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BAY COUNTY, FL - Disturbing cell phone video of a teen being gang raped during a wild spring break party in Panama City Beach, Florida has been released. Police say it shows the year-old victim passed out in a chair on the beach being sexually assaulted by one man after another in broad daylight. This is all going on as hundreds of spring breakers stand around partying, doing nothing to help. Police blurred out this graphic image of the victim, who was allegedly sitting passed out behind a Panama City Beach bar. Police say no one near the alleged rape contacted authorities about the "sickening" alleged rape. Bay County Sheriff's Dept.

It was years before I realised that what happened or didn't happen wasn't my fault, and stopped describing Roger as this cool, older guy who'd been the best boss I'd ever had.

The more I think about that period of time, the angrier I become. My absence of self worth perhaps coupled with the fact my family was due to return to Australia, making me a problem that would also be easily removed made me susceptible to Roger's crude charms.

Amateur teen forced

But the terror of intimacy overcame my determination to prove my fearlessness. He wasn't going to force me - but that doesn't make what happened OK. I was lucky that day - and let's be clear that when the benchmark for luck is not being raped, you're dealing with extremely questionable parameters - but I shouldn't have been in that situation at all.

I learned early on that girlhood which I already understood to be an inferior state of being was made even more shameful for those of us unable to fulfil even the most basic of obligations that require us to be pretty, deferential and thin.

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Too many people believe that girls should be nice to look at when you have to pay attention to them, and small enough to ignore when you don't. My situation is not the only example of the dark tread that criss-crosses between adolescence and adulthood, but it's not that uncommon either.

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How many girls are preyed on by older men because those men correctly identify how desperate they are to feel like they matter? There's a lot of resistance to feminism from people terrified of what a world with gender equality looks like, but one of the powerful things it does is reframe girlhood as something that exists even when there is no one else around to look at it.

Society offers protection against sexualisation of girls up to a certain age, but it whips it away without warning once that girl enters adolescence. Then, her body becomes public property and any attempts she makes to fight back are ridiculed or even met with violence.

It isn't just abusers who behave like this. It's present in the way men holler out of cars at girls who learn to plow forward, steely eyed and burning with shame.

British newspaper - has released a video on its website that shows a man in uniform forcing tribal girls, who are bare-sted, to dance for tourists. The policeman is seen accepting a Girl Forced to Strip at McDonalds. Uploaded 06/18/ A young girl working at a McDonald's and got more than just a burger. She was strip seard and molested. These people will do anything a voice on a phone tell them, why? Next Video. 1dny. Uploaded 06/18/ 17 Ratings We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more

It's in the way we learn to laugh at jokes that mock our very humanity, because Cool Girls don't get worked up over that stuff. It's in the way angry women are told they just need a good dick, that fat women are an "it", that old women are sour and bitter.

It's an attitude deeply held across all of society, and if you are man reading this and you don't believe me, just turn to the closest woman to you and ask her if she knows what this feels like. I have encountered too many people throughout my life who insist that no one loves women more than they do, even as they turn around and mock women for daring to view themselves as human.

These are the people who contribute to girls' feelings of worthlessness and dehumanisation.

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It is these people who make girls feel like they are worth hating. And it is these people who girls will think of years later when they remember sitting in a living room at 1 years of age, clutching a drink they are too young to have as a man who is decades older than them tells them to be brave.

No one knows better than women what bravery looks like.

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The severe storms, which toppled trees and knocked out power to thousands, are part of a broad swath of violent weather sweeping across the Deep South. In addition to the at least five fatalities, an unknown number of injuries were reported.

OKLAHOMA CITY KFOR - A year-old man is accused of backing his car into an Oklahoma City business and then telling police he meant to hit the neighboring vape store and marijuana dispensary to burglarize it.

Police say John Lytle, of Oklahoma City, backed the vehicle into a shoe repair business Wednesday night and smashed everything in its path. Skip to content.

BAY COUNTY, FL - Disturbing cell phone video of a teen being gang raped during a wild spring break party in Panama City Beach, Florida has been released. And it's downright shocking. Police Let me tell you an everyday story about one of the many things that can happen when girls are taught to hate themselves. When I was 1, a man took me up to his apartment while his wife was out Now 25, Megan Stevens - not her real name - says she was forced into sex work by her boyfriend aged only On one occasion, she said she was forced to have sex with customers in just 22 hours

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