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Alexis Rhodes , known as Asuka Tenjoin in the Japanese version, is a strong female Duelist from the Obelisk Blue dormitory at Duel Academy as well as one of Jaden's closest friends. She usually serves as the only female protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX , though Blair begins having a slight role as well near the end of the series which is further proven by Alexis's downplayed role in darker seasons. An alternate universe version of Alexis appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Alexis's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions.

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dark magician girl yu-gi-oh! By cutesexyrobutts Watch. Image details.

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Log In. jjuliuz Nov 1, Reply 1 like. kaze26 Sep 19, Artezz Sep 19, VentusRogue Sep 19, Nameless-lurker Sep 18, TheEnd Sep 18, SLeopard Sep 18, gazetaze Sep 18, Matsjo Sep 18, Caine-of-Nod Sep 18, DS90Artworx Sep 18, Kh0nAn Sep 18, mark Sep 18, maximilianbusser Sep 18, More importantly, it was changed because it featured an incredibly creepy storyline.

During the episode, Tea has a flashback to an incident that happened when all of the characters were still in school. Yugi and his friends discovered that Tea was working at a fast food resteraunt and had got the job by lying about her age.

The reason she started working was because she needed the money for dance lessons. She finds a note in her locker that says there was a dance studio in a local warehouse.

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When Tea arrives there, she is accosted by a mugger, Luckily, she is saved by Yugi who gives him one of the few well-deserved Mind Crushes of the series. The events of the original Japanese episode need a little explanation. In Japan, high school students are generally not allowed to take part time jobs except in extreme circumstances, like filling in for an injured family member.

Sep 17,   dark magician girl (yu-gi-oh!) By cutesexyrobutts Watch. K Favourites. 9 Comments. 19K Views. curvy dmg pinup ygo yugioh dark_magician_girl. Image details. Image size. xpx KB magnificent work, I say without exaggeration, actually you captured the essence of the goddess dark magician girl cute and sexy! The boots are well Jul 19, - Explore Shiroe's board "Yugioh Girls" on Pinterest. See more ideas about yugioh, anime girl, anime pins Browse Collections "Nackt Yoga - nude yoga - naked yoga - Exercise for a strong pelvic floor" by Nakedyoga - Nudeyoga - Nacktyoga has been added to 75 embracingmothers.com can use this section to discover where and how this video is spreading throughout the Vimeo community

This is because they are supposed to be concentrating on their studies. In the episode, Tea had taken a job without receiving permission from her school.

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The note she finds in her locker is actually a photo of her working at the resteraunt, which was intended to blackmail her into coming to the gymnasium after school. The mugger was actually a pervertwho lured Tea to the gym so that he could film her with his camcorder. He was still Mind Crushed by Yugi for being an asshole.

The deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that needed the most censoring belonged to Mai Valentine. She mainly used Harpie creatures, who were based on the Harpys of mythology. They each resembled a beautiful woman with avian characteristics. The two major issues with the Harpies involved how revealing their outfits were, as well as the fact that their armour often contained spikes in place of nipples.

Almost all of the Harpie monsters wore outfits that consisted of thin black strips of cloth, that just barely cover their modesty. When these cards were localised, they were usually given clothes that completely covered their bodies.

This must have been one of the most diffcult things to edit in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, as all of the Harpies needed to have clothes painted onto their bodies.

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They also needed the nipple spikes on their armour removed. Luckily for 4Kids, Mai Valentine didn't show up that often.

During the Battle City story arc, the main cast had to deal with Marik's team of Rare Hunters. These were a group of mentally unhinged duelists, who sought out rare cards to steal from their opponents. One of these was Arkana, a former stage magician who was badly scarred in an accident involving one of his tricks.

He entered the Battle City tournament on the promise that Marik could heal his face, should he defeat Yugi Moto in a duel. The episodes involving Arkana were always going to be a problem to dub, due to how violent the concept of his duel was. When Yugi battles Arkana, both of them have their legs attad to clamps.

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In the original Japanese version of the episode, two circular saws are part of the duel arena. They each represent the life points of the duelist that they are assigned to. The player who loses will have his legs cut off by a saw this never happened in the show, as Yugi saved Arkana before he could be harmed.

When these episodes were dubbed, a lot of edits had to be made. The circular saws were now changed into "Dark Energy Disks". As soon as they came into contact with the loser of the duel, then that person's soul will be banished to the Shadow Realm.

They were described as being made purely from evil magic and not metal.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (AMV) Protagonists x Girls - Everytime we Touch

The Dark Energy Disks wouldn't saw your legs off, they would just banish your soul to eternal torment. While censoring things like violence, nudity and guns might seem like a no-brainer, the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has often had to deal with changing religious symbolism as well.

This used to come up a lot in the early days of the franchise when it dealt with ancient Egyptian iconography. One of the biggest offenders was the appearance of pentagrams like in the Exodia cards, or on the Dark Magician Girl's amulet.

This also included crucifixes which were usually changed into a different shape.

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One of the monster types in Yu-Gi-Oh had to undergo major changes in order to appear in the English language version of the game. In the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh, there existed a set of monsters based on Angels.

These looked like the Western idea of the term winged people wearing robes that have a halo over their head.

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These were changed into Fairy-type monsters in the West. All of them needed to have the halos removed from their artwork. Some of the Angel-type support cards that resembled Heaven were now called "Sanctuary" instead. The Yu-Gi-Oh anime had a significant amount of filler, as the manga that it was based on was still running when the show was broadcast.

Filler episodes in anime are ones created entirely by the TV show staff that are used to fill the gaps between the stories from the source material.

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They generally aren't well-received, due to the fact that they cannot have any lasting effect on the story. Unlike a lot of anime series, filler episodes were actually to Yu-Gi-Oh 's benefit.

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As the show was essentially a big commercial for the card game, the filler allowed for new cards to be showcased without having to clumsily introduce them as part of the original plot. One of the biggest filler arcs was "Waking the Dragons".

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One of the villains of this storyline was Alister, a man who held a grudge against Seto Kaiba. In the original Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh anime, Alister lived in a war-torn country, where both sides were receiving weapons made by KaibaCorp. Alister's brother was killed when a tank blew up. In the English version of the show, Alister's brother was only captured and might actually still be alive somewhere.

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One of the most unusual edits to a Yu-Gi-Oh card involved the issue of domestic abuse. This is something that doesn't come up as often in cases of censorship, but it's not totally unheard of. EarthBound for the Super Nintendo changed the sound effect for when Pokey is dragged into the other room by his father. It was originally supposed to sound like he was being beaten in the Japanese version of the game.

Yugioh girls nackt

In the English language port, the sound was changed to make it seem more like yelling. The Yu-Gi-Oh card "Maji-Gire Panda" originally depicted an angry Panda trashing his home, while his wife and child cowered in the corner.

The effect of this card involves increasing the Panda's attack by for every Beast-type monster that is destroyed. This is presumably why the Panda is angry, as he has just discovered that one of his monster friends just got whacked and he is having a Tony Soprano style meltdown.

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