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This is a police decision. This means that even though a child or young person has broken the law and the police could provide evidence that they have done so, the police can record that they chose not to take further action as it was not in the public interest. Once an appropriate outcome has been decided, it should be communicated by police to the child or young person affected, their parent or carers and the school where appropriate. This should also explain the immediate and longer-term implications.

A decision to disclose information as a part of any criminal record ck a DBS certificate in England is made on the basis of whether that information is relevant to the risk an individual might pose to children, young people or vulnerable adults.

It is possible for an incident of sharing nudes and semi-nudes recorded on police systems with outcome 21 to be disclosed on a DBS certificate.

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However, information falling short of conviction or caution can only be included on a DBS certificate when an individual has applied for an Enhanced Criminal Records ck.

In such cases, it would be for a chief officer to consider what information in addition to convictions and cautions held on the Police National Computer should be provided for inclusion. That decision must be made on the basis that the chief officer reasonably believes the information to be relevant to the purpose of the disclosure for example, someone taking up a position working with children and considers that it ought to be included.

Should police inform a school or college of an incident previously unknown to the setting, the DSL or equivalent should follow statutory guidance set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education. All schools and colleges are required to have an effective child protection policy in place.

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When an incident involving nudes and semi-nudes comes to the attention of any member of staff in an education setting:. This approach is outlined in this section.

THIS SITE IS FOR ADULTS ONLY (18+) This website contains sexually explicit material that is not suitable for minors. You must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age of maturity for your area (whiver is greater) and agree to all the terms below before visiting embracingmothers.com (this Website) The motivations for taking and sharing nude and semi-nude images, videos and live streams are not always sexually or criminally motivated. This advice does not apply to adults sharing nudes or semi-nudes of under year olds. This is a form of child sexual abuse and must be referred to the police as a matter of urgency Best Password Site on the net - ated hourly! free live video nude shows asians celebrities nudes live sex with teens Sex chat sexy nude teen girls penthouse adult pornography persian kitty. ATTENTION! The information found here is primarily for adult site webmasters to find out whether or not their sites security has been bread

It is important to note that a disclosure may not be a single event and the child and young person may share further information at a later stage therefore multiple reviews and risk assessments may be needed depending on the situation. All members of staff in an education setting have a duty to recognise and refer any incidents involving nudes and semi-nudes and must be equipped with the necessary safeguarding training and support to enable them to recognise concerns.

Annex B contains a training exercise which may be used to highlight the issues for staff. Any direct disclosure by a child or young person should be taken seriously.

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A child or young person who discloses they are the subject of an incident of sharing nudes and semi-nudes is likely to be embarrassed and worried about the consequences. It is likely that disclosure in the education setting is a last resort and they may have already tried to resolve the issue themselves. When a disclosure is made, the member or members of staff should ensure the child is feeling comfortable and appropriate and sensitive questions are asked, in order to minimise further distress or trauma to them.

Further resources to help adults respond to disclosures of abuse can be found on the NSPCC website. There is reason to believe that a child or young person has been coerced, blackmailed or groomed, or there are concerns about their capacity to consent for example, owing to special educational needs.

The images involves sexual acts and any pupil in the images or videos is under 1 see Annex A for more information about age considerations. You have reason to believe a child or young person is at immediate risk of harm owing to the sharing of nudes and semi-nudes, for example, they are presenting as suicidal or self-harming. This should take into account proportionality as well as the welfare and protection of any child or young person.

The decision should be reviewed throughout the process of responding to the incident. If doubts remain after following child protection procedures, local safeguarding arrangements should be followed.

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The circumstances of incidents can vary widely. When assessing the risks and determining whether a referral is needed, the following should be also considered:. Why was the nude or semi-nude shared?

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Was it consensual or was the child or young person put under pressure or coerced? Has the nude or semi-nude been shared beyond its intended recipient?

Was it shared without the consent of the child or young person who produced the image? Has the nude or semi-nude been shared on social media or anywhere else online? If so, what steps have been taken to contain the spread?

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These questions will help the DSL or equivalent decide whether a child or young person is at risk of harm, in which case a referral will be appropriate, whether additional information or support is needed from other agencies or whether the education setting can manage the incident and support any child or young person directly.

DSLs or equivalent should always use their professional judgement in conjunction with that of their colleagues to assess incidents.

Once a school has assessed a child or young person as not at immediate risk, it may be necessary to have a conversation with them and decide the best course of action. If possible, the DSL or equivalent should carry out this this conversation. However, if the child or young person feels more comfortable talking to a different member of staff, this should be facilitated where possible.

It is important that the child or young person is given a sense of control over the reporting process. The DSL or equivalent should support the member of staff to make sure the conversation is handled appropriately and they feel confident in discussing the incident. Parents or carers should be informed and involved in the process at an early stage unless informing them will put a child or young person at risk of harm.

Where appropriate, DSLs or equivalents should support any child or young person involved with determining the best approach for informing parents and carers and allow them to be a part of this process if they want to be.

Children and young people can be involved in an incident in several different ways. They may lose control of their own image, receive an image of someone else or share an image of another person. In any of these situations, parents and carers may find it difficult to know how to deal with the knowledge that their child has been involved in an incident and may display differing emotions.

Whatever their feelings, it is important that professionals listen to their concerns and take them seriously. It can also be helpful for staff members and the police or social care, to reassure parents and carers by explaining that it is normal for young people to be curious about sex. In addition to the advice above, parents and carers should be given the following advice and guidance for specific scenarios. If it is necessary to report to the police, contact should be made through existing arrangements.

This may be through the MASH or equivalent in the first instance, a safer schools officer, a Police Community Support Officer, local neighbourhood police, dialling or where there is a threat to life. Once a report is made to the police, it has to be recorded and the police will conduct an investigation. This may include taking devices and interviews with any child or young person involved.

Contact should be made through existing arrangements such as the MASH or equivalent if reporting to the police is necessary. Be aware that the police are not able to offer general advice on incidents. If the child or young person involved are named or specifics are provided they are duty-bound to record and investigate all criminal activity reported. This does not mean the child or young person will automatically have a criminal record when the crime is recorded.

If a report through the service, be aware that the person answering the call is a call handler who deals with a wide variety of crimes and may not have specialist knowledge in this area.

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Ensure any crime reference numbers provided are recorded. Safer Schools Officers where available are able to offer direct support to schools on prevention and advice on management of incidents. For example, they may currently, or in the past, have been on an Early Help or Child Protection Plan. If a local area has a MASH then this may be the most appropriate place for education settings to initially make a referral. Staff and parents or carers must not intentionally view any nudes and semi-nudes unless there is good and clear reason to do so as outlined below.

Wherever possible, responses to incidents should be based on what DSLs or equivalents have been told about the content of the imagery. The decision to view any imagery should be based on the professional judgement of the DSL or equivalent and should always comply with the child protection policy and procedures of the education setting. Imagery should never be viewed if the act of viewing will cause significant distress or harm to any child or young person involved. If a decision is made to view imagery, the DSL or equivalent would need to be satisfied that viewing:.

If it is necessary to view the imagery then the DSL or equivalent should:. Children and young people, their parent and carers should be made aware of this procedure. If nudes or semi-nudes have been viewed by a member of staff, either following a disclosure from a child or young person or as a result of a member of staff undertaking their daily role such as IT staff monitoring school systemsDSLs or equivalents should make sure that the staff member is provided with appropriate support.

Viewing nudes and semi-nudes can be distressing for both children, young people and adults and appropriate emotional support may be required.

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The Searching, screening and confiscation advice for schools highlights how the Education Act gives schools the power to search pupils for devices, search data on devices.

If during a search a tear finds material which concerns them and they reasonably suspect the material has been or could be used to cause harm or commit an offence, they can decide whether they should delete the material or retain it as evidence of a criminal offence or a breach of school discipline. They can also decide whether the material is of such seriousness that the police need to be involved. If the school has decided that other agencies do not need to be involved, then consideration should be given to deleting nudes and semi-nudes from devices and online services to limit any further sharing.

In most cases, children and young people should be asked to delete the imagery and to confirm that they have deleted them.

They should be given a deadline for deletion across all devices, online storage or social media sites. They should be reminded that possession of nudes and semi-nudes is illegal.

They should be informed that if they refuse or it is later discovered they did not delete the imagery, they are continuing to commit a criminal offence and the police may become involved.

All of these decisions need to be recorded, including times, dates and reasons for decisions made and logged in the safeguarding records.

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Parents and carers should also be informed unless this presents a further risk to any child or the young person. All incidents relating to nudes and semi-nudes being shared need to be recorded.

This includes incidents that have been referred to external agencies and those that have not. Please note copies of imagery should not be taken. Records should be kept in line with statutory requirements set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education, where applicable, and your local safeguarding procedures. Children and young people may need help and support with the removal of nudes and semi-nudes from devices and social media, especially if they are distressed.

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Most online service providers offer a reporting function for account holders and some offer a public reporting function to enable a third party to make a report on behalf of the child or young person. In the event that a site has no reporting function and if the content is a sexual image of someone under 18, you can report it to the Internet Watch Foundation IWF.

You can report directly to the IWF. The tool helps children and young people to report an image shared online, to see if it is possible to get the image removed. This must be done as soon as possible in order to minimise the number of people that have seen the picture.

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If you are concerned that a child or young person is being sexually abused, exploited or groomed online you should report to NCA-CEOP. The case studies below demonstrate three examples of incidents and how an education setting may respond effectively to them following the guidance outlined in this section.

Further case studies can be found in annex B. These can be used in a training exercise with staff to help them identify the type of incident that has occurred and how to respond appropriately. A year-old girl reported to her head of year she had consensually sent her boyfriend another student, 16 a topless photo of herself. She was very upset and did not want to get into trouble for taking the photo.

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The head of year explained to her that what she had experienced was extremely serious and that they would need to speak to the DSL. The DSL reassured the girl that she had done the right thing in speaking to her head of year and explained that the school needed to make sure she was safe and discussed the possible action the school would take.

The girl was offered additional pastoral support. She agreed and her parents were contacted and given the opportunity to discuss the action the school planned to take. The DSL spoke to the boyfriend who said he only told one friend about the photo.

He did not show anyone the photo and did not forward it to anyone. The boys making comments online were spoken with separately; they all confirmed the boy had not shown them any photos and he had only discussed the photo with one other person.

The DSL had no previous safeguarding concerns about any of the young people involved. The boyfriend was spoken with about consent and trust within healthy relationships.

His behaviour was discussed with his parents present and he was instructed to delete the images immediately from any devices, including his recently deleted folder. The boys making comments online were spoken with about their behaviour with their parents present; it was made clear that their behaviour was unacceptable, and they received sanctions in line with the behaviour policy. All boys involved were warned about the more severe consequences that would arise if the harassment continued or any images were shared again.

Everything was explained to the girl and her parents, who were happy with the action taken by the school. There have been no further incidents. A year-old girl reported to a DSL she had been forwarded a naked photo of one of her friends, Her friend had initially sent the photo to a boy, 15, that she liked who attends a nearby school.


The DSL reassured the girl that she had done the right thing in speaking to her and explained that the school needed to make sure her friend was safe. They stated the boy had been involved in nude image sharing concerns before. The DSL spoke to girl who denied taking any images initially.

Parents: embracingmothers.com uses the "Restricted To Adults" (RTA) website label to better enable parental filtering. Protect your children from adult content Many adults may use this term, the Education for a connected world framework for age-specific advice on teaching about taking and sharing inappropriate images, including nudes and semi-nudes You can also read about intimate images and the law in our guide to sending nudes and sexting for parents and carers. Report Help your child block the person who has made them uncomfortable, and report the unwanted contact to the social media platform

She then said she had sent a photo to a boy she liked; however, she stated she was fully clothed. The girl had previously been known to social services due to concerns about a risk of exploitation and the school were concerned about her safety if naked images were being shared.

The DSL made the decision that it was necessary to view the photo as it was the only way to decide about whether to involve other agencies as conflicting information had been shared by the young people involved. The DSL discussed the decision with the headtear and viewed the image in their office, with them present in the room. The DSL recorded their decision making regarding viewing the image. The DSL was able to confirm that the girl was naked in the photo and was masturbating.

The girl was spoken with again. She told the DSL that she had not told the truth before as she was worried she would be in trouble with the police. She stated that the boy had told her he would go out with her if she sent him naked photos. She was unaware the image had been shared and was very distressed. The school reported the concern to the local MASH; it was agreed via a strategy discussion that social care and police would visit both schools to speak to the children involved and their parents and act, as necessary.

The girl was provided with counselling and additional pastoral support in school. An year-old boy reported to his class tear that one of his friends took a photo of themselves naked and sent it to him last night.

He was upset by the photo but had not told his parents in case they took his phone away. His tear reassured him for speaking to them and explained that what he had been sent was not funny and that they would need to speak to the DSL to make sure everyone was safe. No account yet?

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