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I got to see them play CBGB's a long long time ago, I can still remember how that music made me smile they put on an awesome show, all in sweatpant shorts. nothing will ever beat Picnic of Love, though. Post a Comment. skip to main skip to left sidebar skip to right sidebar. Click image for link to profile. cory - sf,ca Multi-Millionaire Philanthropist.

Good Stuff:. TERMINAL ESCAPE. Everything is Terrible! MONSTER BRAINS. Boca De Fuma. sunyata - mindful of metal. Sergeant D. The Illuminatus Observor.

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Poetry of Subculture. Andrei Bouzikov's Art Blog. KICK TO KILL. fuck yeah female fronted!

the long way home. TOPPLED IDOLS. Bang Your Head or I'll Rip It Off! Lost Video Archive. Annihilate Next Week.

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Crud Wizard. The Widening Eye. Mister Booze. Arrs' Guild. Primitive Future. Cranky Town. BLOG THE JERK! Cosmic Hearse. Nobody Knows I'm New Wave. I Kicked Your Car In The Balls. The Loom Of Ruin. From This Swamp - Lovecraftian and Dystopian Music. because i said so. Tetrapod Zoology. The Point.

Anal Cunt Discografia. 47 Song Demo Rehearsal Songs [EP] 88 song [EP] Another [EP] Live EP (Psychomania) Unplugged [EP] Morbid Florist [EP] Everyone Should Be Killed DESCARGA MEDIAFIRE (NO TIENE VIRUS) Narizhilton. Narizlist. MySpace Playlist at Nariz-Box. Bandas/Ano/Generos * Demons (1) *6 Crazyfists (1) *41 Down (2 Caribbeancom Jav Sin Censura - A Chubby Pussy Cat - Mega - Mediafire - JAV Carib Jav Sin Censura - Kokoro Kurumi Swinging I Cup And Sweaty Sex - Mega - Mediafire anal cunt - picnic of love sircuscus - brutal ethnology welcome back, kotto: the eye of the tiger, part 2; new mexican alien-cia lazer battle the ultim john oswald - plexure hardingrock - grimen chicken pussy droppings; albert ayler at john coltrane's funeral - july, ; lick my mortgage off, baby

Tokyo Damage Report. The Evil Eye. Members-Only Creampie Photo Shoot - Mega. BBACOS Jav - Shame Old Lady Cosplay! BBA This Colossal Tits Housewife Seems Meek And. DOKS Jav - Glamorous Mask Slut - Mega - Mediafire - Veremos a la hermosa.

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Excellent sound. Even if you have this stuff already, it's worth the download for the upgrade. Note: I only included the front cover for some of these uploads, but all the artwork is in the folders.

I'm not sure how much of this stuff is still in print, most of it i acquired so damn long ago. If there are any bands or labels that want download links removed, please contact me and i'll take them down immediately. Live Foeticide Live Foeticide is a great sounding live recording that doesn't actually sound like a live recording at all. It sounds more like another demo or even a basement rehearsal. The muffled, suffocating "production" fits the music perfectly.

Old Lady Drivers. Lymphatic Phlegm: The Split CD Collection.

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All the tracks from the split CDs with S. Lymphatic Phlegm: Early Recordings. This CD compiles the super rare Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions EP CD from I can't even begin to describe it.

Also the first full length, Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia from Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses. The massive first LP from Cripple Bastards - Best Crimes. Compilation of the band's early EPs, splits and lots more. Released in on Grand Theft Audio.

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Includes the great "Life's Built On Thoughts" EP. The album that made me want to throw my drumset out the window and practice harder all at once. One of my favorite albums ever. Sore Throat - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid. Ulcerrhoea - Rise For The Downfall.

Anal Cunt - Noise Anthology: Comp of my favorite AxCx stuff. RIP Seth. Vomit Abortion. 15 tracks of extremely violent sounding shit. Discordance Axis - Live 6// at CBGB, NYC. Great live set. Excellent sound. One of the three times i got to see DxAx at SAIT Jav - Beautiful Robot Girl Doll Takes Cock In Her Mouth, Ass, And Robo-Cunt JAV ZMEN Jav - Defenseless Female Boss Taking Off Her Pantyhose Gets Raging Hard Cock From Behind! Here you can watch Striptease top rated porn videos which was ranked by visitors. Only best and hottest Striptease xxx videos. Enjoy Free HD porn!

Collection of demos and rehearsals from to Great mix of goregrind and hardcore. Love this stuff. Anal Cunt - Noise Anthology: Comp of my favorite AxCx stuff. RIP Seth. Vomit Abortion. Great live set.

Anal cunt mediafire

One of the three times i got to see DxAx at CBGB. Forget who they played with on this one. All the shows were great though, one was with MITB and Brutal Truth. That was insane. I miss CBGB. Discordance Axis - Splits. Always loved their split EPs the most, so i threw this together way back out of convenience. Figured i'd share as it fits this post. This collection has DxAx's splits with Melt Banana all-time fave materialPlutocracy, Corrupted an Hellchild, Def Master, and Cosmic Hearse.

Vulgar Nausea discography Patareni - 20 songs. Pretty sure Patareni have a discography of about 5 CDs, some of them having upwards of 80 songs, and sharing the discs with their alter-egos, Buka, Debilana and others. This is just a sampler CD. Classic shit. Naked City - Thrash Jazz Assassin. Collection of grindcore jazz from different releases.

I'm a huge Zorn fan, all his stuff rules. Maniac Killer - Amusing Anecdotes For The Depraved. More gore. Vicious stuff with a million horror movie samples.

Anal Cunt - The Old Testament Side Anal Cunt - I Like It When You Die Uno de mis discos favoritos de toda mi infancia Genero: Grindcore 1 Jack Kevorkian Is Cool 2 Valujet You've Got No Friends 4 You Keep A Diary 5 You Own A Store 6 You Got Date Raped 7 Recycling Is Gay 8 You're A Cop Anal Cunt Love 'em or loathe 'em, Anal Cunt has been producing noisy, grind-metal nonsense since These Mass-Holes are probably the most offensive and hateful sounding band I have come across, which is probably why I've known about A.C. since junior high

Two album CD. Arsedestroyer - Teenass Revolt. Relentless grindcore that never lets up for a second. Released in Meatal Ulcer - Craniopagus Parasiticus Gorey grindcore with classic thrash and death metal influences.

All the sickest shit. From grindcore to gorenoise. Congenital Interior Defects - A Collection Of Defective Recordings. Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis. Very similar to the Congenital Interior Defects posted above.

Both bands even share an obsession with Nekromantik director Jorge Buttgereit. Together they kind of make up their own sick little genre. Nothing else sounds like these 2 bands. Last Days Of Humanity - Purtrefaction In Progress. Gore band that has been putting out material since '92, and has shared splits with classic bands like Regurgitate, Lymphatic Phlegm and Cock And Ball Torture.

It all led up to this landmark pathological goregrind album. Taking what Carcass created to it's most extreme. Recorded in and released in on Bones Brigade Records. Recorded in in The Netherlands, released in on Klysma Records.

Nothing else like it at the time. I would imagine this is where "gorenoise" begins.

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Just incredible sick and unique music, although my favorite Urine Festival material is their split 7" with Faeces Eruption entitled "Off-Toilet Ecstasies". I think they really perfected whatever the hell it was they were trying to do with these songs. The split can be downloaded below in one of the gorenoise compilations.

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The gorenoise genre is hard to describe. It's usually a muddy mix of distorted bass, full-blast drum machine and distorted vocals that are either tortured screams or sound like they were recorded underwater.

For the most part it's one or two man projects. Just really ugly stuff, and as anti-music as you can get without delving into pure noise. It's actually a pretty diverse genre though, with many unique projects that stand apart from each other. I can't see anyone liking any of this stuff on first listen. I dismissed the whole thing almost immediately until re-listening a few times. It all just seems to come together at some point. If you let it. I've compiled all my favorite gorenoise demos, EPS, splits and comp tracks, filling up six CDs worth.

All the bands are listed, and these are all full sessions unless it says "random tracks" next to a band. Gorenoise For The Masses Vol. Last up is a batch of CDs by my fave bands in the genre. Most of these i compiled myself and made covers for. As with the comps posted above, all tracks have been adjusted to the same volume, and any surface noise has been removed.

Bodily Wastes - Audio Perversions Vol. My favorite material from probably the quintessential gorenoise project.

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Spitting Womb - Pathology Anthology. Black Putrefaction - Very dark, atmospheric shit. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Avant-garde gorenoise that has to be heard to be believed. Kots Donor discography. Incredible stuff from the Netherlands. Saponification - Back To The Defective Human's Beeing. Rare full length CD from this side project of death metal band Life Denial.

Anal Cunt - I Wish My Dealer Was Open

KxPxLxSxTxTxKx - Snuffgrind Anthology. Bradymenorrhoea - Anthology Part 1. Awesome Urine Festival worship. Fuck, now i need some sleep. Take care.

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