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Haha yeah I know a lot of women who are pervs. It's so hot. So you've done this multiple times before? It wasn't like that. I was standing and I noticed him staring, so I dropped something on purpose. I bent to pick it up. Damn ?? what kind of dress were you wear?

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In society it's not normal indeed. However that does not really mean if it is always wrong. I personally think it's normal though most people think it's not normal and regarded it taboo.

I always wonder why should we be ashamed of our own bodies. I mean we were born here stark naked too after all and also sometimes I also don't understand why society just think it as wrong things to do. Personally, I think as long as both sides feel ok and also there is no harm, then why is it wrong? I assume if most people or society regarded it not normal because they think there's a harm when both men and women naked isn't it?

If you and your family does not harm you neither you harm them, so what's wrong? I mean I wouldn't want to see my siblings naked at all. And they wouldn't want to see me and each other naked either Someone coming in to pee while I'm in the shower doesn't bother me as long as the shower curtain is closed. MaiElena Xper 2. well most often its normal. kinda like when you see them its the same as seeing yourself naked.

no excitement. and thats good. you should only start worrying when you or another member of your family start feeling excited. I've actually met a nudist family, besides them always being nude they were totally normal. Batcatman Xper 1. that's not weird at all.

I don't sleep with a shirt on and I live with my parents and an we are all human. we all have bodies. and your siblings bodies I don't know growing up with siblings you see each other naked all the time. It's not weird at all. It's very normal. But what about my brother who is 16?

Show All Show Less. To me that's a little weird. But my parents are prudes, it's like they never had sex! Or still do! Lol So they've never came into the bathroom while I was in there. My entire family except me is comfortable doing that.

I'm just more a private person but it's completely normal. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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its okay. I am the eldest.

A modern tragedy about a group of year-old schoolchildren whose daily life is shaped by the power of social media and ever increasing sexualisation through the Internet stated differently, one could say 71 exhibited arousal to the preteen girl images. This means that 71/80 () exhibited arousal to the female child slides. Many may have been just slightly less than the arousal they exhibited to the female adult. So basically Over 1/4 ( in fact) of the subjects exhibited penile arousal to pedophilic stimuli that equalled or exceeded arousal to adult Girl Guy Please select your age. ates: Follow. 0 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Girls, has your brother ever seen you naked? 8. Add Opinion. Most Helpful Girls. Julietta Xper 5 +1 y. I don't have a brother. I have a sister, so it's different situation. When we were children we used to take bath together, no big deal. But now if she saw me naked I would be sooo embarrassed.:/ Don't worry

i took care of my first brother. i have two brothers. we take turns with my mom and my other family members taking care of my brothers each other, changing their diapers.

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i wouldn't get excited with such a small thing. I had loved them those moments I see their purity and innocence, would remind me of my younger self. It is brotherly love and at the same time a love of the self, the reason why such a small thing ain't a big issue.

just society corrupts your mind into thinking its bad. if its bad, then you should cite valid reasons why it is bad and why such beliefs you disrespect and not.

nothing is wrong with a 6 year old girl wearing short skirts it helps them to be more sexy and attractive and plus I used to touch young girls all the time and they get really excited and turn their legs in my direction and they would get closer to me to touch them legs and if I was married my wife would be happy when I surrounded by a lot of sexy little girls to touch Released, 'Amateur Teens' stars Fabrizio Borsani, Jerome Humm, Benjamin Dangel, Annina Walt The movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 2 min, and received a user score of 54 (out of ) on TMDb 'Nude' gym short trend is making social media do a double-take From a distance, your eyes might be fooled into thinking someone is at the gym without clothesEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins

its not like you have done weird ass fuck things to them when they were young where it hadn't crossed my mind one bit, all we do is just play.

when all we do as cuddle like little bears. and just because i have these beliefs doesn't mean you're going to abuse it and makes you think you could do anything to me even when Im naked. well, isn't it unfair if all of the people think this way and so you think differently than me, so you disrespect because we do weird ass fucks like cuddling or when accidentally seeing ourselves naked could guarantee you freedom on your own to do weird stuff with me while naked that could make you excited.

I know some people stuff like this. you give them the sweets then they become excited which is weird for me because im not used to it and I thought like what the fuck is wrong with society? some people just can't understand your viewpoints and makes them think you are just a piece of meat. oh well, if you think that way, suit yourself but never show your face to me again because I will do the same for you. And I dont mind treating you the same as well I tend to try to have apathy and harden myself.

but be thankful that there's still compassion left even you have influenced me into making this stuff bad and meaningless to some. if you think that way, dont wait that i wouldn't have anything left to give because I am going to be the baddest if not treated right and I dont mind goin to hell just to preserve my viewpoints.

when did it out of love, is not malice. all we did is just played our part as what we needed to do in order to survive. Vickymoore9 Xper 5. I have always been comfortable and confident about my body from a very young age. We lived on a lake and I went skinny dipping during the summer as soon as it got dark.

I had always walked around naked growing up till I moved out of the house. Same with my step mom I walked in on her showering wanting to ck her out. Obviously a sexual desire for one can occur and ruin the relationship. We all were born naked.

Children that see their parents naked are more well adjusted later in life. nudity has become more popular during the Covid crisis. Its very liberating. ItsAMeWeirdo Xper 6. It's normal is your intention are to just change or do your business, if there is not touching on the equation. But is English your native language. artiewfox Xper 1. God image, saw God's image. We are made in God's image. That is why both did not mind. The church wants people to see that image in the same way God's enemy looks upon that image.

The church influenced fear giving laws The vagina is an inside out penis. Testicles are ovaries, in the woman. MountainGirl95 Xper 5.

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Family nudity in of itself is OK but Im not sure about sharing the bathroom. That's why we have more bathrooms than people in our house, lol! Can you pm me low xper level. What you described seems like a one time accident theghzpc Xper 5.

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you got a hot little body dont get offended and you don't HAVE TO wear a bandanna for a shirt and pants painted on you, and weird halloween colors in your hair and without going back and looking, I BET you got a rivets in your face and nose, too, eh? LMAO you don't have to DO THAT to get attebtion from boys around here, boys your own age woth your face and body, you could simply wear jeans and a pocket t-shiirt, and work boots with one hair color and get all the dates you wanted from young boys that have 6 pack abs, but go hunting on the weekends all winter long remember this little girl and I mean this like an adult, not some pervert the more you feel the need for flashy advertising, the more useless the product must be.

you got a hot litle body and face you could tone it down alot, and still get ALL the dates and free dinners you wanted and you know what? if you were CONFIDENT doing it, youd be mroe "accessible" for guys to start a conversation with you when your out, and all your girl friends will be wondering what your "secret" is answer: she's confident and being herself leer99 Xper 5. It's not the worst, I think it's because some kids aren't as modest.

All I'm going going to say is, I've seen worse. tessamarie Xper 5. i could understand why your parents wouldn't like the clothing in the first pic blue bandana like shirt the pants are okay, but why the second? your ina hoodie. its a little shorter then regulars but not too bad, and the third is not to bad either. but maybe they see cleavage and get worrised or something that's parenst job to worry about their kids. I'm 28 and my parents still worry at times. that's life.

its a life long job for them. just remember they put a roof over your head, give you food, clothes etc. but I have seen a lot worse. The last two are fine.

It's only weird if you make it weird, it's not like you didn't know he was a boy and he didn't know you were a girl. You both knew you each had what you had there. Don't sweat it in my opinion. 0 | 1. 0 | 0. Hispanic-Cool-Guy | opinions shared on Family & Friends topic. Master +1 y. I mean I seen my grandma and mom tits a lot of times because they just don't care to cover themselves while helva | opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. Guru +1 y. A few times, just for teasing. 0 | 2. 0 | 0. Flower-petal. Yoda +1 y. Oh snap I'd do that to you too LoL. 0 | 0. 1 | 1. MsBlocker +1 y his arms tho. Flower-petal +1 y @MsBlocker Girlll have you seen his entire body? Mmmmm and he's sweet as pie. MsBlocker +1 y. Just saw it. I'm shook. Show All Show Less. aaa +1 y. Haha keep Warning: Images from video above may be disturbing. Sheriff's deputies in Panama City Beach, Florida, are searching for two men accused in a gang rape on a crowded beach. Two other suspects have

I have seen a lot worse! The first is borderline. The thing I am wondering about is, why did you tell us your age when we can all see that you put on your account showing that you lied about your age and why did you go anonymous, but then post pictures that showed your face? Just wondering. Hah, well the first picture is kind of revealing but other than that it seems pretty normal. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. sexygod Xper 1. nothing is wrong with a 6 year old girl wearing short skirts it helps them to be more sexy and attractive and plus I used to touch young girls all the time and they get really excited and turn their legs in my direction and they would get closer to me to touch them legs and if I was married my wife would be happy when I surrounded by a lot of sexy little girls to touch. mormollio Yoda.

The first link was questionable, but everything else was normal :l. the first link is a bandanna which isn't even a piece of clothing so the other two aren't innapropriate there are heaps of 16 year old girls that dress so much worse. lol the first pic reminds me of one of my favorite movies, the new guy with eliza dushku.

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the bar scene. martyfellow 1. Assuming you were really 16 it's so funny how the girls talk about being 16 when they list themselves as '18 to quela0 Xper 5. i guess I kinda get what they were saying with the bandana one, but even that's not that bad. You don't dress inappropriately Like you said, you dress like a year-old girl.

Xper 6. The second two outfits are normal but the first was definitely inappropriate. I mean you used a bandanna as a shirt lol.

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Calgarydirty69 Xper 5. no, I can't even load the pics, but girls are girls there going to flaunt what they have, can you mail the pics to dannydavies gmail.

com so I can ck them out. like everyone said, the first link is questionable, but the rest are fine. kcoolkittie Xper. first link, inappropriate second link, appropriate third link, in between. ambermarie Xper 5. the first one is a bit hookerish but the other 2 are cute. TheStrangeOne Xper 4. The first one is inappropriate but the second two outfits are OK. I've seen worse. I don't think you dress innappropriately at all.

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