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A centaur is a mythological creature with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. The centaur's upper body typically included a human-like head, arms and torso, while the lower portion consisted of a horse's body and legs. Centaurs originated in Greek myths and were said to live in the mountainous regions of Thessaly and Arcadia. They were likely inspired by earlier Greek literature that told of a savage Thessalian tribe known for riding on horseback. Illustrations of centaurs evolved from depicting a full human body with a horse body attad at the rear to the more popular image that features a human body from head to waist. In mythology, they are said to be descended from King Ixion of the Lapiths, and they are often referred to as accompanying the god Dionysus.

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Featured on Queerty TV. He BGB So what does it mean? Reagan could have said it when in the throes of senility.

Just when you thought you heard it all. A man who was recently found molesting horse returns and gets caught on camera raping the horse These are some of the girls i ride horses with. I was given her computer and this video was on it. I thought it was Hi-larious so i couldnt resist putting it A man from Melbourne, Florida has received the worlds first-ever successful horse-to-man penis transplant in Iztapalapa, Mexico using the allograft procedure, which is a procedure in which the key components of organs are grown artificially. The news broke this morning as it was published in the Mexican newspaper 'El Grafico.'

MacAdvisor Oh, please, are you people being purposely obtuse? pudman56 Really?

Sorry, can a man fuck a hourse happiness has changed!

trell Macadvisor: Are people being purposely obtuse? Why yes! We are!! Jaroslaw Trell - the whole internet begs to differ?

A man fuck a hourse

DCguy Now remember, according to the right wing trolls, if Pence attacks lgbts and passes one of the most bigoted laws in the country, that is fine, but if you laugh at him, you need to be attacked because you are evil bullies. Roan Kerfuffle? DCguy Snap! Xzamilloh You think he jacked it to Mr. Ed growing up? t would be so much funnier.

This man came across a baby horse stuck on the highway - and refused to give up until he'd reunited her with her mom. Video produced by Mario anim

highestbidder And let the Russians post the pictures lol. Andrew Yang I love the joke about Pence, the horse and a bar.

GayEGO Mille Pence is getting ready in case Donnella Trump is kicked out, I bet he has a lavender chiffon gown all set to wear for his inauguration! More From Reference.

A centaur is a mythological creature with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. The centaur's upper body typically included a human-like head, arms and torso, while the lower portion consisted of a horse's body and legs Please JOIN US and ''SUBSCRIBE'' to our channel for more COOL videos!!!!Also Like and Comment our videos. Thanks. We try to inform and educate our viewer A year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested on suspicion that he traveled to Arizona to have sex with a horse. Police body cameras captured his encounte

Here's How the CARES Act Changed Charitable Contributions for 's Taxes. What Is a Sdule C Tax Form, and Will You Need to File It? What's the Difference Between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgages? Santiago successfully completing several animal-to-animal penile transplants.

Having been ridiculed all his life for having a below average sized penis, he got in touch with the doctor and asked if it was at all possible to receive a transplanted penis from a horse, and have a fully functional penis.

What happen if you try openening doors! The horse says, "he's a little rattled by recent events." - Matthew McGregor (@mcgregormt) May 1, It must be exciting for Mike Pence to get fucked by the same horse that used to fuck Quando eu falo que o povo Russo e louco pra caramba, eu nao estou falando literalmente, eles realmente ultrapassam a barreira do bom senso, fazem cada clip

I am amazed, Dr. Santiago is a wonderful man. Waterbury is sure to face a flood of news media upon his arrival back into the United States, which according to Santiago, will be about a month.

Waterbury under constant observation for at least the next thirty days, in which we will perform multiple tests on the functionality of the penis. When we are satisfied and certain he will have no issues, we will recommend that he can go home, however for the time being it is absolutely necessary to monitor the healing process.

Santiago added that some of the inner workings of the penis were modified using synthetic materials, allowing the procedure to be possible.

Fucking Donkey--Horse Fuck--Animals Fucking each other

I contemplated even trying it at all, but after some research and meeting with my associates, we were convinced that it was indeed possible using the lab grown allograft.

We are very pleased with the outcome, but we still have to keep an eye on Mr. Write For Empire News Sign In Create Account Follow Us :.

Consider, a man fuck a hourse so?

Woman Gets Pregnant After Sleeping at Hotel With Dirty Sheets. Ringling Bros. Shuts Down Circus Event in Florida After Trapeze Artist Accidentally Defecates on Audience.

Sports WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Enters Agreement to Purchase New Wrestling Startup AEW.

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