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Have you wanted to add Anal Bleaching as a service to your menu but not sure how to get started? My Pink Wink has now made it easy for salons and estheticians to bring anal and vaginal bleaching services to their salon. Our process is effective, yet quick, so you can make a good amount of additional revenue without a lot of extra time blocked out on the sdule or expensive back bar products and equipment. We started offering this new anal bleaching procedure in so we have had some time to test it and make sure it is safe and effective for customers. The kit is brand new and available on Vadazzle. com, and Amazon.

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The actual procedure only takes about minutes so in one hour, we will have plenty of time to answer questions and go through marketing tips. I cover both areas in the class. I use many of the same steps for the procedure on both areas but talk about the different skin types in the anal and vaginal areas as well as male genitalia in the class.

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For instance, men who want to lighten their circumcision scarring. ck out sugaringtraining.

com for more information on the classes. Your email address will not be published.

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Would I be able to buy the anal bleach without having to sell the other product to the client? Post a Reply. G Power January 19, Post a Reply.

  The apest approach to anal bleaching is DIY, but it's risky. You can buy an at-home skin-bleaching serum, cream, or peel online or at a drugstore, salon, spa, or Anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching are the same process, just applied to different parts of your body. It is the process of choosing an at home kit and following that the specific instructions that are provided to you in order to achieve the level of skin lightning that is desired. If done correctly, there is no pain whatsoever involved in the product application or the process, and you can achieve the same results In fact, anal bleaching became mainstream shortly after it was introduced by the adult entertainment industry as well as the cosmetic salons that offered waxing treatments such as the Brazilian wax. Women who often had waxing done realized that their skin was darker and unflattering underneath where they were waxed. This led to a new solution that could even out their bodies' complexion entirely. From

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Afterward, the skin might swell and feel sunburned for a few days. In rare cases, it could irritate the anal canal lining and cause burns, which can result in permanent scarring, Dr.

Any of the bleaching treatments outlined above can lead to scarring a.

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anal strictureswhich could prevent the anus from properly stretching during bowel movements, and ultimately lead to constipation and pain while evacuating your bowels, according to Dr. De Latour. Alternatively, Dr. Zeichner suggests consulting a dermatologist about DIY products before using them.

Ultimately, any approach to anal bleaching can endanger your health for a temporary benefit: "With time the pigment producing cells come back. More Goodies.

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Your Horoscope for the Week of March We Live on Planet Saweetie Now. Hollywood Feeds Into Asian Female Stereotypes. It is the process of choosing an at home kit and following that the specific instructions that are provided to you in order to achieve the level of skin lightning that is desired.

If done correctly, there is no pain whatsoever involved in the product application or the process, and you can achieve the same results that would be had if you went to a professional salon that offered intimate bleaching. It is important that you follow the directions that were provided on the kit of your choice, and also to avoid products that can be carcinogenic and potentially damaging to your intimate regions.

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Most kids will involve a few steps like mildly exfoliating and cleaning the region that is being blead, with a potential aftercare product being applied it necessary. One of the most common questions that is asked is if anal bleaching hurts?

  Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the skin, not the hairs, in the bum region. It was established for cosmetic reasons, to make the skin around the hole more uniform with the Author: Josie Griffiths   In terms of anal bleaching kits/treatments, packaging tends to become very competitive and highly influenced by whether a product will do well in sales. However, remember, all that glitters is not gold, and you should look beyond the packaging of a product. Just because it appears like a good product doesn't exactly make the performance of it say the same   Included in the kit will come with our procedure step by step instructions. We include TCA peel, microneedle pen with 20 cartridges, My Pink Wink cream, and Lactic cream cleanser. Our bleaching kit can be used on other areas of the body, besides just anal and vaginal regions, which will give you even more opportunity for sales and up-sells. Some people have darker than desired skin on

If the bleach is appropriately applied to the anus or vagina areas and is allowed to stay on the skin for the appropriate amount of time there should be no pain or discomfort of any kind involved. The bleaching agents in the products are designed to stay on the skin for a specific period of time without having an effect great enough to cause skin damage or pain of any kind.

If these agents our left on the skin for longer periods of time in an attempt to get more dramatic results, then they can cause skin damage and pain as a result.

Buying The Best Anal Bleaching Kit Ingredients in the creams within the kits. It's imperative to find out what's in the butthole bleaching kit - Refund policy from the manufacturer. Any respected manufacturer will offer unsatisfied customers the option of returning Packaging and presentation   Anal bleaching is a cosmetic treatment that lightens skin around the anus. One popular method uses mical peels or creams to break down melanin, natural pigments in At-home anal bleaching is not only possible nowadays, but it is also a very popular option for people who don't feel comfortable exposing their sensitive areas to strangers in a salon. There is a good range of DIY anal bleaching treatments and kits that you can invest in to do this at home. Many of these kits no only offer professional results more comfortably, but they can also cost a mere fraction of the cost of a

If you wish to achieve a lighter result than the one that you currently achieve, consult the application to see how long you will need to wait before applying the lightening gel the second or third time. Most at home kits will allow for several applications can be performed in order to get the result that is later each time.

Another question that is commonly asked regards the length of time that the bleaching will last day for returning to the darker colored pigmentation?

Anal bleaching kits

Most anal bleach will last about six months before it will need to be redone, however these results will vary depending on the amount of heat or friction that happens in the area that is blead on a regular basis. It is common for actors in the pornography industry to have to bleach their anus or their vagina more often due to the fact that they use this area for more regularly than a typical person.

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Naturally, results are going to vary from person to person. Does Anal Bleaching Hurt?

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