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I recently heard my older sister was sexually molested by my stepfather whom I love very much.

my step dad came in the family when I was 2 raised me like I was his own daughter he gave me everything I asked for and I actually felt loved and didn't seem bothered that he wasn't my dad by blood because he's always been there for embracingmothers.com as I grew older his interest in me didn't seem daughter father anymore he started staring at me as if I My daughter, age 11, and another boy, age 12, were on the school bus playing "truth or dare". They dared each other to pull their pants down and they did; but then the boy dared my daughter to perform oral sex. Well, she put her mouth over his penis, and he Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen says he's appalled that hundreds of people possibly witnessed a young woman being gang raped on video by three young men on a

He never showed any signs of sexual abuse besides ating on my mother in there 14 year relationship. My sister didn't live with us that much but she was close to our family because she lived with my grandparents. This supposedly happened year ago when she was young. I am 2 now and getting married in a foreign country and my father is suppose to attended.

A couple months before the wedding, my sister and I have gone close. Maybe due to the fact I'm a little lonely here and wanted someone to talk to you.

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She became like a best friend in a way. In the past, everyone doubted her thinking she was a bad child. She got caught stealing, went to a foster care for a year, and wanted to live with my grandparents. I was young so I didn't realize why she was bad.

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Now she tells me she has secrets to bring to her grave. I'm very curious and made her tell me. First I was shocked, devastated, and believed her. I didn't want any contact with my father at all.

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But she never came forward to anyone, no family members, police, or even her own husband. She got pregnant at 19 and has two kids now at the age of So I'm confused now. My father is calling non stop to ask me about wedding plans and I'm to afraid to talk to him. Like what will I say? I shouldn't confront him right or should I? You confronted your mother and she kicked him out and bring him to court. But my sister is too afraid to tell anyone because she thinks its shameful and it was a long time ago who'd believe her?

But my family is important to me half sister or not I love her. BUT is she telling the truth? I don't know what to do I am trying to persuade her to tell the Police even though it happened a long time ago. She still doesn't want to. I believe in justice and want to make it right but opening up this "family secret" is bad isn't it? She moved on, he moved on, and he doesn't live close to any of my family. I hardly see him for the past couple years. What should I do?

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I hope you get to read this even though you posted this over a year ago. I cannot ever know how she feels but I do believe justice and making things right. Is it worth to make it official in my family and have everyone look at her like an abused child?

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Or they wouldn't even believe her cause she's very private and a liar at times. But something this dramatic wouldn't be a white lie to not have him at my wedding when she never had one. Her family past away when she was young too and she never got to talk to him. Please help me.

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One, don't have him in the bathroom when you're showering. That's just a giant no. Secondly, you need to tell someone, especially your mom.

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It may happened over a year ago, but it still did and obviously you can't get over it and now you're scared for your sister. Tell someone. Show All Show Less. I wish the best of luck to you and your family. kmhco opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

You need to tell your mom what happened. She will understand what you are going through because she went through it herself. Things will work out in the long run, but right now you need to do the right thing. That is prevent what happened to you from happening to your sister. I was molested by a gay guy when I was only in 7th grade. My folks were divorced at the time so it was just my mom and ma and my three sisters.

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This guy was a friend of my mom so sometimes after they had been out at a party or dinner he would sleep on the couch downstairs. I had only just read puberty at that point and was nowhere near having a girlfriend and having sexual relations yets. One night this guy snuck into my room and I knew he was there and I was terrified and I froze couldn't say anything and couldn't move, you know?

He crawled under my covers and pulled down my underwear all the way off. I wish I could have screamed out to my mom but I didn't and I blame myself for that. I just let him do what he was doing and I didn;t even try to stop him. I just remember the feeling of his mouth on my penid and how good it felt but at the same time how wrong it was because I was just a kid!

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I ended up ejaculating my young boy cum in his mouth and I heard him swallow it. That was all he really wanted was my cum, I figured out later.

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That whole initiation into sex and the way it happened and who it was really messed me up and screwed up my perspective about sex. Would like to talk to you more about it you want? And do you know how. I would've honestly say gimme your ass next Time to him. IAmAnon opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

You have to tell your mom.

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I know it's scary because you don't know what will happen to your family, but you can't let him keep acting this way. Sooner or later he's going to take it even further with you, or your sister, and it will cause extremely serious emotional problems that will probably never leave you. Please tell your mom before you or your sister get really hurt by this, if you haven't already. Tell her in whatever way you feel comfortable. Like the anonymous poster below said, use a note if you have to, just tell her as soon as possible.

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Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Takemyadvice Xper 1. the ate. You are very brave for doing this. It's going to be scary and it's going to be difficult especially courtbut just remember that you're doing the right thing, and you're protecting yourself and your sister.

I don't know you, but I am honestly very proud of you for going through with this. Stay strong and everything will be OK :. AdamBH opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

Xper 6. add me as a friend too. I'd like to help you : I have a little experience in that sort of thing but nothing as much as you at all, but I can help in a few ways I think some others here might not be able to, so I'm here if you like : I know it might be weird because I'm a boy, so I understand if you don't want to.

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Good luck anyway. i sent you a request! I got a new friend request today, but no message :. bluejayway Xper 2. I am so proud of you you are so courageous.

Anal fucks daughter

I know you have what it takes to get through this. You have done so much more then many people have the guts to do, and even though it's scary, you'll definitely overcome it.

Keep your head up. yeah thanks so much a feel a lot bettter I thought it wulda gone worse.

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Just tell your mom via text if your scared it's easier to type things out, as you may have notice or if you don't have the heart. tell the police. Don't try and do it just do it. I pray you have an happy life. Thank You. Just promise yourself you'll do it.

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lol xD. i told my mom already.

Wow, this is really disturbing, and I truly feel for you. But you do have to tell your mum, so that your mum can then leave your step-dad, and maybe even take this to the place, I know it's scary, and I know it's hard, but you have to do it.

If you need to ask any more questions, feel free to add me, I'm always here to help :. Calgarydirty69 Xper 5. I too was sexually abused I use to babysit for a couple I woke up next to his naked wife on several occasions she use to walk around the house naked, but you can't rape the willing now being 8 it still haunts me, I did suck his dick, it was that, or fuck his passed out wife they turned me into an alcoholic I was just trying to escape, and they ALWAYS had booze I feel sorry for the kids I use to babysit, their the reason I did what I did I was saving them from being abused.

Loveyourself20 Xper 1. The behaviors you described are very concerning. It seems that your daughter started out playing this game, possibly knowing that it was forbidden territory, but then quickly found herself way out of her depth. She will benefit from your acknowledgment of how frightening the experience must have been for her, as well as your support and comfort. She will also benefit from guidance from you regarding peer pressure and healthy sexuality.

Some articles that may help you prepare what to say to your daughter are Stop It Now! Gathering additional information about the situation may be very helpful. Some further questions you may want to ask include:. Consider having your daughter see a counselor as well. This can provide her the opportunity to share more about what happened and how she is impacted by this event. She may also be facing difficulties at school seeing the boy there or even with potential witnesses on the bus.

Additional supports for her may be very helpful and this may provide a support to you as the parent in helping to understand what your daughter needs in terms of information and guidance regarding healthy and safe behaviors. Additionally if you pursue counseling for your daughter, this therapist may feel that this is a reportable incident and you can work with the therapist through this process. To find counseling resources for youth, you can ck with your insurance provider, primary care physician or your daughter's school counselor may have some resources.

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Do you have information on how your school responds to these types of situations? Are you comfortable partnering with your school to help design a response to this situation that does not further traumatize your daughter, or put her or the other boy at risk for unwanted and uembracingmothers.comoductive exposure?

I would review these questions with another trusted adult as you determine your action steps with your school. However, should your own exploration determine that there are ongoing behaviors that are sexual and unhealthy in that they are aggressive, unwanted and are not age-appropriate, you may want to make a formal report to the police and your school.

The possible impact on your daughter of bringing this into the open at school so that other children are made aware of what happened does need to be considered.

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