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Here I am hugging and laying on my doll again. My top is sheer chiffon, with silver decorations. The bed is covered in black lace. He's such a good boy. Well maybe he is a girl, after all, how do I know? I just call him

by Sugar Barre. i am not a cd tv or crossdresser but many of my friends are kiss my boy and girls xxx.

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My vintage petticoat by Sugar Barre. i still have the petticoat, it scrats but its so gorgeous. i am not a cd, tv, xdresser, but many of my friends are, some would love to have this for sissy look. alas, I have to sew them myself or find them in thrift shops. girls are not girly any more. Kiss my boy and friends. What makes a 10 totally feminine dress? I will go over the points that make it a number 10 on the la femme scale.

to see more of these totally femme Click here www. but many of my friends are.

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kiss my boy and girls, Love XXX click to see close ups of the shoes etc www. i'm reposting this so i can show new viewers. Me, in bed, close up my new stockings with butterfly tattoo. So, I just put my foot up on my knee and shot the design on new pantyhose, i love em stuff on my bed for trying on. bought pink tutu for flkr not for going outside.

Love these hose Nude body, with this one design on only one leg only one bug. I'm not sure they will last long? the quality i mean, never mind i might have them ripped off. I am not a tv, cd, crossdresserbut many of my friends are. Kiss my boy and girls. to see my top views click here www.


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HOWEVER NO PICS. Katherine 74 cropped by Tepe D Me, sexy bad girl close up. Because I love you. you can't see anything I'm being bad and nice. Dam, I look good. No retouching pretty good for sexy granny. Course I was married when I was 12 years old just a little girl.

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Kiss my boy and girls, xxx here is popular photo of these silk shoes. it seems i was on a roll when i shot these shoes. Me, White Wedding gown by Sugar Barre. Thigh high stockings, not panty hose. Nude above my knees.

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See the tops? I am a virgin, and I have been one all day. or tv. or xdresser, but many of my friends are. Kiss my boy and girls xxx Me, red silk sandals, nude legs, lace slip. If i have a fetish, it could only be shoes. I have hundreds, but I don't need them to have sex. so I guess, it's just a hobby.

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these are so beautiful, they are silk, see them glisten in the light? i have on panties but no pantyhose. The bottom of my famous vintage undies. tee straps, ankle bondage, for a nice lady. Nails in two reds. My arch, profile. So close, you can see my freckles. Cloud of white fluffy fur and dark green velvet drapes.

No, I am not a crossdresser or cd. Read my profile. Kiss my boy and girls xxx reposted for new fans got my legs from my mother www. Me, modeling black and pink rose flowers. These shoes are plastic with pink linen heels, mules, slides. My hose are not nude, they are black, very black, but the light shoots right through.

My scarf was purchased at another time and lucky, it mats. I shot more, so as my friend Rebecca says and bye bye for now". I am not a cd, tv, crossdresser, but many of my friends are.

kiss my boy and girls xxx. Me and Me reflection black legs, shoes, and slip. This top is lingerie, I didn't wear it under the white lace blouse. But same beautiful skirt. I am not a tv or cd or crossdresser but many of my friends are, kiss my boy and girls xxx CLICK HERE TO SEE MY BEST BUDDIES.

ALL GREAT STRAIGHT. CD'S www. Me, All in white lace. I am not a crossdresser or tv or cd, but many of my friends are on this site kiss my boy and girls xxx. Me,Hot Red vintage fantasy by Sugar Barre. I give my husband all the girls he wants.

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In one. I loved the little girl look. And Im sticking out my tongue. Sitting atop my couch. This dress is 25 years old. I am not a cd or a tv or a crossdresser, but many of my friends are kiss my boy and girls xxx no facebook, web or twitter btw. there is fantasy album, that is not safe? where I dressed as three models. white virgin, red whore, and dirty tonya in black. ck that out.

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Me, Sunday, noon after church. Black and White by Sugar Barre. These darling little heels are peep toe with pussy cat bows. I had this cute pillow says Chic Chick. Amateur still struggling with lighting and focus. It's not crystal clear. I did not change into photographic makeup, this is natural color. You know I'm going to flash you, undies and legs, later. Me, Paris legs by Sugar Barre.

My little black dress, with french pantyhose. The shoes are open toe lace too. I'm pulling up my skirt to show my sexy slip. My hose have tiny dots on sheer nude back ground. Red painted toes. Feeling rather frisky. I am so mad that men accuse me of being a dude. i am not a cd, tv, or xdresser or crossdresser. Nature made me. But, i have many admirers who are, and they are my friends.

kiss to my boy and girls. xxx sorry no facebook, twitter or website. Me, black pantyhose, red high heels. I am a real female i am not a cd, tv, or crossdresser but many of my friends are Kiss my boy and girls, xxx sorrry, no facebook, twitter or website. Me, red satin, black satin,legs and shoes.

New sandals, open toes, My room is decorated like a garden, with wooden trellis, and one wall of flowers.

Many colors. I'm holding rubies and stones. Antiques of my mothers. I am not a crossdresser or cd. but many of my contacts are. Kiss my boy and girl friends. Me, in vintage Victorian gown. I've had this for a while but never took any pics yet i have on a hoop skirti wanted to do skirt up. and show the hoop. But not easy to do. This is Jessica McClintock who used to be Gunnie Sax from San Francisco, Ca.

When I first started to be a Married Mistress i began to love gunnie sax I adored them and what man killers they are.

This is a southern belle, scooped loops, satin, silk, ribbon bows. The underwear skirt is taffeta and then the top skirt is lace, trimmed in lace. ok 25 yrs. The necklineis high, and i have on fabulous pearls. and my big fat diamonds. the bodice, the st has deep ruffles and see thru top, see skin but covered up is very enticing.

the earrings are huge and match the necklace. now you dont think i can let a good dress, go by, without showing my panties and legs or shoes? so stay tuned. I am not a cd, tg, or crossdresser or ts. Many of my contacts and friends are cds. and they love my femme look. Kiss my boy and girls XXX love you XXX. Me, River rocks by Sugar Barre. I left and married and moved to Ca and had my kids.

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This shot, I went back on vacation, with my new husband and no children with us. On top of a big mountian was a roa we were sightseeing on. The angle doesn't do my legs much good and my feet look big. they aren't. I wore lots of costumes as a married mistress and this was appropriate. There was no way to shoot any more as there was some traffic. So i hope you like it. I'm 6 years old.

I've been posing and modeling all my life. kiss my boy and girl friends xxx. Me park in california by Sugar Barre. I love this picture. I am wearing dark glasses those are not black eyes. I'm gasp wearing tennies shoes Well you can't wear high heels in the grass lands.

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Now, I want to tell you about my outfit. Every day was a fashion show I had great shoes and he said you all look great but Mrs X So this is two piece outfit and HIS MOTHER SHUSHED HIM AND I JUST SMILED AND SAID OH THAT'S OK. That is the point of ultra feminine clothes, they do look like underwear so i was pleased.

and even little MEN KNOW ITS SEXY OR SOMETHING? LOL NOW. IN MY SET Married Mistress Model fantasy i wore this outfit dressed as Melissa, so here you can see the whole thing so sorry. I didn't keep all my clothes I made. I'm so glad I have the photos. I am not cd, tv or crossdresser but many of my friend are, they love the ultra femme look kiss my boy and girls xxx click here to see MARRIED MISTRESS TRYING TO FILL MY HUSBANDS BRAIN WITH MANY WOMEN ALL ME www.

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Me, Mexican girl, silly car ride. I stood by it, I sat in it and then I said oh heck I'll just lay on the top. So I call this happy girl. I'm a real sex symbol on the hood thats the class boys and girls. Love you always teaching subliminal sex symbols on cars. i am not a cd, tv, ts, tg, or a crossdresser All made by nature, but many of my friends are.

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kiss my boy and girls xxx to see more of this skirt and poses click here. Me, TOPLESS. I took off my blouse and put on a french camisole.

I don't mean to put my finger in front of my face, it just went there when I popped my straps. I said I bought this at Xmas last year holiday, and only wore it in oct. almost halloween. My stockings are not nude but sheer black.

A little bit of leg. There is my high arS, I didn't try to show them off, I just dipped my knee. NO SHOES. Now, have you got all that? xxx I am a natural woman, i am not a tv, cd or crossdresser, but many of my friends are.

kiss my boy and girls xxx See more of this outfit in album with white lace blouse. click this link. h12 by Space Trucker. Me, 5 am MORNING can't wait to try new clothes shopping halloween by Sugar Barre. REPOSTED I HIT ONE MILLON. just a bunch of horny guys i guess? I found at halloween, big ap store loaded in ap stuff.

this darling tutu skirt it's double layers and ruffles and ribbon and a gleaming hot pink waist and hip section, and it was only 10 dollars at walmart i have it covered with a white nylon or?

corset affair with little lace sleeves. I didn't fix my hair. I have on no makeup.

I plopped a flower wreath on my head and took up this heart pillow. This pillow is for future shot i got this tutu. I have red and white ones in my stock but not so cute as this tiny short one. little ribbons only 5 dollars wheeee so soft material i look like a kid feel like a teen or preteen giggly with these finds every one hit the stores now for sexy stuff for the holiday.

not very well?

aper than internet, or online. so I was mad. and I got black and red thigh highs with pussy cat bows on them. so I'm done with the store but happy, as these will do under all my mini costume skirts. I am not a tv, cd,cd crossdresser, but many of my friends are. They love femme dresses. xxx no website, facebook or twitter. h20 by Space Trucker. h19 by Space Trucker. Me, little black dress, high heels, legs. I just bought this, It has three tiers. Crepe, so cute. Pumps open toes, gold glass beads, and gold trimmed boa.

Black mini by Sugar Barre. This skirt is tight but it's stretchy, and short, I'm coming up to my front door after I got out of the car. My purse is on my right hip. The top just doesnt show well. Guess what? I think that the lack of clarity is the weather. hot and humid. same place i shot that portrait on the red concrete, entry.

was specially registered

I'm downloading the camera to get this little outfit shown. Per request a tight skirt, but it doesnt look real tight, cause it's so slinky and stretchy. The top is a flared chiffon and its not showing too good either.

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i was coming home to my lover who was so excited he nearly did me in the driveway. it was so hot. sexy i mean. i am not tv, cd, or crossdresser. Me, White Sexy wife. Beautiful big bridal petticoat. I had it on under my embroidered skirt. To see more of my totally femme Designs click here www.

I am not a cd, tv, or crossdresser, but many of my friends are Kiss my boy and girls xxx not on facebook web, or twitter. Me Red white blue holiday. A blue short nighty and bra and bottom and legs with two colors. I put tinsel in my hair and big bows on my stocking tops. These are super shoes high platforms with wooden soles. and leather tops. Garter belt. I am not a cd, tv, or crossdresser, but many of my friends are. Happy indepence day to the usa!!!

Freedom by Sugar Barre. WE HAD OUR OWN BREXIT. hash tag. Proud American I will BE EATING A HOT DOG TODAY SIDEWAYS LOL you can see through blue mise to garter belt. I have garland of tinsel in my hair.

i am not a tv, cd,crossdresser but many of my friends are kiss my boy and girls. xxx after I shot this I got down on the floor and legs up showed my ass Me lace legs, high heels, red heart dress by Sugar Barre.

Well, I've told you all about this dress, see other text. It's a beauty, that I made myself. Is my ass too big? it's just the big skirt.

See the pretty neck and the heart shape, and the hem with satin bows. I am not a crossdresser but many of my friends are kiss my boy and girls xxx. Red Bikini. Very nice.

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