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Reading books about difficult concepts, such as limb loss and limb difference, is a safe and familiar way to introduce children to the topic. Some books even help explain how to be fitted for a prosthesis. These books can also be useful for easing fears that children often have about upcoming medical procedures or recovery for themselves, their friends, or an adult in their life. While each of these books is different, a shared theme throughout is that people with limb loss are still just people and have a lot in common with others. Some adults with limb loss visit classrooms and libraries for story time to help children learn about living with a disability and what it is like to be an amputee.

They were encouraging their readers to help make social media a safe space by uploading images of themselves coupled with body confidence messages, look for role models who share positive messages, and share stories about women and girls who inspire them. There was a distinct anti-bullying ct to this campaign also, which we love. Esmee, an 18 year old woman shared her struggle from battling anorexia to eventually getting involved in sports which set her on the path to recovery.

Shalom, a 20 year old woman told of an accident in her childhood which left her severely burned and scarred on her face.

In a story about a young girl who is questioned about her prosthetic leg by a schoolmate, the young amputee shows that she can rise to many physical challenges, such as running and bicycling. The two girls also learn lessons about friendship and acceptance. My Dad the Superhero! Piscataqua Press (December 15, ) Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Learn more about women with disabilities. Social media stories of amputee girls. Photos and videos of amputee models

Although she wanted to hide her appearance growing up, she finally learned she had no reason to hide and found the confidence to not feel invisible anymore. It was during her senior year of high school that she recognized she had to un-learn the socialized stigma she lived, which declares plus size bodies as less worthy.

Now she used her social media as a platform to spread body-positive messages about love and acceptance.

Another young woman who was featured was Pamela Reynoldsa 17 year old who has a remarkable story of triumph over illness. As a child she contracted meningitis a disease that infects the fluid around the brain and spinal cord and had to have both her legs and some of her fingers amputated.

Feb 18, - "Asia Amputee in Everyday Life" explored how persons with amputee perceived the experience of disability in their everyday lives. In this video series, disability was described as a multifaceted, complex experience that is integrated into the lives of persons with disabilities, how well they were able to integrate disability into their lives Jun 0,   "Attractive young college student in terrible accident" is a catchy-enough headline that the local news jumped right into it. While I was still in the intensive care unit, there were media at my former high school in Utah, interviewing old classmates of mine Young amputee woman has 2, members

In an op-ed about her journey, Pamela talks about the upbringing she had and how her parents impacted her positive outlook on life. She was chosen by Seventeen after uploading an image to Instagram and sharing her story. I consider my body normal because this is just the way I am. Her father Clarke Reynolds told WMBF News he was adamant about treating both his daughters, twins, the same.

Although she had a strong foundation, Pamela still received mixed reactions from the public, but was able to recall the messages from her upbringing to overcome any negativity.

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This story takes us along on his journey of entering school for the very first time. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

During a playdate with Todd the Amputeddy, Brandon asks his friend some important questions about how his dad will be different. At the park, Amputeddy meets a new friend who is missing an arm. They play together and become friends. While they play, they compare their experiences and trials as amputee kids with their special outlook on life.

They are glad to meet another little bear who knows what it is like to be a little different.

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East End Pub December 0, ISBN ISBN By Janie DeVos authorNicola Joyner illustrator. Barthello, a bug with only one wing, learns that being different can be painful and lonely.

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But when a big, hungry spider threatens to turn the other bugs into lunch one day, Barthello proves to himself and the other bugs that what truly sets him apart is not his one wing, but his very brave heart. The book is about an amputee boy, Finn Pain, who is bullied for looking different. Finn has always dreamed of becoming a superhero and joining the Bionic Bunch, a team of best friends super-powered by their orthotic and prosthetic devices who protect Toronto.

How a new surgical procedure is helping some amputees walk without pain

Finn decides to fight back against the bullies to keep those who are different from being bullied too. The Bionic Bunch Vol. AuthorHouse January 25, ISBN ISBN By Mary Garcia. Sarah is 10 years old. She tells the story of how her grown-up friend is very sick and medicines do not seem to help her too much.

Young girl amputee

Sarah is saddened to see her friend in pain. Her friend must go to the hospital to have a special operation, called an amputation, to cure her illness. This is no ordinary or easy operation.

But although her life will be forever changed, she will inspire a positive way of thinking in those around her with the greatest gifts one can have: laughter and friendship. Jeter Publishing June 4, ISBN ISBN By Jordan Reeves author and Jenn Reeves author.


Dorrance Publishing October 1, ISBN ISBN By Josie Horvath authorMary Hovancsek illustrator. Burgess Bear has been an amputee since his younger years. He wears an artificial leg to help him stand, walk and run normally as the others.

With his wife Marie, he begins his day preparing a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, warm oatmeal, wheat toast with honey, and freshly squeezed orange juice - a meal shared with fun and love. This is the start of their adventures. Steveedee Publishing Co. August 1, ISBN ISBN By Dr. Yvette C. Ross Hebron authorHarold H. Hebron author. The rry Blossom Kids and the Three-Legged Dog is a story about children with disabilities.

The story tells how they adapt efficiently to their impairment sallowing them to function in the world and live productive lives. The rry Blossom Kids represent the everyday lives of many children with impairments.

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One child has a congenital amputation of the arm, one has spina bifida, one has cerebral palsy, one has congenital cataracts, and the other is accident-prone. Their dog has only three legs. Along with the three-legged dog, they are living and enjoying life.

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Mascot Books July 7, ISBN ISBN By Ryan Haack authorWes Molebash illustrator. A little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell.

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The students ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize that he can do anything they can do - he just does it differently. Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people - but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams.

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As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than 2 miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age 1 to provide for his family, and, eventually, became a cyclist. He rode an astonishing miles across Ghana inspreading his powerful message: Disability is not inability. Today, Emmanuel continues to work on behalf of people with disabilities. Lulu May 20, ISBN: By Jennifer Latham Robinson author, illustrator. Grandpa teas Sweet Pea life lessons as they work together in the garden.

Whether she is learning how to feed grumpy chickens, or realizing the value of a cracked bucket, Sweet Pea is up for the challenge. The grandfather in this book wears a below knee transtibial prosthesis.

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Jennifer Latham Robinson is an artist, entrepreneur, and disability advocate. She was born with bilateral PFFD proximal femoral focal deficiency and has been wearing a prosthesis since she was 18 months old.

Independently Published May 22, ISBN : By Emily Ann Harvey author. A young girl with a prosthetic leg shows that her life is like that of her friends. She then learns an important lesson about being brave after an interaction with another child who is frightened when she removes her prosthetic leg at the swimming pool. Greenwillow Books; First edition, first printing edition March 18, ISBN ISBN By Judith Caseley author, illustrator.

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Harry was born with no left hand. When he got to school, the kids asked him what was wrong with his arm. Harry and Willy and Carrothead are three of the most real kids you are apt to meet between book covers, and you will like them as much as they like each other!

Breakthrough Press; 1 edition January 25, ISBN ISBN By Cathy Conheim authorBJ Gallagher authorMercedes Sironi designer.

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The story is first and foremost about self-discovery, acceptance and how what may seem impossible to some becomes a reality. The story of their meeting is one of love-almost-at-first-sight, as they are intrigued and entranced-rather than put off by the differences they see in each other. Login Forgot your password? Email Send Have an account?

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Browse Amputee Girl pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket A young amputee woman puts on a leather boots. Statue. Wife with Disabled Amputee Husband. An elderly woman with the help of hospital staff learnings to walk again after having a leg amputated. Mixed race amputee woman swimming in pool Beautiful african girl dancing in Jan 25,   The inclusion of this young amputee is giving much-needed visibility to the differently-abled community in the mainstream media. When you look at most popular women's and girl's magazines, TV shows, films, and fashion campaigns, you have to really search to find a

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