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Individualized and evidence-based assessment and treatment are essential. The main goal of this book is to summarize research to highlight dynamic risk factors that are important treatment targets.

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This small, but information-filled book is a must-have reference. Please note: GIFR does not sell books. The book must be purchased directly from the publisher.

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Author Biographies. Sue Righthand is an associate research professor in psychology at the University of Maine.

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She provides consultation, training, and program evaluation pertaining to juvenile sex offending, and is a member of the Safer Society International Advisory Board. The news of Ngao's betrayal of her daughter has drawn mixed responses from others in the neighborhood, she says. Some mock her for offering up her daughter, others sympathize with her plight.

Some see nothing wrong with she did at all. Not long after her suicide attempt, Toha was sent to a brothel in southern Cambodia.

She endured more than 20 days there, before she managed to get access to a phone, and called a friend. She told the friend to contact Brewster's group, who arranged for a raid on the establishment.

Although children can be found in many brothels across Cambodia - a survey of 80 Cambodian commercial sex premises found three-quarters offering children for sex - raids to free them are infrequent. The country's child protection infrastructure is weak, with government institutions riven with corruption. Cambodia's anti-trafficking law does not even permit police to conduct undercover surveillance on suspected traffickers.

General Pol Phie They, the head of Cambodia's anti-trafficking taskforce set up in to address the issue, says this puts his unit at a disadvantage against traffickers.

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He admits that police corruption in his country, ranked of countries on Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index, is hampering efforts to tackle the trade in Svay Pak. Toha's nightmare is now over. She earns a steady income, weaving bracelets that are sold in American stores, while she studies for her future. Her dream is to become a social worker, helping other girls who have been through the same ordeal.

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Brewster believes that corruption was to blame for nearly thwarting Toha's rescue. In Octoberafter Toha's call for help, AIM formulated plans with another organization to rescue the teen, and involved police. I'm locked inside and don't know where I am. Fortunately the rescue team were able to establish Toha's new location, and she and other victims were freed and the brothel managers arrested - although not before the owners fled to Vietnam.

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Toha's testimony against the brothel managers, however, resulted in their prosecutions. Last month, at the Phnom Penh Municipal Courthouse, husband and wife Heng Vy and Nguyeng Thi Hong were found guilty of procuring prostitution and sentenced to three years in jail.

Sex, Etc.: Created for teens, by teens, this website provides accurate and honest information to improve teen sexual health, as well as various ways for adolescents to get involved in various campaigns around sexual and reproductive health Adolescents and sex Newsl Womens Glob Netw Reprod Rights. Apr-Jun ;(9) Authors C Castro, Y Palomar Castro. PMID: Abstract PIP: Adolescent health problems in the Philippines are identified as follows: adolescent unwanted pregnancy, early marriage, abortion and sometimes death, sexually transmitted disease (STD), AIDS Cited by: 4 drugs before last sex* Among all adolescents who had oral sex, 48 percent of females and 51 percent of males did so before they had sexual intercourse. The majority of sexually active high school students report using contraception. In , 60 percent reported using a condom and 2 percent reported using the birth control pill, an injectable, an

Brewster was in court to watch the sentencing; a small victory in the context of Cambodia's child trafficking problem, but a victory nonetheless.

She stood up and now people are going to pay the price and girls will be protected. What it will do is bring more Tohas, more girls who are willing to speak, places shut down, bad guys put away.

Like the other victims, Toha now lives in an AIM safehouse, attending school and supporting herself by weaving bracelets, which are sold in stores in the West as a way of providing a livelihood to formerly trafficked children. In the eyes of the community, having a job has helped restore to the girls some of the dignity that was stripped from them by having been sold into trafficking, says Brewster.

It has also given them independence from their families - and with that, the opportunity to build for themselves a better reality than the one that was thrust on them.

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Now Sephak has plans to become a tear, Kieu a hairdresser. For her part, Toha still has contact with her mother - even providing financial support to the family through her earnings - but has become self-reliant. She wants to be a social worker, she says, helping girls who have endured the same hell she has.

For more, visit CNN's Freedom Project blog.

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With CNN pulls back the curtain to expose a world unto itself - and countless untold stories. Her landmark case awakened India four decades ago.

But did she manage to love, have children, find happiness? New headlines about rape in her homeland send CNN's Moni Basu on a journey to find out.

sex education in China and the US (the United States). Due to the restriction of traditional thoughts, sex education on adolescents has been developing so slowly that it turns into the weak point of basic education and results in the growth of adolescents' sexual ignorance, sexual faults and sexual crimes. America is one of the earliest countries Book Description Adolescents who have offended sexually are a diverse population, with different treatment needs. Individualized and evidence-based assessment and treatment are essential. The main goal of this book is to summarize research to highlight dynamic risk factors that are important treatment targets. This small, but information-filled book is a must-have reference. Please note: GIFR But the majority of sexual exploitation of children is of adolescents, and that's taking place in commercial sex venues." The abusers would often be local, situational offenders, he says

In five spellbinding chapters, CNN shows how cops cracked a case more than half a century old: the disappearance of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph. Was there justice for all? American soldiers plucked the child from her Iraqi home at the height of the war and brought her to America for lifesaving surgery. But how did she fare after her return to a war-torn nation struggling to stand on its own?

She came to America after the Taliban hacked off her nose and ears, a symbol of the oppression of women in Afghanistan. Since then, she's been showcased like a star and shielded like a child. The fairy-tale ending everyone hoped for remains elusive.

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But as one woman's journey shows, the first step toward freedom is realizing you're enslaved. He was a troubled year-old when he finally found a home, with parents and siblings who embraced him.

But Charles Daniel would live only two more years. It was time enough to change everything - and everyone.

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