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Image Product Name Top Choices Latest Pricing 1. Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream Our Favorite Meladerm's Website 2. Amaira Lightening Serum Amazing Pricing Amaira's Website . Pink Privates Intimate Lightening Cream Great Deal Amazon Contents. Thanks to the rising popularity of lightening the intimate areas of the body, there have been many new top-rated products recently hitting the market, some of which claim to be safe and efficient in reducing the darker skin pigmentation on all intimate parts, especially the anal region.

Kojic acid: This exfoliating acid has been approved for use in concentrations of 1 percent by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel. Bonus: It also has properties that may reduce the signs of skin aging. Malic acid: This alpha-hydroxy acid AHA loosens the bonds between skin pigment cells. This allows the cells to flake off and expose paler skin.

Lactic acid: Got milk? This dairy-derived AHA is a dope way to even out skin tone and treat hyperpigmentation.

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It has to be an actual lactic acid concentrate. Emblica extract: Give your butt the best of both worlds with this Indian gooseberry serum.

DIY should work just fine, but you might get better results going to a skin care pro. They have access to stronger and better-quality products. This might reduce your risk of side effects.

We feel ya. Having someone that close to your poop chute can be intimidating AF. Feeling freaked out your first time is totally normal. Just know you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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Skin care pros are trained to talk you through the treatment. Daily activities - like walking, running, sweatingand sitting - can cause chafing or friction. This can lead to more pigmentation.

DIY treatments have the shortest butt-shelf life. You need to touch it up every 1 or 2 months.

Professional-grade treatments usually last a bit longer. Laser treatments usually give the longest results. You only need a touch up every 6 months to 1 year.

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Talk to your dermatologist or doctor before getting a treatment. Good news! The entire anal bleaching process should take less than 0 minutes.

The exact timing depends on your service and provider.

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Most folks recover from anal bleaching in about a week. But it can be faster or longer depending on your skin and what kind of treatment you received. Here are some helpful healing tips.

Products: Your provider will probably send you home with a cream, lotion, or gel to help soothe the area and kick-start the recovery process. Patience: Give your booty-hole time to heal.

Avoid any activities that lead to friction. You should also wear loose fitted bottoms for a minimum of days.

Anal skin bleaching

This can help prevent inflammation and may reduce your risk of infection. This helps prevent irritation and infections. Continue to abstain if your skin still feels raw or irritated after day.

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Laser treatments break down dark skin pigments into smaller particles. These cells then get carried off by white blood cells. You might see results after your first treatment.

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But you prob need to have it done or 4 times for the best results. Get a touch up every 6 months to 1 year to maintain the look.

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The thought of a laser beam scalding your buttcrack is an actual nightmare. Thankfully, this procedure is nothing like a Dr. Evil torture device. TBH some peeps do feel pings brief bolts of pain. Others say it feels like a hot, prickly sensation. But it should never be a kill-me-now vibe.

Nov 04,   Anal bleaching is a popular cosmetic treatment that lightens your skin around your anus. How does it work? You can either get a cream or mical peel to break down melanin (skin pigments). You can Author: Lianna Bass There are a lot of causes of dark skin in sensitive areas, many of which are naturally-occurring and cannot be prevented which is why people turn to anal bleaching as a treatment. As we age, our skin goes through a lot of changes and this also applies to the skin around genitals Mar 16,   This bleaching serum is perfect for lightening and whitening the intimate areas of the body such as the vagina and anal area without causing irritation or rashes. This product contains the skin bleaching ingredient Kojic Acid which helps in slowing the

After the procedure, your affected skin might feel a bit sunburned or tender. This can last up to a week, usually peaking in the first 2 or days.

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Both DIY and professional anal bleaching can lead to uncomfortable and sometimes permanent side effects. On the hole, anal bleaching is a safe cosmetic treatment that can boost your booty confidence.

But t keep in mind, your bum is peachy as is. This bleaching serum is perfect for lightening and whitening the intimate areas of the body such as the vagina and anal area without causing irritation or rashes. This product contains the skin bleaching ingredient Kojic Acid which helps in slowing the production of melanin significantly to achieve a lighter shade.

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We recommend trying this product yourself! Next, we want to introduce our second favorite from the brand Body Action. This intimate lightening cream lives up to its name because of its gentle yet effective formula that will transform your private areas to that of a lighter, pinker shade.

Perfect for sensitive areas anal area included this lightening cream combines super nourishing and hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and hyaluronic acid.

Is There Such Thing as Home Remedies for Anal Bleaching? Fruit enzymes - Fruit enzymes are an excellent natural home remedy to use. In nature, fruit enzymes are known as Pearl powder - Contains Conchiolin which is very useful in boosting collagen production (the regeneration of new skin Almond Dec 27,   Some people opt to get a cosmetic procedure that lightens this pigmentation, which is called anal bleaching, Fouad Georges Kaado Moawad, MD, who offers this treatment in his Virginia Beach medspa Mar 14,   Risks of professional anal bleaching treatments include: Skin damage. The micals may be stronger and more likely to cause side effects when applied. Improper technique. If a technician isn't trained properly, they may apply the product incorrectly. You could develop Laser damage. A

The active ingredient contained within this cream to lighten the intimate areas is called Alpha Arbutin, a botanical that is a natural derivative of the mical compound, hydroquinone. Be sure to find this product on Amazon.

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We recommend you staying clear of mical-based formulas as they are very harsh on sensitive skin and could likely end in irritation or rashes. As it currently stands, there is an abundance of intimate lightening gel treatments on the current market today that you can buy, making it harder to choose which product will work best for you. The best way to know if a product is worth the investment is by doing a little research beforehand.

Aug 1,   Anal bleaching is a cosmetic choice that more and more women and men are making when trying to feel sexier for their partners, be more confident in their bodies or even to be beach ready for the summer. Anal bleaching will not fix anal coloration, but with upkeep, can produce results that people are happy with

If you want to bleach your intimate areas effectively, then we recommend using skin lightening creams as they have been proven to show better results in most cases compared to just any anal lightening cream available. Effectiveness is one of the most important parts to consider when reviewing a product, and for obvious reasons too! If you want to know more about anal bleaching and what products to use, then be sure to ck out this article we did on the proper ways to anal bleach here!

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As mentioned above, looking over the ingredient list is the best indicator for understanding how well a product performs. By doing so, manufacturers are creating treatments that can offer both great results without including harmful ingredients.

Using completely all-natural based products is also an option as long as they have the right elements work and perform effectively. Though mical-based products seem to work quicker, the con to natural-based formulas is that it takes more time to achieve faster results. Though it may seem tedious, the results are worth waiting for in the end.

The packaging of a product plays a significant role in how well a product is promoted, which can say a lot about the product specifically by highlighting the unique selling point of the product itself.

However, remember, all that glitters is not gold, and you should look beyond the packaging of a product. Reviewing customer feedback helps to understand how well a product has worked for others. Knowing this information can quickly help you determine if a product is right for you.

However, while testimonials from other customers are essential to look at, some can be unauthentic. This way you can get legitimate feedback that is posted on their sites.

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com is a perfect example of this, which is why we only recommend skin lightening products from their site. In a nutshell, the best anal bleaching creams or gels are ones that contain high-quality ingredients that are all-natural and safe to use on the intimate regions of the body. Never buy intimate skin lighteners that contain potent micals such as Hydroquinone.

Be sure to read over our anal bleaching guide on how to safely and effectively lighten the anal area. The most popular brand as mentioned before is Amazon.

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com as they have a wide selection of different lightening treatments to choose from. They also offer a filtering system that allows you to see the newest products or ones based on customers average rating.

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Using this will help make searching for anal bleaching cream easy! Not to mention, most of Amazons products come with prime shipping making all shipping free, perfect for those who have a membership. Now that you understand what to look for when it comes to buying anal bleaching creams, you can now shop for them in a breeze!

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