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Good news: Anal sex is becoming less and less taboo. And by that, I mean GREAT news, because women can actually enjoy butt play just as much as men do. Anal sex provides a different kind of fullness and can be really, truly intimate especially if it's a first for both of you. Another major perk? Some women even experience full-on anal orgasms. With the right positions and a few helpful pointers, you could be one of them.

If you can go to the bathroom within an hour or two of enjoying anal sex or anal play, then do. Having a shower or bath is also a good hygiene practice and can make you feel smooth and sexy!

Soap, water, and a baby wipe are more than sufficient. However, some people like to use an enema or anal dou to give themselves a more comprehensive clean.

Penis-in-vagina cowgirl gives you the reins, and the same goes for the anal sex version of this woman-on-top position. With your partner reclining face-up, straddle your knees on either side of Similar to Missionary Position, this position gives you a sense of intimacy, unlike other Anal Positions, you and partner are face to face. Again, the eye contact can be pretty intense! Pro: Unlike other anal positions, this one provides intimate eye contact. Con: Need to add pillows underneath your hips to get the pelvic in better access The pictures may help you. As you can see, the positions are not that different to normal vaginal sex: they just need slight modification, such as her legs being farther apart. Other points. You may find a bit of blood - small rips and cuts are common consequences of anal intercourse. Stop until they heal, and next time use more lube, and relax more as you play with the positions. If the

One popular option is to use a small enema bulb: Simply fill the bulb with water or saline solution and lubricate the tip. Insert it into your anus and squeeze. Hold the water for a few seconds and then release while sitting on the toilet.

Repeat this a few times until the water runs clear. If you plan on making anal sex a regular thing, a more permanent solution is an anal dou shower attachment: Just like an enema bulk, you need to properly lubricate the attachment, insert it into your anus, spray water and hold for a few seconds before releasing.

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But be careful! A serious risk when using a shower attachment is spraying too much water or spraying at too high pressure. This can damage the delicate tissues of your anal canal.

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If you do try an attachment, ALWAYS start very gradually. You should also be aware that regular enemas can introduce an imbalance of electrolytes and there are risks related to muscle function. The pain will only intensify after the cream has worn off.

Most women have never had a partner who could make them TREMBLE with pleasure. To make anal sex totally mind-blowing, you need anal toys. Some people, especially men who identify as straight, are squeamish about this, even if they feel they want to have anal sex with a female partner!

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Anal dous are obstinately hygiene products, but showering together and experimenting with a dou is also a great way to introduce anal play! Some anal dous even have specially shaped nozzles that double up as anal toys.

Using plenty of water and water-based lube, you can erotically penetrate yourself or your partner with a dou and experiment with how it feels.

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The narrow tips of the anal dou are ideal for penetrating the soft skin of the anus without causing pain or discomfort. Anal dous are GREAT for practicing how to relax your external sphincter muscles without having to worry about mess!

You can try out some deep breathing techniques that help your internal sphincter muscles relax and clean up easily afterwards.

Want to move the action out of the bathroom and into the bedroom? These little wonders are specially shaped to make anal play feel AMAZING without causing any discomfort.

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When shopping for butt plugs, always choose models that are made from medical grade silicone. ALWAYS start with the slimmest, smallest size and use plenty of water-based lube before moving up in size.

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Butt plugs are perfect for helping your woman open up and relax her internal and external sphincter muscles prior to anal sex. For extra fun, vibrating butt plugs will give extra stimulation to her sensitive anus and anal canal! When combined with oral sex and clitoral stimulation, butt plugs may even lead to your woman enjoying an overwhelming SQUIRTING orgasm!

This position is most often associated with anal because it has major advantages. As the partner on the bottom, you can stay loose as you control penetration to Sex Positions Pics+Guide. 1. Main Sex Positions Page; 2. Anal Sex Positions; . Doggy Style Positions; 4. Cowgirl Sex Positions; 5. Standing Sex Positions; 7. G Spot Sex Positions; 8. Positions for Big Girls; 9. 69 Sex Positions; Crazy Sex Positions; Course Catalog. Blow Job Bible; Squirt, Shake & Scream; Dirty Talking Bible; Make Him Obsessed With You; Podcast ; About; Blog; 28 These advanced anal sex positions are some of the steamiest, kinkiest and trickiest positions to master! If the other positions in our guide seem too VANILLA for your tastes, THIS is the section for you! The best advanced anal sex positions are: The Eiffel Tower; The Intimate Launch Pad; The Downward Dog ; The Eiffel Tower. The best thing about doing your lover while standing up is that you

The main alternative to butt plugs is anal wands. These little back-door treats are perfect for anal play as they generally start with their smallest portion at their tips and then become progressively larger. For added fun, you can also find vibrating wands that maximize pleasure! However, in the classic sense, wands are somewhat rigid while beads are held tougher with a string or cord.

As you can appreciate, foreplay for anal sex needs to be slower and more measured than your usual repertoire! Yes, you can still eat your woman outbut you need to add a few extra steps along the way. She sits on the bathroom counter or basin and you kneel on the floor between her legs. She supports her upper body with her hands and leans back while you gently spread her legs and start eating her out.

She can drape her legs on your upper back or put her feet on your shoulders. This angles her hips and gives you easy access to her anus for anilingus and anal play. She kneels on a bed with her legs open, her body straight, and her head down. By placing her weight on her elbows, her vulva and anus go into the IDEAL position for her to receive both cunnilingus and anilingus! You simply kneel behind her and start eating her out.

From this position, stimulating her clitoris and anus with your lips and tongue is a BREEZE! You can use your lubricated fingers, lips and tongue to gently tease, stroke, and penetrate her vagina and anus until she is MOANING with pleasure! If you want to drive your woman crazy with pleasure and have her BEGGING you not to stop, here are three sure-fire techniques that will drive her wild.

Anal play is great. If you want to help your woman achieve a SQUIRTING orgasm, try using a vibrating butt plug or wand while you eat her out! Play around and see what works for your partner!

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If you want to GUARANTEE that your woman orgasms so hard that she SQUIRTS, you need to go for the triple-whammy of clitoral stimulation, G Spot stimulation, and anal stimulation at the SAME TIME. While in the Water Fountain or the Forbidden Fruit position, trying giving your woman deep cunnilingus with plenty of direct clitoral stimulation. Next, start toying her anus with a butt plug or anal wand until she starts moaning a little.

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com VIP. Our Sites Artnews BGR Deadline Fairchild Media Footwear News Gold Derby IndieWire Robb Report Rolling Stone SheKnows She Media Soaps Sourcing Journal Sportico Spy StyleCaster TVLine Variety WWD. Parenting Expand the sub menu. Health Expand the sub menu. Living Expand the sub menu. Entertainment Expand the sub menu. With your back to them, slide down on top of them. The Lying Doggy is perfect for shallow penetration-which you should definitely try if you haven't already.

Most of the nerves in the anus are in the first two ins of the opening, so this is a great way to get that stimulation even if you're an anal sex beginner.

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Pro tip: Play around with teasing in this position. But you still get allll the stimulation. If you want more though, add a vibrator to the mix and use it on your clitoris while lying down, she suggests.

Do It: Lie on your stomach, and have your partner lie directly on top of you, entering from behind. Have them balance on their elbows for optimal comfort. Anal sex positions are often a face-away-from-each-other kind of deal, but this one allows you and your partner to get some eye-contact in during sex. That adds to the whole intimacy thing.

You can also kick things up a notch and calm your nerves with a little nipple sensation from your partner. Do It: Have your partner enter you from the missionary position. Keep your knees pressed against his side to control how deep they go, putting your hands on their st for extra resistance. You can also add a pillow underneath your hips, to get the pelvis in the perfect place for penetration. Don't you love that this position is called the Caboose? While it's a must-try for regular penetration, it's a really sweet one for anal.

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This will start the intimacy off on a high note. And once you're in the position, you'll be attad from the torso to your legs and can kiss each other to up the romance even more. Do It: While he sits on the bed or a chair, back yourself into his lap and spoon each other while seated.

View Anal-position Pics and every kind of Anal-position sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here. We are working hard to be the best Anal-position Pics Anal sex often leaves you staring off into the distance, so this position is great for people who want a sexy view. From missionary position, have your partner enter you slowly. Hold onto their Anal sex positions are often a face-away-from-each-other kind of deal, but this one allows you and your partner to get some eye-contact in during sex. That adds to the whole intimacy thing. You

It's ideal for shallow penetration, giving your nerve-rich anal opening plenty of attention. Encarnacion recommends playing around with a sex wedge or pillow to switch up the depth or direction of penetration. Do It : Have your partner kneel against the bed and you lie across the edge, leaning on one side with your back and obviously butt facing them.

Lean back into his penis. Swivel your hips to control the speed and motion. Oh, spooning-the lazy girl's move for vaginal, and now anal, sex. This position is great when you don't want to make eye contact sometimes, especially when your partner is up your backdoor, you don't want to or feel like busting out crazy moves.

Plus, skin on skin is hot.

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And if you're worried about the position feeling too simple or mundane, add some build up. You'll get both clitoral stimulation and create more of a tease before diving into full anal.

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Do It: Both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. You bring your knees up slightly while your partner slides up behind your pelvis and enters you from behind. Anal sex in the cowgirl position is especially hot because it gives the person on top all of the control.

It's also super easy for you and your partner to reach around and finger your vagina or rub your clitoris.

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And remember-there's more than just up and down movement. Rock back and forth too to provide yourself with another stimulation option, Encarnacion says. Do It: Have you partner lie down faceup, then straddle them.

Slowly slide yourself down at your own pace.

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Lean forward, placing both hands on your partner's st or shoulders. Regular Lotus is touted as one of the most intimate and romantic positions there is. Make it the anal version, and you take that intimacy up a notch okay, several.

Here, you're as close to your partner as possible, and you get some eye-contact time that can be oh-so-hot.

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One other note: He'll likely feel pretty deep, so go slow. Do It: Have your partner sit on the bed or couch.

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