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You clean, you wipe, you shower, and your bum still smells terrible. Person A, from the United Kingdom, states the has had to resort to taking bathes twice daily, as well as sneak into the loo nearly every hour to wipe away sweat and hit a few shots of body-spray on his bottom. His butt constantly smells bad, despite him having good hygiene. These are just a miniscule portion of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of men out there who have similar problems. Bidets are more sanitary than regular toilets, and are one of the best personal investments you can possibly make. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life, and learn more about them, now. Swamp butt typically refers to that smell that is the result of your butt eks rubbing together, sweat and left over fecal matter all combining to form a particularly vile odor.

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Read through and see if anything below applies to you. In order to eliminate one of these as the possible cause of your foul-smell, here are some steps you can take:. Have you tried changing the types of clothing and underwear that you put on everyday?

Translate You smell like ass. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. here to support your language learning goals. Support us today by going Premium, and browse ad-free on the site you love. Try It Free Today. Word of the Day. el ternero. show translation. Subscribe. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English smell like ass sex. To smell badly, emit a foul order. Dude, you smell like ass. Get a smell like ass mug for your dog Manley Clip from Black Out

If you can reduce the amount of warmth and moisture, you can eliminate more bacteria. Chances are, if you had hemorrhoids, you would know, but did you also know if you have a recurring problem with them, it could be the cause of that bad smell? You would know you would have them as they are uncomfortable and often painful, especially when you pass another stool, when you wipe, and sometimes even when you move.

An abscess is basically like a little pocket full of pus and body fluid, that collects and swells. Unfortunately, the only real way to know if this could be causing your odor is through a ck with a gastrointestinal doctor.

As with abscesses, the best way to eliminate this as a cause would be to book an appointment with a doctor and have him or her take a look. Hopefully this article helped, or at least narrowed down some of the possible causes of that bad smell you have been having.

Like an abscess, this can go unnoticed, though not to the same degree. What could be happening is: The muscles around your bottom do not work properly, are strained or injured in some way, and do not You smell like ass. Posted on October 8, by ediblecolors. Standard I hear this all the time. But I need some clarification. Exactly what kind of ass do I smell like? A long-eared, slow, patient, sure-footed domesticated mammal, Equus asinus, related to the horse, used chiefly as a beast of burden? Or are you referring to the buttocks,rectum,butt,badonkadonk,booty,bum,fanny,keister,pooper About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

No fluff. Because I am quite sure one of these smell like fresh lavender and rainbows and the other smells like a pile of week old chicken guts rotting in the sun. just sayin. Those are the most creative expressions for the tail end that I have ever read, lol.

Well thank you. takes one to know onehehesnort. You are commenting using your WordPress. com account.

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You are commenting using your Google account. tell him you think it's a little odd and no one else has ever done that to you LOL. Lool when he goes down and comes up I will ask him why he does it. Maybe the conversation will be bloody weird.

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I have recently started going out with the love of my life, she is my first girlfriend and we've only been going out for 5 months but she's really special. before i met her i didn't have any fetish other than wanting to try anal. then i realised how much i loved the smell of her armpit and then how much i loved the smell of her butthole, this is now my main fetish possibly. It makes me so horny because i realised this is the smell of my girlfriend and its a smell only she makes, the second i smell it i feel so good inside like I've orgasmed slightly.

plus she says shell only let me do anal once which is totally fair, but by smelling her butt i dont worry about not being able to do anal multiple times cause i get to smell her butt which is just as good for me!

also ass doesn't smell of poop at all!

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I think he was a shitzu and I don't understand the appeal of ass ek smell. I get the rimming, but the sniffing? It's plain off key, my asshole doesn't smell but even if I haven't showered he does it and it's a bit of a turn off but he gets so horny.

tasting someones asshole is okay, but sniffing it isn't? i don't know what sort of arousal one would get from actually tasting an asshole.

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I'm saying I have heard of rimming, I'm personally not into rimming ones ring of shit but I get that, it's pretty common. It's the whole sniffing thing, I have never encountered that before.

Would turn me off too, I mean. we're not dogs. By far, weirdest thing I've ever heard!

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Haha I know right. Dogs sniff each other's butts to get information. So maybe he is trying to find out how my day went lol.

If I farted in his face he would probably climax there and then, I don't want to spark of something even stranger lol. I haven't spoken to him about this before.

What I don't understand is; You don't like the sniffing part because you don't like the smell of your ass on his nose. You also say you don't mind the licking part. If you can smell your ass on his nose, just from him smelling it, then I would think his breath would smell a lot worse from licking it? 0 | 0. 0 | 0. Anonymous +1 y. It's pretty uncommon I think but not weird. Everyone has their Smells Like Ass. smell. stinky. smells good. smelly Depends. If the woman has just come out of the shower or had a bath, her ass won't smell of much, apart from soap or shower gel. If she's come back from a day at work or college etc, it will usually smell a bit musky and a bit sweaty, with possibly a poop smell if

I don't want to make him feel insecure, he must feel very comfortable around me to do this and I don't want to make him feel like he can't express himself so I'm treading water. My butt hole, ring of glory, poop portal. Seriously I'm really unable to see the appeal. The first time he done it, I thought it was my imagination. Then he begun going down and taking long deep sniffs which turned him on like I have never seen him before. Sometimes I will just be lying there and he will go down and start smelling my ass, it's like some form of foreplay to him as after that he wants to have sex.

Is this weird or normal? Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. My boyfriend is obsessed with sniffing my ass? Add Opinion.

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DrSevan Xper 2. Your boyfriend is in the grip of a sexual fetish, and most, if not all, men have some type of fetish to a greater or lesser degree.

It happens because of the way men are "wired," meaning neuromically. Generally, almost no women suffer from a fetish, because women are "wired" differently than men. I have had the same fetish as your boyfriend, started when I was 14 years old, and still going strong. I should mention that, although I love to smell women's bums, and to rub my nose into their assholes, It never smells like shit or feces.

You smell like ass

A clean bottom has a distinctive fragrance, all its own. I came across a couple comments on this thread which claimed it made more sense to lick an asshole than to smell one but not to me, who licks something before they smell it. Not me, before I use my tongue on a woman's bum, I wanna know how clean it is.

The way to find out if the butt is clean and healthy: spread the bum eks apart nice and wide work your nose into the bum crack, press your nose tightly up against the puckered butthole, deeply inhale through your nose. You'll know. In closing let me just add my hope that you will continue to allow your boyfriend to enjoy all your smells and flavors.

Sarcasm1 86 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 5. I was one of the few that voted "normal" on this. Certainly not because I've ever done it or had it done. The reason why is because there are hundreds of "fetishes" that turn people on.

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What I may find a turn on, others may see as odd, disgusting, or even repulsive. Does it make it wrong?

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Absolutely not. Does it make it weird? That's a matter of personal perspective. If it is something that makes you uncomfortable you may want to talk to him or even consider the fact that you may not be sexually compatible.

If it doesn't truly bother you and you are "ok" with it, then let him continue as long as he doesn't cross any personal boundaries. I'll revert back to the old adage, different strokes for different folks. Weird is only in the eye of the beholder. I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun! Show All Show Less. That's fine, I said any fetish but not all people. Derpyy opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. I don't know how old this is, but here's my two cents.

Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it bad. People fesr what they cannot understand. It's not weird. I honestly don't see how licking isn't weirder than smelling. I mean, what stimulation does the licker get? It goes the same way with, "what stimulation does the sniffed get? I'm a female, and my boyfriend loves to do what yours does.

Therefore, every night, I make him smell my ass until he comes while I talk dirty to him. And I love hime for it everyday.

Even though I do not get off on the exact act, simply seeing that a part of me can make a man go crazy with lust feels me with joy, and THAT fact turnd me on. Your boyfriend isn't weird, he's a feak and you should love him for all his quirks. Just talk to him. I'm sure there are things he does for you that he's not so enthusiastic about. There, my rant is over.

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Amazingly well said. I too enjoy a couple sniffs of the butt. Good stuff. I think it's just a fetish, like some people love to suck toes and sniff armpits and whatnot lol I've seen some pretty dank stuff, but I guess normal. It's just nothing I have ever come across- ever.

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Yeah, I've never heard that one before lol. RationalLioness Guru. Some people have fetishes that aren't well known.

I don't see that as weird but funny to be honest. I know many guys who have fart fetishes. Arianna16 Xper 6. it depends on ur personal preference, if u don't like it then just tell him. Still doesn't beat the fact that it's a little unorthodox. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. JuicyBrain K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

I don't see a problem. After all, women are into men and I find men disgusting. I can't understand how or why like it.

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Also, most women can't understand the appeal of another woman like I do. Such is the miracle of nature We don't get to chose what attracts us.

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