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Please enjoy these pics of my bbw wife. Our would you just want to just use the slags vagina as a cumdump deposit hole. I would also love to be double penetrated dpalong with a cock in my mouth, and a prick in each hand, with my semi erect clitty bouncing up and down whilst being pounded by the huge cocks stretching my gaping fuckhole. This is ?? very romantic ?? Second Life photo of the my SL character in the light lingerie : Also I'm wearing this outfit on this photo www.

Photo was taken in the lovely CJ Creations sim. It is like a store sim but there are very interesting lanscaping with a lot of outdoor furniture. So you can find there a lot of different options for very beautiful photos :. This is just a ?? VERY FUNNY : ?? ?? Valentine's day ?? video with my Second Life character : HAPPY!!! Valentine's day my Dear friends!!! I wish you all the best!!! All the love in the world will be yours!!!

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Explore Trending Events More More. Tags MY WIFES PUSSY. Related groups - MY WIFES PUSSY. ck out my cameltoe. View all All Photos Tagged MY WIFES PUSSY.

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My vintage petticoat by Sugar Barre. i still have the petticoat, it scrats but its so gorgeous. i am not a cd, tv, xdresser, but many of my friends are, some would love to have this for sissy look. alas, I have to sew them myself or find them in thrift shops. girls are not girly any more. Kiss my boy and friends.

What makes a 10 totally feminine dress? by Sugar Barre. I will go over the points that make it a number 10 on the la femme scale.

Girl Amateur Amateur Model Sexy. Beauty Beautiful Slim. View allAll Photos Tagged milf pussy. Lonely Saturday Night by Scott 2 Here is my latest "masturpiece.":) If you like what you see, please come back and visit, as I post often. List me as a contact and/or comment, as well. You can 17 Incredibly Worn Out Items And Places To Make You Aware Of The Passing Of Time Sitting down, long leg shot. Same French camisole. Patent open toes, stockings, Not nude but sheer pantyhose. Pussy cat bows on heels. This top is lingerie, I didn't wear it under the white lace blouse

to see more of these totally femme Click here www. but many of my friends are. kiss my boy and girls, Love XXX click to see close ups of the shoes etc www. i'm reposting this so i can show new viewers. Me, White Wedding gown by Sugar Barre. Thigh high stockings, not panty hose. Nude above my knees. See the tops? I am a virgin, and I have been one all day.

or tv. or xdresser, but many of my friends are. Kiss my boy and girls xxx Me and Me reflection black legs, shoes, and slip. This top is lingerie, I didn't wear it under the white lace blouse.

But same beautiful skirt. I am not a tv or cd or crossdresser but many of my friends are, kiss my boy and girls xxx CLICK HERE TO SEE MY BEST BUDDIES.


Me, All in white lace. I am not a crossdresser or tv or cd, but many of my friends are on this site kiss my boy and girls xxx. My sexy yellow sun dress and me and me and me by Sugar Barre. In California, it's ok to wear long dresses to church.

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I'm wearing my gibson girl wig. I am not a cd, tv or crossdresser, but many of my friends are, kiss my boy and girls xxx no website, facebook or twitter I have reposted this, as I had comments about this wig.

its fabulous Victorian Gibson girl hair do. real hair and cost a fortune to have it set this way.

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But I never took it down again. the yellow dress, was made by me in ahort version click here www. Me, Sunday, noon after church. Black and White by Sugar Barre. These darling little heels are peep toe with pussy cat bows. I had this cute pillow says Chic Chick.

Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Following rigorous competition and more than , voters, the World's Most Beautiful Vagina Contest anointed a champion this week. It was a strange, difficult-to-gauge event-but that's Human Egg Cell. The human egg is about mm in diameter. That is about the size of a period. or a single strand of human hair. Therefore the human egg is

Amateur still struggling with lighting and focus. It's not crystal clear. I did not change into photographic makeup, this is natural color. You know I'm going to flash you, undies and legs, later. Shocking, I took photo in church, my satin bows by Sugar Barre. interesting story dont you think. and then i started to take flkr shots so I put them on and a lady at church said, " i have never seen such hose". i bought them when i became a married mistress. and all my lingerie was fantastic, Now they are so small, they did not come up to my crouch, so i had to wear them around my knees.

I did shoot them in church pew and I never wore them again, as i had to hobble to do it. They are for sale soon on or i just give them away. Anyhow, no one saw me, all looking ahead, and there was no flash.

click here for more shots. of these hose. it was the same day, and one hasviews. Korgi was tagged several times by Sam Rohweder. Korgi has been tagged. But he wont do it because he is nervous about it. He is a serious and sensitive person, really he is His humour is a shield he hides behind 2. He loves his pussy cats and is as proud of them as he is his children 4. He smokes like a chimney 5.

He is a great photographer 6.

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He loves walking in the woods 7. He loves to wind up the people he knows, playing word games and double entendres 8. He expects too much from himself sometimes.

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He whistles when he is happy Loves to laugh Often blurts things out without thinking it through and then other times he thinks thing through to the point that it morphs into something else completely He loves excel the program, he gets a kick out of collecting and compiling data go figure!! Prefers wine to spirits or beer Throughout his teens and early 20s was in a band.

was the keyboard player Am going to be in trouble for that one Adores his mother and his wife although he would have you believe differently Has his coffee strong black and plentiful Loves pastries and fresh bread.

But especially pastries Content with his own company Plays keyboards is always tinkering with music Has a thing about spelling and yeah i will prolly hear about the speling misstekes Is a Scorpio so therefore according to him is a great lover haha He is completely useless as a handy man He is a complete camera whore in front of and behind it only sometimes He eats and likes haggis. ewww He is a kind soul and I am proud to call him my friend.

simply magnificent

He is very special to me. Me, 5 am MORNING can't wait to try new clothes shopping halloween by Sugar Barre.

refuse. remarkable

REPOSTED I HIT ONE MILLON. just a bunch of horny guys i guess? I found at halloween, big ap store loaded in ap stuff. this darling tutu skirt it's double layers and ruffles and ribbon and a gleaming hot pink waist and hip section, and it was only 10 dollars at walmart i have it covered with a white nylon or?

corset affair with little lace sleeves. I didn't fix my hair. I have on no makeup. I plopped a flower wreath on my head and took up this heart pillow.

This pillow is for future shot i got this tutu. I have red and white ones in my stock but not so cute as this tiny short one. little ribbons only 5 dollars wheeee so soft material i look like a kid feel like a teen or preteen giggly with these finds every one hit the stores now for sexy stuff for the holiday. aper than internet, or online. so I was mad. and I got black and red thigh highs with pussy cat bows on them.

so I'm done with the store but happy, as these will do under all my mini costume skirts. I am not a tv, cd,cd crossdresser, but many of my friends are. They love femme dresses. Kiss my boy and girls.

And have

xxx no website, facebook or twitter. Me, Party holiday girl. Cruise on deck, barefoot, in my beautiful gauze sun dress. See the lace at bottom. No bra, no belt, it has soft sash with pussy cat bow. Wind is blowing. Sun is shining very happy with friends here, and my love. To see more of my ultra femme designs Click here www.

However, in keeping with the theme this month, here are the 10 THINGS I HATE: 1 People who come to the gym with a fresh applications of cologne. If you think you stink that bad try some deodorant, but leave the cologne for the club and tell me which one you are going to so I can go somewhere else 2 When the whites of my finger nails start to show and they make that clicking noise when they strike things. Damn I hate that! If you are with me on this one scream HELL YEAH! i15 by Space Trucker.

Thank you Ana. This is because of and for And there are also many small and large farmhouses with rustic decor : I added the cupcakes in Photoshop from this free stock www.

It's Good to Be Me!! My Bedroom Fall ! by Jet Guer. I love to live in my room so much! ck out a picture of what my bedroom looked liked after the first remodel. elisa dragon tattoo session six final?

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Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads Girl Loses Bikini Bottom in Waterfall Pool HD. A woman goes under a waterfall in a water park, but the stream of water is so strong that it sweeps off her bikini bottoms Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys wins Best Live Act in NSW at NLMAs - Presented by 2SER

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Are you sure that you wish to hide the interface? Accept Cancel. It's a big winter park with a very a lot of Christmas stores and very cute decorations. Another photo from Christmas Lane www. Celestial Chibi. Visit LSR Moda Maine store for this item SLUR maps. CORE FOOTLESS FISHNETS 27 BOM on MP marketplace. Amataria - Shimmer Hearts - GROUP GIFT on MP not available now. Visit Amataria Store for this item SLUR maps. Or get it with discount in the [Cubic rry] maine store SLUR maps.

Sweet Thing. Amalthea Diadem Nonrigged on MP marketplace. It is a fantasy sim based on the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

think, that

There are many different paths that lead to different and unexpected fairy tale places. Follow the arrows that will lead you to the new adventure! This is a flickr group of this location www. Sim is very well decoraterd. And here you can find a lot of places to take a photos on the very different fantasy themes ; In this post I'll give SLUR to the winter island from this photo. Go down the rabbit hole and find yourself in Alice's abandoned park.

Adult cuddles, unicorns and magic everywhere. Bring a date, take some photos, hang out, enjoy. Vanity Hair:Way Up -Happy Pack on MP marketplace. maine store for this item SLUR maps. BigBeautifulDoll - HARPER Fit Mesh Tight Underbust Corset - White - Maitreya Belleza Freya Slink Hourglass Legacy on MP marketplace.

But in Second Life has already opened many Christmas parks!!! This is photo from the Christmas Lane.

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Ut us a big winter part with very a lot of Christmas stores and very cute decorations. Also here are very a lot of lights. It looks great!!! This is my new very cute photo from the Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland ; This is a big Christmas Sim with a very good realistic landscaping and this awesome very artistic reindeers :. Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland SLUR maps. Belle Epoque { Find Your Tribe } on MP marketplace. Belle Epoque { Find Your Tribe } Feet Piece Blue on MP marketplace.

Belle Epoque { Find Your Tribe } Staff Blue on MP marketplace. Or visit Belle Epoque maine store to play Gacha for this item SLUR maps. BE { Insolent Grace } Minidress Blue Box on MP marketplace. N-core Xtreme Platforms "Clear" Pack 6 Colors on MP marketplace. Catwa Brows "Frosty" Eyeshadow with Brow Applier on MP marketplace.

A R T E - Blue Gems Eyes on MP marketplace. This is a Second life photo from the beach party in ??GREASED LIGHTNING ?? Club SLUR maps. And this landscape from the ??GREASED LIGHTNING ?? Club too :.

Colors are change as you like. Belle Epoque { Discipline } Hat Black Box on MP marketplace. It is a gacha item. Luas Hinata Body Purple on MP marketplace.

is a gacha item. Belle Epoque { Intense Power } Leg Harness Purple Box on MP marketplace. Winged Sk8s! Belle Epoque { Intense Power } Gloves Purple Box on MP marketplace. Luas Hinata Wand Purple on MP marketplace. This Second Life photo created like a collage in photoshop : In this photo I am in various poses, and in the background is the winter landscape that I take in the 'Tis The Season Sim - www.

Mostly winter SL wonderlands are close after the New Year. But this sim is still open for visitors. Here you can take a winter landscape photos and Christmas photos too.

if you don't have enough Christmas mood yet you can get it here. Old fashioned snowy sleigh rides, hot cocoa at the outdoor Christmas market, ice-skating on the frozen lake, visit Mrs Claus' Christmas tree lot, or just get lost pressing through the snow Exile - Live Every Moment - Wild Fusion on MP marketplace. N-core BALLET "Fatpack" Fitted Mesh on MP marketplace.

Nifty Bits - Boobies Moundz 1. Take it in the Nifty Bits - Shop fitted, mesh, breasts, Lolas, tango, applier, Lola's, boobies, boobs, silicone, implants, natural, doubled, jewelry, bitz, mounds SL world SLUR maps. The ice was not strong and did not cover the entire surface of the sea. In many places, we can see water through ice and watch water and ice shine together.

Firewood crackles and sparkles under shining flame. And sometimes the burning shavings burst the fire and scatter in the darkness like fiery shooting stars. The heat from the fire is so strong that you want to get rid of excess clothes and absorb all these warm waves into your skin. And when you walk away from the fire, you suddenly feel like needles of cold start poking you.

And It reminds us that it is winter time. Therefore, be better to leave fur coat on or take a fur stole to hide from the pricks of frosty needles under something soft, warm and fluffy.

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