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Image Product Name Top Choices Latest Pricing 1. Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream Our Favorite Meladerm's Website 2. Amaira Lightening Serum Amazing Pricing Amaira's Website . Pink Privates Intimate Lightening Cream Great Deal Amazon Contents. Thanks to the rising popularity of lightening the intimate areas of the body, there have been many new top-rated products recently hitting the market, some of which claim to be safe and efficient in reducing the darker skin pigmentation on all intimate parts, especially the anal region.

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This product contains the skin bleaching ingredient Kojic Acid which helps in slowing the production of melanin significantly to achieve a lighter shade. We recommend trying this product yourself!

  ANAL bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the skin, not the hairs, in the bum region. It was established for cosmetic reasons, to Anal bleaching products let you whiten your anus yourself, by using a bleaching serum via a set of instructions. Similar to a salon treatment, you have to prepare the area beforehand. This is an easy process of exfoliating to get rid of dead skin and waxing if you want to   As a rule of thumb, if anal whitening creams don't show visible results in under two weeks, the odds are the cream itself isn't very good in terms of lightening pigmentation fast enough and you should look for something stronger if you want to achieve quicker results

Next, we want to introduce our second favorite from the brand Body Action. This intimate lightening cream lives up to its name because of its gentle yet effective formula that will transform your private areas to that of a lighter, pinker shade.

Perfect for sensitive areas anal area included this lightening cream combines super nourishing and hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and hyaluronic acid. The active ingredient contained within this cream to lighten the intimate areas is called Alpha Arbutin, a botanical that is a natural derivative of the mical compound, hydroquinone.

Be sure to find this product on Amazon.

There has also been some research to suggest that excess caffeine, such as from coffee and soda, can darken the skin in this area as well as poor anal hygiene. Anal bleaching is available to anyone who wants to make changes in their body and see good results. How To Bleach Your Anus At Home   Results should be able to be seen within a week of treatment, although like with standard anal bleaching, laser treatments may need to be done frequently at first to achieve optimal results. Also, treatments generally only need to be toud up every six to 12 months, which may be better on a budget or if you are time constrained   The skin between your butt eks and directly surrounding your anus is generally darker than your actual skin color. This can result from friction, hormonal changes, and excess pigment.

We recommend you staying clear of mical-based formulas as they are very harsh on sensitive skin and could likely end in irritation or rashes. As it currently stands, there is an abundance of intimate lightening gel treatments on the current market today that you can buy, making it harder to choose which product will work best for you.

The best way to know if a product is worth the investment is by doing a little research beforehand.

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If you want to bleach your intimate areas effectively, then we recommend using skin lightening creams as they have been proven to show better results in most cases compared to just any anal lightening cream available. Effectiveness is one of the most important parts to consider when reviewing a product, and for obvious reasons too!

If you want to know more about anal bleaching and what products to use, then be sure to ck out this article we did on the proper ways to anal bleach here! As mentioned above, looking over the ingredient list is the best indicator for understanding how well a product performs.

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By doing so, manufacturers are creating treatments that can offer both great results without including harmful ingredients. Using completely all-natural based products is also an option as long as they have the right elements work and perform effectively. Though mical-based products seem to work quicker, the con to natural-based formulas is that it takes more time to achieve faster results.

Though it may seem tedious, the results are worth waiting for in the end. The packaging of a product plays a significant role in how well a product is promoted, which can say a lot about the product specifically by highlighting the unique selling point of the product itself.

However, remember, all that glitters is not gold, and you should look beyond the packaging of a product. Reviewing customer feedback helps to understand how well a product has worked for others. Knowing this information can quickly help you determine if a product is right for you.

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However, while testimonials from other customers are essential to look at, some can be unauthentic. To speed up the process, you need to first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

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All you need is an exfoliating scrub or a loofah. If you do, wait a few days for it to heal, before applying your cream.

Results depend entirely on the tone of your skin.

The key is to apply it every day and keep it up consistently. This is a good thing though, so you can perfect the process!

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The Ultimate Guide to Male Anal Bleaching. Last ated: October 22, What are the options for male whitening?

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Head over to your local cosmetic surgeon Some people prefer to go the whole way and get surgery for a more immediate result. Do it yourself anal bleaching products Anal bleaching products let you whiten your anus yourself, by using a bleaching serum via a set of instructions.

Which male whitening option should you choose? Are they safe for men to use?

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What are the safe ingredients for anal bleaching? How do you buy anal bleaching products?

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How do you apply skin lightening serum for men? Step : Exfoliate to remove dead skin To speed up the process, you need to first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. When will you see results?

  Because heat and friction can irritate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation that makes it harder to maintain anal bleaching results, either you should avoid waxing and laser hair removal, plus For best results, take a few tablespoons of papaya juice and mix it with a body lotion. After, apply the mix to the area massaging it in to moisturize it. Doing this daily can show results over time

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Joshua Zeichner, M. The problem: Some micals in skin-lightening products, like kojic acid and hydroquinonemay be considered carcinogenic, as per data from the National Institute of Health. to minimize exposure to potentially dangerous ingredients.

Anal bleach results

Beware of severe itching, burning, and stinging during and after treatment, Dr. Zeichner says. If you experience any adverse effects in response to a product, stop using it right away, thoroughly wash the affected area with a gentle cleanser, then apply a petroleum-based moisturizer, such as Vaseline, to form a protective seal over the skin, he says. You could see results after one session, but it will likely take several sessions to get the skin color you want, and you often need to apply lightening products at home between sessions.

Like DIY bleaching, the results can last up to six months, Svendsen says.


Because professionals typically use more potent lightening products that deliver faster results than DIY options, according to Svendsen, exposure to professional-grade products could increase your chance of post-treatment irritation, Zeichner says. De Latour says.

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And if the skin in the anal area is open or raw any time after treatment, you should continue to abstain, Zeichner says. Because heat and friction can irritate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation that makes it harder to maintain anal bleaching results, either you should avoid waxing and laser hair removal, plus activities such as hot yoga, running, bathing, wearing a thong, and soaking in a hot tub - or exercise caution.

The treatment breaks down dark skin pigment into small particles that are later carried away by white blood cells.

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Expect to see results about a week after the first treatment, although you may need up to three sessions for optimal results, with touch ups every six to 12 months, Sherrill says. Afterward, the skin might swell and feel sunburned for a few days.

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In rare cases, it could irritate the anal canal lining and cause burns, which can result in permanent scarring, Dr.

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