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This video of a Hong Kong girl showing off her new C cup breasts became popular recently. In the video, she is taunting her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her. I do not understand Cantonese so here is a translation from The Dark Side :. Ng ga ching , you ap bastard! Before you got me, you did whatever I asked of you. After you got me, we had to go Dutch on everything.

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There is definitely a difference between American and French approas to lingerie. We talk about this constantly around here. Most American women are not as bold in showing off their lingerie. A nude bra, the American staple, showcases your blouse. A white bra, which European women often wear, showcases your whole outfit, bra included.

Have you heard this before?

In defense of the nude bra, I am an American actress, in my twenties, who has worked on film sets and in theater. To me, a good nude bra that is unobtrusive, supportive, and doesn't slip around and distract you while you are working is a must have! (Especially since you have very little choice as to what your character wears, and you must My sexy water and fire girl skin in dress (create by Pixel_Club) Enderman sexy girl. sexy anime girl. sexy blonde pvp girl in bikini. 21 ?Anime Girl PreCure? Wonderland Anime sky girl Soo CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! Green eyes and beigey-pink hair! Love Girl! Girl Ribbon Pastel Cute Sexy showing bra! Cute and hot BUT SPICY HOT! Applies blush everyday, hasn't got Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically

European readers, do you wear white bras? My underwear solution. Wih a B-cup, my go-to is well-fitting strapless nude bras for everyday no straps! no show!

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I have other fun colors as well, but never white since training bras I guess I wrote white bras off when I realized they showed through everything. Considering giving them another try! I wear black, white, nude, red and purple lingerie, but wood wear other colors too. And they do make part of my outfit, sometimes.

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For example a white bra under a black top looks great or a red one under a white shirt. And I like lace. Be free! In defense of the nude bra, I am an American actress, in my twenties, who has worked on film sets and in theater.

Especially since you have very little choice as to what your character wears, and you must retain a professional appearance at all times.

A bra is meant to be a foundation garment. That being said, for non-nude bras, black is the queen of all colors, and can be both professional and sexy, I find that lace bras are beautiful for a fashion statement, they get itchy and fragile, and rip too easily.

I loathe white underwear, so no white bras or panties for me.

Acup srxy nude girl

I mostly wear black underwear in pretty, lacy styles. I have approximately 10 black bras, with pair of panties each.

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I also have brown, navy and red bras with coordinating panties. I wore all sorts of colors in my 20s, but became more of a minimalist in my 0s.

Now I am in my 40s, and want to wear colorful underwear again. I buy lingerie on. I forgot to mention, I never buy padded or push-up bras. I loathe them, too. Unfortunately, many of the A cup bras are made with these enhancements.

Molded cups and lining are fine with me. I find it especially irritating. I very much dislike the assumption that small-breasted women, such as myself, are always on the lookout, and in need of, more in the breast department.

one day 8 years ago I picked up some glue at Target and saw some bras on my way to the ckout. I purchased them without even trying them on.

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One is gray. The one that hooks in front is lavender. These are the best colors for bras! Of course the lavender one went missing on a road trip and now I literally wear the gray one every day. Nude bras for work!!! Even more so when I first started working and needed to work harder than now to be taken seriously In the corporate world, a discreet invisible bra is the way to go for me. I am German, have lived in France and Australia and currently in the US. Different question: Do you always match bras and panties?

Would like to know how others do this! Otherwise, black lace all the way! European Czech year-old girl here! You have only one life. May as well live it. You got it in wearing all colored bras.

My fav is bikini, hipster, and thongs. Bras well just about any style, but no white ones. My opinion color is more sexy then just white. Oh god, wise word from a Parisian girl : nude bras should be forbidden! When going to work or class in a white shirt, though, I have to wear a nude bra.

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It would feel inappropriate for my bra to show in that context. yay for weekends and nights though, when I can wear whatever!

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I recently purchased a couple of new bras since I stopped breastfeeding for which I had two bras: a black lace one and a hot pink one, from Pana and Ca Coeur, and they were awesome!

So now I own : a white one but with flowers on ita cobalt blue one, a purple and black one and a black and red one. Nude brasmeh. The colour is always off most nudes are too much of a brown to me and it is just too plain. I can think of no situation where I would have the need of a nude bra. Just image, wearing a nude bra and your sleeve drops, exposing a nude strap! The horror. In France and Germany nude bras are considered granny style. Most women own one, but try to avoid wearing it. They are seen as the death of sexy.

I think a hint of lace through a sheer top is the epitome of elegance, and the French are so good at not making it look crass.

Photo about Nude girl in leather jacket and cap in underwear with neon light. Image of style, posing, black - Image of style, posing, black - Stock Photos

One of the reasons I love living in the South of France is the constant fashion inspiration and femininity many of the women exude here! I disagree! I love wearing a shimmery to catch the light nude bra under a semi sheer topespecially a black top. It has to be a cultural difference. But a black one for a night out would be ok for a club.

We wear so many sheer clothes because of the months of heat, we have to wear nude undergarments.

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What are you supposed to wear with thin white shorts and pants?! I would get stares all around if anyone could see a pantyline or a color. It all depends what part of the world you are from. I would never ever buy a white bra, those seem matronly and not functional in our part of the world! Lol I also live in SoCal LA and typically love the look of bras being a part of the outfit rather than being covered by it.

Well, I am a 2 year old german girl loving her one nude bra.

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But I agree that the bra itself is not cute, maybe I need to be a bit braver. I also have black lace ones, a white and a blue one. I never had a nude bra, mine are white, black, one is just the softest rose. All have at least a bit of lace. It is quite in fashion to wear a black bra under a white loose blouse and it is meant to be seen. Best from Berlin, Germany. I enjoy the matching bra and panty look as well.

I say go for it. As a European reader, I have to say that I have never ever had a nude bra in my life! I am not an employee of Bravissimo!!!!

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It lies between the two major cities of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki. It is a major agricultural centre and a national transportation hub. I met Sonia, a 22 years old Nigerian, back in At that time she used to work as a prostitute in the streets of Athens for Euros per customer.

She had no passport or any residence permit. The illegal immigrants were targeted.

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Many girls were deported back to their countries and others had to look for work outside the capital city. Sonia along with two other Nigerian women, Valentina and Amanda, decided to look for work in the city of Larissa. Girls were told that police cks were not so strict in the countryside. They also knew some other Nigerians that had been working already in Larissa. A ap hotel in the city centre of Larissa is where Sonia stays.

She shares a room with two more Nigerian girls. Twenty more girls are spread in other rooms of the same building. I spent three days with them, trying to reveal through their daily life and their habits, some cts of their personality.

Sonia insisted, as the other girls too, that they work without a pimp and that not all the girls are victims of trafficking. They said that they were told and they believed that Europe was a promised land; where you can one way or another make a fortune easily.

Following them during their daytime walks in Larissa and sharing some of their free time with them in the hotel some conclusions were obvious: The girls lead a life apart, like most of the migrant workers, not having integrated at all in the local society.

They spend most of their time watching Nigerian TV series and listening to African music. Greeks in the countryside are not used to see a lot of black people.

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Their being aware of the fact that the African girls are in their hometown to work as prostitutes makes them behave in a funny way, mostly by staring at them persistently.

Their dream is to get married with a local Greek. This would allow them stop working at the bars as well as having the opportunity of becoming legal. Why Vimeo?

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