whether she was the stripper hired by his friends, she asked him coolly if he wanted to get out of there alive.

After getting the baby out, Sarah and Becker teased her about the man. Before they could get the rest of the herd back through the anomaly in time it closes, but a mysterious woman named Eve whom Danny had brought with him used a bizarre device to open and close a new anomaly to send them back.

She went with Danny and Eve to the ARC, and while Danny spoke with Lester, Abby noticed some strange things about Eve. When Eve reveals herself to be Helen, she demands the artefact from them, and the team pursue her to Johnson's base, but couldn't get her before the anomaly closed. Danny, Abby and Connor go back to the Future City to stop Helen while Sarah and Becker headed back to Christine's HQ. While inside one of the buildings they are attacked by a Future Predator, and they manage to barricade themselves behind a door, which Abby notices has the ARC logo on it, meaning they are in the future version of it.

They confront Helen in another room, who escapes from them by opening another anomaly and escaping.

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After Connor realised she's gone to kill the first humans and hence wipe out mankind they rushed to catch up by opening their own anomaly. Abby heard something clang and noticed the door was open and warned Danny, who prepared to fight off any Predators that may attack. Fortunately with another anomaly device they escape to the Cretaceous but they are attacked by three Dromaeosaurus. Abby was chased by herself before the others pulled her up into a tree.

Danny threw a stun grenade down to knock out the raptors but Connor fell out of the tree and was injured. Abby refuses to leave him this time and told Danny to stop Helen. After fighting off another raptor, Connor regained consciousness, but he had broken his ankle so they climbed to the safety of a tree. After soothing Connor with making him him think of relaxing beas, Connor asked Abby if he can move back into her flat and she says he can, and the two prepare to go to sleep. It is mostly unknown of what happened during Abby and Connor's time in the Cretaceous, other than that they were able to make a very complex home at the base of several trees, and fed on roots and bulbs, as well as the occasional fish.

A year later, Abby and Connor were eking out a meager existence in the Cretaceous, and by that time Abby had lost hope of ever returning home, being afraid to even think of what she missed in the present, and somewhat accidentally burned one of Connor's books. Connor got chased back to their camp by a Spinosaurusand the two managed to survive in their reinforced home.

Abby knew that the Spinosaurus was territorial, and convinced a reluctant Connor to move away from the Anomaly site. As they headed away, they heard a nearby Raptor and she dropped her bag, and the dinosaur ran off with her blanket.

Connor went into the raptor's bower to get it, and also found Helen's Anomaly Opening Device. Abby was briefly hopeful, but saw that it was broken and told Connor to leave it, but he managed to get it working and open a new anomaly, to Abby's delight.

Dance Moms - Abby Tells The Girls Their Going To Be NUDE! (Season 2 Episode 09)

Before they could go through, the Spinosaurus returned, and Abby, not caring where the anomaly led to, used her blanket to lure the raptor to the Spinosaurus where they fought, creating a distraction and allowing them to go through. Arriving in what appeared to be the present, they were soon forced onto the ground by soldiers from the ARC, but Becker helped them up and they shared a happy reunion.

The new field team leader Matt Anderson arrived and greeted Abby and Connor, and when Connor tried to close the Anomaly, he instead unlocked it and allowed the victorious Spinosaurus through and go on a rampage through the streets. They stole one of the ARC's cars and pursued it, and were told to lure it into an Arena. As Connor tried to get the Anomaly device working again to send the creature back, Abby distracted the dinosaur with lights and music before it ate the device and imploded as an anomaly.

Abby and Connor were taken to the new ARC, and upon seeing Lester, Abby noted it was good to see him again and hugged him, before he and Philip Burton told them that their jobs as field team members were redundant following a new policy instated after the last mission, saying it was for their own good, which Abby scoffed at, particularly when Philip called them amateurs. At a company apartment, Abby still felt the need to keep a lookout, and as they looked out on the city, they kissed, having being in a relationship for most of their time in the Cretaceous.

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Lester convinced Philip to give Abby a minor job looking after the creatures in the ARC's menagerie because she had the experience, and told her this when she and Connor were collecting their stuff from their old lockers. She declined at first, still wanting to work with Connor, but he convinced her to accept for Rex's sake. Jess Parker gave her an I.

bracelet and shows her the way to the menagerie. Inside she saw the lonely Mammoth and shared a happy reunion with Rex. When leaving, Matt asked her what she thought, and despite her assumptions of him being trigger happy like all the other soldiers she's known, he proved to be caring towards the creatures, wanting to get them home as much as she does. Later Connor called her to ask if there's being an Anomaly alert after finding evidence of a fresh kill, but there hadn't been one.

She agreed to come down to the docks, unaware she was being followed by Matt. When she met up with Connor and his old friend Duncan, who had been looking into creature sightings, Abby confirmed she was Connor's girlfriend to Duncan.

Before she could see the body it had disappeared, and workers arrived to torch the building despite their attempts to get them to leave. The fire angered the Kaprosuchus and it attacked, but Matt arrived and helped them escape. While searching, Abby radioed Matt to tell them it was in the water and pursued it in a motor boat to the harbour. She warned a barge's captain to evacuate the ship while Becker arrives and knocks the creature out with an EMD. The creature escaped from a container it is held in, and Abby helps the others pursue it into a maze of containers.

Eventually the Kaprosuchus is killed from an onslaught of EMD fire, and while she is upset that it had to die, Matt pointed out that they can't get them all home. She and Connor were later reinstated as field team members by Lester, and move into Jess' flat.

The team was alerted to a new anomaly in a theatreand Abby went with Becker to meet up with Matt there.

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However Matt disappeared, leaving only his Black Box behind.

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