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Butt sex is officially on trend. To kick off the fourth season of Girls tonight, Marnie gets bent over a sink and has her butt eaten out-and really likes it. Mindy Kaling recently did a whole episode of The Mindy Project on anal sex-which aired, remember, on network TV. Not a lie. Does all of this mean that anal sex is no longer taboo?

The butt is an erogenous zone for both men and women. Anal sex is hugely popular in porn-and getting more popular.

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Some Christians even try it before normal sex! And realistically, ass play is something most of us have either tried, considered trying.

or stumbled upon, accidentally or on purpose. Also, hello, anal sex is a primary way that gay men have sex.

I sort of can't believe I'm writing this, especially for Voguebut, sigh, here goes. I had anal sex for the first time when I was seventeen. It wasn't awful-thankfully, my boyfriend wasn't very big-but it didn't feel good, either.

It just felt like a more uncomfortable version of going to the bathroom, except in reverse. Afterward, I was pretty happy to leave my days of butt experimentation behind me. But a few years later, a new boyfriendstarted begging me for it.

Anal sex karlabroni

It was more of a dull a that at times felt strangely good, and I was actually enjoying the power dynamic of it. However, when he pulled out, there was some, ya know, stuffwhich freaked me out so much that I immediately started crying.

He didn't seem to care, but I was so traumatized that I mentally filed butt sex under: never again. Strangely, during all this time of largely neglected butt play, anal sex still played a major role in my fantasies; it plays to my submissive tendency. Until one strange evening a few years ago.

Best Anal Sex Positions with Zoe Ligon - b-Vibe

I was with yet another boyfriend, and we had gotten into an awful fight-that type of fight that is often perversely resolved by rough sex. At the height of the heated session, without saying a word, my boyfriend flipped me onto my stomach, spit onto my butt, and starting fucking my ass.

It was clearly a power move, but I was so turned on by the situation that, eventually-with the assistance of self-masturbation, obviously-I was able to come. Karina Analy.

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