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I abused children for a living. I see that now. Back then, I actually thought I was helping those kids. You see, I was an ABA therapist. I was hired off the street with no background in child development, no knowledge of autism or ABA, and no experience working with children, let alone autistic children. A defiant child to be made compliant. Basically, I was a glorified dog trainer.

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Parent runs to a clinician and gets pathologized. Kids grow at different rates, one skill may come early while others are delayed but this is being forgotten. By first grade I walking several blocks BY MYSELF, by my tweens I was riding my bike for miles and taking public transportation BY MYSELF.

Today if a parent allowed this he or she would be arrested for child abuse, then it was normal parenting. My parents like most demanded I get my homework done and be home in time for dinner, that was it.

If I screwed up mommy did not run to the tear, I had to suffer the consequences. That FREEDOM allowed myself to figure out who I am and what works and does not work for me. And I most definitely could have done without bullying being accepted as a natural part of growing up or boys being boys.

And do not pull that you can write so you are too high functioning to opine about my kid shit on me. My public school threw me out after 2nd grade, perfectly legal in I got lucky a private school with the attitude of we can help anybody accepted me, otherwise, I would have been institutionalized for life. So yeah it is great we have advanced so much but have we really? Positive reinforcement is better than aversives but the goal is the same. The responses by the ABA specialists disgust me.

Autistics are not some lab rats for your science experimentation. You do not use aversives much anymore great, but you are still using people as lab rats. You generally recommend hours a week of ABA. Forcing a toddler to do anything hours a week is cruel, it is unnatural.

What you are running is at best very expensive band aid at worst a scam. If feel sorry for the parents trying to choose Autism treatments. Choose is a misleading word because if the parent does not want to choose ABA they are often on their own.

Insurance must pay for Autism treatments in 45 states now. But that usually includes ABA plus speech. If you want an alternative treatment you are likely going to have to pay for it and you probably have to pay to move a long distance to find it and if you can not afford that, your fault for going against science.

It is a catch 22 situation.

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So that means little research for alternatives, which means ABA supporters can often correctly say there is no evidence for said alternative. A child can really flourish if you offer them love, compassion and understanding, along with teaching them skills and building on ther strengths.

I feel hopeful that the therapetic model for treatment will move in this direction. Thank you for this. I am autistic and go nonverbal when trying to talk about things like this. Thank you for saying the words that are hard, but need to be said. As important as it is to listen to autistics over anyone else, sometimes it is hard to be the autistic one speaking. So sometimes, it is needed for a non-autistic person to speak.

Thank you for not silencing yourself for the sake of it being easier. Reblogged this on Loving Seb. and commented: This is fantastic, and totally captures why I am working so hard to walk the path we are with Sebastian! I hope it helps you too. Thanks you so much for this. I have been searching for ABA therapy for my children one has Autism and the other is ADHD for a year and it would just not manifest.

I do not want my children to go through trauma of this kind. Thank you so much for writing this and enlightening me on what it truly is. I will no longer consider ABA for my boys. I could talk for hours about thishopefully this makes a little sense here. I too worked in an ABA classroom for 2 years and found myself thinking the same things as you described.

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I also had no prior experience in early childhood other than babysitting and nannying in homes and absolutely no training in special ed. Team meetings and training days were NEVER about what autism is but rather about how we can tackle certain behaviors, etc.

I felt responsible for shaping children into individuals they are not and for making their needs and wants seem less than important than our own as tears.

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How warped and insane is that?! It summed up our work as ABA therapists beautifully- what you covered is EXACTLY what our students learned. are subsidiary to the true lessons that you listed.

It is heartbreaking for me to look back on my time there and consider that I was an active part of it. I empathized with your entire piece and it feels so wonderful to know I am not the only one who has thought these things. Best to you. Speech should be treated by a Speech Language Pathologist, NOT ABA. Montessori does a lot of ABA stuff too, just not in ways that you may recognize. This is absolutely false. There are kids who can talk now because of ABA. What you are talking about is Behavior Modification.

I think that people are missing the point when dealing with people on the Autistic Spectrum. We die younger from suicide as well as mistreatment and neglect. We are dying, on average at the age of 54 and everyone seems okay with that. That is less than if I grew up in Chad or Afghanistan. Neuro-Typical society is giving us PTSD. The person who needs therapy is the parent. The reason for this is because your failed understanding that it is you not me that need help.

You need to forget about your ambitions and let your child play and figure out their passions and support them in their chosen field. Then they might have a chance of being Jacob Barnett. If you are doing this to your kid and you refuse to seek help yourself then you are a hypocrite. The devil is in the details in papers like this; they include things like what you said and also things like what are essentially textbook descriptions of abusive tactics in other papers.

A lot. Humans, however, do not have that luxury, because the people raising them are human too. There are a number of research evidence based therapy approas that seek to help children with Autism with social communication and emotional regulation which are not ABA. Approas which seek to learn WHY the child is doing a behavior and give the child the same outcome with a safer or conventional language or bahavior strategy. Only what they can observe.

Maybe their right. Autism is being human. There are evidence based therapies that are not ABA. My daughter and I are both Autistic. We both have sensory issues with sounds and public bathrooms are like landmines for both of us but more so for her. These sounds can be physically painful, and cause us a lot of anxiety. is going to change the painful sensory experience that happens when we use a public restroom. Sometimes these things change with age.

ABA is going to focus on behaviors, because ABA sees the behavior as the problem. The problem is an inaccessible bathroom and lack of supports and accommodations. Sensory accessibility is just as necessary for Autistics as ramps are for wheelchair users. Fight for that. These are wireless ear buds that you can program with a smart phone to actually adjust sound in the real world.

Also, if the school restroom uses hand dryers exclusively as so many places are starting to do, have him pack some paper towels or napkins in his backpack.

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If your son has a lot of sensory issues, you may want to seek out an OT. A great FB community for learning about autism related things from actually autistic people is Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance.

You can ask them questions and get answers from Autistic people. This is great. And scientific etc. Thank you. Thanks for this post. No one can tell us what will help him the most, whether he will be able to be independent, what he can achieve. And no one can tell me that. Oh, likewise. I was never taught any coping mechanisms, but was expected to just do normality.

Yes, every child is different.

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I am actually working on a follow up right now. I am kind of swamped with comments in need of moderating and emails, etc. I will get to all of them the good, the bad and the ugly.

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When the therapist is not there, what does he do? What is he allowed to do?

Is she the bright spot in his day? Is she the reason his toys come out? Does pleasing her mean that he sometimes gets to stim without being put down for it? Watch your tone of voice. Let your tone and your words be consistent. Does ABA even teach that? Do you understand that teaching a child to perform normalcy does not in fact make him normal? He still has the exact same brain he always did. What else could he be doing, with that energy? Please listen to Actually autistic adults who have endured ABA as a therapy.

Thank you for this article. It was shared in a fb group I belong to. I was on the border of starting our daughter in ABA and my research coupled with your article has reaffirmed my first gut instinct that it was not going to be right for her.

Please keep blogging! Love this.

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I felt ill at the thought of putting my son in traditional ABA therapyso I didnt! He was in a play based home program and he rocked it. I was wondering what your thoughts are on RDI? We were considering doing some RDI therapy. I had briefly looked into it as well as floortime after learning how problematic ABA is.

This is based on the ableist assumption that being autistic is a problem which needs fixing. Autistic kids may need various therapies, educational supports, etc.

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It is best to focus on the individual challenges and needs of the person as they will be vastly different than the challenges and needs of another autistic person.

For example, maybe your child has a problem with communication.

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So you hire an SLP who knows a helluva lot more about communication challenges than an ABA therapist. If your child has sensory challenges you could get them an OT to help come up with strategies.

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Or even talk to autistic adults who have similar issues for advice. The best thing you can do for your child is connect with autistic adults.

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Listen to Autistics and not just one, but as many as you can. Learn about Autistic culture and introduce your child to Autistic culture.

Expose them to their community. Teach them how to advocate for the accommodations they need. For the sake of all our children, we need to question our adult behaviour and try to be our nurturing best. still scarred by that. I knew it was a Social Thinking based app.

She worked with me. We just help her with whatever specific needs she has, make sure she has the accomodations she needs, teach her how to get her needs met and advocate for herself, self-knowledge and coping skills, etc.

She plays with other kids when she feels comfortable doing so. In other words, whether or not the ABA people, SLPs, and the like actually intend to load the language, the language they use becomes loaded because the emotional vacuum left by words that are not supposed to be emotional will inevitably be filled by emotional connotations as understood by the kid. What else is a kid who gets punished a lot supposed to think, except that they are bad? One thing I remember is that I ranted once to prevent myself from crying, which my school had previously forbidden me from doing, and I had trouble stopping crying until I tried ranting instead in order to maintain control by stopping tears, which I believed were the worst thing I could do because of what they previously said.

the right.

In other words, they said I had the right to be irritated, they said the words, but they did not actually mean it, not really, and they certainly did not mean I had the right to express irritation. I take such things as what that apologist said with a massive grain of salt. Ok so how the heck do you curb problem behavior? No one has answers. What I can say is that this is not an issue limited to autistic children, and if my autistic child was lying and stealing, I would handle it the same way I would if she were an allistic child.

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First I would find out why she was doing it this is where a strong relationship built on trust comes in handy, but you may need to use your detective skills as well, particularly if you have not yet found a reliable means of communication for your child. Keep in mind that this can be a fear even if you never punish your child. For the stealing, is it impulsivity? Is it always a specific type of thing she steals, or from a particular person or place?

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Once you find out why, you can address it and give her a different way to meet whatever need she is trying to address by stealing. As for teaching right from wrong, one thing that works in our house is learning from favorite books and shows that deal with whatever the issue is or even from the behavior of others in real life. I highly recommend the Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance facebook community for parenting advice.

It is a community where you can get advice from actually autistic people, many who are also parents of autistic children. I have found them to be very helpful in my own parenting journey.

I thought the same thing many years ago until my research landed on something that now makes scientific and logical sense to me. How old is your daughter? I might have some ideas that could help.

No fees. Just parent-to-parent friendship and help. As a Young Adult with P. Yes tantrums is how they they repeatedly described meltdowns. The really disturbing part is these are not researrs from quack college or Age of Autism college but prestigious Penn State University.

How is the language therapy you received not useful? We all need to communicate. Now, in college, I am consistently the best writer in my classes. I am fairly sure of what happened there, as I was forced to live through that crap for 7 years.

They were SLPs. Them tackling your issues early is the reason why you have zero issues now. I saw a speech therapist too when I was in early elementary school due to surgery from a cleft.

I had help with speech problems in about the 2nd grade. The experience I had with SLPs was that they worked with my IEP, performed Social Thinking Therapy on me, would watch me in my classroom, etc.

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It seems unlikely that all of them lied about their accreditation, and the school was additionally aware of what they were doing to me, so. You are commenting using your WordPress. com account. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Next Post I Abused Children And SO DO YOU: A Response To An ABA Apologist. Your voice is priceless. I am so sorry that happened! thank you, another piece of education for my german group Like Like. They also have a blog Respectfully Connected is a blog by Autistic parents of Autistic children. Every child is different. Early Dtart Denver Model is not an evidence-based practice. Well, congrats on attempting to murder your child with snake oil. Please ck out the Respectfully Connected blog And the Parenting Autistic Children With Love And Acceptance Facebook community.

You took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you so much! Thank you, Like Like. Pingback: I Abused Children For A Living dawumps. I am Autistic, and i am glad you wrote this blog, Birdmadgrrl. This needed to be written. My son was afraid to tell me. He was too traumatized. I sued my district for alternate placement and settled.

Thank you!!! We Aspies and with ASD have brains that are wired differently. We cannot be forced into thinking like a typical person. We do not understand the cognitive part if behaviorthe WHY. We need to be taught the societal norms and the rules we do not implicitly understand.

We need love, compassion, empathy And sensory support. My son threw the pencil in frustration because he tried to write but could not. He cannot write. So my son was punished for his disability. I had to sue my school district for alternate placement. He is a senior and will be graduating with honors this June. Mamurin finds another victim on the streets of Moscow. Skip to: Main Content Site Navigation Site footer Site Map.

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